“I don’t believe in astrology. I’m a Sagittarius and we’re skeptical.”~Arthur C. Clarke. Virgo Full Moon

“We care too much about identity. We care too much about labels. We get ornery when you can’t easily put a label on someone. We get ornery when we see someone transcend a label we put on them. But this isnt about them. This is about you. Forget your labels. Be an idea. Be an invention. Be an evolution of something that already was. Be a friend. Be great. Be comfortable with your actions. Be witty, compassionate, thought-provoking, disciplined (or even outrageous). But quit being what the world expects, and quit expecting the world to be what you want. Embrace the novelty of something or someone unique. Best of luck.“~Bud at weeklyhoroscope.com 
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2016-february-17-moon-and-winter-crcleTonight’s waxing gibbous moon – February 17, 2016 – shines inside a large asterism that we in the Northern Hemisphere often call the Winter Circle.If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere … although it’s not winter for you, these same stars appear near the moon. (Thinking of you, Meg.~L)

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Image result for galileo stars quote
Image result for galileo stars quote

Pretty sure this one is a joke.~L
February 15, 1564. Italian astronomer, mathematician, and physicist Galileo Galilei was born 452 years ago today.
” E pur si muove” (and yet it moves).
The phrase is still used today as a retort, implying it doesn’t matter what you believe; these are the facts.
 “The popular story of Galileo’s refutation of Aristotle is largely a myth, motivated by a failure of historical perspective.” Thomas Kuhn (Maybe it does matter.~L)
This illustration shows the expected position in the sky of asteroid 2013 TX68 as of February 14,2016. If you were looking at the sun, you'd see the asteroid to one side of it. That's because the space rock is approaching Earth from the sun direction, and that's why its orbit has been impossible to determine exactly. Illustration by Eddie Irizarry using Stellarium.
Position in sky of asteroid 2013 TX68 as of February 14, 2016. If you are looking at the sun, the asteroid is to one side of it. The space rock is approaching Earth from the sun direction, and that’s why its orbit has been impossible to determine exactly. Illustration by Eddie Irizarry using Stellarium.
“On same day as the Chelyabinsk meteor – February 15, 2013 – the asteroid 2012 DA14 was still approaching Earth. It ultimately passed about 17,000 miles (27,700 km) above the Earth’s surface, 16 hours after the Chelyabinsk superbolide explosion and the fall of the large meteorite on the Russian Lake Chebarkul.
Could 2012 DA14 have been related to the Chelyabinsk meteor?
At the beginning, it seemed possible to everyone that these two events might be related. But astronomers quickly compared what was known about the orbit of 2012 DA14 with a preliminary orbit for the Chelyabinsk meteor, and quickly said the two looked completely different.
After closer studies of the two objects, they’re now believed to be completely independent and unrelated. In their statement on February 15, 2016, scientists said:
It was a mere, albeit very unusual, coincidence (DING,DING,DING!~L) in time of two spectacular cosmic events.
Image via Wikimedia Commons.
UPDATE February 13, 2016. Astronomers haven’t exactly been biting their nails about asteroid 2013 TX68. Although the asteroid’s trajectory is highly uncertain, they’ve never thought the asteroid would hit Earth when it passes closest in early March. Latest estimates say the asteroid will pass no closer than 19,000 miles (30,000 km). By contrast, the moon’s distance is 250,000 miles (400,000 km). The space rock is currently approaching Earth from the sun’s direction, which makes it difficult to track it – and get a more exact orbital estimate – until it is closer to us and passes to the night sky between late February and early March. (Interestingly, the sun has obscured other infall, like the Tunguska event in 1908.~L)  . Although asteroid 2013 TX68 may pass by Earth on March 8 at 00:06 UTC (March 7 at 7:06 pm ET), the time uncertainty is 2 days, which means the space rock may be passing by our planet sometime between the evenings of March 5 and 9.  Scientists say it will be a safe pass and that they will soon precisely define its orbit.
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Inline image
Asteroid Day is an annual global movement to increase public awareness of potential asteroid impacts with Earth, and the importance of guarding against them. It was co-founded in 2015 by Brian May, astrophysicist and lead guitarist for the rock band Queen, Apollo astronaut Rusty Schweickart, and German filmmaker Grig Richters.
The day is held on June 30 each year to mark Earth’s largest asteroid impact in recorded history, the Siberia Tunguska event, which devastated over 2,000 square kilometers [about 700 square miles], the equivalent area of a major metropolitan city.”~earthsky.org
(Let’s keep an eye on all this, but not freak out.  I see it as an invitation to make light of some problems that could really drag us under.  After all, our differences mean nothing to what we can collectively bring to our challenges.  There is a reason why monkeys have the ability to harness the power that lights the stars (nuclear fusion).  Could we be deputized to avert this disaster (which has occurred many times on this planet before)?  Earth got sick of being abused and developed a strategy to avoid it?  Wouldn’t put it past Her. She’s wicked smart.~L)
But what is a gravitational wave?

