the Blue Moon: Making the Unseen Seen

“For all of the world, the May 21, 2016 full moon is the third of four full moons to occur between the March equinox and the June solstice. That’s why it’ll be called by the name Blue Moon!”

This photo was created using special blue filters, too. Image via EarthSky Facebook friend Jv Noriega.

” Full Moons always shine a light on a special place in our lives; one that is unique to each of us.”

  (that sun moving into Gemini is just 5 degrees away from Venus and Mercury in Taurus–all 3 in opposition to the Moon, Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius.  Real friction.  True tension that yields the desire to act.  Let’s hope we choose wisely~L)

What most call a Blue Moon isn’t blue in color. It’s only Blue in name. This great moon photo from EarthSky Facebook friend Rebecca Lacey in Cambridge, Idaho.

MOON, MARS & SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS OPPOSITE SUN, VENUS, MERCURY IN GEMINI & TAURUS.  Full moons are always oppositions and while the lead-up to this one has been calm, everything changes Friday and Saturday has the potential to ignite.  I’m not one for prediction, but you are gonna want to have your mantras, mantras and kriyas handy . . .  “To be calm is the highest achievement of self” and with our lunar luminary 100% full within a degree of retrograde Mars, it’s going to be really hard to do. ~L
Look for the moon to pair up with Mars on May 21, and Saturn on May 22. The green line depicts the ecliptic - Earth's orbital plane projected onto the dome of sky.Look for the moon to pair up with Mars on May 21, and Saturn on May 22. The green line depicts the ecliptic – Earth’s orbital plane projected onto the dome of sky.

Venus is in her bardo state between being the evening star and becoming the morning star as she opposes her retrograde lover Mars.  She wants to sing a new song, and this time her wounded warrior mate may listen . . .~L

Desert Blue Moon from our friend Priya Kumar in Oman. August, 2012. Thank you, Priya!

 “We are all immersed in the sublimity and stability of the Earthy Grand Trine. But as the week ensues things will begin to heat up, culminating at the Full Moon on the 21st. Things previously standing in the balance, will no longer be contained, and you may feel as if you are being forced to take some sort of action. Therefore, we would all do well to hold on to some of that calm and equilibrium contained within the Earth trines, focusing on patience and acceptance. We’ll all be needing some of that. “

On the night of May 21, 2016, many will call the moon a Blue Moon.  It'll be blue in name only.  But on that night, something cool is happening.  The moon will be near red Mars, now nearly at its closest for this two-year period!

On the night of May 21, 2016, many will call the moon a Blue Moon. It’ll be blue in name only. But on that night, something cool is happening. The moon will be near red Mars, now nearly at its closest for this two-year period!

‘What is the purpose of life? The purpose of life is to seek the purpose of life. In doing so, you acknowledge that life must have a purpose, even if you are not so sure what it is. You open your mind to the possibility that you have something to learn and, in the very act of doing so, you start to become wiser; more able to discriminate between pretence and reality, falsehood and truth.’

The mission or purpose of all these processes and cycles is for you to discover why YOU are here.  Not why the world is as it is or who is to blame.  This whole cosmic dance is being produced so YOU can discover YOU.  Simple.  NOT easy. As we move into the age of Aquarius, astrology tells us it’s no longer about seeking your purpose by navel-gazing in a remote ashram.  We are going to learn how to see ourselves reflected in the eyes of “the OTHER”.  Aquarius is ever the archetype of community, unity and oneness.~L

Artist’s concept of a celestial body roughly the size of Earth's moon slamming into a body the size of Mercury.  Image via NASA/JPL-Caltech.

Artist’s concept of a celestial body roughly the size of Earth’s moon slamming into a body the size of Mercury. A giant impact such as this one, early in the history of our solar system, is thought to have created Earth’s moon. Image via NASA/JPL-Caltech. (Om Shiva.~L)

“First of all, Jupiter is direct.  Now he’s moving towards Rahu, (North Ascending Node–soul purpose). They will be moving into exact conjunction at the end of June. This means your “god self” and “demon self” are having a face off. (How ’bout letting them see themselves in each other, Angelmonkey?~L)

Venus and Sun will also be in tight conjunction in Taurus (Gemini for the tropical~L) the majority of June.  The Sun is fire (masculine), while Venus is water (feminine).  Notice where masculine and feminine energies are misaligned.

Mars and Saturn: stop and start, yes and no, old and young, fast and slow. These polarities are currently effecting everyone’s ability to take powerful action steps and gain momentum.  There is a strong need to look at very unconscious self sabotage behavior as a result of this transit.

