Vedic Moon Signs, Mercury direct, a new planet and so much more!!!

My concern is to get you, the people who still have the ability to see the stars, to look up.  You could consider the possibility that you come from realms of unimaginable light and mystery and you will return there.  The view of the heavens from Earth is your birthright and rocket fuel for your IMAGINATION.
Meanwhile, the solar system may have just gotten bigger . . . ooooOOR the Vedic Yugas (please look this up) may be substantiated OR (my favorite) our sun may be involved in a binary relationship . . .
“Is the sun a binary star?
In the 1980s, scientists suggested the presence of Nemesis, a second star — either a brown dwarf, dim red dwarf or white dwarf — in the sun’s system as a reason behind the periodic mass extinctions that occurred in Earth’s history, which some paleontologists suggest have occurred in 26-million-year cycles” (also the cycle-length of the precession of the equinoxes~L), “though the cyclical nature is under debate.” . . . or . . .?
So, as you can see, it is only getting  faster and more connected from here.  You in?  ~L

Full moon over Rillings Hills near Colorado Springs, Colorado by Forrest Boutin Photography.

Full moon over Rillings Hills near Colorado Springs, Colorado by Forrest Boutin Photography.

*Please do not miss the last line of your moon sign reading entitled”How to Bring Change to Your Life”!!! ~L

“Vedic Astrology: Our Moon Power

The sign occupied by the Moon at your time of birth is an indicator of your emotional and physical nature. It describes your unconscious, instinctive reactions, what is innate. Moon signs  define our emotions and make up the unconscious side of our personality. This is the place where we go to find comfort, peace and childhood memories. These signs also have an affect on our senses, such as sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. They are all connected to our subconscious memories and affect us differently than the Sun’s Zodiac signs, by showing us what kind of experience we need in order to feel emotionally satisfied.

Moon Signs play an important role in understanding an individual. The position of the moon in your birth chart helps in finding your moon sign. Your moon sign can help in understanding the characteristics and features when born under a particular moon sign, which is different from the sun signs in western astrology.

Calculate Your Moon Sign

Determine which sign the moon was in at the exact date and time of your birth. Fill out the form with this exact information, in this exact order:day/month/year of birth and the exact time you were born.  Click here
*When you go to the above page, look for the dropdown menu on the right entitled “The Moon”. ~L

Moon in Mesha (Aries)Impatient, ambitious, vigorous, stubborn and full of energy. They take their decisions “on a gut level”. They are happy, optimistic, and positive and can give impulse to their environment. Mostly they dispose of excellent management qualities and with their ambition and energy they go far. They have a tendency towards impatience and they easily get bored with routine tasks. They permanently seek new challenges and adventures. If they do not succeed the first time, they may react with anger, but then they begin the next project. They easily upset their fellow human beings, because they do not only express their positive feelings immediately and don’t let off steam. Sorrow, suffering and anxieties they hide from themselves and from others; they should learn to admit also these feelings and to live them. They are independent, assertive and courageous. They love to be the best at everything they do.

Greatest Gift: Motivation, Success
Birthstone: DiamondAquamarine
Gemstone: Amethyst
Colors: Red, White, Pink
Metal: Gold, Bronze
Zodiac Symbol: Ram
Zodiac Element: Fire
Zodiac Quality: Cardinal
Planet: Mars
House: 1 st House
Chinese equivalent is the Dragon
How to bring change to your life
Yeah, I’m an Aries moon.

Moon in Vrishabha (Taurus)The good-natured Vrishabha moons are sociable, good company and sensual. Life is worth living for them. They are emotionally balanced, inwardly and outwardly reliable and steady. They like to finish a project, before they start a new one. In turn they lack a bit of spontaneity. They like a regular life and they need a secure hold. Easily they overestimate material securities. Therefore they develop the capacity to make a lot of money and – above all – to keep it. Avarice is not their problem, therefore they enjoy life too much, and they are preoccupied with their bodily well being. Taurus – moons should learn not to take money too important. In relationships they are devoted, tender and steady. Since they are emotionally steady and radiate tranquility, they give energy to others. The are logical and loving in nature and are also conservative. They are known as the most sensual moon sign of all.

