A New Moon Solar Eclipse, March 8 6:54pm, Aquarius if you’re Vedic, Pisces if you are tropical

Ms. Moon, if you’re nasty.


Planet: Earth
Diameter: 3,474 km
Date of Discovery: Unknown.
Most Badass Feature: It’s the only extraterrestrial object humans have walked on.~Wired.com

The Sun-Moon conjunction in Pisces is to occur on March 9, 2016 at 1:54 a.m. UTC, but the accompanying total solar eclipse will begin at 23:20 UTC, on March 8 with the maximum point of the eclipse occurring at 02:00 UTC on March 9. Totality will last for 4 mins 09 secs. It will be visible from Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi and from locations in the Pacific ocean. The eclipse will be partial for people in South and East Asia and northern and eastern Australia. (Source: http://www.timeanddate.com/)
“Astrology is a powerful tool that tells us how to navigate the flow of energy within our lives, and as they connect with the wider Cosmos.
Where you go in that flow is up to you, 
What choices you make is up to you, 
What life you lead, again, is up to you.
It’s a roadmap, it doesn’t tell you whether you’ll get there. It shows you the best route you can take. You still need to go on the journey though.”~http://bairaveebalasubramaniam.com
Springtime!  Boing!
“Enter exomoons in the search for life
There are several reasons why exomoons, these little distant worlds, may be the key to finding life elsewhere in the universe.
First, there’s the stark reality that life on Earth may not have happened at all without the starring role played by our own moon.
The Earth’s axis is tilted by 23.5 degrees relative to its motion around the sun. This tilt gives us seasons, and because this tilt is relatively small, seasons on Earth are mild: most places never get impossibly hot or unbearably cold. One thing that has been crucial for life is that this tilt has stayed the same for very long periods: for millions of years, the angle of tilt has varied by only a couple of degrees.
What has kept the Earth so steady? The gravity of our moon.~earthsky.org (Thank you, Moon.  I mean, Ms. Moon.~L)
Moons might contribute to a planet’s habitability. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute
In contrast, Mars only has two tiny moons, which have negligible gravity. Without a stabilizing influence, Mars has gradually tumbled back and forth, its tilt ranging between 0 and 60 degreesover millions of years. Extreme changes in climate have resulted. Any Martian life that ever existed would have found the need to continually adapt very challenging.
Without our moon, the Earth, too, would likely have been subject to chaotic climate conditions, rather than the relative certainty of the seasons that stretches back deep into the fossil record.
The gravity of the moon also produces the Earth’s tides. Billions of years ago, the ebb and flow of the oceans produced an alternating cycle of high and low salt content on ancient rocky shores. This recurring cycle could have enabled the unique chemical processes needed to generate the first DNA-like molecules.~earthsky.org
If you’re looking for life, you’d do well to look for some moons. Image credit:  Maxwell Hamilton/Flickr
This is hardly speculation: Titan (a moon of Saturn) has a thick atmosphere even denser than Earth’s, while underground oceans are thought to exist on Enceladus (another moon of Saturn) and on Europa and Ganymede (both moons of Jupiter). Thus, if there is any other life out there somewhere, it may well not be found on a distant planet, but on a distant moon.~earthsky.org

