A collision with a goddess yields a New Moon and then there’s this new moon, plus alignments, numerology and New Years! (Whew!)

The Sun is in Aquarius and Mercury, Venus and Pluto are in Capricorn. Mars is hovering (on and off) in Scorpio until August. (Most unusual! Typically, Mars is in one sign for just six weeks.)(Cue the forbidding music.~L) Saturn is in Sagittarius until 2018; and lucky Jupiter continues in Virgo until Sept. Tra la, tra la! This week, three notables occur: On Mon. 8 Feb. we have the only New Moon in Aquarius all year. On Tues. the 9th/Wed. the 10th, Venus and Jupiter create a happy dance for us. And on the weekend, Mars lines up with Jupiter to energize everyone and we welcome this energy!~georgianicols.com
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Our sun is located about two-thirds of the way out from the center of the Milky Way.  Illustration via Caltech.

Our sun is located about two-thirds of the way out from the center of the Milky Way galaxy. There are 100 billion suns in our Milky Way. Illustration via Caltech.
You are damn lucky you were not here when this happened, if it happened.

Artist's impression. Image credit: UCLAnewsroom

Artist’s impression of the head-on collision that created our moon. Image via UCLAnewsroom.
Scientists have developed this model – a Mars-sized body colliding with Earth to create our moon – to such an extent that they’ve even given the theoretical colliding body a name. They call it Theia (pronounced THAY-eh).
If the collision did occur, it was approximately 100 million years after the Earth formed, UCLA geochemists and colleagues report.  They said the key to their model was an analysis of oxygen atoms in both Earth and moon rocks. More than 99.9 percent of Earth’s oxygen is O-16, so called because each atom contains eight protons and eight neutrons. But there also are small quantities of heavier oxygen isotopes: O-17, which have one extra neutron, and O-18, which have two extra neutrons.  The fact that oxygen in rocks on the Earth and our moon share chemical signatures was very telling, Young said. Had Earth and Theia collided in a glancing side blow, the vast majority of the moon would have been made mainly of Theia, and the Earth and moon should have different oxygen isotopes.
A head-on collision, however, likely would have resulted in similar chemical composition of both Earth and the moon, which is observed. Young said:
Theia was thoroughly mixed into both the Earth and the moon, and evenly dispersed between them.This explains why we don’t see a different signature of Theia in the moon versus the Earth.
Theia, by the way, is not thought to have survived the collision, although it now makes up large parts of Earth and the moon, these scientists say. ~earthsky.org
Image result for theia collision
(It wasn’t pretty, but we did gain a satellite, and that’s how cosmic unity goes down, evidently.  Until we get a better model.~L)

