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The Threshold.
“The truth is of course that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time.” 
– David Bowie. Bye-bye Starman #RestInSpace
This image shows the latest results as colored dots superimposed on an artist’s conception of the Milky Way. Red dots show stars that formed when the Milky Way was young and small, while blue shows stars that formed more recently, when the Milky Way was big and mature. The color scale shows how many billion years have passed since those stars formed. Image via G. Stinson (MPIA)
Artist’s conception of the Milky Way, with dots indicating the galaxy’s age. Red dots show stars that formed when the Milky Way was young and small. Blue dots show stars that formed more recently, when the Milky Way was big and mature. The color scale shows how many billion years have passed since those stars formed. Image via G. Stinson (MPIA).
This week is all about standing at the sacred junction between one reality and the next.  Your sacred portal, your body is working overtime to balance the polarities and changes.  Thursday (noon) and Saturday (10:45am) classes will ground and balance you as you confidently acknowledge the uncertainty, find your center AND MOVE THROUGH to more expansive ground.  Let the body reassure the mind.  The body was built for this type of territory, and it knows A LOT.  
You will need a very dark night to see Monoceros, the Unicorn, through January.  But I hope when you look up, he (or she) gives you courage.  You are a lot like him/her.  Completely unique, bringing gifts of meaning only you know about and only you can express.  Whatever model of the Universe you think works best, you are the only one in it like you.  You have spent time working on connecting with your Self, you are familiar with your inner vision, you know where to find balance even if the laws of physics cut out.  You have the most advanced biological technology in the known Universe as your loyal vehicle and you know how to listen to it, balance it and ground it to power.   You are ready.  You are strong.~L
“I don’t know where I’m going from here but I promise it won’t be boring” – David Bowie
The quote below is from Rod MacIver.  I flow, unperturbed through my Mac issues in Mercury Retrograde.  Om Shanti, yo.
 “Staying with your beauty, your truth, your integrity, i difficult, but out of these things comes meaning, and meaning is all.”
“Don’t let me hear you say life takes you nowhere, angel.” – David Bowie
“Turn and face the strange.” – David Bowie
“All my big mistakes are when I try to second-guess or please an audience. My work is always stronger when I get very selfish about it.” – David Bowie
“I hope – I think – I believe – that Venus in Capricorn will reveal the little boy inside every bloodthirsty warrior. Even the most savage of beings were once tiny infants crying helplessly for mother’s milk. This information is not novel – no, this is all about remembering. The rate of change on this planet is entirely dependent upon the rate at which we remember.
The purpose of all this remembering is to bring us back down to earth – let the clay cool from the kiln, little starseeds. Become fully grounded again, reconnected to your foundation. Venus is going to finally demonstrate what to do with all this cold hard pragmatism lying around like cinder blocks. It’s not meant for rampant calcification of the heart, that’s for sure. Let’s settle down, settle in, but without judgment. Venus in Capricorn treats life like business or school. This is not to say that we are impersonal or objectifying, just cautious, steadfast, intelligent, clearheaded.”
~Ren Tvedten of
Capricorn needs to be less rational and more connected to their feelings and emotions.  Capricorn inherently is afraid of these emotions, because if we start acting emotionally, rather than rationally, we could lose everything.  Because, when we start acting emotionally, we are not in control anymore.  We’re not in control of time, we’re not in control of structure.  The emotions are ruled by water and water dissolves earth.
Capricorn needs to balance this rational approach with a more emotional approach.  Things related to the sign of cancer, which has to do with selfless love and nurturing.  But in general, Capricorn is a hard working sign that is good with their family, they’re good providers with a strong ethical foundation.  They must be careful about clinging to those principals and values out of fear, and learn to be more in flow with their heart.
So the above is Vedic, but personal, we are not doing personal in our classes, we are doing Lunar Cosmic.  So if you are Cappy, don’t take his little rant personally.  The sun is in Capricorn until the 20th and Venus is in there until mid-February.  This is a cosmic weather report, meant to speak to the atmosphere you may find yourself in.~L *:D big grin
outside in and inside out.~L
“Sun in Aquarius!  January 20 to February 18 2016
‘Twas a bottomless spin through Capricorn…a fruitful period of planning, organizing and just gettin’ shit done, yet still…it made me heavy, like I was being dragged across the floor with huge weights covering my entire body. But now we get to smash it all to pieces. I’m celebrating this Aquarian arrival by traveling to Asia for yoga school (so excited ahhhhhh!). Mars is in Scorpio but emotional ickiness is on hiatus when Aquarius comes to town – the heart does not enter easily in this realm! The water bearer is an objective creature so you better believe his mind rules supreme. Fearless, engaged, progressive – things are looking up. Just keep an eye on the retrogrades in Mercury and Jupiter. Otherwise we’re good for awhile. Big sigh of relief my friends! Unleash your beauty on the world!
The Sun last transited Aquarius from Jan 20 – Feb 18, 2015. Any themes/conflicts that predominated then will now resurface.
Mantra:  Manifestation.” 
This from the amazing Ren Tvedten again!  She teaches in Missoula!!!  If you are in the town of Weirdness before the 20th, drop in on her at Harmony Yoga studio downtown!!!
“The mechanics of Aquarius work to reverse the relationship between center and periphery… What used to be peripheral become central. What was inside opens out. What was out streams in. 
“Fringe ideas fertilize the mainstream. The mainstream expands beyond its former boundaries. Subtle wavelengths become not so subtle. 
“Inner pictures spread. Mass consciousness becomes less dense and more permeable. Intangible visions solidify. 
“This reversal of outer and inner takes some getting used to, because feeling each other’s feelings and thinking each other’s thoughts is not a way of being that most of us are used to, especially in the world large…”~Ellias Lonsdale from his book with Mark Borax, Cosmic Weather Report: Notes from the Edge of the Universe  
start in the center~L
Well, yogis!  I have to admit, I was feeling the weight of the cosmic climate at the end of the year and even into the beginning of this one and I was wondering if our deep dive into Vedic Lunar Yoga was going to pay off or if all this centering, balancing and grounding was just making me depressed!  I am tired of looking at my Shadow and all the inner work and am ready to move on!!! I am glad that you kept me on course when I was ready to give over to my longing to conduct fire-dancing yoga.  The moon is a good guide.  She keeps moving, stays serene and has her center even in zero-g.  Let’s keep going, shall we?~L
mystic mamma
(All the word art this week comes to us from, so dang grateful.)
Mas Amor Por Favor,

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