SIMPLE, RESTING CALM and CAUTIOUS FLEXIBILITY. Let’s practice it. 27 April 2016

In adult life, the Moon can represent the emotional face we show to the public and our sensitivity to that. Prince’s Moon, at the underside of his horoscope, would also indicate that he was a very private and emotionally intense individual, despite his public flamboyance.

The Crab Nebula is the result of a supernova – the death of a massive star. It was first chronicled in 1054AD and is one of the most studied objects in the sky, “truly making it a cosmic icon“, Nasa said.

The purple colour is the result of the filters in the telescopes, the actual nebula looks like this:

The Crab Nebula (catalogue designations M1, NGC 1952, Taurus A) is a supernova remnant and pulsar wind nebula in the constellation of Taurus.  One of the many nebular components (or anomalies) of the Crab is a helium-rich torus which is visible as an east-west band crossing the pulsar region.  As yet, there has been no plausible explanation put forth for the structure of the torus.[35]  (I’m telling you, you can’t fabricate these coincidences.~L)
The Crab Nebula seen in radioinfraredvisible lightultravioletX-rays, and gamma-rays.  (Soon we will be able to see what it looks like with gravity waves?!?  Are you getting the sense that “REAL”, PHYSICAL, BANG-ON-IT-WITH-A HAMMER “reality” might not exist?  Think I am blowing metaphysical sunshine up your epistemological skirt?  It is VERY important to any enterprise that we agree on the starting point and our own science is based upon being able to “recreate initial conditions”.  So far the examination of nature has only shown us our ignorance.  That is good news.  It opens the realm of possibility.  I think a little more open hearted latitude is called for.  A little less Hadron collider a little more make sure everyone has food (sit down Monsanto, I wasn’t talking to you). ~L

 “Retrograde planets are also there to bring us opportunities that were intended for us that we either missed or ignored… So they can function as if we are being given a second chance too.

So… This week we have:
Mercury: (communication & transportation)…
Pluto: (transformation)…
Saturn: (long term growth)…
Mars: (energy and action)…
Jupiter: (learning and justice)…

Princes’ Chart and Saturn Returns...
They happen when you are around 28 years old… And again, when you are around 58 years old…

It’s not just the Saturn Return…

There is also a very powerful T-Square with Jupiter (over-indulgence) opposing Neptune (illusions and drugs) in conflict with Saturn (long term direction and prosperity)… It’s a very good reminder for all of us to re-examine the pressure and stress we are under and what we can do to “vent” that negative energy.”
0(+> I am conscious.  I am love. <+)0

         The last quarter moon is also called the third quarter moon. Contrast the illuminated sides of the first quarter and third quarter moons to see that the greater area of dark maria covers the third quarter moon. Image via NASA/Bill Dunford.

The last quarter moon is also called the third quarter moon. Contrast the illuminated sides of the first quarter and third quarter moons to see that the greater area of dark maria covers the third quarter moon. Image via NASA/Bill Dunford.

The last quarter moon is slightly less bright than the first quarter moon. That’s because illuminated side of the last quarter moon is more covered over by maria – low lying plains of hardened volcanic basalt. The dark maria reflect sunlight less effectively than do the lighter-colored lunar highlands.  The terminator – shadow line dividing the lunar day and night – shows you line of sunset on the waning moon. It’s along the terminator that you have your best views of the lunar terrain through binoculars or the telescope.  The moon won’t rise over your eastern horizon till late tonight, likely after midnight. Given clear skies, you should easily see the moon in the morning sky, even after sunrise, on April 30.

Look for the moon at or near its last quarter phase on the morning of April 30. (it falls in the sign of Aquarius.~L)

         Moonrise on April 23, 2016 by Scott Kuhn.

Rise of the April, 2016, full moon by Scott Kuhn of Chatsworth, Georgia.

This weekend’s full moon was the farthest full moon, and the smallest full moon of 2016. We’ve heard it called the micro-moon or mini-moon. Scott Kuhn captured this shot of the moon, and posted it to EarthSky Facebook.

Thanks, Scott!