“Remember this is the last full week of the Jupiter Node conjunction encouraging you to merge knowledge with soul purpose. Application and taking things step by step is part of the process.  The Moon then goes VOID at the NEW MOON for the rest of the day on Monday the 8th – no need to rush new initiatives or seek definitive decisions. Going with your internal flow and awareness is all you need now.” ~jeanwiley.com  (My thought is that knowledge will get you to the threshold, then wisdom (who you ARE, your INNER VISION) takes over.  Seems Jean agrees. Theia was probably just out on her evening constitutional and WHAM!  Merged with an alien solar system on a molecular level. Couldn’t be planned for, didn’t bring a change of underwear, but she is part of us now.  Has been since before memory, probably will be long after.~L)
Image result for theia goddess statue
Image result for theia goddess statue
Image result for theia and heliosWhat she would not do to get into his orbit!
Theia, Titanis, or Thetis = Goddess of Sight (kinda ironic~L); Theia married Hyperion, the Titan-god of light, and bore him three bright children–Helios the Sun Eos the (Rosy-Fingered) Dawn, and Selene the Moon.~pinterest.com  (Also, a line of wedding wear!~L)
Image result for real picture of uranus
“This is a wake up/shake up New Moon- particularly considering Uranus is highly aspected in the New Moon chart. Uranus links up with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto (the only planet he does not link up with is Neptune)!
“With so much Uranus energy splayed out all over the chart- the only constant we can count on is change!
“It’s fascinating to see Uranus link up with all 5 personal planets- bringing in the winds of change to our sense of identity (Sun), feelings and emotions (Moon), mind and thoughts (Mercury), heart and desires (Venus) and direction and energy (Mars) right now.”  (Now check out all these other alignments and “coincidences”.~L)
“The defining New Moon aspect in the chart is the square of the Sun/Moon conjunction to Mars in Scorpio. 
“This is a fiery and feisty combination- and right on the heels of a fiery and feisty Mercury Retrograde journey we just had that also began with a square to Mars (and ended with a conjunction to Pluto!).
“Mars squares are frictional, irritable and intense…Yet when he is worked with consciously he can help us dig deep to get the Truth of ourselves and others- even if that Truth is hard pill to swallow.
“Michael Lutin pointed out that this New Moon is the midpoint of Pluto and Chiron- bringing the energy of the Great Transformer and the Wounded Healer into the mix. Pluto demands that we dig deep, face shadow, feel all our emotions and not stay on the surface so we can stay in denial.”
© Copyright 2016 ~DIVINE HARMONYAll Rights Reserved www.MysticMamma.com
“The water bearer is an unusually quarrelsome creature, despite being remarkably open-minded and socially tolerant. Ruled by Uranus, the freedom-at-all-costs rebel of the zodiac, Aquarius hates nothing more than feeling disrespected or unaccepted for exactly who he is and what he does.   Aquarius is easy to talk to but does not often give great advice as he is so unique and his vision so grand that his wisdom ends up being quite esoteric, although perfectly valid!” ~www.astroyogalove.com  (More on this later, Mercury enters Aquarius on the 13th.~L)

Beginning around January 20 - through mid-February - you can see five bright planets at once in the predawn sky.

View larger. | You can still see 5 bright planets at once in the predawn sky. Mercury and Mars are two of these planets.
Mercury at greatest morning elongation on February 7. By the way, inferior planets that orbit the sun inside Earth’s orbit show the entire range of phases, but never reach quadrature or get as far as 90o from the sun in Earth’s sky.
Quite by coincidence (DING, DING, DING!~L) Mercury swings to its greatest western (morning) elongation (25.5o from the sun) on February 7, 2016, the same date that Mars sweeps to west quadrature.

John Ashley of Montana wrote:

John Ashley of Montana wrote: “I climbed Enchanted Rock by moonlight for the first time in 30 years to watch the five bright planets rise together in the pre-dawn sky. This Texas state park is recognized as a dark sky reserve by the International Dark Sky Association.”~earthsky.org

(OK, I love the whole “quite by coincidence” from astronomers.  Cracks me up every time.  And I mean to tell you, from doing this kind of research, they say it A LOT.  Also, there is this COINCIDENTAL alignment of 5 visible planets (above) that has not happened since 2005, the sun and the moon BOTH at 19 degrees of Aquarius, Venus at 19 degrees of Capricorn and Chiron (the wounded healer at 19 degrees of Pisces during the new moon on the 8th.  And “coincidentally” the start of the Chinese New Year of the Red Fire Monkey, strongly associated with Mars.  Mars, 19 and coincidence  . . . Hmmm ~L)

火 Fire[edit]

The Bahá’í calendar, established during the middle of the 19th century, is also based on cycles of 19 years. ~wikipedia.com (I love you, Wikipedia ).

View larger | Mikhail Chubarets in the Ukraine made this chart.  It shows the view of Mars through a telescope in 2016.  We pass between Mars and the sun on May 22.  We won't see Mars as a disk like this with the eye alone. But, between the start of 2016 and May, the dot of light that is Mars will  grow dramatically brighter and redder in our night sky. Watch for it!