The universe’s timeline. Image: Alex Mittelmann/wikimedia

The universe’s timeline. Image: Alex Mittelmann/wikimedia
It turns out that because the universe is on average the same everywhere, and on average looks the same in every direction, there does exist a “cosmic time”. To measure it, all we have to do is measure the properties of the cosmic microwave background. Cosmologists have used this to determine the age of the universe; its cosmic age. It turns out that the universe is 13.799 billion years old.  (O-kaaay.~L)
If we look for light that is old enough we can even see the relic radiation from Big Bang – the cosmic microwave background. Realising this was a first step in determining the age of the universe (see below).
But there is a snag, Einstein’s special theory of relativity, shows that time is … relative: the faster you move relative to me, the slower time will pass for you relative to my perception of time. So in our universe of expanding galaxies, spinning stars and swirling planets, experiences of time vary: everything’s past, present and future is relative.
Time had a beginning but whether it will have an end depends on the nature of the dark energy that is causing it to expand at an accelerating rate. The rate of this expansion may eventually tear the universe apart, forcing it to end in a Big Rip; alternatively dark energy may decay, reversing the Big Bang and ending the Universe in a Big Crunch; or the Universe may simply expand forever.”~earthsky.org
(Last week I suggested a new model for healing based on the both/and philosophy we have been adopting in the assimilation of duality.  Even the formation and current state of the Universe seems to support an expanding instead of moderating attitude.  If it is all relative (hmmm?) then it would seem to behoove the organism to allow, allow, allow in order to develop immunity, harmony, protection and enlightened perception.  Develop capacity toward embodying contradiction, complementary opposites and paradox by opening and strengthening. ~L)
“If I allow it to be, it has no control over me.”
~Peter Gabriel

Use the moon to find the planets Mars and Saturn, and the star Antares over the next several days. The green line depicts the ecliptic.

Use the moon to find the planets Mars and Saturn, and the star Antares over the next several days. The green line depicts the ecliptic.~earthsky.org  (With a radius that is approximately 883 times that of the Sun,[3] if placed in the center of our Solar System, Antares’ outer surface would lie between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.~wikipedia.org)

A slab cut from the cube generated by the Illustris simulation. It shows the distribution of dark matter, with a width and height of 350 million light-years and a thickness of 300,000 light-years. Galaxies are found in the small, white, high-density dots. Image credit: Markus Haider / Illustris collaboration

A slab cut from a cube generated by the Illustrious computer simulation of the universe. It shows the distribution of dark matter, with a width and height of 350 million light-years and a thickness of 300,000 light-years. Galaxies are found in the small, white, high-density dots. Image via Markus Haider / Illustrious collaboration. (This is space.  It looks like everything in your body, from the neurons to the blood vessels.  It looks like the distribution of mycelium in the soil, the view of cities at night from the air and the internet.  This image comes from the VIRGO consortium. Virgo Consortium | Home , you gotta go.~L)
“Befriend your confusion. Don’t be fooled by its chaotic appearance ~ confusion is a sign that your soul is in transition. Welcome it as a friend that has come from far away to bring you Home. ~ Jeff Brown
When Mutable signs prevail, there is the sense of the Sun setting on one phase of life, as we anticipate the Sunrise of the next phase of life that is about to unfold. There is a place where we are standing now that feels like a precipice, reflecting on what has been, what could have been, even as things seem to be fading, and falling away. That is where we are now. In the fugue of Pisces, we cannot yet see clearly where we are going, as the variables are still shifting. But in some way we are being asked to let go, and have faith that we won’t be overwhelmed and lose our footing in the process.”~astrologybylauren.com
 (O-kaaay . . .~L).

The same slice of data, this time showing the distribution of normal or baryonic matter. Image credit: Markus Haider / Illustris collaboration

The same slice of data, this time showing the distribution of normal or baryonic matter. Image via Markus Haider / Illustrious collaboration.  (This is the “visible” part.  Above?  THE INVISIBLE!!!~L)
This simulation, one of the most sophisticated ever run, suggests that the black holes at the center of every galaxy are helping to send matter into the loneliest places in the universe. What we want to do now is refine our model, and confirm these initial findings.~Markus Haider~earthsky.com

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Inline image
Image result for geocentric universe vs. heliocentric universe
“Nicolaus Copernicus (Pisces) presented a theory that the earth actually rotated around the Sun… And as time went on, most scientists started accepting this theory as being a fact… But the truth in the room is that it was never actually proven to be true… And in fact, to this day science is still unable to prove whether the Sun rotates around the Earth or the Earth rotates around the Sun.
Imagine if you were a scientist comfortable in your middle age, and were to find out that all the data you presented to the world was in fact wrong… What would you do?… Would you stand on the top of a mountain and shout it out to the world or would you choose to go along and hope nobody noticed it until you were safely “retired”?… hehe… When asked, even Albert “don’t touch my hair” Einstein said he wasn’t really sure if his theories were correct because they were based on other theories.

