“Connect now – to anything – in preparation for metamorphosis.”~Ren Tvedten

Although comet P/2016 BA14 should be very dim because it will be far from the Sun, advanced amateurs may capture the celestial visitor. This illustration shows the position of the comet shortly after sunset on March 22,2016. Illustration by Eddie Irizarry using Stellarium.

“Because it’ll be far from the sun, comet P/2016 BA14 will likely be very dim. But advanced amateur astronomers might still capture the celestial visitor. This illustration shows the position of the comet shortly after sunset on March 22, 2016. Illustration by Eddie Irizarry using Stellarium.
A pair of comets showing very similar orbits are approaching Earth. While both will pass at a safe distance, one of them will have a record-breakingly close flyby. Comet 252P/LINEAR 12 was already known to be passing by Earth on March 21, 2016 at a distance of 3,290,000 miles (5.3 million km). This is about 14 times the Earth-Moon distance, and, taken by itself, sets no record.
But recently astronomers learned that this comet has company. On January 22, 2016, the Pan-STARRS observatory in Hawaii detected an object with a similar orbit that was preliminary designated as asteroid 2016 BA14. Further observations showed a cometary tail, suggesting the object is a comet and not an asteroid. Did comet 252P split in two? We may find out soon.”

Moon, Jupiter closest on February 23

2016-february-23-moon-and-jupiterAll of the above was Earthsky.org
“There has been so much going on in the charts lately (especially the 2 different stelliums) but there is also this wild planet configuration called a “Yod” that also has tremendous power too…
Image result for week of Feb 22 2016 stelliums and yod
Image result for week of Feb 22 2016 stelliums and yod
Image result for week of Feb 22 2016 stelliums and yod
In this overall chart, we have Jupiter in Virgo connected to Mars in Scorpio… And both of these are connected to Uranus in Aries… In astrology, Yod energy is the kind that steps in to bring relief and movement to stalemated or stalled situations… They tend to be very beneficial in the long term picture, but when they are in effect their actions tend to be unexpected and erratic… This is especially true in this case where Uranus is the focus planet.

You will see this planet energy in effect when you witness others acting on impulse or frustration… It’s my opinion that this is a configuration that is there to set elements of fate & destiny into motion… It’s like giving the needle on an old record player a push when the record is stuck… Sheeshka, I must be getting old because I just realized that many of you guys reading this may have never used a record player before… hehe…

Above and beyond all that… This week’s chart is loaded with spiritual significance… The kind that tries to reveal information that will help us to better understand what is going on around us and how we can thrive regardless of what we encounter… The energy tends to be rather up-beat but is very practical at the same time.”~weeklyhoroscope.com

RADICAL, AUTHENTIC SELF-EMBODIMENT: Lessons from the Finger of Fate (Yod) involving Mars, North Node, Jupiter and Vesta-conjunct-Eris