Gravitational waves are the ripples in the pond of spacetime. The gravity of large objects warps space and time, or “spacetime” as physicists call it, the way a bowling ball changes the shape of a trampoline as it rolls around on it. Smaller objects will move differently as a result — like marbles spiraling toward a bowling-ball-sized dent in a trampoline instead of sitting on a flat surface.
Large objects should all produce gravitational waves, but big, violent collisions should produce the most powerful ones — and sure enough, the gravitational waves detected by LIGO are thought to have come from a collision between two black holes that occurred around 1.3 billion years ago and came to us at the speed of light.  (For the record, we need and want to be as far from such things as possible.  See my above idea that the Earth has a plan.  Coincidence?  You know what I think about that!
  1. 1.
    the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.
    “such synchronicity is quite staggering”
  2. 2.
    another term for synchrony (sense 1).


 Sooooo why do we care about that?
Up until now, we’ve only “seen” the universe with the electromagnetic spectrum — light. Not all of it is visible light, but even infrared, x-ray and radio telescopes are still using light to delve into the cosmos.
Gravitational waves basically add another sense to our arsenal. We’re expanding beyond light waves for the first time.  This will be especially useful in studying dark objects, such as black holes: Gravitational waves don’t care how dark an object is, so these dim objects will suddenly become “bright” in our night sky.
“Imagine that you can touch, you can smell, you can taste, you can see, and one day, one day you can hear. That day is a glorious day,” Marka said. “You can appreciate Beethoven … Your life will never be the same again. This is what happened to us. This is what happened to us as a community.”

Marka finished: “From today, we can hear the cosmos. We can see the unseen.”~the Washington Post

~Scientific American

That graphic is mind blowing.  I guess I sort of intellectually knew that when I look at the stars I am seeing ancient light, but how to even begin to understand “Looking outward, back through time”?  Mind blown.  Life altered.  Really enjoying 2016 so far.  This is my kind of year.~L  
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The day after the announcement of the gravitational wave discovery and the binary black holes merging, two leaders of modern Christianity came together for the first time in almost a millennium. Roman Catholic Pope Francis and Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill met at the unlikely venue of Havana Airport at shortly after 2 pm on Friday February 12. The subject of their highly symbolic encounter was peace in a world on the brink of WWIII. (The US, Russia, Syria conflict is on a LOT of male minds this week.  Please consult your inner masculine and decide if you’d rather have awe or worry.~L)

Pope Francis was born at 9 pm in Buenos Aries, Argentina on December 17 1936. The position of his birth Sun at 26 degrees of Sagittarius is within the zodiacal degree of the Galactic Center. This super massive black hole is the size of our Sun 4.3 million times over. It is actually the rotational center of the Milky Way. While our earth may revolve once in 24 hours, it takes the Sun 240 million years to revolve around the Galactic Center. 
Astrologers are still working to understand the implications of this energy source, but it may be likened to a centrifugal force bringing objects, and possibly people into alignment. ~EdTamplin.com

Let the Yang Fire Monkey energy carry you across the bridge between the seen and unseen worlds to reach those goals, for yourself and for us all.”

