Avoid MYSTERY by drawing mental boundary lines which create pairs of opposites! Just kidding.


Image result for creation in a grain of sand
Image result for creation in a grain of sand
Image result for creation in a grain of sand

and it’s in you.  ALL of it.  Thank you for not relenting in being who you are.  You are one capacious motherflower.~L

“Today, I realized that the world was made up of magicians, wizards, and miracle workers. They come in all forms with various cultural backgrounds, and have different perspectives on life and living that are insightful. These people seek to foster real relationships with others. They are enlightened and inspire us to #staywoke. During times of strife, these folks are on the front lines – fearless warriors and intelligent beings that look like you and me.

Today I realize that we are all mighty beyond measure. My power is within. Your power is within. When utilized, we become a force for change as we transform and evolve with a shared vision for peace. As Marianne Williamson would ask, “who are you to play small?” There is much to be gained when we stand in our power. May the Aquarius New Moon on Monday, February 8th ignite the spark that puts you face to face with your divine self. May we transcend together.”~tracylrogers.com

Day by day, watch the waxing crescent moon climb upward, farther away from the setting sun. The green line depicts the ecliptic.

Day by day, watch the waxing crescent moon climb upward, farther away from the setting sun. The green line depicts the ecliptic.~earthsky.org (Go young moon hunting!  I love the young moon.  Looks like the sky is smiling.)~L
Image result for creation in a grain of sand
Image result for creation in a grain of sand
Image result for creation in a grain of sand

no one said dissolving boundaries was a cake-walk.  Capacity involves a stretch.~L

“The moon swims into Pisces on Tuesday, where it will remain until Thursday, at which time it rams its way into Aries until Saturday, at which time the sign of the bull welcomes the moon. We may be overflowing with affection on Wednesday as Venus trines Jupiter. We’re left to fend for ourselves on Thursday as the moon makes no aspects.” ~wisdombits.com
View larger. | Hills of water ice on Pluto ‘float’ in a sea of frozen nitrogen and move over time like icebergs in Earth’s Arctic Ocean—another example of Pluto’s fascinating geological activity. Image via NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI.

View larger. | Hills of water ice on Pluto ‘float’ in a sea of frozen nitrogen. They’re thought to move slowly over time, somewhat like icebergs in Earth’s Arctic Ocean. For the scale here, notice the feature informally named Challenger Colles – honoring the crew of the lost Space Shuttle Challenger. It appears to be an especially large accumulation of these hills, measuring 37 by 22 miles (60 by 35 km). Image via NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI.
Just when you think Pluto couldn’t get anymore fascinating, it does. NASA said on February 4, 2016 that numerous, isolated hills – possibly fragments of water ice from Pluto’s surrounding uplands – are floating on the nitrogen ice glaciers on the little world’s surface. This is happening in the beautiful heart-shaped feature on Pluto known as Sputnik Planum. NASA said the hills individually measure one to several miles or kilometers across. The images suggesting them come, of course, from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft, which streaked past Pluto last July and is still sending its data back to Earth.~earthsky.org  (You go, Pluto!  Anahata ananda.~L)
Image result for hanuman and the moon images
Image result for hanuman and the moon images
“This Week’s Intention: Linger in the subtle realms, the in-between. Use this ambiguity for creative activation. What are you leaving behind? What are you inviting in more of? Let soul and spirit guide you home.“~www.swatijrjyotish.com
“I can’t help but feel the strength and grace of Hanuman supporting this powerful year ahead. As a Rudra, he used his immense strength to support devotion (Bhakti), dharma and right action. May each of us align with this truth as the year unfolds.

I am in the throws of ritual preparation right now! This week I travel to Peru, heading south to facilitate a series of five rituals during a special re-marriage ceremony.

The new Moon earlier today marked the opening of the sacred ritual container, which will conclude on the full Moon, February 22nd. I can feel my steady steps already crossing the bridge between the mundane and the spiritual realms, integrating and shaping the sacred landscape we are creating for celebrating love and joy.”

Use the coming waxing cycle for sharing your brightness. The new Moon in Dhanishta nakshatra and Capricorn, sparked the jyoti within!