Radical Self Embodiment
“Authenticity. Truth. Awareness. Being. These are our contemporary spiritual buzzwords – and for good reason – as that same message beams to us from the skies, coded in astrological alignments.
Virgo Moon at a 6 degree orb – but the opposition is more a call to balance the Virgo-Pisces axis, rather than to move into Pisces completely.
Virgo is of course the Priestess or Earthly Facilitator. Her role is that of a sacred vessel that channels the energies of spirit whilst being able to discern
what’s what with full use of her mental and logical faculties. That role of the micro-managing organizer who puts every detail into place isn’t something to be overlooked or glossed over, it is in fact, her strength. What makes her able to serve in this material reality. Her critical faculties remain sharp in the face of the beautiful illusions and harsh truths that Piscean waters beckon her to channel and intuit.
And that is what i´m missing from the discourse right now – and generally speaking, from the larger ethos of ‘New Age’ spirituality. The role of the critical, analytical mind is often downplayed for fear that it limits our abilities to accept, surrender and ‘Be One’. The latter sounds more like a recipe for brainwashing, rather than spiritual awakening. If Oneness requires the lack of intellect, perspective and critical agency … it sounds like a strange place to be. (Which is why I think this is more a fear-based human narrative, rather than any Universal requirement)
In short –
  • Stay grounded, do the little things that support your work, and keep your mental faculties honed.
  • Pay attention to the voice of the Inner Critic as she just might have something valuable to tell you.
  • Yes, you´re bringing in the Divine Waters of Spirit into your Sacred Being, but not everything that looks or claims or pretends to be Divine necessarily is.
  • Use discernment, even if others project upon it as being ´condemning´ or ´judgemental´. 
That´s their issue, not yours.” ~http://bairaveebalasubramaniam.com
Supernova SN 1987A, one of the brightest stellar explosions since the invention of the telescope more than 400 years ago, is no stranger to the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. The observatory has been on the frontline of studies into this brilliant dying star since its launch in 1990, three years after the supernova exploded.  Image via spacetelescope.org
Supernova SN 1987A, one of the brightest stellar explosions since the invention of the telescope more than 400 years ago. This is a Hubble Space Telescope image. The Space Telescope has been observing this object since its launch in 1990, three years after the supernova exploded.  Image via spacetelescope.org
“Now is the time to seek out deep medicine for wounds surrounding the Father / Patriarch, the deep lack of faith or distrust of Spirit (particularly if one has suffered profound wounds), the idea that one is ´alone´ in the Cosmos (linked to the former) and generally, with issues surrounding the victim-abuser dynamic.
That alone tells me it was a whopper of Full Moon for many. Bear in mind that some will be unusually sensitive to these dynamics, whereas others, on different journeys, will have a different experience of the same. It´s hard to pinpoint what the experience will be like at the individual level, particuarly with detail-blurring Pisces involved.”~Bairavee Balasubramaniam The Sky Priestess
(Really respecting and appreciating Dr. Balasubramaniam’s insight here.  She points to the death of Hercules at the hand of Nessus, the sexual predator who kills the hero, as a cringeworthy and under-appreciated factor in the full moon.  As the story has major “trigger potential” I will not elaborate.  Suffice to say the full moon was conjunct the asteroid named for the symbolic abuser and murderer from myth.  Check out the Sky Priestess.  Fascinating.~L)
Maureen Allen in Yankeetown, Florida caught the zodiacal light (l) and Milky Way on February 5, 2016.  Thank you, Maureen!
Maureen Allen in Yankeetown, Florida caught the zodiacal light (l) and Milky Way on February 5, 2016. Thank you, Maureen!
Bottom line: From the Northern Hemisphere, on a moonless night, try to find the elusive zodiacal light. It looks like a hazy pyramid of light extending up from the place where the sun went down. Meanwhile, in the Southern Hemisphere now, the zodiacal light is best before dawn.
Michael Beckwith describes our journey beautifully:

“I attune my energies with my intention to drop habits that distract me from my spiritual practice. I declare that I am prepared in consciousness to shape shift, to transform, and to purify my motives and reduce them to one: self-realization. The universe supports me in my aspiration, and I express my gratitude by remaining true to my intention.”

May that be so for all of us throughout the year ahead. ~winterfeastfeastforthesoul.com
Image result for zodiacal anatomy
Image result for zodiacal anatomy

“Old pains may play themselves out in new situations, so here’s a pro tip for dealing: there’s a huge difference between a trigger and a trauma. The former is a reminder of something awful but isn’t necessarily that bad on it’s own. Don’t treat your triggers like traumas this week.” ~lovelanyadoo.com

Image result for zodiacal anatomy pices

Mastering the Zodiac uses the actual size and location of the constellations in the sky – known as true sidereal astrology. You may have noticed that almost everything on YouTube and online uses western tropical astrology. This is the most popular system in the westernized world, particularly the United States and Europe. However, it does not use the real position of the constellations. Instead, it is based on a fixed astrological map of the stars as they were during approx. 285 AD. Tropical astrology was intended to match the stars with the vernal equinox. However, the stars are slowly changing location relative to the Earth, so today there is a variance of 24 degrees (almost a full zodiac sign) between the tropical system and the actual constellations in the sky.
Sidereal astrology has not yet received widespread popularity in the Western world. It has, however, always been used by ancient cultures such as the Egyptians, Persians, Vedics, and Mayans. We feel this is the most accurate form of astrology because it is grounded in what you can actually see taking place in the sky. For example, while tropical astrology might say that someone’s Sun Sign is in Leo, if you looked to the sky at the time of their birth you would see that the Sun was in fact in the constellation Cancer. We believe in maintaining the link between ourselves and the natural world by viewing the stars as they truly are. (Find out your true sidereal signs here).~masteringthezodiac.com