Greatest Gift: Contentment, Comfort
Birthstone: Emerald
Gemstone: DiamondEmerald
Colors: Mauve, Green, Pale Blue
Metal: Silver, Gold, Copper
Zodiac Symbol: Bull
Zodiac Element: Earth
Zodiac Quality: Fixed
Planet: Venus
House: 2 nd House
Chinese equivalent is the Snake
How to bring change to your life
Moon in Mithuna (Gemini)The sociable Mithuna are mentally active and flexible, merry and adventurous. Their need for contact with their fellow human being is like their need of air to breathe. Invariably they are the spontaneous jack of all trades, people who always put their noses to the wind and who can’t stand living in the same place more than a couple of years. Monotony horrors for them, they like change, are enterprising and motivate their fellow human beings. Their vividness makes them easily appear superficial, unsteady and easygoing. They are in danger of dispersing themselves. Emotions are not very profound and are dominated by their reasoning. They can handle sorrow, worries and anxieties more easily than others. The moon dominates qualities like flirtatious and witty in these people. The are very expressive, bright and persuasive by nature.

Greatest Gift: Clarity, Peace
Birthstone: Agate, Alexandrite, MoonstonePearl
Gemstone: Emerald, Alexandrite, Beryl
Colors: Yellow, Red, White
Metal: Gold, Silver
Flower: Lily of the Valley, Rose
Zodiac Symbol: Twins
Zodiac Element: Air
Zodiac Quality: Mutable
Planet: Mercury
House: 3 rd House
Chinese equivalent is the Horse
How to bring change to your life
Moon in Karkata (Cancer)The receptive Karkata are sensible, friendly and caring human beings. For them emotional security is more important than material safety. Not only as children, but also as adults have they an ample fantasy. Persons who have a cancer – moon or know others who possess one will realize that cancer – moons are even more sensible than other persons born in the sign of the zodiac cancer. They try to hide their inner selves under a hard skin, appearing cool and unfriendly towards others. They are receptive to emotions and external influences so that their moods change rapidly. Domestic cosines and a comfortable home promote their well being substantially. Cancer – moons mother their family and friends with great care. Often they select a profession, where they can benefit of those qualities. They are emotional, caring and responsive by the moon dominated characteristics.

Greatest Gift: Certainty, Stability
Birthstone: Alexandrite pearlrubymoonstoneagatechalcedony, and emerald.
Gemstone: Moonstone
Colors: Orange, Silver, White
Metal: Silver, Magnesium
Zodiac Symbol: Crab
Zodiac Element: Water
Zodiac Quality: Cardinal
Planet: Moon
House: 4 th House
Chinese equivalent is the Sheep
How to bring change to your life
Moon in Simha (Leo)Simha are fanatical about their freedom and independence if they are born with the Moon in Leo. Despite being superior, Leo is ready to sacrifice for their loved ones, expressing their views frankly and assertively. The typical Leo nature is to outshine the achievements of others in their enterprising streak. With a riveting intellect, Leo can judge the inherent worth of man and observe things from a higher point of view. They are good in organizing things and allocating tasks. Just as the Sun pierces through everything, their nature can and will judge the personality of others in its persistent, aggressive manner. A well-developed Leo is dependable, although less developed natures may not admit their mistakes. Known to many as the “child of the Sun”, Leo is swift and perfect in fulfilling their duties, and is never satisfied with ordinary mettle, since he always sees the larger picture of accomplishment. Leo is choosy in his choice of friends, and once a friend, you’re always a friend. The disposition is jovial, committed and at times wrathful at unintended slights. Leos are charming, loyal, generous and warm by the moon dominance. They like to be dignified and are indulgent and officious by nature.

Greatest Gift: Confidence, Passion
Birthstone: PeridotRuby
Gemstone: Peridot
Colors: Gold, Orange, Yellow
Metal: Gold
Flower: Gladiolus
Zodiac Symbol: Lion
Zodiac Element: Fire
Zodiac Quality: Fixed
Planet: Sun
House: 5 th House
Chinese equivalent is the Monkey
How to bring change to your life

Moon in Kanya (Virgo)Kanya is meticulous, reserved, practical, honest, soft-spoken and amiable. Virgo has a good number of friends of either sex, with someone or the other to speak well of them. One of the surprises of Virgo is that they see success and wealth courting them unasked. Intuition and imaginativeness makes Virgo go for mysticism. Being versatile, Virgo is characterized with excellent wisdom and dexterity. Kindness and modesty go hand in hand, although the latter, if not kept in moderation, may lead to lost opportunities. They need to develop self-confidence, lest overridden by less qualified competitors. Kanya is truthful, honest and punctual, and an unthinkingly made promise can lead them to go out of their way to fulfill it. They also need to overcome the tendency to be intimidated or overwhelmed by others. Virgo is extremely discriminating which makes them excellent managers. They are perfectionists but critical. They capable, cultured and helpful at times. 

