The New Moon 12/11/15

“This Week’s Intention: Seek balance and inner harmony by honestly working with challenges and obstacles. Where are you resisting and refusing deeper nourishment in your life? 
Get radical with your release.”

Holly Joy in Prescott, Arizona caught this telescopic view of the moon and Venus on December 7.  Thanks, Holly!

“On Thursday, Moon continue through its debilitation sign, increasing sensitivity and grief as it closely conjuncts Saturn. As Moon shifts into the final constellation of Scorpio, Jyeshtha, Indra steps in. He brings strength and sensitivity simultaneously- especially to the mental body and our senses. There is an intense uprooting happening in the mind right now. Trust this is a cycle of churning in order for hidden and unconscious parts of the mind to emerge on the surface. As the challenges are identified,  they can be identified and released. Use resources like the Emotional Freedom Technique to support this release process.


The new Moon arrives just as Friday morning begins. The new Moon is at 02:30 am PST while Moon is in Scorpio and Jyeshta Nakshatra. Ketu gives his gaze while ruling planet of Scorpio, Mars, is in a tempestuous conjunction with Rahu. This waxing Moon cycle insists on balance- both inner and outer. The new balance arrives with ample changes and release. There will be tensions, confusion and uncertainty undermining the need for balance and extra support. This is a time of assessing issues and challenges with relationships, money, creativity, nourishment and comfort. Find ways to simplify and radically release the pains and pressures of desire. Less is more. Sensitivity is at an all time high and self care is non-negotiable. Diligently check in with your four bodies- mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually in order to identify your needs.
New blue moon rising above rural landscape
Find a new sense of resiliency and harmony in this cycle by cutting away and removing toxicity. This includes toxic relationships and people, as well as toxic behaviors and patterns within. Avoid excess sugars, intoxicants, indulgences and false comforts. Clean up your inner and outer life. Big movements and changes arrive- which may be sweeping, overwhelming and unpredictable. Trust that these sudden shifts are meant to help you release and let go of what no longer serves you in nourishing and supportive ways. Where are you clinging to the past unnecessarily? Who and what is keeping you locked in a false sense of security? How are your old, toxic patterns and behaviors emerging and showing you what must radically shift?”

“Now is the time to seek out more consistent support for your four bodies. Make sure you are getting your needs met on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body levels. Where are there holes in your support system? What new resources and support do you need? Ask for guidance, reach out and align with teachers, therapists, healers, spiritual teachers and coaches so your progress will be swifter. Be courageous and invite in the change.”

Underneath the chaos and turmoil is deep peace. Can you find it?

Saturday, Moon transits Sagittarius, joining Mercury here. Both receive gaze from Jupiter and Mars. Can you activate your spiritual warrior? As Moon moves through Mula, a certain uprooting is taking place. The chaos and turmoil are here to increase the change and transformation process. Are you clinging and resisting or surrendering to the letting go process? Ease the suffering and step into radical release. Ask spirit to help you remove mental and emotional body blockages. How are you self sabotaging your progress?

Just after noon, Moon shifts to PurvaAshada nakshatra and the water goddess arrives to support the release process. Cleanse, purify and let go through the support of your emotional body. Let tears help you cleanse and rejuvenate from the inside out.

Sunday Moon continues to transit PurvaAshada nakshatra until midday. The cleansing continues. Use the support of water to assist this process. Soak in water, walk near water and purify your internal waters.”


“Whether you’re vexed or people around you are acting out, what you should know is this: here’s an opportunity to be more authentic. Either be reals or be really annoyed. Stand up for yourself without making unnecessary drama for you or your mama.  Radical release.  Take only what serves you forward.”

“This month the heavens remind us we can awaken in any moment – every moment – no matter who we are, what we’re doing or what we have previously done. As can everyone else. No one is beyond hope. No one is a lost cause.
“We are, all of us, held within an energetic web of light and dark, activity and rest, insight and ignorance, love and fear. These apparent opposites, rather than complicating awakening, provide the very friction that fuels its advance
“For once we open ourselves to the possibility that we can be all this and more, something within lets go, our boundaries expand and we are no longer defined by events on a linear path of experience, but by the enormity of who and what we all become when we simply become who we are.”
Sarah Varcas via

Could not resist.  New Moons move in one direction, forward into light.  Follow that satellite.

Cosmic Blessings,


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