© Copyright 2016 ~Karen Abler CarrascoAll Rights Reserved
Super-massive black hole at the Galactic Center.  We can now add a layer of detail from gravitational waves which are exceptional for the study of dark objects!  As soon as I find an “image”, you’ll see it here. ~L
You are there.  Down toward the lower right and corner.  Spacetime.  Holy cats and Krishnamurti, have we got some reckoning to do.  Making the unseen seen.~L
So, let’s be reminded, this is all theoretical, still.  That wobble?  26,000 year cycle called precession of the Equinox.  Even with the detection of gravitational waves, we have only attained another premise in an argument for the relativity of spacetime postulated by Einstein all those years ago.  It raises so many interesting questions!  Here’s one; if the solar system circles the galaxy and black holes move enough to collide in space and the whole thing is pulled toward a Great Attractor, just where are we going?  All of us together on this GRAND ECOLOGICAL SPACESHIP?  Hmmmm?  Better get that hyper-dimensional, nonphysical, spacetime vehicle up and running . . . ~L
Image result for the galactic centre
Image result for the galactic centre
This may be a better model of how our Solar System really moves than the cosmic sit n’ spin we got in school.  Anyone getting a little seasick?  Put your helmet on and buckle-up, please. ~L
This represents a THEORY, but it’s intriguing. Sun so straight!~L
“So far, astronomers have found more than 500 solar systems and are discovering new ones every year. Given how many they have found in our own neighborhood of the Milky Way galaxy, scientists estimate that there may be tens of billions of solar systems in our galaxy, perhaps even as many as 100 billion.” ~nasa.gov
Are you starting to feel like the lack of collisions we experience is a little more than lucky?  Because that is A LOT of stuff to have to maneuver around.  Also, asteroids winging through it.  Rogue planets.  Little less war little more planetary protection, for favor?~L
You could put that picture of the solar system up above into this family portrait, too.  Funny how it looks similar across scale.  Thank Mandelbrot for the term “fractal”.~L
Uncovering personal truths with an eye towards adjustment and healing (ahem.~L) is a potent theme over the next two weeks.  Accompanying this is the possibility for Universal understanding of the whole (centrifugal force, Torsion fields = Unification Theory) as the Sun sextiles the Universal engine, the Galactic Core (27 degrees Aquarius to Sagittarius). Universal consciousness vs. Global Consciousness. You are living in most interesting times as Science catches up with (or is simply being disclosed) Mysticism. Adjustments in the mass consciousness are occurring.  [We are remembering] the ability to wake up from the control mechanisms through love, awareness and re-configuring your reality.
Self-actualization is a theme. You value your individuality and authenticity as you encourage others to embrace their personal voice and preferences. Your mind feels clearer as you are ready to implement plans and decisions.
MID WEEK: The process of healing emotional and psychic wounds (through awareness, blessing, releasing, integration) is in focus as the Jupiter Chiron opposition aligns through the remainder of the month (20 Virgo to Pisces). You are being encouraged to heal wounds from your past which can be affecting your life in the present. Restoring Spirit to Body – integrating beliefs and unfolding developments in a way that creates greater congruency through application and daily practices. This can carry the feeling of being forced out of your comfort zones in order to discover personal talents.
LATE WEEK: FRIDAY ushers in the Sun ingress Pisces highlighting a 4 week period of creativity, returning to Source, compassion, boundlessness and for some, escapism. The Moon in Cancer is VOID most of the day on Friday allowing the emotional space to daydream and create.  SATURDAY Elevated insights may arrive regarding the support of others, how to artistically and spiritual nurture yourself, and perhaps how your nurturing needs were unmet – hence, the adjustment and responsibility in your own healing and self-support.  “The truth revealed, perpetrator caught, situation resolved, responsibility taken,” Melanie Rheinhart. Actions have consequences and once you notice those effects, you can almost always discover the sources.”~ jeanwiley.com – Integrative Coaching ~

(Significantly omitted? Time. Liked the effort to unify polarities anyway.~L)

“With the Sun moving into close proximity, the influence of Neptune steps into the spotlight. With the Sun lighting up this influence we might expect to see a rather surreal dialog emerging. Themes such as fantasy, film, theater and the spinning (see above graphic for LAYERS of entendre.~L) of words becomes an over-arching theme. As we enter into a heatedly fractious political arena, this term seems completely appropriate and highly likely. Spin (!~L), manipulation, and falsities are highly prominent under this influence and this plays perfectly into the political arena where the rhetoric becomes increasingly vitriolic and insensitive. Since much of this behavior is the bedrock of politics, this should come as no surprise.” ~ChrisFlisher.com