Greatest Gift: Understanding, Objective
Birthstone: PeridotSapphire
Gemstone: Pink JasperSapphireRhodochrosite
Colors: Blue, Gray
Metal: Gold
Zodiac Symbol: The Virgin
Zodiac Element: Earth
Zodiac Quality: Mutable
Planet: Mercury
House: 6 th House
Chinese equivalent is the Rooster
How to bring change to your life
Moon in Tula (Libra)Harmony in life and perceptions are enhanced when Moon is in Libra. The key word here is “decision”. Tula is a rashi of boldness, enterprise and imagination. Tula natives are mentally agile, having an insightful perception about profitable ventures. This means that they are even prone to take risks without hesitating, if the enterprise is sure to reap rewards. The Balance loves harmony and synchronization and is an advocate of peace any day. They are good adjudicators and try to find harmony in whatever they take up. The ruler of Libra, Venus, is the spiritual preceptor of demons and a mystic. It rules over luxuries like rich clothes, food, expensive jewelry, and art. In short, Tula epitomizes opulence. Libras are peaceful, charming, affectionate and harmonious by nature. They are diplomatic and decisive may times due to the influence of the moon.

Greatest Gift: Acceptance, Happiness
Birthstone: OpalSapphire
Gemstone: LapisTourmalineAventurine
Colors: Pink, Pale Green, Blue, Lavender
Metal: Steel, Gold, Platinum
Zodiac Symbol: The Scales
Zodiac Element: Air
Zodiac Quality: Cardinal
Planet: Venus
House: 7 th House
Chinese equivalent is the Dog
How to bring change to your life
Moon in Vrischika (Scorpio)Vrischika are magnetic and regal, at the same time being peaceful, dynamic and patient with keen business savy. A reserved and secretive nature, ruling death and afterlife, is capable of penetrating the thoughts of others before accepting or acknowledging them. Vrischik is a natural spy with tremendous energy that helps them build and construct society, and this is why their energy must be channeled in a positive constructive way, lest they are misled. They generally sticks to their own business, caring little about what others are thinking. They don’t like to interfere in others’ affairs and expect the same from them. These natives frame their own rules and everything they do bears their distinctive characteristic. A keen wit complements a compelling power of speech, and they don’t like being dictated by others. Vrischik is straightforward and blunt, and they can sometimes be even tactless and frank. Analytical, intense and controlling is the basic nature of Scorpios but they are powerful and resourceful too. 

Greatest Gift: Appreciation, Self Esteem
Birthstone: Topaz
Gemstone: Opal
Colors: Red, Black
Metal: Iron, Steel
Zodiac Symbol: Scorpion
Zodiac Element: Water
Zodiac Quality: Fixed
Planet: Pluto (modern),  Mars (traditional)
House: 8 th House
Chinese equivalent is the Pig
How to bring change to your life
Moon in Dhanu (Sagittarius)Governed by the positive energies of Jupiter, the Dhanu is blessed with a natural quest for knowledge, perceptive powers and courage. One of the outstanding qualities of Sagittarius is to set their goals beyond the perception of others, and sometimes even of themselves. The influence of Jupiter directs their interest to astrology, chanting and yoga. Irrespective of the rank they are born into, Dhanusa is bound to transcend it. The natives of this rashi have a stately appearance, and majesty is even reflective in their speech. People who are born under this sign always remember favors that are rendered to them, and like the centaur that is free of spirit, Dhanus natives detests limitations and least tolerates domination. They are the most optimistic of the 12 moon signs and are enthusiastic, adventurous and philosophical. They can get overindulgent and curious at times. 

Greatest Gift: Compassion, Freedom
Birthstone: Blue TopazTurquoise
Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli
Colors: Blue, Purple, White
Metal: Aluminum, Tin, Silver
Zodiac Symbol: The Archer
Zodiac Element: Fire
Zodiac Quality: Mutable
Planet: Jupiter
House: 9 th House
Chinese equivalent is the Rat
How to bring change to your life
Moon in Makara (Capricorn)Makara has a unique aspect abut them – they are extremely original, something one is not likely to come across in other signs. The inviolate will of this planet unfolds after a long, long time, representing the nature of karma that is slow to unveil. This is why the natives of Saturn are among the most feared, and not without reason. The wrath of Saturn is tremendous, as is their ability to bless and reward. Saturn is the jury and judge of the cosmic world, and their decrees are just and deserving. The dispensation is unanimous and without partiality. Generally, Saturn is seated cool and aloof from the crowd, with dignity and reserve. Capricorn knows too well what it means to have little knowledge or missing out on the details. They never go for anything until it is completely understood. The goal of this sign is to learn things in all their detail; superficial gloss will come off in the long run. Once they are interested in a subject, they will not stop until it is entirely learned. These are tireless individuals who will hardly yield before failure or an impediment. If anything is to be believed or trusted, it is first verified from all ends. They are hard working, capable and ambitious with serious and disciplined behavior but they can get a little meticulous due to this.

