October 23,2015

This is an actual photo!  Caught in Santa Fe on 22 Oct.  Venus (brightest), Jupiter (next brightest) then Mars.  Look East, Saturday before dawn.
Bottom line: A planetary trio is any grouping of three planets inside a circle 5 degrees wide. This one will be visible before dawn from now until around October 29. These morning planets are Venus, Jupiter and Mars. It’s the first planetary trio since May, 2013, and we won’t see one again until 2021!  ~from Earthsky.org
A note from Lynn on this alignment:  Many Western astrologers believe this line-up heralds the return of the divine feminine and its’ balancing of the patriarchial masculine that has dominated humanity’s actions on the planet for thousands of years.  Short interpretation: we are beginning to value our ability to care. (Remember, in our broader definition of opposites we are not talking about male and female as we all have both of them expressing through us.)
That is a hopeful thought and one that lines up with our current celebration.
Technically Vijaya Dashami was yesterday, but I plan to keep celebrating my caring self for a while!!! 

Happy Vijaya Dashami! It’s Victory Day!  
Have you been feeling the roller coaster of change and transformation over the course of the past few days? What a wild ride!

Today offers new possibility and the reminder that light always overtakes the darkness. It’s a day to remember that the light will always win! 

A door has opened during this portal of change, and is inviting new opportunity and possibility to us. Where are you resisting the change? The light? The transformation?

It’s Vijaya Dashami, the tenth day of the waxing lunar cycle and the final day of the Navaratri celebration. On this day, fierce warrior goddess Durga, defeated the demon Mahishasura. Her transformational energy overcame the darkness, and light conquered the powerful demonic energy with lasting change. 
Don’t forget to check out her moon mind calendar!  This is one of the only western Vedic sites I have yet found!  Happy transforming, Lovelies!!!

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