“The first thing that jumps out at us is the Mars inconjunct (150 degrees away) from Uranus… Both of these planets are the “shoot first and ask questions later” kind of energy… They thrive on action… It doesn’t matter so much if the end result is good or bad, they just cannot stand inactivity.
Next on the list is the Pluto squaring (90 degrees away) Uranus… This is like the Mars/Uranus energy multiplied by 1000… This is the catalyst of change… While this can be extremely beneficial in our own personal lives as it helps to break down road-blocks and restrictions it’s the kind of energy that “does not play nicely with others” on the global side of the picture.”~Daniel “sometimes dramatic worrier over the US and Russia in Syria” Dowd from weeklyhoroscope.com  (Daniel is having his Saturn return so, let’s listen, but not freak out.  As an experiment.  Ahem.~L)
word artI like to say, “Change your mind.  It proves you have one.”  I think I read that in a Sweet Potato Queen book.~L
“How many times have you run through
a car wash naked and come out
laughing and smiling?
How often have you come close to disaster
or even bumped smack into it
and survived to live and love again?
Bless you.
Your brushes with disaster are famous.
At this point can you even count them?
So even if you run into another challenge
to prove your life force is stronger
than anything else, it’s typical you.
That is why you inspire
so many people even as you freak them out.
You have already had so many encounters
with the darkness,
it’s not funny and yet you completely laugh at all of it.
Each time you come back from crisis
you prove how strong the light you shine really is.
“~MichaelLutin.com  (Not you yet?  It will be.~L)
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if you remember the real context, you get the paradox.~L

“Mars the ruler of Aries is in Scorpio, which further encourages a passion for discoveries. Mars and the North Node and Jupiter are in harmony this week. Our biggest ideas and our enthusiasm can have us feeling right on track (Guilty.~L). It’s recommended that your best ideas are written down and assessed deeply, leaving no stone unturned (Check.~L). The smart ideas that show up now can feel destined and we’re ready for taking action. Creating a smart, intelligent plan, making notes and figuring out your way towards your big ideas is right on tap this week (Affirmative.~L).
Venus enters Aquarius on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 at 11:16 pm ET, following along in the footsteps of Mercury whom entered Aquarius just a few days earlier on Saturday, February 13th.
Aquarius is about enlightened thinking. It’s about inspiration and invention. With Mercury and Venus here, lovely ideas can show up that can be sheer genius. It is also about the collective. Ideas an individual explorer, or team of thinkers comes up with now can end up having a much larger impact on us all in the long run (Gotcha.~L).
The Sun enters Pisces on Friday, February 19, 2016 at 12:33 am ET. This is so good for getting in touch with spirit, and understanding your life from a much higher, cosmic perspective.  Find delight in your senses. Let the sun and the moon be a part of your day and night. Look up to the stars and know you are a part of something so much bigger than the worries and concerns that may usually dominate your mind. Let your mind find more freedom by changing up the energy and focus towards bigger, brighter concepts.”~symbolicliving.com  (Yes, Universe, yes, Multiverse, yes, Gigaverse! Yes, I said, and yes!~L)
Sorry about the gender, it could not be changed.~L
“What is on my heart at this very moment, is a wish to encourage love when it seems difficult, unrealized, or out of reach. I wish for us all to rumble with a new set of questions around love, exercising patience for the answers to be revealed, and becoming enlightened enough to move past those same old lessons.  At least I can say that I have grown much since the last go-round. The awareness gained is apparent. It is reflected in the understanding that I can now show toward another, and the compassion that I can now show toward myself.” ~www.traceylrogers.com
(Amen. And Awomen.  This seems very Aquarian to me.  A humble, ragged “I see my lessons and I am still here, still trying.  Still seeing that you struggle, too.  All either of us has is our presence and our will.”~L)
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“The intention I have for this celebration is to open and expand, while simultaneously releasing and letting go. This open and close process mirrors the breath, as well as the heart, ribcase and also has the potential to unify polarities. I invite you to step into the integration process this week as well. The Moon is waxing, the emotional body tides are rising. Use your breath- inhale and exhale- to deepen your connection to your life.
What are you opening to? What are you closing to? Where can you soften and release? Where are you contracting and closing?
Seek the integration point between shadow and light. How do you know when you’ve arrived? Explore this fertile landscape and plant your seeds of desire. 
Emotional body tides will be high, feelings palpable. Use this awareness to cultivate presence. What do you need for deeper comfort and support? With the three planetary shifts of last week now behind us, a sense of grounding and landing is more possible now.
February 20th: Mars moves to its own sign, Scorpio.