Greatest Gift: Flexibility, Cooperation
Birthstone: TurquoiseGarnet
Gemstone: OnyxQuartzBerylGarnetObsidian
Colors: Dark Green, Burnt Orange, Brown
Metal: Gold, Silver
Zodiac Symbol: Seagoat
Zodiac Element: Earth
Zodiac Quality: Cardinal
Planet: Saturn
House: 10 th House
Chinese equivalent is the Ox
How to bring change to your life
Moon in Kumbha (Aquarius) Kumbha is a sign of renunciation and sacrifice, at the same time humanitarian and governed by Saturn. It is fixed and airy. Aquarius has this keen ability to see through the core of the matter beyond the false pretence and masquerade. They are soft spoken and have a loving temperament. As the masculine and positive aspect of its ruler, Saturn, Aquarius is deeply interested in social reform. This is why they become socialists and reformers. Kumbha is the most individualistic and single minded sign of the zodiac and this is why if you have to alter Kumbha, you have to do so with sound reason and fair justification. This rashi is not too keen on speculation but they are not without imagination. Kumbha considers himself to be above average and this is why they enjoy honor. They rise to eminence through sheer endeavor and perseverance and many have made it to the top from apparently nowehere. Aquarius is a dedicated, honest and trustworthy sign which expects the same of others. There may be extremes demonstrated in this sign, depending on the placements in their natal chart. Like the nature of water, Kumbha may be temperamental like water which evaporates to become air. They need to guard against being too temperamental which may result in a loss of self-control. The Aquarius is a charismatic, contemporary and forward thinking individual by nature. They are also rebellious, detached and impulsive.

Greatest Gift: Gratitude, Joy
Birthstone: GarnetAmethyst
Gemstone: AquamarineLapisAmazoniteCarnelian
Colors: Light Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple
Metal: Brass
Zodiac Symbol: Water Bearer
Zodiac Element: Air
Zodiac Quality: Fixed
Planet: Saturn (or Uranus)
House: 11 th House
Chinese equivalent is the Tiger
How to bring change to your life
Moon in Meena (Pisces)Meena is neither too assertive or overbearing or ostentatious. The shy and serene appearance is reflective of Jupiter and his ways. They are benign and collected even under pressure. As one of the most passive of all rashis, Pisces is neither slow like Makara, nor timid like Karkata.Jupiter in Pisces reflects the apex of growth and the concluding cycle of development. This is the place in the astrological calendar where devotion replaces all the lesser qualities that human beings are after, like progress through endeavor, happiness through sensory pleasures, fame and earthly glory, renunciation without the love of God. The Pisces appearance is reflective of the person they are within, with soft features, sweet speech and a pleasant face. They love company and when cheered by friends, can show their prowess like tigers. The benevolent rays of Jupiter bless whatever tasks they undertake. The quest for spirituality comes easy for this sign that is devoted as well as cultured. The kind and compassionate nature of Meena natives makes them sympathetic and forgiving. Pisceans are creative, sensitive, compassionate, imaginative and spiritual in nature. They are dreamy and unrealistic at times and want to escape from situations.