How can you share your inner light in new, bolder, more creative ways? It’s time!
With three transits occurring this week, change is on the horizon, offering new possibilities and potential. It’s a perfect time to be stepping into life in new ways!
Themes to work with for the coming weeks include expanding what you think is possible for yourself and your path, while finding new resources to support this task. It will be your creativity and how you use your potent inner wealth, that will determine your success. Do you suppress or resist your passion and creative powers? Or do you channel them effectively with clear actions that are aligned with your purpose? Don’t waste your energy on tasks that are frivolous or mundane. Step into your full power and say yes to life!
Be very intentional about what you are creating for your self and your life.” ~swatijrjyotish.com
Inline image  you get karma points if you noticed the twins are Jack-Jack.~L
“The tradition of Valentine’s Day is believed to have originated from the pagan customs of the Third Century or Fourth Century B.C., when the Parentalia and Feralia Festivals of Purification were celebrated in Ancient Rome between February 13 and February 18. This was also the time of a Fertility Festival which celebrated a young man’s rite of passage and involved animal sacrifices and fertility rituals. February 13, the opening day of the festivals, was dedicated to peace, love and household goods. February 14, the second day of Parentalia was called the Lupercalia…a day some sources believe was dedicated to Juno-Lupa, the She-Wolf.
During the Luperci, the names of willing young women were placed into a box or urn and drawn by lot (Juno-Februata was the first lottery!~L) by every young, unmarried man. The youths and maidens who were thus matched would be considered partners during the course of the coming year, which began in March. Although such matches were generally for sexual gratification, it was not unusual for the pairings to eventaully culminate in marriage.  (Like match.com!~L)
Yet another theory (had to pare ’em down!~L) on the ceremonial source of this day is that the festival was actually held to honor Faunus who, like the Greek God Pan, was a God of Herds and Crops. As is apparent, the true origin of this festival is so ancient, that even scholars of the Last Century B.C. were unable to officially determine its roots with any degree of certainty. However, there is no question about the importance of the ceremony. Records show that Mark Anthony was Master of the Luperci Colleges of Priests and chose the Lupercalia festival of the year 44 B.C. as the proper time for the offering of the crown to Julius Caesar.
During the Sixteenth Century, Saint Francis de Sales, Bishop of Geveva, made another attempt was made to institute Saintly Valentines, but it proved equally (of not more) unsuccessful as the first and was certainly shorter-lived. Eventually, the Church looked for a suitable Patron Saint of Love to take the place of the heathen Lupercus. They found an appropriate choice in Saint Valentine

 Painting of Saint Valentine by Frederick Maxfield Parrish 

Saint Valentine: Holy Priest of Rome: The date of this Saint Valentine’s birth is not known. Along with Saint Marius and his family, Saint Valentine assisted the martyrs during the persecution they suffered under the rule of Claudius II (also known as Claudius the Goth and Claudius the Cruel). In addition, since Rome was at the time involved in many bloody and unpopular campaigns, the emperor found it difficult to recruit the male populace into joining his military leagues. Believing this to be because Roman men were adverse to leaving their loved ones or their families (polygamy was probably more popular than marriage then, however~L), Claudius cancelled all marriages and engagements within the City of Rome

 Saint Valentine and Saint Marius, however, continued to perform wedding ceremonies in secret. When is was discovered that Saint Valentine was defying the emperor’s decree, he was apprehended and dispatched by Claudius to the Prefect of Rome who, being unable to force the saint to renounce Christianity, ordered that Valentine be clubbed, stoned and then beheaded (it should be noted that there was no other entertainment besides polygamy at this time.  Also, damn, Claudius!  Stone cold.~L). According to the traditional story (DING, DING DING!~L), while Valentine waited in prison for his execution, he corresponded with those under his care by sending letters and love notes to his parishioners.

It is also believed that while incarcerated, the Bishop fell in love with a young woman who visited him during his confinement. According to some sources, this was the blind daughter (whose name may have been Julia) of Asterius, the jailer. It is said that God enabled Valentine to miraculously restore the girl’s sight. Popular belief indicates that Valentine’s farewell message to his love contained a closing that has now transcended time: “From Your Valentine.” The saint was executed on February 14 in either 269 A.D. or 270 A.D.