Don’t get me wrong…(Dammit, Jim.~L) I am an Astrologer and not a Physicist… I do not know one way or another if the Sun rotates around the Earth or the Earth around the Sun… That is not the point… What I am suggesting is that as we go through our lives at this current time, this planet energy asks us to question what we assume to be facts… Could science and politics be leading us in the wrong direction?… Could ancient civilizations known more about the true nature of the universe than we do today?…
As much as Jupiter is there to bring us to new levels of understanding… Saturn in Sagittarius is there to demystify the spiritual side of life… It shows us that thought comes from the mind, feelings from the heart… But Love comes from the soul… This Saturn energy is there to show us how we can all prosper by getting past the illusions and getting ourselves back to the real heart of the matter… Of doing what we do with excellence for no other reason than because we can and because we choose to do so. ~weeklyhoroscope.com (I choose to interpret this as “open and strengthen, rinse, repeat.~L)

The two outer stars in the bowl of the Big Dipper always point to Polaris, the North Star.  Image by EarthSky Facebook friend Abhijit Juvekar.

The two outer stars in the bowl of the Big Dipper always point to Polaris, the North Star. Image by EarthSky Facebook friend Abhijit Juvekar.  (Always working to find out where we are.  Can you find Polaris tonight?~L)
Gear your own thoughts and words towards valuing yourself more. Watch for synchronistic messages to arrive that affirm your worth. This week has the potential to bring a more positive, and hopeful view of yourself. 
The Sun is in Pisces
The Moon travels from Scorpio to Aquarius this week
Mercury enters Pisces on March 5, 2016 at 5:23 am ET
Venus is in Aquarius
Mars enters Sagittarius on March 5, 2016 at 9:29 pm ET
Jupiter is retrograde in Virgo
Saturn is in Sagittarius
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn~symbolicliving.com
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“We begin the week with the Moon in Scorpio, making her way into Sagittarius later in the day Monday. A sense of intensity morphs into a more carefree and bold mindset.  By Thursday, the moon makes her way into Capricorn, bringing a more measured mood. A social weekend is in store as the moon enters Aquarius.
You have the need and the right to spend part (all~L) of your life caring for your Soul. It is not easy. You have to resist the demands of the work-oriented, often defensive, element in your psyche that measures life only in terms of output — how much you produce — not in terms of the quality of your life experiences. To be a soulful person means to go against all the pervasive, prove-yourself values of our culture and instead treasure what is unique and internal and valuable in yourself and your own personal evolution.
The great work of our time is to bring the feminine into this culture. And it is not an easy path. How does each one of us contribute? Believe it or not, it’s done in the most personal ways. Take time to listen to your dreams. Write them down. Take time to recognize that there are things going on within you that need to be felt, or said, or lived, or grieved. Pay attention to these things both in yourself and in the people in your life. Pay attention to the authentic self.”~whispy.com
Inline image
  Startrails!  Are you intrigued by the thought of a geocentric/heliocentric paradox?  I am.~L
“March 1st: Mercury to Aquarius.
 March 7th: Venus to Aquarius.
March 8th: New Moon in Aquarius and Purvabhadrapada Nakshatra. Shivaratri + Total Solar Eclipse.
March 14th: Sun to Pisces.
March 19th: Mercury to its Debilitation sign, Pisces.
March 23rd: Full Moon in Virgo and Uttaraphalguni nakshatra + Penumbral Lunar Eclipse.
Moon Mind

{Feb 29th to March 8th}

This Week’s Intention: Contemplate, go slowly and take intentional pauses.
Move closer to your desires and listen carefully. Do the messages of your mind,
honor the needs of your heart? 

