Be like water. Tempest, rage, cast shadows in caves, but formless lie. March Equinox.

March Equinox in Helena, Montana, USA is on
Saturday, March 19, 2016 at 10:30 PM
In Judaism Passover comes around the time of the Spring Equinox.
Egyptians built the Great Sphinx so that it pointed directly toward the rising Sun on the day of the vernal equinox.
In China they celebrate Chunfen.
In Central America the Ancient Maya Caracol Tower and Temples of the Sun and Moon also have alignments that coincide with the sun’s position on the Vernal Equinox.
The monoliths at Stonehenge, mark the position of the rising sun on the Vernal Equinox.
The Feast of Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary is held on MAR-25, on the nominal date of the spring equinox, according to the old Julian calendar.
Longhcrew Carin T is a passage tomb which is designed so that the light from the rising sun on the spring and summer equinoxes penetrates a long corridor and illuminates a backstone, which is decorated with astronomical symbols.
 Persephone, a daughter of Demeter, descended into the Otherworld and returned near the time of the spring equinox.
Wiccans may celebrate Lady Day on the evening before, or at sunrise on the morning of the solstice/equinox, or at the exact time of vernal equinox.
There are countless stone structures created by Native Americans still standing. One was called Calendar One by its modern-day finder.  Solstices and equinoxes are marked upon it and many others.  America’s Stonehenge contains five standing stones and one fallen stone in a linear alignment which point to both the sunrise and sunset at the spring and fall equinoxes.

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Planetary News March 2016 

from Komilla Sutton

Eclipses and Saturn turns Retrograde

March is not an easy month. Solar eclipse on 9 March and Lunar eclipse on 23 March – both can bring mixed energy with them. Then Saturn turns retrograde on 24 March. Jupiter and Rahu continue together in Leo while Mars Saturn remain together in Scorpio. Saturn is also exchanging signs with Ketu. Together it creates an interesting mix which needs planning and patience to navigate.
 Do not be in a hurry to finish – working slowly but surely towards a goal is for the best and be philosophical about any obstacles that may arrive in your path.
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Moon Mind

{March 14th to 20th}

This Week’s Intention: Strengthen inner resources. Move what needs to be moved. Release pain, struggle and grief. Find your inner ground and stand firmly.
March 23rd: Full Moon in Virgo and Uttaraphalguni nakshatra + Penumbral Lunar Eclipse and Holi
                                             Image result for the return of the light
                                                     sundogs.  real photo.  the light.~L
 The Vernal Equinox for the Northern Hemisphere is upon us Saturday as the Sun enters Aries and an independent spirit abounds. Love and compassion for others comes with ease (thank gaud or imana do harm!!~L) as Venus conjuncts
well, I didn’t know.  how did the damn seed find out when I wasn’t notified?!  Also, I will be this pale, with a charming tinge of green, by June. ~L

“We currently see the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune all gathered together in Pisces. This is a significant arrangement and should be viewed philosophically (stop saying that!~L), especially since Pisces is the sign of the philosopher and the spiritualist. This theme is further amplified by the presence of Venus who is exalted there and Neptune, who rules this sign. We should remember that planetary alignments such as these are rare and the recurrence of such a collection is rare. Planets will return to certain degrees within the zodiac over the course of time, but not in the combination presented today.”~Chris Flisher at

                                                       Image result for vernal equinox symbol

Image result for vernal equinox symbol

                                                          Image result for vernal equinox symbol
“The Pisces energy is there to show us the “way things can be”… (not as they currently are)… So this kind of transit can cause us some problems because at times we will be seeing the illusions rather than true practicality… (jupiter in virgo and saturn in sagittarius)…”


Earliest spring since 1896! The 2016 vernal or spring (or fall) equinox comes on March 20 at 4:30 UTC (March 19 at 11:30 p.m. CDT).