Sun in Pisces ☼ Feb 19 – Mar 19

“If any spiritual/emotional work has been left undone, Pisces will not reveal her light in full splendor. When the ice beneath you begins to crack and drift, allow yourself to fall straight into the glacial melt – salvation awaits you in the frozen grit!
When I visualize the fishes chasing tails in the holy waters of eternity, I am simply inspired. Pisces puts us in a trance. She evokes vivid reveries, total surrender to the power of art and divine recognition of the human mind’s capacity for expanded consciousness. Flexible spine twisting in the river current, Pisces embodies many dimensions at once, lost in bliss, wave after wave of creative insight pouring forth.
Imbalanced Pisces makes us too susceptible, energetic membrane thinning to nonexistence. The challenge is to maintain our sensitivity as we rise with dignity from titanic depths, trident piercing the sky. The purpose of this cycle is to address the proverbial death of all things. Pisces wants us to get comfortable with intangibles: infinityimmortalitysubconsciousnesstranscendentalism.
Pisces lives on the spur of every precious moment, disconnected from time and space. So we must find a balance: yes, live in the present, utterly consumed by the beauty of the Divine in all things, and yes, also make sure you’ve covered the finer details and prepared to live another day. Pisces swims freely in the waters of forever. Just remember to walk along the jeweled shoreline once in awhile to ground yourself.
The Pisces cycle aims to achieve the same end by one of two (or both) means: blossoming to new heights of awareness, accompanied by a constant feeling of ecstasy; or silently and masterfully identifying the internal struggles that make us feel the weakest and most vulnerable and then, using these, breaking us down so completely that we have no option but to turn to something greater than the Self, something majestic and omniscient. Day-to-day concerns often get left in the dust when it comes to this kind of self-work.
Notice that the nature of pain and suffering is in constant flux. Life continues inexorably and relentlessly like water flows downstream. This is all part of something bigger. Have patience, even when there appears to be no method to the madness. The progress you make will only be obvious at the end, as everything happens now internally, tucked away from normal sensory perception.
Flow anywhere you like, in the direction of all things beautiful. Unleash what lives in the privacy of the heart and mind. Birth your silent intensity into a world of noise and color.
Pisces is the tidal wave that destroys everything that no longer serves us; the rocking and splitting of the earth as she crumbles into light; the high pitch of impending implosion. We’re about to get wrapped up in the mighty arms of the soul’s inner ocean, safe, shielded by a diaphanous cocoon of lucid reality.
We’ve never had any control, only the illusion of such. Connect now – to anything – in preparation for metamorphosis. It’s time to remember where we’ve come from and why we’re here. Extraordinary passion and vision radiates a certain luminosity that requires no explanation, like one long delicious dream.
Pisces negative aspectsspiritual crisis, depression, addiction, artist block, grief, nightmares. Positive aspects: relaxation, tranquility, insight, interconnectedness and healthy emotional release. 
Mantra:  All is One
Welcome to AstroYoga!
My name is Ren Tvedten, 200-Hour certified instructor through Be the Love Registered Yoga School in Petoskey, MI and certified Reiki practitioner. My services include private and group yoga sessions (with or without astrological elements), Reiki energy healing and astrological readings. I currently teach yoga classes at Inner Harmony yoga studio in downtown Missoula, Montana.~astroyogalove.com  Just had to.  She is ossim.  Whenever I hear people speak disparagingly about the younger generations, I know they don’t know anyone like Ren.  We are LUCKY.~L
From PAT LILES from The Power Path.com:
“Here, it’s an invitation to surrender limiting Virgo daily habits, mental loops, and criticizing judgments, and let Pisces’ gifts of imagination, intuition and relationship to the great mysterious, feminine void flow through you and reorient your perspective.”~mysticmamma.com
From MOLLY HALL from Astrology.About.com:
“Virgo and Pisces are signs of devotion and magic, all along the spectrum from the worldly to the otherworldly.
“What’s outstanding here is that at 4 degrees, the luminaries are intoxicated — and enchanted — by Neptune (in Pisces).  Neptune relates to the imagination, and to the phenomenon of breaking through our own frames of perception to something beyond.
 “The dreams of Neptune, or our own authentic eternal selves, have to make it past the gatekeepers within (beliefs).~mysticmamma.com
“Which strikes to the nervous system cause you to escape from being present? This can be a time of clearing, simplifying and purifying.
“You become the Virginwhole-unto-herself (or himself), able to take in new experiences, and be changed by them.”
© Copyright 2016 ~MOLLY HALL All Rights Reserved

