Crescent to First Quarter Moon – Growing to Flower

“This is the last full week of the Taurus solar cycle. Taurus energies suggest taking the scenic route in life this month, with a much slower pace, indulging in creature comforts and rest and healing.” ~  by KK Ledford, Wild Moon Wisdom Astrology

“As silent and inward as this new Moon time is, it’s also a radically fierce cycle ahead.”
“The new Moon in the fierce star, Bharani nakshatra, invites in Yama’s strength and killing, butchering nature. He’s the ultimate karma yogi and will decide everyone’s fate based on the actions of this life time. Called the “Lord of Death” and Dharmaraja, King of Dharma, he weighs and measures your karmas- to decide what direction you go in the afterlife. He requires restraint and simplicity, while also honoring vulnerability and strength simultaneously.
Bharani reminds us that death and life are one and the same, that unity, presence, and ultimately, simplicity, are the path of Yoga. It’s vital that both parts of your being are honored equally. Far too often the death process is resisted, neglected or avoided. Having an intimate relationship with your grief, the emotional body’s response to the process of release, is essential- in order to hold life more fully.” 


Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. ~ Rachel Carson 
“In the wake of this New Moon in Taurus, reassess your current goals and priorities, your assets, security and finances, and seek to sow intentions that will ground you, make you more secure, and show you where you might most productively and successfully focus your precious time, resources and energy. In this way you are preparing this fertile ground, so that the seeds that you truly wish to flourish, will take
Watch the transit of Mercury online via Virtual Telescope project.

“This event only happens 13 times in a century (the next two times will happen in 2019 and 2032), and begins at 7 am EDT. This planetary eclipse will last all day.

And later Jupiter stations direct at 13° in Virgo, bringing four months of retrograde to a close.

And with Pluto in Capricorn, the final of three Earth signs, the powerful Grand Trine that was activated during the May 6 New Moon is being reinforced once again.

Due to all the retrogrades and changes of direction, this fortunate Grand Trine is being activated all month long!

Ask yourself, what lights you up with joy and fills you with love?

You’ll experience mental breakthroughs and crystal clear, multi-dimensional communication.

You are re-connecting with Source.

Absorb the miraculous energy and communicate your message without fear, without any resistance.

With four planets still retrograde your decisions and AHA moments will take a few weeks to a couple months to assimilate and turn into tangible results… so be patient

Trust ALL is WELL!

Love and Blessings,

~Tania Gabrielle of

While the moon is still a thin crescent, use the dazzling planet Jupiter to locate the constellation Leo. An imaginary line from Jupiter through the bright star Regulus will enable you to locate the Beehive star cluster in the constellation Cancer. Binoculars transform this wispy cloud-like smudge of light into a sparkling array of stars.“While the moon is still a thin crescent, use the dazzling planet Jupiter to locate the constellation Leo. An imaginary line from Jupiter through the bright star Regulus will enable you to locate the Beehive star cluster in the constellation Cancer. Binoculars transform this wispy cloud-like smudge of light into a sparkling array of stars.”

Watch for the waxing moon to move eastward in front of the constellation Leo the Lion for several days. The green line depicts the ecliptic - the sun's yearly path, and the moon's monthly path, in front of the constellations of the Zodiac. Read more.Tonight – May 13, 2016 – and for the next few evenings, as soon as darkness falls, look outside for the moon. On May 13, the moon is at or near its first quarter phase. The nearby point of light will be Regulus, brightest star in the constellation Leo the Lion.

The unlit portion of a waxing moon always points in its direction of travel – eastward – in front of the backdrop stars. As Earth spins beneath the sky, though, the moon, stars and planets the stars go westward throughout the night. But over a period of days, you can notice that the moon is actually traveling eastward relative to the constellations of the Zodiac.  That eastward motion of the moon is a reflection of the moon’s true motion in orbit around Earth.
As a result of the moon’s eastward (orbital) motion, the moon will move somewhat closer to the star Regulus and the planet Jupiter by this same time tomorrow evening (May 11). It’ll finally meet up with the star Regulus on March 13 and the planet Jupiter on May 14.