Greatest Gift: Patience, Imagination
Birthstone: Aquamarine and Bloodstone
Gemstone: AmethystEmeraldAquamarine
Colors: Pale Green, Silver, Pink
Metal: Platinum
Zodiac Symbol: Fish
Zodiac Element: Water
Zodiac Quality: Mutable
Planet: Jupiter,  Neptune
House: 12 th House
Chinese equivalent is the Rabbit
How to bring change to your life
“What this week is good for: investigation, research, and digging up the truth, or learning about a person or situation; using the intensity of the Mercury/Pluto energy to focus and concentrate on a specific task or goal; solving a mystery or a puzzle; being open to perhaps radically different or innovative solutions that can change the way you see or approach a particular problem; repairing, fixing or renovating those things that you’ve been putting off, up until now. (Like unsubscribing–just kidding, I really hope you stay!!  I need to GIVE this INFO!!~L)
Mercury/Uranus/Pluto is literally about changing, or even transforming or evolving our minds and outlooks. There is a wonderful capacity for invention, for discovery and transformational insights (check out this possible new planet in our Solar System), if we dare to step outside of our usual ways of thinking and perceiving the world. But it could also feel like we are having to adjust to a new paradigm. Something new that we have to wrap our mind around. One that could feel a little uncomfortable. And it could also feel we are being pressured and dealing with conflicting forces at odds with one another: those who would want to see more progressive changes, and those who, perhaps out of fear, desperately try to maintain the status quo.
On another note, Pluto has been working hard these past many years to show us where and how the infrastructure both in society and in our own lives has deteriorated, become outworn or outdated. Mercury could unearth and show us where and how we need to make immediate, and perhaps even innovative changes and repairs. Things that we’ve been putting up with, will no longer be tolerated. And as Mercury moves forward again next week, we’re faced with the task of removing those obstacles that stand in the way of progress, and making the changes that will enable us to finally move forward with our goals and plans. Therefore may we all make an effort to create the changes that we would like to see both in the world and in our own lives.”  Astrology by Lauren – Home  (Shocking spoiler alert, I know.  Lynn bangs on!  Someone take her drum!!!~L)
No Mud No Lotus, yo.
The issues represented by the Uranus square Pluto aspect are big ones about career, debt, business, sexuality and our needs for personal freedom and individual expression.  (The unending banging!~L)  Mercury resumes direct motion to end this retrograde period that started January 5th. The more tricky phase of screw-ups is over, but we are not plunging into new directions and intentions until mid-February. This is when Mercury begins to move into fresh territory, and so does our thinking. ~David Zunker at (I have not found this Mercury retrograde to be anything less than nutritive, myself so far.  However, the influence is undeniably protracted, constipated and looooonger than usual.  We have 3 more this year, so the past is being purified, for certain.~L)
To sum it all up, this is a chart where the best thing you can do is to “roll with it”… To remain in the moment and refuse to get lost replaying the past in your mind, or to be projecting yourself too far ahead into the future… Who knows, perhaps that is the real lesson of Mercury being retro and why that energy reoccurs so often.   
Leonardo da Vinci's famous Vitruvian Man, a drawing created circa 1487, with the 7 chakras or energy centers indicated.  Image via Wikimedia Commons

Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Vitruvian Man, a drawing created circa 1487, with the 7 chakras or energy centers indicated.  Image via Wikimedia Commons
According to the Belgian astronomer and mathematical wizard Jean Meeus (bio here), the sun at the March equinox passed from being in front of the constellation Aries and to being in front of the constellation Pisces in 68 B.C. Looking ahead, again according to Jean Meeus, the March equinox will cross over into the constellation Aquarius in 2597.  These are the astronomical dates, based on IAU constellation boundaries established in 1930.
But even if you equalize the size of the signs of the Zodiac, you need to consider when the Age of Pisces started to be able to know when the Age of Aquarius begins. Apparently, there’s no firm consensus among astrologers as to when the Age of Pisces began, either. And thus there is no consensus as to when the Age of Aquarius
(But we can say with some certainty that the sun is now in Aquarius!  Happy Birthday water bearers!~L)
Beginning around January 20 - through mid-February - you can see five bright planets at once in the predawn sky.