As the Moon darkens, our attention begins to turn inward. Notice the nuances appearing and let your focus be on subtlety. Step gently and with care. Don’t rush or hurry, push or force.

During the waning cycle, creative and imaginal energies shape-shift into new forms. Invite in change through release and letting go. Doors will be opening, yet others will be closing simultaneously. Make this process of opening and closing conscious. Find harmony and balance with this dance of yes and no. In order for greater expansion, you must be willing to set free what is no longer supportive or helpful for your path. Can you be radically honest about  this?”

New Moon Solar Eclipse March 8 – 9

All of the planets will be participating in this eclipse framework.  Consider the Moon as representative of the mind, feelings, emotions and all mental fluctuations.
Each month, we mention the day leading up to the moment of the new Moon as amavasya and suggest that activity be limited in favor of rest and reflection. The energy of the Moon is low during this time of the month, and this can be felt as a lack of energy in the body and mind. With this eclipse cycle looming, this advice is doubled.
Solar eclipses tend to bring out events that can be world-changing, whether the world at large or our own smaller sphere of existance. The Sun, Moon and Ketu will all be in the lunar mansion Purvabhadra, ruled by the planet Jupiter and by the ancient diety Ajaiekapada. The themes that Ajaiekapada carries involve having the energy of two worlds, holding the energy of fire or sun, and being a form of Shiva as one of the Rudras. They symbol of this lunar mansion is a sword. (Yikes.~L)
There is a theme of duality, of spanning two worlds, of destruction vs. sustenance. Whether we witness major world events that cause noticeable outer change or we experience internal shifts that feel like a lightning strike, there may be something that changes our view on the world that comes through this eclipse.~Kerry Shamblin at planetaryinfluence.com


The total Solar eclipse is on 8/9 March at 21º 51 Aquarius and Lunar Eclipse is on 23 March on 9º18 Virgo. Eclipse of the Sun and Moon will usually affect our thinking, self- image and makes us feel insecure and worried. Often it creeps up without being aware. The energy is very disturbed and disruptive; it can bring sudden and long range changes. It is best to keep your life simple around these days.
The Solar eclipse of 8/9 March affects Aquarius who is going through a major transformation. Their ruling planet Saturn is with Mars exchanging signs with Ketu and about to turn retrograde. Plus they are dealing with the eclipse. Life will be different for them, not necessarily in a negative way – just not the same as before. Be ready to embrace these and you will not be disappointed. If you remain stuck in a groove, then it will change so holding on is not so good.
This is the last lunar eclipse in Virgo (23 March). Lunar eclipse will bring immediate impact. Virgo has been experiencing eclipses for the last 18 months – so they may have already moved into a different phase. This is revealing the last few secrets of where they are heading. Most of us will feel the changed vibrations of the lunar eclipse, so it is best not to make major decision around the eclipse times (so be sure to tell your major decisions about this!  As if.~L).~Komilla Sutton at Komilla.com
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Image result for sensitivity
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Image result for sensitivity funny
“Since this New Moon in Pisces is also combined with the potency of a Total Solar Eclipse, there may be super-energized ultra sensitivity being experienced during this time.
Solar Eclipse in astrology symbolizes at its potential, super charged new beginnings with clarity (Solar light or conscious awareness) highlighting relevant theme which is focused on Pisces this time. It is important to be in touch with feelings, Spirituality, peace, compassion and the ethereal. Surrender is a big theme. Surrender the guilt. Surrender the resentment. Surrender that which holds love at bay. Solar Eclipses are nothing to fear. It best to refrain from being superstitious during this time. In fact, I would suggest they are a wonderful symbolism to remind us how to shed ignorance and expand conscious awareness. There is more to life than the illusions that are cast out in the world.
Suggestion for Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Pisces Intention:
“I AM a conscious Being full of love and compassion”
“I AM moving with gentleness and grace”
“I AM the formless and form combined”
The New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Pisces brings forth a beautiful message. It is one that reminds each to know yourself as a non-physical Spiritual Being living upon the Earth experiencing a variety of things. It offers the reminder to forgive and move forward with compassion and grace. Life upon the Earth is changing like the tides in the Ocean, an ebb and flow. There are new opportunities arising to deepen faith and commitment to the bigger picture of your life. The New Moon in Pisces suggests embody and be the qualities.”~Dipali Desai at celestialspace.wordpress.com
Image result for Aquarius and Pisces
Image result for Aquarius and Pisces
On a worldwide scale, the whole total eclipse from start to finish lasts for over three and one-third hours, yet at any point on the Earth’s surface, the maximum duration for the total eclipse is just over four minutes. The black dot on the animation to the right shows the path of totality whereas the larger gray circle depicts where a partial solar eclipse is visible.
The best spots to watch this total solar eclipse from land are the various islands in Indonesia, which reside on the path of totality. ~earthsky.org
 Notice the motion of the eclipse, how it starts so small and then spreads out.  We shall be practicing this kind of slow opening and strengthening retraction in our ongoing exploration of the unity of opposites on Thursday at noon and Saturday at 10:45 am.~L