Look for the Blue Moon to pair up with Mars on the sky's dome on May 21. The green line depicts the ecliptic - Earth's orbital plane projected onto the dome of sky.

Can’t find Mars? Watch for the Blue Moon to pair up with it on the sky’s dome around May 20-22. The green line depicts the ecliptic – sun’s path across our


Jonathan wrote: ‘For this exciting event (Mercury’s eclipse of the sun~L), Mercury is retrograde, which usually presents barriers in the way of communication. But when transiting the Sun, the nature of this conjunction can herald a period of introspection, a moment to reflect internally and a chance to commune with our deepest ideas. Now is the time when you can make an important connection with your most fundamental self.‘

Image result for sprout to flower

“When we combine these two events (Mercury eclipse and Jupiter direct~L) we may literally finally “see the light.” This appears to be a moment in time when the truth surfaces.  The handwriting may be on the wall for all to see. No longer will empty rhetoric and promises of easy solutions satisfy us. This combined cosmic event will provide a literal spotlight on the false promises and empty platitudes given to date.” or

“When you look at the solar system from an Astronomical View (rather than the usual astrological one) you can see how we have Mars (Retro), Earth, Moon, Mercury (Retro), Sun and Venus all aligned in a straight directional line… This energy takes place on the Sagittarius/Taurus axis and it indicate that both a Spiritual as well as Financial “correction” will take place in the near future.
 In a way, you could say this is the universe’s way of making sure each of us is aligned with our own personal fate & destiny… You will notice that things tend to happen in more of an automatic kind of way… Most of us will feel a fresh blast of personal relief… There’ll still be a lot of chaos and confusion to deal with, but deep underneath it all there’ll be a fresh calmness from the knowing that it’s all part of a larger plan. “
~daniel “nostradamus” dowd of
“Venus and Mercury connect in harmony with Jupiter on Tuesday and Wednesday. A greater sense of blessings is with us, especially when we’re being present and working on the things that matter to us. Write down your best ideas. Though they may seem solid, forgetfulness is possible so keep your notepad or note taking app close by.

Mercury and Venus meet in Taurus on Friday. The need to be more attuned to your values is heightened. Knowing that you want better, and deserve better, doesn’t mean you know how to manifest what you want. You’re asked to bring a level of faith and trust with you on the ride. A passive response can work to your advantage, allowing more information to show up.

This also speaks to finances and work. A rethink on how you’re manifesting the finances you need is likely. Your work process is directly related to the results. If you’re working on a business plan, focus on your values and your mission as your foundation.

Venus also connects with Pluto in Capricorn on Friday. A change of heart can change your goals. It’s your heart and your gut that has dominance in helping you to set yourself up for success this week.

 Living in harmony with our bodies, with nature, and understanding our interconnection as part of the whole cosmos gives rise to blessings. In terms of romance, it is less talk and more instinctual passion that is most magnetic this week.” 