February 22nd: Full Moon in Leo and Magha nakshatra. “~swatijrjyotish.com
So, it’s dizzying.  Zoom out.  Zoom in.  Camera one.  Camera two.  So many different perspectives we can take, all valid, all true from a space occupied by a single one, but only that one.  Many eyes observing a single multifaceted jewel in Indra’s net.  I can’t see it from where you are standing and you can’t see it from my space.  Then the realization that there are thousands more such jewels in the net and millions of observers.  The awe overwhelms and I must go within.  Even the “within” is occupied.  There is the presence of Nature in the body, in the fibers of the mind, in the life force that flows.  There is a kindness in the flow of time that lets us adapt and adjust as we accommodate what is.
It is at once “out there” and in the same moment “in here” and daily I must grow my capacity to hold it all.  Everyday I must expand.  May it all-ways be  balance that shapes me as my relation to other is revealed and remembered. ~L
All that’s missing are the zodiac signs.~L
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His idea that the many are one and the one are many has been misunderstood?  Then may our task be to unite those rascals!~L

“Healing is not a science, but the intuitive art of wooing nature.”~yoginidoc.com

Polarity therapy was developed by Dr. Randolph Stone, (1890-1981) an osteopath and naturopath of his day, who spent his life striving to combine the ancient Hermetic understandings of medicine and Eastern medicine with western ideas. The art of polarity includes techniques we recognize by the names of reflexology, acupuncture, Aryuveda, yoga & craniosacral balancing. However, it is a body of work that defies the description of these practices. Its simple approach being the energetic balancing principle.

Belief that the alignment of the bodies: spiritual, mental, emotional & physical, lead to a wellness of being and a joyousness of life.  Understanding and tuning into the Long Tide of the Body.

The fundamental concepts of Polarity Therapy are:

  • Everything is made of energy
  • Energy has to move
  • Energy is never lost, it is simply transformed
  • Suggested reading: The Kybalion by the Three Initiates ~yogapolarity.com.
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Image result for virgo images
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Image result for a woman and two fishes images
The Principle of Polarity
Just as the Earth and Sun have north and south magnetic poles, so do our bodies. In fact everything that stands upright on the planet has a positive charge on top, and a negative charge at the base. For us, the top is said to be ‘positive’relative to the bottom, the right ‘positive’ relative to the left, and the front ‘positive’ in relation to the back.
When the positive and negative poles of magnets are put together, there is an attractive current between them. Similarly, polarity energy is directed magnetically along its lines of force to align and establish the vital polarities of the body.~yoginidoc.com
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Image result for earth and water elements
Image result for earth and water elements
Image result for earth and water elements

Full Moon in Virgo ♍Feb 22, 2016

The Sun and Moon in total opposition between Pisces and Virgo: the axis of service, infinity vs. finitude, dreams vs. reality, expansion vs. contraction – Pisces flows and spreads, Virgo tightens.  Pisces receives messages from metaphysical guides and inner voices – these she honors as truth. The Full Moon in Virgo grabs us by the shoulders as if to say: pay equal attention to the voices of the external world!  Pisces seeks reassurance in the richness behind closed eyes, but Virgo finds this outside the Self, particularly in work.
THE SUN IS IN PISCES.  Two Fishes. The Pisces cycle aims to achieve by one of two (or both) means: blossoming to new heights of awareness, accompanied by a constant feeling of ecstasy; or silently and masterfully identifying the internal struggles that make us feel the weakest and most vulnerable and then, using these, breaking us down so completely that we have no option but to turn to something greater than the Self, something majestic and omniscient.
Swim towards change and endings at full speed, knowing that whatever happens now is designed with something inconceivable in mind. Listen for the voice that whispers, you’ll see.
Be on guard against two equally powerful temptations: getting lost in the boundless mind (Pisces) or becoming totally consumed by trivialities (Virgo). Both Pisces and Virgo have a habit of getting stuck. For Pisces, this often manifests as an emotional rollercoaster of guilt, denial, indecision. Virgo spins in ever tightening circles of anxiety, attempting to control immediate surroundings to regain calm. Virgo’s shadow is ruthless practicality, whereas Pisces is prone to brooding, passive aggression and irrationality.
Mantra:  I see everything.~astroyogalove.com
(Two fishes=Pisces, One woman=Virgo, the moon and the sun in opposition . . . yeah we better get some polarity therapy on.  I swear I don’t massage this stuff.  It emerges this way.  As above so below, yo.~L)
Thursday at noon, Saturday at 10:45am.  Plan to balance the fight or flight response from the medulla oblongata to the belly by way of the paired vagus nerve.  Should be fun, soothing and balancing.
Love Abides,

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