When the new moon closely aligns with one of its nodes, the moon's dark umbral shadow falls on Earth, presenting a total eclipse of the sun.

When the new moon closely aligns with one of its nodes, the moon’s dark umbral shadow falls on Earth, presenting a total eclipse of the sun. ~earthsky.org
Ascertaining the positions of the Moon’s nodes, Rahu (North node) and Ketu (South node), arose from the need to predict eclipses. During a New Moon or Full Moon, if either of the nodes is near the Sun and the Moon, an eclipse occurs. Therefore, the central theme of both nodes is the principle of eclipsing.
An eclipse is a momentous event, a major omen, respected from the earliest times as representing a change in the wind, a time of great transition. In the context of Vedic astrology, eclipsing carries the meanings of obscuring, negating, diminishing, paralyzing, and blinding, as well as emphasizing, distorting, amplifying, and exaggerating.  (Pleasant.  It was hard to find much enthusiasm around this celestial line-up.  I find that intriguing.~L)
Let’s don’t forget the very first meaning of the new Moon that is a new approach or a fresh start. Therefore, let’s use this new Moon in Pisces accompanied by a total solar eclipse in order to accept what has been either dirty or unhealthy in the past and then to start a new path based on what really inspires us and guides us towards fulfillment as spiritual beings and physical beings.


Horoscope & astrological analyses by Iulia Trandafir

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Image result for suspense funny
Image result for suspense funny
Image result for suspense funny

Pisces New Moon Eclipse and SuperMoon

Pisces Solar Eclipse and SuperMoonThere is a total Solar Eclipse in Pisces on March 8-9. This is the only total eclipse of the year. It is also a SuperMoon. This means that the Moon is closest to the Earth. And, in direct alignment with the Sun and the Earth at the time of New Moon. This makes the New Moon intense and powerful. It will have a greater impact on the tides and the tectonic plates. It will be affecting you. Eclipses block the rays of the Sun. Get ready for a reset. You are graduating. This is so you can go to a higher vibration. (O-kaaay . . .~L) You can merge with your Higher Self. This is a deeply spiritual Moon.  Meditate. Slow down. Breathe. Get away from the electronics. Be in nature. Be one with Source.~kelleyrosano.com (Kelley is consistently upbeat and optimistic, even her stuff is a little scary right now.  Let’s see what happens and try to be open.~L)
Image result for suspense funny
Image result for suspense funny
Image result for suspense funny meme
Image result for suspense funny meme

Image result for suspense funny meme

  I wish there were more jokes this go, but it looks like maybe we have to work to keep this balance, forward momentum and sense of opening wonder.  I’ll be there tomorrow and Saturday, hope to see you.

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