“Courage, dear heart.”~C.S.Lewis

“This Week’s Intention: Expand and deepen the relationship with your heart wisdom. Provoke and stir your desires and longings. Move towards the nourishment. Receive.” ~www.swatijrjyotish.com 
Lynx VictoryCatch it, kitty.
“With retrograde Jupiter still at the edge of Leo, as well as Rahu and Ketu in the gap, moving to Leo and Aquarius, this theme of “neither here nor there” continues through February thanks to the nodes. Embodiment and grounding practices are vital at this time. Root into your truth and gather the answers you seek.” http://www.swatijrjyotish.com 
View larger. Ken Christison of North Carolina caught four of the five visible planets before dawn on January 18, 2016. We expect Mercury to become visible in the morning sky during the last week of January (or perhaps sooner). Seek for Mercury near the horizon and  on line with Venus and Saturn. Thank you Ken!

View larger. Ken Christison of North Carolina caught four of the five visible planets before dawn on January 18, 2016. We expect Mercury to become visible in the morning sky during the last week of January (or perhaps sooner). Seek for Mercury near the horizon and on line with Venus and Saturn. Thank you Ken!
South Southeast, 80 minutes before sunrise.
“You realize there is no need to initiate new plans or goals as you understand life has a rhythm and timing all it’s own wisely allowing this unfolding to play out. The Sun’s entrance into Aquarius on Wednesday naturally brings focus to your future desires and to your social relationships. The Venus Galactic Center conjunction further aids you in your emotional growth and life possibilities. Breaking through rote self-hypnosis mental tapes to reach out for more uplifting choices and opportunities.” 
 ~Cal Garrison aka Mother of Skye

On August evenings, we look toward the center of our Milky Way galaxy. On January and February evenings, we look toward the galaxy’s nearest our edge – toward the anticenter of the Milky Way. The star Elnath lies just three degrees from the galaxy’s anticancer.  (Isn’t this a great “You are here” photo?~L)

Aniruddha Bhat in Maryland caught this Lunar X on January 16, 2016.

Lunar X and Lunar V.  XV? 15!  Reduces to 6!  The moon has a LOVE tattoo (Or a “You are here” diagram!). ~L
“It’s a Full Moon in Leo on Saturday, January 23, 2016 at 6:46 pm MST.
With a Full Moon in Leo, the ego (jerkiness, yes, but also doubt, fear~L) can be unleashed and clash in grand displays.
 Now that the Sun is in Aquarius and we have a Full Moon in Leo, people are going to want to start paying more attention to visions of the future. Who we are expressing ourselves to be is essential in how the future unfolds. How can we be more inventive and create more joy, enthusiasm and happiness in life? How can we focus on improving our relationships? It’s important for us to start communicating hope with one another, and sharing our very best in our relationships. (Full moons are OPPOSITIONS, polarities, binary, so that’s not helpful.~L)
 (HOWEVER . . .~L)
There is always balance. There is always a spectrum. Seeing the world only one way or another is merely a perspective, it is not wholeness.
 Recognizing what we want to move away from can be such a powerful catalyst to defining what we want to move towards. Acknowledge the whole reality for what it is, and that includes the negativity, the pain, the suffering and the atrocities (AS WELL AS the healing, magic, imagination and mystery~L) . www.symbolicliving.com  
“Challenging the status quo is a necessity if anything is going to improve. There’s a difference in asking, “How is the world bringing positive energy to me?” compared to,  “How am I bringing positive energy to the world?”  Jupiter is also joined with the North Node (Raku) now in Virgo in very close orb. Your day to day routine is where the magic is found. Each of us are implored to bring greater attention to how we’re living our lives day in and day out, including our health and work habits.” (REmember last week?  WHO YOU ARE, your “soul” is center–even when the laws of physics fail. You are a mountain warrior.  Stand centered.  Remember. ~L)www.symbolicliving.com  
“A large part of MLK’s heart & soul are available to each of us in this current chart energy… It’s Jupiter and the Node being exactly aligned in the sign of Virgo… The problem is that often people look to others (leaders) to fix/solve the problems, but this energy puts it all onto each of our own backs by indicating that each of us is the solution… We can merely choose to rise above the madness and negativity and choose to love & respect others unconditionally… It leads us to a brighter day.”~Daniel “Whelland” Dowd  (Mars in Scorpio, yo.~L)

