Mourning moon, Moon where deer shed their antlers, Beaver moon (no laughing, but giggling and tittering permitted), tree moon, dark moon, snow moon 3:44pm today

Hey there, Beautifuls!

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“Closely track old stories and mental body programming that consistently keep you in the dark. Not sure where these old patterns are hiding? Look directly at your obstacles and challenges. What keeps returning to force you into conscious awareness?

Late afternoon, Moon shifts to Rohini nakshatra and creativity is maximized. Put your attention on manifestation and desire.”

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“According to Pagan traditions, the Mourning Moon is meant to signify a time of evolution. As this moon rises in the sky, it is recommended that we let go of the baggage we’ve been holding on to. We must cleanse ourselves as we reflect on this year’s happenings. Specifically, we must let go of anything that’s weighing us down before the new year begins.

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If you’d like to awaken your inner witch or wizard, there are several cleansing rituals you can perform beneath this Mourning Moon. First, think of all the past worries and problems you want to let go of. This can be something as simple as the splurge-y dress you bought yesterday that maybe you shouldn’t have bought yesterday, or as complex as a difficult breakup. Then, you can write all these memories down on a piece of paper and submerge it in a cup of water (since this element is connected to the Mourning Moon). That way you’re literally cleansing yourself of past baggage.”

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“November 25, 2015 night, the full moon shines from dusk until dawn … unless you live so far north of the Arctic Circle that the moon simulates the midnight sun, staying out for 24 hours around the clock.”

“Because there is much magic involved with this Full Moon pay attention to synchronicities that show up in your life that point the way towards an improved way of seeing the world. Messages could show up as coinciding with number sequences that are too uncanny and coincidental to ignore. Deja vu is highly likely. If you’re feeling scatterbrained and all over the place, which is highly likely with Neptune in the mix with Mercury, try writing down your thoughts, ideas and philosophical perspectives. Writing has also been deemed a magical practice by ancient philosophers.
Allowing yourself to brainstorm and follow the stream of consciousness wherever it may take you can prove to be a valuable practice and experience now. A change of mind can literally change your life. Consequently, your new perspective can change the way you live your life and thus impact the lives of others. The butterfly effect takes on more meaning now. Thoughts are things. They affect reality. They affect how we experience reality, and they lead to choices and actions that affect the world around us.

This Full Moon in Gemini asks you to reflect on whether you’ve been using your time intelligently up to this point or not. This is a very karmic week. Take a look at how far you’ve come in your life. How much further do you want to go? What do you have to contribute? What do you have to share, give and create? If you don’t have a mission or a philosophy on life, this would be a great time to brainstorm.”

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“So with this strong Gemini Full Moon and its challenging square to Neptune in Pisces, we have to re-align our mind with primal truth.
“This square can seem to dissolve our reality but it offers us a chance to see a deeper reality
“At this Full Moon, our Gemini minds want to play with possibilities. Our Sagittarius soul wants to find meaning and purpose. When the two unite, the possibility of finding Wisdom is profound.”
© Copyright 2015 ~CATHY PAGANO All Rights Reserved
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“Full Moons are often revelatory and this is a holy mess of angles that could bring surprises to do with awareness.  This Gemini peak makes for a busy mind taking it all in.
 “The courageous follow the path of truth (Sagittarius), wherever it leads.  But sometimes that means loss of illusions (disillusionment).”From the insightful MOLLY HALL from
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“This Full Moon is unusual. The Sun, now exactly opposite the Moon, forms a triple conjunction to Mercury and Saturn. The celestial drama takes place while Neptune is at a 90-degree angle to them all. We call that a T-Square and see it as a suggestion of potent opportunity.”
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“Human biology has changed dramatically in the past three centuries, says Noble Prize-winning economic historian Robert Fogel — and especially in the last 100 years. People in the developed world live twice as long as they used to. They weigh more and grow taller. They’re far hardier and healthier and smarter. When sickness comes, they’re better at defeating it than their ancestors were, and they’re not as likely to contract diseases in the first place.”

“We’re just not falling apart like we used to,” says Fogel. “Even our internal organs are stronger and better formed.” What has occurred is “not only unique to humankind, but unique among the 7,000 or so generations of human beings who have inhabited the earth.” (Sources: “The Human Equation,” by Lydialyle Gibson, and “So Big and Healthy Grandpa Wouldn’t Even Know You,” by Gina Kolata, The New York Times).  (Vedic Cosmology would say that this is due to our moving out of the Kali (Iron) yuga.  See the Youtube Video “The Great Year” narrated by James Earl Jones.  That voice!)~L

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“Saturn in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces (November 26 – March 16, 2016). This period tends to be among the most psychologically and spiritually demanding of times. While events can play upon your fears and keep you focused on your insecurities, the prevailing conditions can provide a framework to assess them realistically. By taking an unblinking look at what may underlie any form of unhappiness or disappointment, you can lessen the power of what may have little strength except what you give it through your imagination or inaccurate perspective. In its most admirable form, the Saturn’s square to Neptune is associated with the courage to face a hard and often tragic reality without illusion and still remain true to the ideals and dreams of a better world.”

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“Let rejuvenation be a primary focus as the light dims for the Northern Hemisphere and the winter months ask us to retreat within. Put maximum attention on inner nourishment. Pay attention to what goes into your body and what comes out of it. Watch your words and clean up your diet and the company you keep. Where are you perpetuating over-stimulation, over activity? Where are you not in right relationship with your needs, healthy boundaries and self care?”

Positive Cosmic Influence to you and yours,

You could be one feeling of unity, one act of courage away from all you seek,

Grateful to know you,


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