“After ample time to evaluate, a decision is now becoming more firm. You simply needed to find a balance between your needs, your values and your overall life path. Some of the implications may not thrill you. But, they are absolutely necessary. Jupiter stations this week and then moves direct. The meaning is clear, the motion will follow!”
~Michael Reed of
Such amazing transits and, as usual, they lead back to the mat, the yoking of spirit and matter, the yoga.  Jupiter has been described (by Michael Reed–see above) as the spiritual minister of the royal court of the Vedic zodiac, advising the king and queen (sun and moon) about what is needed for happiness.  Ultimately, Reed argues, meaning yields happiness and Jupiter, “the great benefic” delivers the goods.  When in retrograde (since January) the meaning was internal.  Now that Jupiter is direct, that internal meaning MUST expand outward accordingly.
Venus in Taurus, Reed says, is the material minster of the royal court. It yields wise, discriminatory choices in the mundane world when so placed in the sky.  Jupiter and Venus are planetary opposites in this way and at this time.  Spirit (Jupiter) and matter (Venus) emerge once again as the planetary theme.  Difficult truths and burning purification have become common experience as we gather ourselves and shuck the meaningless dogma and so-called “realities” that no longer serve forward progress.
The labor pains of transformation persist as we let go of one thing to gain another and make the adjustments and integrations that deploy meaning in our lives.  Mars, Saturn and Mercury continue their retrograde in each other’s parts of the sky (or nakshatras) and in the royal court Saturn is the servant, to Mars’ right relation warrior code and Mercury’s thinking evaluation.
The extractions and expirations of weeding the garden take time and space.  The human body is the portal through which all of these dualities do their dance.  Emotions are the expressions of energy that move and evolve the cosmos.  They are not futile exercises, please let them move THROUGH.  Don’t block the portal, yo.  Whatever it is–love affair, bank account, political strategy–it will change if it moves through the portal.  Beginning to think it’s the only way anything can change, is if we metabolize it.
Venus and Jupiter bring the practical and spiritual into sharp relief, clear contrast between the divine and the mundane.  Can you trust that there is soul in all the shit (excuse me, I mean detritus) we’re mired in?  Can you walk the mystic path with human feet?  Can you get back your enchantment despite the circumstance?  Can you see yourself as an instrument of divinity bringing spirit into matter, but also matter into spirit?  What a blessing your breath, your presence is to the inert, still matter!  What joy you bring to the deaf evidence of a materialist universe just by being.  And if you are the instrument, together we are all the orchestra.
Leonardo da Vinci – Codex Atlanticus folio 309v detail1.png
There’s a grand sextile and/or two kites in the sky right now, too and almost every aspect involved right now can help us to decide whether or not we are owning our own thoughts and energies.  Venus in Taurus is asking us to choose our values wisely and align our actions with them.  Jupiter in Virgo’s opposition to Neptune in Pisces is the perfect atmosphere for dissolving addictive, chronic thought forms, emotional patterns that are unconscious and patterns of dogma in spiritual practice.  Mamma Maga reminds us that addiction is always a relationship to thought and clinging or clutching of any kind is a perfect recipe for pain in this accelerated cosmic atmosphere.  While we are not going to get “there” today, we can commit to thorough examination of the foundation of our realities in light of what we value most.  I ask myself, “What do I long for when fear is absent?  Will I stop moving toward that longing and make a tomb out of this tunnel?”. 
I remind myself, “DON’T BLOCK THE PORTAL”.

“Luckily, this week will also create a well-deserved break. From the 11th-15th revolutionary Pluto will bring meaningful insights to your past through Mercury Retrograde, and look out especially for revelations about past relationships from the 13th-15th.  Take a much-needed break this weekend, and spend time in places and with people that make you feel secure and happy.”
science space night moon nasa
Look at all those scars.  Something undaunted lies within, something knows why it persists.  I don’t claim to, but I’mana roll with it. ~L
“The message in the zodiac calls us to break from living out the tired old dramas.  If we are to save our world we need to change paradigms.  Any thinking person would have to agree that continuing our warring history in the same way will not accomplish anything better than what we’ve got:  a circus of a world that is trapped in constant replay.  Each of us can choose a better option for whatever is happening personally.  We do not have to be in replay mode forever.  If you can think of nothing new or better to do about an issue refuse to take the same old stance.  Then hold the question in mind before you go to sleep.” (Notice she does not say WORRY the question.~L)
So, to chart a path: our yogic explorations this week (Thursday at noon and Saturday at 10:45am) will attempt to illuminate a theme that runs through all the celestial aspects we are living through in this moment.  The Sky Priestess calls it “the emergence of a new form of consciousness that honors and engages with the material realm.” 
Matter in spirit and spirit in matter, yo. 
Bring both,

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