 LENA STEVENS, from The Power Path.com: 
Be flexible and resilient and incorporate whatever is new into your plan instead of resisting it. Chances are it will only enhance and motivate something wonderful. 
“We are still not able to ‘see around the corner’ so much of the month requires trust that everything is moving in the right direction.
“Who are you? This is the big question this month. You have an opportunity to explore yourself in new ways and commit to choosing what is important to you regardless of what others may think.
“Perhaps the most important committed choices will be around the relationship with yourself. What committed choices will you make this month to better take care of yourself, to improve yourself in some way, to honor yourself, to support yourself, to heal yourself, and to love yourself?
“The physical body needs a regular discipline this month. There is a lot of energy that has been log-jammed from last month’s retrograde cycle and it needs to be expressed.© Copyright 2015 ~Lena Stevens All Rights Reserved~mysticmamma.com

 Water: (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) exhibit benevolence. For the astrological moon signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces emotional expression becomes a must. Their sign makes them want to take care and be taken care of. Their free expression of emotions becomes extremely important. While those in the moon sign of Scorpio can hold resentment for a lifetime if their emotions are not released, Pisces has a caring and tenderness and helps other people in need. They unconditionally come to the aid of the sick and the unfortunate just as they would for one of their own family, and most often ask nothing in return. Water represents the Moksa Houses. These are houses of the mind, feelings, and perceptions and are the most subtle, deep, and hidden houses.  Want to know more?

*When the moon is WANING, this is when it is shrinking after a full moon, it is time to do empowerment work in diminishing, decreasing and dissipating. This is a time to complete old projects and let go of strategies and situations that aren’t working. This is an important time for reversing circumstances, releasing old ways of thinking, removing unwanted negative energies, along with addictions, illness, or oppressive belief systems.


March 8 – Jupiter at Opposition. The giant planet will be at its closest approach to Earth and its face will be fully illuminated by the Sun. It will be brighter than any other time of the year and will be visible all night long. This is the best time to view and photograph Jupiter and its moons.
March 9 – Total Solar Eclipse. A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon completely blocks the Sun, revealing the Sun’s beautiful outer atmosphere known as the corona. The path of totality will only be visible in parts of central Indonesia and the Pacific Ocean. A partial eclipse will be visible in most parts of northern Australia and southeast Asia.

Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon comes between the sun and the earth. This blocks the light of the sun from the earth. A solar eclipse emphasizes new beginnings as they occur on the new moon. They may have a way of changing perspective. They can help you do things you never thought you could do. Learn more about an eclipse in our dreams and the power of change.
Pisces Tea – No caffeine. Provides important vitamins and minerals. Increase blood flow, circulation, and oxygenation. Decreases fatigue and depression by stimulating the nervous system. For issues associated with the feet, toes, lymphatic system, adipose tissue. Roasted Chicory Root, Roasted Dandelion Root, Guarana Root. 