That just mystifies me, the earliest spring, the warmest year in memory . . .~L

“This week holds the waxing Moon after the Solar Eclipse of last week. The Moon grows into its next full phase, where it will be in a Lunar Eclipse. This round of eclipses indicates an intense time of change and decision for many people. These 2 weeks between the two eclipses are particularly decisive. Either we make choices about where to put focus and what path to take, or life makes these decisions for us.
These couple of weeks are for Spring cleaning, both literally in our living environments and figuratively in our own psyches.
The rational mind and group awareness (Mercury in Pisces) becomes aware of how healing and service may expand and do more (Jupiter in Virgo) to bring positive transformation to the rules and structures of society and culture (Pluto in Capricorn). This alignment may be seen as an opportunity for deep healing for individuals, families, nations, humanity, and the Earth. Jump on this bandwagon.”~David Zunker at
                                                            Image result for the return of the light
It has often been said
that deals begun between two eclipses
could easily fall apart.
We are now between two eclipses,
so make sure you craft proposals carefully
and proceed with caution
on new opportunities
and relationships that spring up.
We have to keep on living, however.
The positive effects
of this past eclipse
have awakened a lot of people
to their goofball behavior
and their attraction to goofball pursuits
and actual human goofballs
who have no trouble taking
but big problems giving.
So for now bye-bye narcissists.
Right now aiming toward
living a more balanced,sane,
down-to-earth, practical,
and ultimately fulfilling
and consciously evolved existence
doesn’t seem quite so boring after
                                            Image result for balance
“This is not a battle. It is a lesson. Now we see what happens when men rule alone, when men alone decide to wage war, dictate politics, control the economy and every other minute detail of society. Now we see. So I ask you humbly to share your power evenly with women – to open the corpus callosum which so rigidly divides the brain. Release the ego. Step into a new era where all humans work together and inform one another.
ZenREN”  (This post is so raw, I do hope you’ll hear her out, she wrote it riding the train in India, a young woman alone traveling the world.  I admire her a lot.  She’s got moxie.~L)
                                         Image result for balance
So, Ren hits on what I was trying to convey in last weeks classes–it’s narcissism and victimhood, empaths and the unaccountable all over the chart this week. (Of course, it takes Ren’s input to help me crystalize my thought).  Here is a second swipe at it:
                                               Inline image
Despite how it looks from our perspective, (we are told– roll with it) that the Earth is the object moving.  The sun and the moon appear to be in motion against the background of the constellations.
I can see both perspectives: the larger and the smaller, by changing my “aperture” or my mind.   I can choose to adopt an ego-based perspective (me, here on Earth, in Helena, USA) when it serves me best and I can choose to see my planet, hurtling through the cosmos to gaud knows where if I want.  Both are “me” from different points of view.  I can see myself as the pinnacle of evolution or just another in a long line extending backward (and forward?)  “Camera 1, camera 2”, in any and all contexts.  Most clearly illustrated to me when I try to “be positive” in crappy situations.  I can usually see the bright side, I just can’t inhabit the bright side with out some time and discipline.


Image: Grand star-forming region R136 in NGC 2070 (captured by the Hubble Space Telescope).jpg –  By NASA, ESA, F. Paresce (INAF-IASF, Bologna, Italy), R. O’Connell (University of Virginia, Charlottesville), and the Wide Field Camera 3 Science Oversight Committee [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Lunar or solar?  Ego or Cosmic? Angel or monkey?  Human or god?  SELF OR OTHER?  Yin or Yang?  Male or Female?  A new relation is born if we pair those opposites (because without dark, no light and on and on).  A both/and is emerging and it is causing us to grow in capacity and push our boundaries to accommodate it.  Take the “or” out of all the paired opposites in the first sentence of this paragraph.  Moonsun, Cosmicego, angelmonkey, selfother.  Because between the concepts, the ideals and the ideologies, there’s you and me.  Taking it all in, moving it all on.  All those contraries have one thing in common: you and me.  We are the lens through which they are seen, through which they are born into matter.
“The eye by which I see God is the same eye by which God sees me.”~Meister Eckhart
                                             Image result for strange pairs of opposites
                                                  Calmsuprised.  It takes 2 to bromance.
                                                          Image result for strange pairs of opposites
                                                           Image result for strange pairs of opposites
                                                     Image result for strange pairs of opposites
                                                           There are typos in there.
Image result for 1+1=3 synergy

thanks, Meg.

Perspective.  Sometimes IT IS all about me: my energetic output controls what is going on around me and what I see.  BUT SOMETIMES IT IS NOT.  Other times it is someone else’s turn, some unknown vibe, something emergent.  Tricky waters to navigate, but I am discovering, with your kind help and indulgence, that if I don’t panic there is a middle way.  I can watch the energy, choose when to engage and when to recede and FEEL my way to holding BOTH perspectives in turn.  Mundane and sacred. Mundane in the sacred.  Sacred in the mundane.  Sacred in the world.  Cosmic in me.  Loving my limits, loving my expansion, loving the array of planets and people and the wondrous variety.  Hoping, somehow to be equal to the task of uniting spirit and matter, because all it might take is one instance and . . .
                                                      Image result for opposites united
                                                        Image result for opposites united 