Saint Valentine: Bishop of Interamna: This Saint Valentine is said to have been scourged, imprisoned and beheaded by Placidus, Prefect of Interanma. The relic bones of this Saint Valentine are housed in a basilica in Terni, a town in Italy which hails Saint Valentine as its Patron Saint. It is believed that the saint, who lived in the Third Century, dedicated his life to the Christian community of Terni, becoming the first Bishop of the town. Adored by the populace, the fame of Saint Valentine’s holiness and miracles reached Rome, his name being linked with love because, according to legend, he was the first religious personage to oversee the celebration of marriage between a pagan man and a Christian woman (you go girl~L). Sentenced to death in Rome, he was martyred on February 14 along the Via Flaminia and swiftly buried in order to prevent rioting by the Christians.”

this whole thing from novareinna.com

For those times when a simple execution won’t do, please have a saint and several back-up saints.

Love never dies.

 From your Valentine.~L

Image result for happy lupercalia

Love doesn’t only feel good, it transforms and heals. Anything that throws such a bright light also casts a wide shadow. Take responsibility for the less awesome bits that the very best parts of your life are creating. By understanding the impact your choices and actions have on situations, you’ll be able to make effective changes if you want to. Use the power of love as an active, restorative force for good this week.~lovelanyadoo.com
On Feb 14 Mercury returns to its original position after making an apparent retrograde loop in our sky that began on Dec. 19, 2015.  This often symbolizes a time in which those things that became complex and full of chuckholes at the beginning have finally come to a point of resolution.  It is easier to arrive at conclusions and make decisions once this initial retrograding point has been crossed.  If it were graphed, it would resemble the breakout point on a given stock at the NYSE, showing a leap upward.~horoscopesbyvivian.com
(Dare you to hope.)~L
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“If you take the Pluto-Venus-Mercury stellium in effect in the sign of Capricorn… This energy has a way of super-charging the signs ruled by those planets… That means Capricorn (because that is where the stellium takes place)… Scorpio (pluto)… Libra & Taurus (venus)… and Gemini & Virgo (mercury) are all in a state of heightened awareness at the moment.. That is 6 of the 12 Astrological Signs… (wow)…
Virgo & Capricorn are “earth” signs… They tend to be focused on the material/financial areas of our lives… Each of these stelliums are pushing & pulling each other trying to gain control of the chart… (everybody always wants to be the boss)… hehe… Anyway… You see this energy in effect the way that the stock market climbs and falls… It’s like a roller-coaster ride… That same energy also effects certain countries too as well as the rest of us “human-beans”… It’s tension & release over & over again.
Fortunately Venus & Mercury are very fast moving planets so this energy will come & go… The important thing is not to allow ourselves to become swept away by our feelings & emotions… Especially if we find ourselves feeling like we are being backed into a corner or that we are running out of options… The chart itself is fantastic, but when the planets are in “committee mode” we tend to take on a more tunnel-visioned perspective.” ~Daniel Dowd of weeklyhoroscope.com
(Probably a good time to explain why I include the Western or tropical astrology while we look at the Vedic for our practice.  If you have been following the differences between sidereal and tropical astrology as I have been laying it out, it seems to me that the Vedic provides a rather longer view and the tropical is more fine-tuned and daily.  Also, there are not as many Vedic sources to choose from in the US (but more are coming) and if you relate the information to someone who is not aware of the sidereal view, they will think you are just wrong.  So: both-and, is my motto, not either-or!~L)
“Note the shift in the Vedic sign through which the Nodes of the Moon are transiting. Rahu moves into Leo for the rest of 2016. Ketu moves into Aquarius. This will mean a major  shift in worldwide consciousness towards expression of power and creativity, with dangers of torsion or tension, driven behaviour or even link to fear or darkness in this, if you are not aware.
Note also that transiting Mars is closing on transiting Saturn, and when those two are conjunct for several months from February onwards, this will be an energy of very hard work and of death of what is no longer relevant and simply out of your Saturn-Mars focus.  If you cooperate with this death and redefinition process, you will have success. Again, to understand where this will manifest exactly in your life, check the House that Vedic Scorpio occupies in your Vedic birth Chart.
And note that the combination of Rahu (North Node)-Jupiter plus Mars-Saturn in the heavens, could mean great driven achievement – plus fear and terrorism in the world.”~blog.starwheelastrology.com (Also note that Vedic astrologers as a group fear no shadow.  They will give you the bad news because they know the dual nature of our spirit and matter existence AND GO BEYOND IT.  What can I say, I dig a both-and approach!~L)
Image result for opposites in unity
“At some point, I began to feel Jyotish (Vedic, sidereal) astrology needed to be learned and that prediction must be possible (as of course it is). At about the same time I started serious Jyotish studies, I began looking into Kashmiri Shaivism; what they call idealistic oneness; everything is consciousness. The whole universe is just light (Hmmm.?~L). They have many names for this consciousness, but many call it Shiva. Shiva is the whole in which everything exists. Jyotish is the science of light just like Tantra is the science of freedom (svatantria). Light in Tantra is energy, Shakti. In Tantra the various rays of light represent various powers of Shakti, just as in Jyotish the various light rays emitted by the planets are the powers of the universe.  