View larger | Mikhail Chubarets in the Ukraine made this chart. It shows the view of Mars through a telescope in 2016. We pass between Mars and the sun on May 22. We won’t see Mars as a disk like this with the eye alone. But, between the start of 2016 and May, the dot of light that is Mars will grow dramatically brighter and redder in our night sky. Watch for it!
19 is one of the most fortunate and favourable of all compound numbers. It is symbolized as the sun, and is called the Prince of Heaven because it indicates victory over all temporal failure and disappointment. It blesses the person or entity represented by it with all the power of the compound number 10, without the inherent dangers of 10’s abuse. This number promises happiness and fulfillment as well as success in all ventures and the personal life. Though the other numbers associated with 19 may have a negative vibration, the power of 19 will smooth the path and greatly dilute any negativity.  Chaldean-Hebrew Kabbalah Numerology www.wealthymatters.com
(I have a tendency to trust the Hebrew Numerology more than what follows here, but only because I have not examined their sources. I figured it was worth adding.)~L
Chinese New Year's special treat!

Over the last few days, our community has been buzzing in anticipation for Chinese New Year, February 8th 2016(tomorrow)…
Not only is it the Aquarian New Moon, a potent time to set your intentions for the future and the prime starting point of all manifestation…
But it is the day we enter the 9th sign of the Chinese Zodiac, the year of the Fire Monkey…
And in a 9 Universal Year (2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9) no less.
Also a 19 universal date 2 + 8 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 19


Esoteric Meaning of Planets

Planets represent Chakras

Astrology: The Planets (esoteric meaning)

The key to the planets, or the chakras :
Here is a planetary key to personal natal chart interpretation that any beginning astrological student can use with confidence. The natural ordering of the planets that can be seen easily with the naked eye can serve as a key to their interpretation. As we know, the planetary order out from the Sun is Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. These are the naked-eye planets. Beyond Saturn are the planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Mars, or the marriage:

Mars is the energy that moves us, the way we feel — our emotions. It is what drives us and the way we are driven. And it is the kind of energy or drive that we have which determines our personal atmosphere or aura: the kind of room or space in which we have to live — our living room. The kind of room we have determines how we feel about our life, comfortable or cramped. After Jupiter fades to an easy repetition, our mind turns to thoughts of unity, oneness — marriage.
We are driven to marriage, or yoga, of one kind or another. It is the way the two become one. Everyone chooses a form of yoga, union, or marriage… some way to join or yoke the two opposing parts of ourselves together and to perceive them as one life — ours.
We master each planet or chakra, maintain it, and move on or penetrate into the next, inner one. The Jupiter chakra is a tremendous war between us and them. Dichotomy. When we seek to understand the secret of “us” and “them,” we penetrate into the Mars chakra — what it all means. Meaning drives us across the Earth until we can see the end of all difference, that it is all one.
We are free at last from the bonds of Saturn (Satan). We have learned what we must do to survive or to succeed in life. Yet the world we live in is not a unity. It is us against them. And still this somehow does not feel right.
Our life becomes a process of gathering meanings and hints of a possible unity between the opposing parties. This is the yoga, union, or marriage that each must negotiate. The entire Mars chakra has to do with dealing with all the motion, emotion, and meanings of life. Following them out, understanding them. Mars, therefore, is the sphere of all things meaningful, everything that moves us: music, poetry, drama, movies — the works. Anything that gets a rise out of us. We are working with our Mars as long as we have not completed our yoga, or marriage, as long as the two have not become one. As long as we are intrigued and drawn hither and yon, we are working on our Mars. This mysterious person beckons, that piece of music or poem captures our attention, moves us.
Mars is our marriage or union. It is the systematic making friends with everything that is foreign (other than us). At some point in this journey, we get the message. We cease to be blown hither and yon by every passing emotion. We discover that life is its own meaning. We have penetrated to the Earth, or heart chakra. www.claytentaylor.com
  “In shamanic cultures, synchronicities are signs that you are on the right path.”~Daniel Pinchbeck
Image result for synchronicity

