New Month, New Trust, New Moon May 6 at 12:30pm

 MAY 2016


    And Taurus represents your opportunity
    to be grateful for the body you have.
    Value it, revel in it, (trust it ~L) and treat it as a priceless gift
    you have been allowed to live in.
    Above all you are supposed to enjoy it.
    So even if right now
    you’re stuck, squeezed and can’t
    move a muscle either way,
    when Taurus comes into play,
    it comes with joy and stability.”

    Halley’s Comet, the parent of the May Eta Aquarid and October Orionid meteor showers. Image Credit: NASAblueshift. Dust from this comet will streak the nighttime as Eta Aquarid meteors on the mornings of May 5 and 6.  (look SE before dawn~L)

    The most important thing that is occurring in the entire Cosmos right now is that tiny flame of trust and freedom, starting to breathe and grow inside you.  Inside you!  I hope you feel it, then you FEED that Motherflower! ~L 

    “The big themes for this Taurus New Moon are love, abundance, nurturing and compassion.

    You’ll feel much lighter with this lunation – it’s one of the most peaceful, happy and blessed moons of 2016!”

    “New Moon Wisdom – The New Moon in Taurus is all about identifying and adhering to your values. When you do, you feel not only happy, but totally comfortable in your skin. Many of the things you worry about never come to be, so why not give up worrying all together?  The only limits on your success are the ones you accept. ” ~Katt Hall of

    “The new cycle begins at 12:29 P.D.T.on Friday, with Sun, Moon, and Venus all in Bharani nakshatra, which falls in the middle of sidereal Aries.  Bharani is also known as the “star of restraint,” due to Yama’s influence. “The bearer” is both the one who creates and nurtures, and the one who endures or bears hardships. Lord Yama relates to death as well as to spiritual discipline, which we often choose to undertake when the awareness of our ultimate death dawns in our consciousness. This is an excellent time to adopt and endure some self-discipline aimed at self-purification, as part of the process of nurturing your goals and creations.”

    File:"The May Queen" de Margaret Macdonald (Glasgow) (3803689322).jpg

    The May Queen from the Ladies’ Luncheon Room Ingram Street Tea Rooms, 1900 par Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh.

    ‘If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.’

    – Albert Einstein, genius, Pisces.

    “Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going too fast ~ you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.” ~ Eddie Cantor

    “This is gentle Taurus season. A sign of Venus. And Venus enters her own domain of Taurus. This is an extra reminder to slow down. Seek peace, serenity, beauty and kindness. On May 9th, Jupiter, which has been retrograde since January, will finally station direct again. Jupiter always stations when it is trine the Sun. This is an ‘aspect’ that is often accompanied by a surge of hope and anticipation for the future, as a vision begins to unfold. Just in time for the New Moon on May 6th. This is like the clarion call for our most beneficent one, at last returning from the doldrums of stagnation. In anticipation of the upcoming precession…”

    Photo credit: Lynton BrownPhoto credit: Lynton Brown

    Image via Atmospheric Optics

    Image via Atmospheric Optics


    “Innate trust is based on the understanding that if you live mindfully moment-to-moment and have the intention to act according to your values even in difficult or confusing situations, your life will unfold in the most harmonious manner possible.  With innate trust you have the strength to stay with the experiences of your life whether or not you have a strong feeling of transactional trust.  You have confidence in the “beingness” of your existence, even when the “doingness” of your existence is not going well.” – See more at:


    “You are perfect, you are extraordinary and all the wisdom of the universe already exists within you.
    “Until you can accept that both light and dark are the language of God, that both rest and action, tension and harmony encompass all of life, then extending love and compassion to yourself and to everyone (regardless of judgment), may not make sense.”~Tania Gabrielle
    • In the middle of Mercury’s retrograde cycle this tiny planet will be creating a rare planetary Eclipse as it transits over the Sun on May 9– right in the mid-degrees of Taurus.  (Same day Jupiter goes direct.  True story.~L)
    • Five retrogrades at once implores you to seek out your greatest re-source – the source that exists within YOU.  (You are STILL not a salmon, yo.~L)

      So stay in the flow. Be a willing receiver. Most of us feel more comfortable giving. Receiving is now on the agenda. As you listen, reflect and assimilate, observe in wonder as life clears out unnecessary resistance.

      This Mercury Retrograde – joining Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Mars – is such an extraordinary opportunity to REFLECT and TRUST.”~Tania Gabrielle

      (3 months to learn trust.~L)


      ” We see a tossing aside of struggle for ideology in favour of what is practical, comforting, and nurturing. The big world is intruding into your life with developments that make you upset? Then try dropping the attachment to dogma and outworn belief systems.”