In (Jyotish) astrology the planets are laid out in the chart as being situated in the body of Kaala Purusha, each house representing a body part with the position of the planets acting to measure out his various powers.

But what if we start to extend this feeling of oneness, yoking together our fate not only with our children, but with everyone, and then perhaps we take that a step further and feel ourselves intimately yolked with all of nature. We are all one after all. If the river is our daughter, how can we pour chemicals down her throat (But if we are all one, she is chemical?  This part of me annoys a lot of people.  I agree with his point.  See below, won’t belabor it.~L)? If the earth is our son, how can we smear him in hot tar and ruthlessly mine his organs? The more we can cultivate this sense of love and oneness with all that is in the universe, the more of our base desires we are willing to sacrifice not only for our own interest, but for the interest of the whole.”~sleepingdogblog.wordpress.com
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Pharmakon is the Greek word which has two opposite meanings — “cure” and “poison”. The concept of pharmakon, according to Derrida, produces a play of binary oppositions crucial to Western logocentric tradition: remedy/poison, speech/writing, good/bad, interior/exterior, etc.  (The idea is that a thing can be both poison and cure according to context.  A fine but important line/distinction when embodying contradiction or dualities. Entire books are written to explain the concept.~L)
Image result for creation in a grain of sand

on the mind: the difference between eastern and western conception

September 16, 2015 Christopher Wallis

This article first appeared at tantrikstudies.org.
Explaining the premodern Indian conception of mind to Westerners poses an interesting problem.  Western popular culture tends to posit two primary centers of our being other than the body: the mind (locus of thoughts) and the heart (locus of feelings). This is in complete opposition to the Indian model, whereby ‘mind’ and ‘heart’ both translate the same Sanskrit word (chitta), for as every good psychologist knows, thoughts and feelings are inextricably linked–indeed, they exist on a continuum.  Modern awakened masters intuitively realize that thoughts and emotions are inflections of each other, and that we are straying dangerously far from self-knowledge if we separate them.~fiveattvas.com   (Oh, boy.  Here we go. The yoking, the marriage, the spirit and the matter, the light and the dark, the awakening and the sleeping and you the one vessel, the container, the chariot.  The perfect companion.~L)
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the soul of practice

July 19, 2015Stacey Ramsower

Soma (that wondrous elixir residing in the liquid contents of body and mind) might be exactly the remedy to our yoga conundrum: a felt experience of pleasure that is activated and contained by posture, then lingers and floods into every open space in the body like a nourishing stream.  In the Sri Vidya tradition, this is exactly the point of asana: to activate and engage Agni (the god of fire, conduit and messenger between human and celestial realms) and Soma in equal parts. Soma is the counterpart to Agni, the moon to the sun, the feminine to the masculine.  How do we know we’re doing that?  First and foremost, with an inwardly focused gaze- beyond staring at fingertips or nose during Surya Namaskar, this gaze is self aware with an observational quality.  This gaze recognizes strain, rushing, unrelated self-talk and the difference between right and left, front and back, straight and bent.  Secondly, the practice must generate energy as well as contain it.  (Tall order, but pretty straightforward.  I’m thinking it’s like seeing the object of your long-held desire and not needing to move toward it.  You have attained it because it is there.  It’s presence is satisfying on its own.~L)
Image result for opposites in unity
So that’s our goal bodhichittas!  This week we are going to embody soma (fluidity) and agni (fire) in equal parts until we make STEAM.  We’ll explore Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing (“Somatics” refers to a lineage of movement studies that emphasizes internal physical perception (or the body as perceived from within), and employs techniques that highlight the mover’s internal sensations) as a framework to hang it on.~L
Image result for pharmakon definition

Inline image
Inline image

Image result for alchemy of opposites

Image result for alchemy of opposites
It may not make sense, but it may make life.  Stay awake with me.  Tomorrow noon, Saturday 10:45am.  Love Abides, ~L

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