Image result for synchronicity

Image result for synchronicity
Image result for synchronicity
The February 8th New Moon in Aquarius is edgy but full of liberating energy. It squares Mars in Scorpio, which can be ambitious, angry or reactionary. It also sextiles Uranus in Aries, which will encourage the innovative path. The Moon trines Black Moon Lilith in Libra, suggesting the smooth integration of taboo behavior. (Remember consent and ahimsa, please.  Ahem. ~L)  Mars’ trine to Chiron in Pisces adds a nice touch of release, as the sting is taken out of a touchy issue. Too, this aspect can create powerful magnetism, as healing potential draws others in. ~rubyslipperastrology.com

Image result for mars moon

Image result for mars moon
Image result for mars moon

“So with this New Moon in Aquarius, we have to stay true to our uniqueness but drop the exclusivity that makes us think we’re better than others. Aquarius is concerned with the group Mind. That means how we all contribute to this Mind. 

“One of Aquarius’ rulers, Saturn, is in Sagittarius directing our attention to our beliefs, we are all ready to share them, but often not in collaborative ways. 

“This is not a time to demand our own version of the truth, for there are many truths. We have to concentrate on the BIG TRUTHS, which is where we can find agreement. 

“And if we allow Neptune’s imagination to work on exposing our truths, we’ll discover that what we all want is ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’. 

“This big promise of individual freedom is also upheld by Aquarius’ other ruler, Uranus which is in Aries, awakening us to our archetypal power to create our own lives.

“Many of us want to live in a grown-up world, where people actually are courteous, creative, cooperative and capable. Where each of us is responsible for the world we live in. 

“To live otherwise is to act childish in the worst possible ways. That is what our patriarchal society would have us do. Stay children and we’ll take care of all your needs IF you do what you’re told. This old story has had its day.

“We each know in our hearts that the most important things in life are love and our connection to each other, our animal cousins and the Earth. So let’s expand our sense of community to all these realms and find that future story that benefits all of us.”

© Copyright 2016 ~CATHY PAGANO All Rights Reserved  www.MysticMamma.com
Image result for mars moon

“Here at New Moon, go back, refine/revise and recommit to your New Year’s goals.  Saturn is trining Uranus so we have strength, perseverance and a strong vision of the long-term goal we are pursuing.  Now just add doing the work.

“Mars is demanding attention by squaring the Sun and Moon and in a stressful relationship to ruling planet Uranus.  Mars is the red Warrior planet…

“In stressful formations like we have here, Mars irritation can come out in accidents, aggression, heated exchanges.  

“Take the higher road and channel this power surge energy into physical activity, acknowledge your own irritation and avoid needless confrontation when you can.

“It’s an opportunity to tame the beast within and use this energy for initiating what you desire at a gut level.  It seems to be a lesson the whole planet needs at this time.

“With a trine from Chiron – he who makes things whole, we have access to our Divine Masculine energy and can make ourselves whole by emotionally balancing our inner masculine and feminine.

“Benevolent Jupiter aligned with the North Node in Virgo for another month is trining powerful Pluto so there is strong support for ridding ourselves of deep patterns that are keeping us from manifesting our true natures fully on the earthly plane.  If you challenge yourself, you can reap the benefits.”

© Copyright 2016 ~PAT LILES All Rights Reserved www.MysticMamma.com
Image result for too much information

Image result for too much information

Image result for too much information
Image result for too much information meme
Image result for too much information meme
dammit, yoda.
Yeah, I am and I feel like it can’t be understated that this new moon and all the alignments and connections are important.  Never has real, internal, bone-deep change
been this well aspected.  This moment counts, time to sort the priorities and act like a heroine.  So, later in the week, I could be all:
Image result for too much information meme
but you can’t say I didn’t care enough to send my very best.  Could mean something to you. Could be important.

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