~peacefulmind.com  “Get ready for PISCES!!!!  Yikes!  The ride is about to get wilder. Let’s see if we can do it with no hands!  Yes, that’s right, trust ourselves, trust the ride, and let go of fear.  However, that does not mean let go of discrimination….. let’s remember that there is a wide variety of rides in this amusement park and we do still have CHOICE.  No victims here, just humans doing what humans do, which is perfect in its imperfection. 
However, the good news is that great successes can be had and goals achieved with this kind of selfless serving and tremendous effort.It’s the purification of desire.  “This is the best expression of me NOW.”DO THINGS THAT MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF.  BECAUSE THE LONGING IS INTENSE.

May I know the source of what,
Appears within my mind,
And only act upon that which,
My heart and soul align.”
Let’s not forget that the Soul, which goes from lifetime to lifetime, is not really as attached to anything as much as the ego is.  W

e are creating messes unconsciously, but hey, that’s how we learn!



Kaypacha Pele Report tom@newparadigmastrology.com 
(To paraphrase Richard Bach, “What a caterpillar (ego) calls the end of the world, the Master (Soul) calls a butterfly.”~L)
  Inline image
Image result for soren kierkegaard quotes
Image result for soren kierkegaard quotes
Image result for soren kierkegaard quotes
Image result for soren kierkegaard quotes

Image result for soren kierkegaard quotes

Inline image

Inline image

Image result for soren kierkegaard quotes

  I have no idea what an Alpha Groom is.  Maybe a waxing procedure?~L I want to bring your attention to Soren Kierkegaard as a thinker and also as a person who is going to help us through this Virgo~Pisces axis (you notice I chose not to call it a crisis).  This both/and thinking that I have been advocating is really nothing new.  It was Vedic before it was the Buddhist Middle Way

(PaliMajjhimāpaṭipadāSanskritMadhyamāpratipad[1][a]Tibetanདབུ་མའི་ལམ། UmélamVietnameseTrung đạoThaiมัชฌิมาปฏิปทา

and that’s as far as we can now track it academically.  The idea of complementary opposites is even older still, in my estimation, because it is biological.The lymph system (governed astrologically by Pisces) is a both/and system.  It encounters pathogens and responds to them in a way that allows for both pathogen and health simultaneously.  The lymphatic system is going to meet that pathogen again and after first contact it has a protocol.  While the pathogen is denied a host, it is not attacked out in the environment.  Only when it crosses the barrier into the body is it fought against.  Enlightened, no?This is the same process in both/and consciousness, however, it used to be considered most prudent to create the middle path by MODERATION.  Balance was sought by limitation, bias and extremism; hence all the monks (not a viable biological model).  Kierkegaard (and I argue, biological systems) seem to have EXPANSION as their method.  The idea is to hold both extremes (in the biological example–disease and health) in the integrated wholeness of NON-IDENTIFICATION, or hold space for both while being neither.  This could be seen as the call to growth, not limitation.  Not termination.  Violation of the 2nd law of thermodynamics.  Something I have jokingly called “extropy”.  It’ll get you out of bed at 3am.  Get it?  Extra pee?

Image result for soren kierkegaard quotes

Because moderation and limitation are control tactics and by their nature are going to wear me down (see the 2nd law of thermodynamics), I need to see if there is room to evolve beyond them.  If I follow my metaphor of the immune system; then I have to allow exposure to the pathogen in order to reach my potential apex of development.  If I leave it out of my experience, I am stunted.  This leads me to believe that it’s good to feel torn between extremes because to hold both is to be larger than both and in the words of one of my favorite monkeys: “If I allow it to be, it has no control over me.”~Peter Gabriel

Image result for peter gabriel shock the monkey
not sure that’s the actual lyric, but it sure bolsters my argument.
Image result for peter gabriel shock the monkey
just to pull it all together.  With some kind of cat award.
Image result for peter gabriel shock the monkey

SO!  OK!  We are going to do Ren’s suggestions for Pisces yoga to aid the lymphatic system (because it doesn’t have it’s own pump), play with our both /and consciousness and be rather upright, unbiased, centered monkeys on Thursday at noon and Saturday at 10:45am.  We will swing from the trees of both sides of the extremes and ask how we can be, act and think differently if both sides are true.That should be something.  This Virgo~Pisces Axis is with us for a while yet, let’s woo it.Hope to see you,~L

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