This full moon came less than one day after reaching lunar apogee, the moon’s farthest point in its monthly orbit. It lay some 30 thousand miles (50 thousand km) farther from Earth than 2016’s closest full moon – a supermoon – due on November 14.

Read more about 2016’s smallest full

Mercury Ret

“Moon Mind Calendar

{April 25th to May 1st}

This Week’s Intention: Part of you is ready to awaken, the other part of you is resisting. Part of you is moving forward, while the rest of you is moving in reverse. Where are you in conflict with opening and closing? Seek to unite these opposing forces within. 

The week begins with a debilitated Moon sandwiched in between retrograde Saturn and Mars. This puts pressure on the emotional body and stirs conflicting feelings. Look for these conflict zones within your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.
Unify polarities. 
Heal inner conflicts.
Increase your power and clarity.”
 “the Waning Moon Cycle
{April 21st to May 6th}
The significance of this waning cycle is a strange mix of beginnings and returns. The pull, the desire for something new will be strong, yet with four of the nine planets retrograde (six counting the nodes), returns and retracing your steps will be forced and obligatory. Your job is to find all those places within you that are resisting and refusing your inner growth

This is the path of yoga, union, and includes the integration of masculine and feminine polarities.”


Sun, Mercury and Venus in earthy Taurus

Quotes and picture from

Taking time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective. ~ Doe Zantamata

All creatures, all plants and flowers, all living things can continuously exist, grow and multiply without needing a dime.”
(This is such an important TRUTH, but one that we drown out EVERY day with what we perceive as the necessities of modern life.  Money is a CONCEPT, an intellectual construct inserted between me and the natural world which is abundant, complex and holds my REAL lessons.  If I give all my effort away to man-made systems of control, then is it any wonder I will have to spend so much time correcting myself?  Furthermore, how much does giving myself over to a CONFLICTED idea like money make me ill?  Can I flip the set on my longest held ideas about the nature of my reality? Just sayin’. ~L)

Maybe every once in a while we can take a break from doing everything faster and quicker to reflect on who we are and where we are going. ~ Joe Plumeri

a pair of spiral galaxies merging

“If you allow fear to dominate your thinking, then you’ll be so seduced by it’s logic you might not even realize you’re slipping under it’s spell. Listen to the wisdom of your worries without falling for their feelings of scarcity.” (Did you experience the scarcity or was the fear of it acquired?~L)

Julie Wilder at

  • It helps to remember that when we have this many retrograde planets, the world may appear or feel crazier than usual. Key word is “erratic” as retrogrades do not follow the traditional path, but that can be a good thing in terms of developing deeper insight and differing points of view to help us create new and innovative solutions to problems.
  • Keep in mind that we might be prone to changing our minds several times during these intense retrograde cycles, so this requires added caution and flexibilityin decision making processes.

When Mercury Retrogrades
Retrain all your thoughts,
they are endless reincarnations,
reawaken, realign to divine reverberations,
recommit to recombine all your studies and realizations,
recompute and reconcile remedy your tribulations,
reapprove, reunify and restore all your relations,
refortify and re-engage reinduce your aspirations,
reforest and recharge the deserts of imagination,
re-execute re-explore and re-enlist your revelations,
refocus and reforge retrofit your affirmations,
re-plan and redraw reaffirm your destinations,
reacquire, reconsign recover all your validations,
replenish, and relight reconfirm visualisations,
reword, rewind and resist old temptations,
rejoice, redistill and recite invocations,
redesign to revive and renew your cultivation,
to replant the garden of your dreams
                                                 M31 Adromeda Galaxy (now defunct~L)

“This week brings the second of six challenging aspects between Saturn and Pluto.  The last will occur in Nov. 2019.  The effects of this aspect have been in the air for over a year already.  This pair, as all planets, has both positive and negative sides.  On the bright side we have work which is both hard and transforming.  On the dark side, we see those who have claimed demigod status and are mean, even vicious, to all others.  On the personal level, it requires that you work really hard to hold onto your personal power in the face of circumstances that are not at all conducive to your use of it.  Be creative.  When this is over, the winners will be those who have adapted and honed their solutions to a fine science.  Those with a little bit of power are likely to exploit it well beyond what it is worth.”