      ~David Zunker of

      “Deja vu...
      (having the strong sensation that an event or experience you are currently experiencing has already been experienced or happened to you in the past.)…

      Jamais vu
      (involves a sense of eeriness and having the impression of seeing the situation for the first time, despite rationally knowing that you have definitely been in the same situation before.)…

      These are factors that astrologers often fail to mention when dealing with retrogrades… It happens because we are caught between the mental and emotional energies as well as the natural and spiritual energies too… It has a way of blurring the past, present and future all into one… It’s no wonder why it can seem like people do some very goofy things during these transits.”

      ~Daniel Dowd of

      “The May 6th New Moon in Taurus is part of a Grand Earth Trine. Pluto Rx in Capricorn, Jupiter Rx and the North Node in Virgo all collaborate with this Moon to solidify or increase what you need and want.  More value for your money/emotional investment, or an enhanced awareness of your self-worth. The harmony of the Grand Trine means uninhibited flow: events that are meant to develop will fall into place.  

      Don’t force what’s not happening naturally.   

      Note that this Moon directly involves 4 out of 5 retrograde planets. Whether you’re focusing on what you’re worth, or what someone is (or isn’t) giving you, it’s about pausing, going back and digging deeper. Also – patience. Slowing down means a more thorough, thoughtful approach. If you try to rush something, you’ll hit a wall and miss all the benefits of the current climate.

      Delays, second thoughts, a change of opinion/plans, a reconnection or repeat question will work in your favor.”~Nadia Gilchrist of

      (“slow down” is not the answer for everyone, if your energy is high, don’t sit on it–USE IT DELIBERATELY, carefully, mindfully.~L)

      “A key time to work on clarification and identification of our most intense goals and working to define them, find the edges, feel the creases. There is an intuitive edge that cannot be missed here and a great time for giving back to the self–pure self focus here can work magic, get into your “me” zone.”

      ~Dawn Exton at

      Look for the Blue Moon to pair up with Mars on the sky's dome on May 21. The green line depicts the ecliptic - Earth's orbital plane projected onto the dome of sky.

      “Look for the Blue Moon to pair up with Mars on the sky’s dome on May 21. The green line depicts the ecliptic – Earth’s orbital plane projected onto the dome of sky.  What’s really cool is that you can use the brilliant planet Mars as you guide “star” to the planet Saturn and the star Antares for months to come”

      “Bottom line: In May, 2016, Jupiter is the brightest starlike object up when the sun goes down. Mercury, the innermost planet, tranists the sun on May 9. Earth swings between Mars and the sun on May 22, giving us our best view of the planet in about two years! Saturn and the bright star Antares make a triangle with Mars on the sky’s dome. Venus is behind the sun.”

      Vince Babkirk - aka Mr. Hat - submitted this photo to EarthSky. He wrote:

      View larger. | Vince Babkirk – aka Mister Hat – submitted this photo to EarthSky. He wrote: “Got an early start this morning (May 4, 2016) for the Eta Aquarid meteor shower viewing. It still isn’t peak viewing time but the skies were clear and it was worth a try. I decided to try and catch one near the Milky Way , Mars, and Saturn. Hopefully, the next couple of nights will be clear and there will be more meteors, but I was happy to capture this one.” Thanks, Vince!

      2016 Meteorshowers

      May 5-6, 2016 Eta Aquarids

      July 28-29, 2016 Delta Aquarids

      August 11-12, 2016 Perseids

      October 7, 2016 Draconids

      October 20-21, 2016 Orionids

      November 4-5, 2016 South Taurids

      November 11-12, 2016 North Taurids

      November 16-17, 2016 Leonids

      December 13-14, 2016 Gemini’s

       “Mars’ opposition on May 22

      Earth flies between Mars and sun on May 22, bringing it closer than Mars has been in over a decade.

      View larger. | Halo around the moon with Mars, Antares and Saturn sheltering inside it, Photo by Stephen Marceau in Eastern Australia, March 2, 2016.View larger. | Stephen Marceau in Eastern Australia caught Mars, Saturn and the star Antares inside a lunar halo on March 2, 2016.”

      “Self-trust means we have the confidence necessary to follow through and pursue things that feel right…  self-trust is the most intimate way of expressing your trust in God and the universe. You are not a separate creation, remember, and you did not create yourself. Trusting yourself, therefore, is actually trusting in the intelligence of the Creator who made you. It is your personal demonstration of your trust in the universe and Infinite Mind, and your confidence will be well reinforced because of your ever-increasing sensitivity. This basic self-trust is the foundation of all yoga and the prevailing quality of those who have learned to be their own best teachers.”  