Image result for 1+1=3 if you don't use a condom

                                             Inline image
                                                   Inline image
                                                   Image result for opposites united
“…if you realize that the eventual human goal is to transcend the world of relativity to play in a realm of freedom, then plodding along attached to a theory is unfortunate. When the individual is able to enter a world in which the two aspects of yin and yang return to their original unity, the mission of these two symbols comes to an end.” ~Masanobu Fukuoka
                                               Image result for balance
Able to take this longer view: we are, right now, ending 6,500 years of patriarchy/monoculture/ego inflation (Trump IS a perfect symbol of the American shadow).  We are ending 2000 years of PISCES/innate vulnerability/emotional overload (Hillary, let me help you outta that pantsuit/email server)!  It’s disorienting!  It’s confusing!  It makes you stop what promised to be a productive morning and write a rant when it might be better to just shut it!
As weird as it looks, it is a return to original unity: “power over” ending, “shared power” beginning.  That’s why, I think, it feels so weird.  The human history we know has no blueprint for this.  (The Iroquois Confederacy and other Indigenous civilizations notwithstanding.)  Not globally, not in our cultural memory.
(Patriarchy is not just men and victimhood is not just women, but then you know that.  Those are concepts and ideals that screw all of us.  On a lighter note: what if political office was assigned like jury duty?  Both/and!  Think of the money we could reappropriate!  Just a thought.)
                                                   Image result for the end of patriarchy
                                        Image result for the end of patriarchy

Image result for the end of patriarchy

“It seems to me that the educational model prevailing today grew out of the early industrial age and is largely oriented toward an implicit curriculum of teaching people to respect their superiors, keep quiet and be patient with repetitive tasks (that’s really patriarchy~L). But what we need more and more urgently is education that stimulates the development of individuals — not just physical and intellectual but emotional and also spiritual.”(so the sensitive can get a break~L)~ Claudio Naranjo
                                       Inline imageooh!  Imana try that excuse!

Inline image Watch it, Yoda.

I should list all the many layers of astrological cycle that support this yoga, this yoking, this union.  That might be making a simple thing too complex.  The sun and moon and Earth: three things.  Also can be seen as one thing.  Narcissism and victimhood are two sides of one way of being, the extreme edges (sun and moon) on the path to sovereignty (earth).  
                                   Image result for emergent properties examples
There are benefits to finding middle ground between egocentrism and being oppressed.  Feels crappy to look at all that accumulated excess that we produced–exaggerating the gap–to figure this out, but it’s built up from living LIFE!  It’s SACRED DIRT!!  It’s EARTH!!  It’s becoming more clear, through the hyperbole.  It means we are doing it.  Doing the holy work of living life.  Spirit in matter, yo.  We are the third thing, the emergent property.
                                                              Image result for sun and moon in balance
Image result for sun and moon in balance

Inline image

Many people have been taught to suppress emotion or to project it outward (in blame) on others or on life’s experience rather than to embrace it and own it as their own (depression literally means to push down~L). Once the body learns the reverse process, the way to move through a healing crisis properly, it becomes a natural way of life. The healing crisis can occur rapidly or over a longer period depending on our personal cycles.  E-motion (pain) is the resistance to the motion (the movement) of experience through our bodies. To become a light body is to release our resistance to the experience of life. When we have no more resistance, we super-conduct consciousness and illuminate. To illuminate is to embrace the totality that we already
                        The Lunar Phases by Nick Anthony Fiorenza  
The progressing lunar cycles and their changing eight lunar phases is a natural and dependable time piece of spiraling creative expression. Participating and acting in time with the changing lunar phases can enhance your creative process, synchronize your mind and body, teach you how to breathe with your emotions and to live in the power of the present, and help you to become more productive and follow through with your plans and ideals. Most of all, it can drastically reduce stress that is so prominent when living in our modern-day mechanized and synthetic world that is out of touch with our natural biological rhythms. Simply download the Lunar Planner Introduction and each month’s Lunar Calendar to learn how. It is free and simple. (it is also a little loopy and space bunny.  I like it.~L)
                                                     Inline image

                                                                      Inline image
                                                          Inline image
“I know many of you are moving through grief consciously or unconsciously, and struggling to use it as a resource for awakening. The reality is that everyone has a grief story- whether it’s acute, whether it’s familial, ancestral or simply the accumulation of life losses.  
Even in the discomfort, try to remind yourself that there is choice. Choice in your response. Choice in your actions. Choice in how you choose to move forward with your one precious life.
Do you show up fully or turn your back on emotions, stories, messages, pains and struggles? How do you honor your grief with consciousness? 
In the coming weeks, the eclipse portal will be amplifying your inner shadow. I encourage you to lean in, listen and notice.”
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bal·anceImage result for sun and moon in balance
  1. Image result for sun and moon in balance

    Image result for sun and moon in balance

    Evidently, Oscar, Anubis can.  So we better get on it.  Back to the mat.
    Rough week.  By way of balance, I am assured that the astrological weather is about to support less shadow and more light.  I figure it has to happen because I have completely given up.  Again!
    To embody the contradiction this week, I will endeavor to find fun, challenging new balance poses and make the time playful and funny.
    So as the moon grows heavier, we have a balance challenge.  Let’s see if we can laugh about it.  Noon tomorrow (Thursday) and 10:45am Saturday,  about 12 hours before the Solstice.
    Sometimes the most you can do is show up.  Then let the thing we have built together take over.  Let the third thing emerge. (Thanks, Deb.)
    I hope that makes sense. Yeesh!

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