Twists and Turns

The breakdown to the breakthrough of Mercury going retro is bringing the unconscious to consciousness in Taurus.   THE MATERIAL aspects of your life including but not limited to: personal perspective, talents and soul-skills, personal assets, personal possessions and what YOU PERSONALLY VALUE all come up for retrofit.  Can I value my spiritual talents and cash in on them, too?Is getting personally rich helping us gain a better planet?  Does the planet/spirit/cosmic perspective factor into your future material plans?  Are the stubborn aspects of my life since July 2015: the “zombie” persona released?  Can I accept and RECEIVE that is WAS NOT a raw deal I got, IT WAS A COURSE CORRECTION TOWARD HARMONY?  CAN I LIE BACK AND RECEIVE, ALLOW and GET OUT OF THE WAY?  CAN I TRUST SPIRITUAL BEAUTY?  Where do I find faith?  Can I accept a magical, gorgeous life and esteem myself enough to allow what seems impossible?  Can I receive what is offered graciously?  Am I ready to leave the depleted, spiritual starvation behind?  Am I ready to move beyond my pain addiction and into a SACRED RELATION TO MY LIFE?~L

“In Hindu astrologyVakri grahas are those planets of the Solar System other than the Sun and the Moon that appear to move backwards, which apparent motion is due to earth’s orbit. Vakri in Sanskrit means twisted or crooked; it also means indirect, evasive and ambiguous. A Vakri graha is also known as the Saktha graha. Vakragati confers exceptional strength (i.e. Cheshtabala –-A planet’s cheshta bala is the strength which is obtained by the virtue of its movement. ), to Vakra grahas whose strong influence is expressed by the manner they affect the Natal Chart and by their transits. The two Lunar Nodes have perpetual retrograde motion.”

Vakra Asana in Yoga twists the body from back to front. Usually these asana are done to strengthen the spine and make them flexible. The potential of the retrograde planets is to be flexible, to twist things around, to make them unclear, to teach messages in an indirect way, to view life in a different way to others. By doing it correctly they can strengthen themselves and become adaptable, original, innovative and different. On the negative side they can be twisted thinkers, crooked and dishonest. The individual can deal with the quality of their retrograde planets in a positive manner or can use their potential in a totally negative way. The essence is there to do good or bad in the planet but it is up to the individual to use this in the right way.”
Do I love this? Yes, I do.  It is the Vedic, Cosmic Prime Directive.~L
Cosmic Spiral
“I feel intuitively that this quarter moon will be a culmination and a beginning and a checkpoint all at the same time. We’re on the road to find out, as Cat Stevens would say. My best advice is to stay flexible and free from thoughts that say this is how it will be. The place we inhabit may be well-worn and familiar, but there is always something new, something unforeseen, something sparkling just below the horizon. Keep yourself occupied, chin up, life is good.
Protect the throat chakra: There are some simple things you can do to protect yourself energetically from harmful outside influences. The throat chakra is a portal of communication, the link between thoughts and speech. For those who are particularly sensitive, this chakra may easily become depleted without proper care. One option is to wear a scarf if you’re not already in the habit. Alternatively, place your fingers gently over your lips if you are in a situation where you have to listen to something unpleasant. This may be done in conversation or when traveling through a crowded space, for example. Visualize a bubble of bright turquoise light enveloping the throat. You may also enjoy keeping the ears covered with a hat or headband. Experiment and find something that works for you.”
“You’re not a salmon, don’t fight this current.  You can use this new direction best if you rest and let it in.  If you push over the next 2 months and act like you know (ego), you will exhaust yourself.  Respect the higher purpose of time to reconsider course correction and gain a different perspective that will make ALL THE DIFFERENCE.  Allow the adjustment to occur.  there is a broader perspective waiting for you at the end of these retrogrades.  We have expanded a lot, it’s time to honor the retraction.”
~ paraphrased from Mama Maga of

Twisty yoga and simple calm,
Thursday noon, Saturday 10:45am.
Love abides,
PS.  The blog (still under construction) is here

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