“This Week’s Intention: Find the balm for your malnourishment. Seek balance, fluidity and flow- with love, creativity and passion. Transform your light by radically uprooting and discarding the weeds within. Create space for your deepest needs to be met.

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Our light source is dim and fragile right now. Don’t neglect silence and self-care in order to maximize your liberation process.

With Sun moving into Sagittarius, a spiritually potent cycle arrives to test our momentum and strength.

This is a spiritual and heart awakening transit if used as such. It’s also a transit for deep shadow work in order to heal, transform and awaken from illusion. The critic will be strong and amplified in this cycle so be actively noticing where there’s resistance to hearing new wisdom or getting different types of support.

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On Wednesday, wherever you have been closing, Jupiter will invite an opening to you. You may still resist or refuse this expansion and the expanded awareness.  Challenges and obstacles point to resistance. Notice where your critic keeps you malnourished and under supported. Make changes accordingly and be radical with self-development work.

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Sun remains in Sagittarius until January 14th, receiving the gaze of Jupiter all the while.  Jupiter is akasha (space) and aligned with dharma (purpose). Pay close attention to dharmic messages arriving at this time. Can you hear the pure messages of your soul helping you to awaken from within?

Bring more light to your emotional body and allow grief to wash away the years of darkness, pain and suffering. Grief has the ability to heal and soften old wounds, allowing us to deepen our presence and patience. Ask for support with your release process. Soften the ferocity and action-oriented agenda with cycles of strategy and release. Take focused action, then let go of outcome; repeat.

Let the wisdom of your pelvis be a resource for deepening your stability, self-trust and life balance.

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Thursday morning, healing continues. Start your day off right with self-care. Take extra time to get your needs met. Late morning, the Moon shifts and inner/outer balance becomes essential. Where are you pushing too hard and forcing outcomes and agendas? What do you really need for more stability and support in your life?

Just as Friday begins, Moon moves to Pisces, gazed upon by Mars.  The emotional body will be extra heated and agitated in the coming days. Move, process and transform anger into passion and power. Feel the charge. Late morning, Moon shifts, gather pearls as you traverse the inner waters of your being. Be sure to come up for air.

Saturday mid-morning, Moon moves to the final nakshatra of the zodiac, Revati. Release, endings and conclusions may be found today. Ruling deity, Pushan, supports resources and finding support along ones path. He shares the fruits of our efforts and requests simplicity, purity and compassion. How can you surrender and soften with yourself and others? Where can you find a bit more release and letting go? Keep it simple and land within. Meditation, time in nature and writing can be helpful today.

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Mid-morning Sunday, Moon leaps through the challenging gap between Pisces and Aries- from endings to beginnings and water into fire. Emotions will be in a state of release, so let them flow, move and shift. Watch the wave patterns moving through you.

Let your anger and passion teach you.

Transform, heal and rejuvenate through releasing and letting go. Move towards what serves you and your path.

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Monday brings attention to relationships and money.  Keep it simple and let go of the extras, the distractions, the false nourishment that keeps you in lack. Say yes to your transformation and allow in new possibilities. As winter Solstice arrives, the darkness deepens. Light your lights and call upon the Sun to bring you resources for growth.”


(Whew! That is A LOT to happen in a week!  But, we are ready, have been preparing, will surrender, forgive and go forth! ~L)

   Image result for anger images   I wanna be more like this guy.

Here is a short synopsis of Swati’s article entitled Befriend Your Critic In Five Easy Steps.

It’s really 6 Steps. It is suggested that we should be like Ghandi and “befriend the enemy”.

1)    Identify the critic and its’ level of awareness.

2)    Extend an open invitation to your critic, allowing for your discernment to mediate all interaction.  Make a conscious effort to bring awareness to all nasty voices in the mind.  Allow this to be funny after a while.

3)    Schedule a 20 minute “Critic Visit” with art supplies.  Sing, paint, dance, draw and sculpt your critical inner voice.

4)    Give your critic a name.  Allow this to be funny and kind.  What you resist persists.

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5)    Ask it some questions.  Where did it come from?  Who is it, really?  What does it want? What does it need?

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“Art is primarily about the development of consciousness, not the development of an object.” ~Hudson

Step back from your creation. (Step six, the “meta” step.)

All credit for the exercise to Swatijrjyotish.com

“Notice the ways in which your critic serves you and acknowledge its messages. Honor this part of your being for trying to help you in some capacity. Now when it arrives, track it. Notice its arrival. Thank it and acknowledge it. You can choose to use the critic to support your creative process or destroy it. What choice do you make?” ~Swatijrjyotish.com


Here’s some tough love from Jose Stephens at thepowerpath.com:

“Transition, change, redemption will come upon your surrender. This is a world dominated by warriors and a warrior mentality. You may not be a warrior yourself but everyone is heavily imprinted by the warrior culture that has dominated this world for thousands of years. Warriors hate to surrender, will fight to the death before surrendering. This is all a big drama, all a waste of time, all an illusion, all a means for suffering to continue and continue endlessly.

If we want change, if we want transition, if we want a new day, a new dream, and new earth then something has to give. We cannot demand that others surrender, that others give up their positions and expect this strategy to be successful. We tried it for thousands of years. It did not work. That way is the old way, an old paradigm that is passing. The new way is as follows. There is nobody out there. Everything you out-picture is projection. The only person that needs to surrender or let go is you. The world changes with your change. This is why the great teacher Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

 Recently I was reminded of the origins of the word “Forgive.”  In ancient times fisherman used to go out in small boats off the treacherous coast of Scotland. For safety many would go out together and fish in tight groups. When one boat was filled with fish they would yell out “Fore shore, give way, give way” and the other boats would give way allowing them a clear passage to shore. Later this was adapted to golf where they would yell “Fore, give way, give way” to warn people a ball was coming. This became the word forgive. It means to get out of someone’s way by setting them free. Forgive them, give them a way, give them a way out, forgive their debt, forgive their transgression. We need to do that, again and again. More than anything we need to do that with ourselves. Forgive our disappointments, our expectations, our martyrdom. Let it go. Give a way out, fore freedom.”~Joe Stephens

So, forgiveness has been a big task for me lately.  I have come to realize that patriarchy often demands my forgiveness in order to keep society running, so it can be against my best interests to whitewash the universe with my Pollyanna hakuna matada.

However, I dislike the holding of grudges and want the kind of equanimity that comes with being okay with critics of all kinds, inner and outer.  I have come to the conclusion that it takes time.  Once that script of “you victimized me while I was being nice to you!!” stops playing in the bathroom mirror and I stop getting triggered every time I think of the “you are such a rat bastard” scenario of wrongdoing and blame then I get philosophical . . . (you know I do).

I happen to know that each trouble I have endured has given me the ability to be stronger in some way (as long as I don’t get bitter).   I know that the other person is just like me (basically good, but blind to some things).  I know that the pain they caused made me bigger (but like I said–takes time).  Even later, I can see that the course correction was necessary.  I needed the opposition to see myself clearly.

Then I can empathize with what they had to do to teach me and  I move on.  Someday, I might be able to thank them for the experience, but that’s not going to happen if they are going to do it again.  If I can’t trust them, then I don’t try to fix it.  Because almost every perceived wrong anyone else ever gave me taught me to love myself more.

I’m not saying you should do it that way, but this is as far as I’ve gotten on forgiveness and I even did the entire “Course in Miracles”.  It’s tough work, so I just thought I’d share.

See you back on the mat,


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