      ~Eric Schiffman

      “I am learning to trust that I know what’s best for me, even when I do not know what to do. I am even learning to be OK with the real chance of me getting it wrong.  With FIVE planets retrograde we have a short window of opportunity to go deep and examine where we may lack trust in our own lives. Wherever that is for you, be open to the possibility that it is a lack of self-trust, and not circumstance. Be open to the possibility that your Soul knows how best to proceed with all that is true and go with it, just trust.”

      Someone whose work I regularly read and admired for years passed on today.~L

      “Astronomers measure the sky and all objects within it. Astrologers read meaning into those measurements. Astronomy is a science. Astrology is a belief system.  Astronomers don’t need astrologers but astrologers would be helpless without astronomers.

      Now we’re clear that I am an astrologer, not an astronomer, let us turn to why the ‘new’ giant gas planet at the most remote extreme of our solar system could (eventually) herald the end of money as we currently know it, a time when the whole human race revels in unprecedented prosperity – and the emergence of a more loving, trusting society! “
      ~Jonathan Cainer 1957-2016~
      Thank you, Jonathan Cainer, for years of insight.
      Like Prince, he left a vault of work.  But also a son, Oliver, who will carry the torch.
      Moon Mind Calendar

      {May 2nd to 8th}

      This Week’s Intention: Keep moving towards your soft, silent center. Notice the whispers of your soul and allow this inner wisdom to move you into being. Honor the closings and openings present. Say yes to forward movement by aligning with right-action.    

      “When we stop looking, the natural state, which is love, seeps through.”
      ~The Heart Yoga Sutra, by Mark Whitwell
      “What would it be like to experience your body as a wise teacher? In a culture where we have become accustomed to looking outside of ourselves for answers, this kind of questioning asks for a deep level of trust in Self. As we practice yoga we begin to develop a sense of trust in ourselves and our feelings. We begin to trust in our own inner authority even if we make mistakes and we realize that we don’t always have to look outside ourselves for guidance.”

      ~Dr. Melissa West of Namaste Yoga

      (This guy knows it.~L)
      dogs 4
      “You identify the values with which you want to experience life, then when a challenging situation arises, you apply those values through the practice of intention. In doing so, you are trusting life, trusting yourself, and trusting in trust.”
                           “New Moon in Bharani Nakshatra, The Womb Star
      Sun and Moon will join with Venus and retrograde Mercury in Aries to begin this new Moon cycle on Friday. Aries’ ruler, Mars, is also retrograde, and joined with a retrograde Saturn in Scorpio, the 8th house of death and transformation from Aries. Retrograde Jupiter, joined with the irrational Rahu, aspects the planetary cluster in Aries, from Leo (ruled by a currently very powerful, exalted Sun).
      This adds up to a whole lot of passion and intensity, all swirling around Bharani nakshatra, the womb star. Bharani is a star of life and death, whose symbol is the womb and whose deity is Yama, lord of death. With all of the other planets in the chart somehow influencing this new Moon alignment, this will be a very powerful lunar cycle for allowing the death and rebirth of energetic patterns in our lives.”
      “Take this opportunity to reconnect to the core of who you are and what you desire.  This is the time to recharge your batteries with the most powerful of creative life forces – the shakti of Bharani.” 
      dogs sancutary A sprawling dog sanctuary in Costa Rica that is home to over 900 pups, just waiting for their pawrents to adopt them. Territorio de Zaguates or “The Land of Strays” is a no-kill, free-range dog shelter where dogs run and play all day, and by night they are given shelter and love from volunteers. (Check ’em out.  They aren’t fighting, they ain’t even mad.~L)

      Five planets retrograde, four in Taurus.  Grand earth trine (cosmic equilateral triangle): Venus, Sun, Moon and retro Mercury in Taurus on side 1, Pluto in Capricorn on side 2, and Jupiter about to go direct on side 3.  Jupiter direct and Mercury occults (transits) the Sun on May 9.  So, the usual cosmic dog-pile of adversity and epiphany, trumpets and bells.

      The moon is doing her part for renewal and the Seeding theme lasts through to Friday.  The “work” before any new moon is to celebrate the seeds before they sprout.  It’s the “Great Rite” if you are picking up what I’m laying down.  The only way to have a REALLY good time is if you can trust yourself and the field of possibility.

I don’t know about you, but I might need a bit of a trust touch-up.  We’ll do that Thursday at noon.
The Sprouting phase of the New Moon will then start and we can express our new self trust on Saturdayat 10:45am.  Saturday’s class will most likely be held in the downstairs studio.

It was me, I let the dogs out.




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