In late January – through mid-February – you can see five bright planets at once in the predawn sky. We haven’t been able to see five planets simultaneously since  Read more.
“Among many other distortions,(control~L) conditioning has perpetrated a division in the hearts and minds of humanity between Spirit and Matter, the soul and the body, Father Sky and Mother Earth.  This blindness has allowed the misuse, abuse, refuse, and destruction of all things physical including, but not limited to, our environment, other species, our food, bodies, and sexual nature.  It has generated the creation of manmade laws and religions that are not in alignment with, and do not support the greatness, beauty, harmony, rights, and potential of the human spirit.”  (Git it, Kaypacha!~L)
Secondly, we are currently emerging out of the 2000 year Age of Pisces, which has existed within, and therefore been effected and limited by, patriarchal interpretations of reality.  (Couple few points, see above on the Aquarian age.  Also, we have to remember that there are 2 sides to every archetype, so while the patriarchy has a mad control freakiness and a war addiction and a need for rehab, there’s also the loving father in there, trying to be an oak tree for the family he adores and fears for.  And even if “the patriarchy is the 5000 year birth canal of the great mother Goddess” as Richard Tarnas says, she carries the devouring mother and the vagina dentata in her bag of tricks as well.  Low sample rates and the 1% are perspective skewing!!!~L)
Chiron, the “wounded healer,” (transiting Pisces for 7 years), is a further indication of the cleansing and clearing required for healing, now taking place within the collective unconscious of humanity.  This purifying process relates to this time period as being one of exposing, feeling, admitting, and experiencing our illusions, delusions, self-deceit, neurotic and psychotic forms of behavior that sabotage our own and other’s joy, happiness, and fulfillment.
The transiting south node of the Moon represents the “path of least resistance,” where we need to wake up to old, outworn patterns and psychic structures so as to heal or remove them in order for our evolution to proceed.   The fact that the south node will be in Pisces for the entire year of 2016 serves to underscore the necessity of processing, purging, and intentionally clearing out the deep inner recesses of our psyche rather than falling asleep to, ignoring, or denying them through “numbing out,” habitual, addictive behaviors.
As the transiting north node of the Moon points like an arrow in the direction of soul evolution, however challenging, its passage through Virgo, accompanied by Jupiter (in opposition to both Chiron and Neptune) offers us key insights about what to cultivate within ourselves, and how to evolve and express our unconscious soul intentions this year.
We can see this year as the perfect segue into the Age of Aquarius, where as a species we will more consciously engage with our total environment, seen and unseen, planetary and cosmic.  Through the failure of existing beliefs, traditions, “truths,” cultures, governments, economies, and religions, new ones will be conceived and given birth.  While this year holds within it tremendous trials regarding what to believe, who to believe, and how to act in total alignment with our beliefs, it also holds the promise of showing us what is false, unsustainable, and detrimental to our welfare, so that it may be removed, cleansed, purified, or in some cases, destroyed.
Read the book of your life which has been given to you~
“Rather than contract and close, resist or move away from your emotional and mental body, I invite you to lean in closer. Move towards the difficulties, challenges and intensity. Breathe into it, work it to the surface- in order to help it dissolve more tenderly.”  ~The Lovely

Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio ☾ Jan 31, 2016

At the quarter moon I always mention the possibility of emotional turbulence. This would seem even more prescient given the fact that Scorpio is the queen of volatility. However, this phase is different from the others. We get to see Scorpio break through to light. This is not another grueling test. Even more than the First Quarter Moon in Aries, this phase uplifts. Crackling behind all of the karma and tears is an electrical supernova of unthinkable proportions. It has been there since the inception of the Universe, surging, imploding, exponentially transforming matter and consciousness at every level. If you’re restless, starving for change, watch it fall around you. Nothing to fear. Rise up from all directions.
Many of you have been tapped in to this elevated consciousness from the beginning. Others have descended with the celestial tides, occasionally dipping below to the sea of confusion. Above or below, you are loved and change is coming.
Creature of infinite water, return with great haste from whence you came. Heavy, weary with delight, may you be crushed joyously in the great cosmic winepress. Consumed by your own power, obliterated, scatter to the stars and be reborn. Edge of all edges, feel everything until you know the truth of sacrifice, work, love, success. Scorpio lives in the silent and everlasting AUM resonating throughout all of Existence. Transform, become! All of Life is conspiring at this very moment to help you achieve whatever you desire. Allow yourself to believe this truth, carried by star-current to a place you thought was only fantasy.
I suggest a ritual involving water and some Scorpio Yoga.
From The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran:
[Love] threshes you to make you naked. Love sifts you to free you from your husks. Love grinds you to whiteness. Love kneads you until you are pliant; And then Love assigns you to her sacred fire, that you may become sacred bread for the Divine’s sacred feast.
To ascertain your personal Moon sign, click here.
Mantra:  I am powerful
(I tried to trim this down, really I did, it’s too beautiful.  This young woman (Ren Tvedten) is remarkable.  Go to her site, encourage her work, visit her in Missoula.
The need to express who we are is archetypal~

The need to express who we are is archetypal~

“Just as we must inhale and exhale hundreds of times a day, we must feel and express constantly. When out of balance we suffer….”
As I noted on Saturday, tomorrow begins “the Lynn Show” this as I am teaching ALL the flow classes this week!  That means you can get your Cosmic Meander on Monday at 5:30pm (with a long meditation after, if you like), Tuesday at 6:30pm, Thursday at noon and Saturday at 10:45am.
We are going to do a series of 4 salutations: star, sun, moon and earth (or tara, surya, chandra and prithvi namaskar), with the usual giggling and relaxing.  Sure would love to see you there!
Mind your heart,

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