Here is Kaypacha with the weekly astrology report:
“When I am in my Spirit Self,
There is no loss or gain,
My fears disperse as I liberate,
And am free to fly again.”
He says:“That’s what we need these days, to find the portal to the Spirit Self and view our earthly dilemmas from there!  As I mention in this week’s report, this certainly is a time for some great stress and strain that can come in many guises, but will push us to our limits on way or another.
“You probably need as much sleep as you can get these days when everything is bongo nuts, intense, and stressful.  Great time to get things done but don’t forget to relax and breathe! 
“Well, the full Moon in Leo this weekend will really offer all of us an opportunity to let off some steam, chill out and have some fun. May you have great harmless, creative, extravaganzas leading to new heart openings!  
(Thanks to MYSTICMAMMA.COM : consciousness, spirituality, astrology, wisdom, inspiration | MYSTIC MAMMA™ The motherhub of cosmic downloads and energetic )
“LATE WEEK: The rare Jupiter North Node conjunction in Virgo is exact Thursday and carries you through early February. You may feel that a period of integration is underway between mental habit and inspirational calling. The energy can feel like a teeter-totter as your mind critiques and fearfully questions while another facet within yourself beckons you beyond limitation and fears.
Culminations occur as the FULL MOON in LEO (3 degrees) (detail alert!!!~L) on Saturday illuminates your heart, inner creative center, and childlike qualities of play and pleasure. Galvanizing desires and actions may amplify as Mars in Scorpio is in square to this lunation. Focusing upon your personal value and individual needs is important now.  You’re inclined to seek consistency and security in love relationships.
The Mercury STORM period commences on Sunday as Mercury slowly prepares to gaze outward assessing of your world and realities. This does carry a feeling of intensity as your daily functions are in a state of shift and change. Sunday through Tuesday you know to keep your schedule as light as possible and tread gently knowing that the mundane world of machines, computers and movable parts are in a state of flux and temporary dysfunction.” ~Jean Wiley
“As Venus begins its transit through Sagittarius this week, relationships, finances, health and comforts will provoke desire and change in new ways. Where there are challenges and struggles, you will be more inclined to put in the effort for growth and transformation.
January 23rd: Full Moon in Cancer.  (From a Western (solar) chart take 23 degrees the degrees off the moon to find out which sign it sits in the Vedic Sidereal system. Therefore, this moon falls in Cancer for Vedics this cycle—in case you mind the details!  Remember the 3 days of Sun standstill?  Yeah, the moon doesn’t dance like that, she won’t retrograde on you either. ~L)
 January 25th: Mercury Direct.
January 29th: Rahu moves to Leo + Ketu moves to Aquarius (Mean Nodes).”http://www.swatijrjyotish.com 
*When the moon is FULL, that is considered the highest time for manifesting goals, nurturing your passions, full scale healings, encouraging strength and power, love, knowledge, legal undertakings, money and dreams. It is the most potent time for rituals for prophecy, protection, divination and any manifesting work that needs extra power. Peacefulmind.com – Healing Crystals, Homestudy Courses, Herbal Supplements, Hot Stones, Massage Tables, Metaphysical Products, Healing Therapies
“The Moon and the lunar constellations that it passes through in the sky roughly every 24 hours, express our emotional body experiences and the ever-changing landscape within. Tracking the Moon and the cosmos, will give the secrets of nature and her wisdom to you on a silver platter.  Plant the seeds of your desire and activate them.” Swatijrjoytish.com  
(And be alert, the world needs more lerts. ~L)
“Many people view astrology as some kind of magical/mystical art, but it’s a science of patterns, geometry and cycles… It NEVER show outcomes, but merely our possibilities and options or where to look for them…” ~Daniel Dowd

Full Moon Meditation

The reflective light of the full moon gives a wonderful and magical sense of harmony and peacefulness. This is the time of greatest potential. Meditating in its light gives an etheric and positively enchanting feeling of oneness and unity with nature and sky…  are you ready for this meditation?
“This particular Full Moon is known as the Full Snow Moon. Luna will rise at sunset, peak at midnight and set at sunrise.
The Sun and Moon in total opposition between Aquarius and Leo: we vs. me, mind vs. heart. Luna rounds herself to majesty just days after the Sun enters Aquarius. Speedy manifestation. We meet in the fire of the Ego now.
The Full Moon in Leo represents a conflict between standing out and becoming yarn in the great cosmic loom, threaded and pressed until our own color fades blissfully into the rainbow. Two equally important sources of pride: Self and Universe.
The Full Moon in Leo provides a much-needed break from this (sometimes) exhausting quest (for revolution from Aquarius, which seemed like a relief yesterday coming off of Capricorn and brother Saturn.~L). The lion says: relax your vigilance and enjoy who you are.  Radical logic disappears amidst flaming tongues of starlight, and the lion stretches out, content, confident, self-satisfied.
The Full Moon in Leo means exuberant, unadulterated expression of your truest, most brilliant Self and appreciation for all other colorful, loving individuals. Meow. I suggest a ritual involving fire and some Leo Yoga.  Mantra:  I love myself. 
~Ren Tvetden ofwww.astroyogalove.com
 Keep looking up.  Good kitty.
That was A LOT and I found more, so I could have kept going!  Must be Leonine effusiveness (right . . .).  Thursday and Saturday classes will CENTER on your embodied royalty.
Mind your heart,

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