Dense as a logarithmic map of the entire known Universe. Big Week.

Holy Cow!  Getting this Mac to pay attention is NO JOKE.  It does not enjoy copying and pasting!!  It’s a little like finding truth or core values recently.  A trial and error process, especially because this is that moment where we emerge from the prisons of the past.  This is the opportunity of Revolutionary Adaptation.  No longer able to rely on the old traditions, walking into the light, out of the shadows of the dungeon: disoriented, liberated, uncertain.  I offer this interpretation: the only way to know balance is to fall off center and man, did we fall hard. “The key to keeping your balance is knowing when you have lost it.”
Doesn’t mean we lost the game, doesn’t mean we throw that clean baby out with the old bathwater; it does mean more is asked of us and more is at stake.   The  upshot is we gained experience from our time in the washing machine and can get a new strategy together if we can summon the will to move on (to the spin cycle?).  Life is not going to go back to the comfortable groove of the past.  The ambient world has changed for good.  We must do what humans do best: ADAPT.  C’mon!  It’ll be fun . . .
Get up early on Wednesday, January 6, 2016 to see the waning crescent  moon withe the dazzling planet Venus. Read more
So, my take on a cosmologically jam-packed period: Mercury has gone retrograde, Jupiter will go retrograde and the new Moon arrives on Saturday, all in this one week.   Retrogrades are great fun, so long as you remember to re-visit.  Really reconsider buying that new appliance, new car or the latest device.  Remind yourself to read the fine print, recommit to past obligations and return to things unfinished.  That should satisfy your Mercury, no big deal, it’s only ’till the 25th.  Review, redo, Relax.
Jupiter appears to be going backward also and this can try your faith and add to confusion, but the party (ecstasy, disorientation, new experiences, RELEASING THE PAST) keeps going!!!  The things that you have been trying to make happen, tend to show up when Jupiter retrogrades.  Decisions will have to be made (re-see above) when all you want to do is party.  Just don’t let your mind (Mercury) going backward keep you from accepting your hoped-for gifts.  You deserve them.  Focus, reflect, accept.?.  Check this sky out!
Venus-Saturn conjunction!  You can’t make this stuff up!  It’s too complicated!
Once again, tomorrow before dawn – January 7, 2016 – look for the slender waning crescent moon close to the planets Venus and Saturn in the eastern predawn sky. And know that Venus and Saturn are getting close! They’ll be closest on the morning of January 9, with a conjunction on January 9 at 0400 UTC. It’ll be their closest conjunction since August 26, 2006 (and the closest conjunction of any two planets since March 22, 2013).
So, this is a LOT of things to happen.  What I have decided to focus on is the Revolutionary Adaptation we have to work with (Jupiter in Raku (north node of the moon).  Some ideas about how to hold yourself steady follow.
  • Be selfish.  Put your boundaries in place and your own oxygen mask on first.  You may find that care for self and care for others are not so different.  Release the stigma on self-care once and for all.
  • Manage new daily rituals of self “improvement”.  Your emotions are better friends than the old traditions of self-sacrifice and martyrdom.  Your feels are real.  If they tell you to study new modes of practical self care, then STUDY these and RESEARCH during the retrograde.  If you tried acupuncture or visualization before and it worked, try it for this new thing you want to work on.
  • Heal your personal myth.  Of power.  Of relationship.  Of ego.  Look into your attachments, obsessions and desires.  Attend your Shadow.  Revisit all those “I never . . .”,  “I hate . . .”, “It hurts when . . .”.  Also, look at what you are projecting on others.  Can you just observe or allow instead of condemn?
29 September, 2011 in Science | Comment
We are all-ways moving toward new levels of awareness.  All we need to do are remove the blockages and, if we can, be grateful to them.  They were the stairs we used to climb to new heights.  We are clarifying our core beliefs.  Removing the thoughts we inherited that got us here, but have grown too tight.  It sometimes feels like a crisis, but crisis is what comes BEFORE disaster and gets you to choose anew.
This is a logarithmic map of the entire known Universe in a single image.  Made by Pablo Budassi.  More like Badassi. (Oh, gaud.  Sorry!)
Our classes this week will center on grounding and circling the joints.  Saturday’s new moon in Capricorn asks us to go within and tangle with our masculine energies.  The moon is not really happy in Cappy (Oh, gaud!), but I think the grounding, hardworking influence of the sign may help us find a new plateau, if we can stay open to a new sense of what “order” means in our self care and daily routines.  Simplicity, bare essentials, tiny, mundane changes.  Pause, ground down, notice.  Like that.
“If imbalanced, you might feel stuck, stubborn, dragging along. The astrology lately has been difficult; I talked in my post on Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn about some of the challenges we’re facing at this time. To recap, the Capricorn cycle revolves around masculinity. Capricorn represents the Father and all authority figures. The purpose of this new moon is clearing any blockages here. We must all acknowledge, incorporate and enact the highest expression of the Divine Masculine. Any change happening in your personal life in this respect is a reflection of a current worldwide shift: return to the worship of Shakti.”  
~Ren Tvedten of, right here in MT.   
    That one is for you Angie.
OK.  That’s all I’ve got.  Hope to see you tomorrow at noon and Saturday at 10:45am.
Let love prevail,

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