The full Moon this weekend in Moon’s debilitation sign (Scorpio, Vedic Sagittarius, Tropical).  Moon will be transiting Anuradha nakshatra at the time of the full Moon, which stirs precision, focus and regeneration for the cycle to come.

 Your only job is to find a way to honor all your parts, pieces, stories and conflicts. Resistance will only intensify these battles.”

“Hold on tight to your hearts, fierce ones, as the Full Moon of May 21, 2016 carries a jolt of raw creative power that can push you out of your comfort zone and empower you to speak your truth and walk your talk.

This Full Moon in Anuradha transmutes the fiercely competitive energy of Mars into a higher spiritual realm where love is the law. Blessed by the sun-god (aditya) of friendship and love, Anuradha’s power lies in its ability to befriend enemies and rally its allies together.

In Vedic astrology, this conjunction of Moon and Mars creates a union known as Chandra Mangala Yoga. This yoga, or union, increases our earthly desires and supports productive, money-making activities.

The dark side of this moon is its tendency toward aggression and impulsive behavior.

Overall, Mars is on fire at this time, churning up the desire principle and lending an edgy, pushy feel to the next month. The best course of action would be to let go of the need for control. Hold to your vision and speak your truth, but let the universe determine how things will unfold.”


Kari Field
Vedic Astrologer
Tarot and Yi Jing reader

Sun opposite Moon is similar to Venus opposite Mars because of the male/female polarity. Moon and Venus are both submissive and passive, while the Sun and Mars are dominant and energetic. But everything is mismatched with Sun/Venus opposite Moon/Mars. There are opposites at either end of the opposition!”

FULL MOON: Live Your Truth

“There’s a big emphasis on bringing your life into balance, on being true to yourself and living your Truth… a powerful yin-yang rebalancing energy is happening in your life – as feminine Venus conjuncts the masculine Sun and they lie opposite masculine Mars in a very close conjunction with the feminine Moon.”

“Vedic Mitra is identical to the Iranian Mithra and Roman Mithras. Varuna is identical to the Iranian Ahura Mazda and the Roman Jupiter.”

 by Develv on

“The full Moon on the 21st is likely to trigger deep reactions and emotions, so while you should listen to your heart, you shouldn’t take your feels at face value. You want to get your way very badly, but being a team player will help everything along. There’s no need to push, rush, or panic; adopt a pace that allows you to take care of yourself in tandem with the needs of your neighbor.”

Develv on

Vedic Mitra is the patron divinity of contracts and meetings. He is a prominent deity of the Rigveda distinguished by a relationship to Varuna, the protector of ṛtá. Together with Varuna, he counted among the chief Adityas, a group of deities with social functions. They are the supreme keepers of order and gods of the law.
Varuna and Mitra are the gods of the blood oath and tribal contracts, often twinned as Mitra–Varuna (a dvandva compound). In the Vedic hymns, Mitra is often invoked together with Varuna, as Mitra-Varuna. In some of their aspects, Varuna is lord of the cosmic rhythm of the celestial spheres, while Mitra brings forth the light at dawn, which was covered by Varuna. Mitra together with Varuna is the most prominent deity and the chief of the Adityas in the Rigveda.

(I bring this up because Mitra is the Aditya associated with Anuradha nakshatra, where the moon is at her fullness on Saturday.  His/her relationship to Varuna helps him/her remove obstacles toward divinity.  They see each other and themselves in the process of relationship. ~L)

The planets Venus and Mars are in opposition at this time.  Venus, the ancient goddess of love, carries broad feminine and romantic symbolism.  Mars is the warrior god and prevails over masculine territory.  This opposing alignment may suggest the conclusion of one relationship and the beginning of another.  Alternatively the opposition suggests a need to lay our cards on the table, clear the air, and find solutions to issues within an ongoing relationship.  That shift could be a purely creative outcome or perhaps we can readily perceive potholes that need to be corrected.  The “relationship” can be gender oriented or it might be a singular piece of creative work.  

The Full Moon on the 21st is a doozy.  Stay home.

“Right now, the Moon opposes the Uranus-Eris conjunction (they´re one degree apart) – and already – the intensity is being drawn out by the Moon (representing emotions, family, tradition, intution, the subconscious) in Libra (representing partnership, collaboration, dynamics of mirroring and projection, and so on).

It´s a very electric, emotional time for many (if not all of us). Some will be powerfully triggered by family / partnerships to break away, into a new form of Selfhood – and others will be nurtured by them. Either way, those cocoons are starting to crack open.


Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess

Radha (as in Anuradha –another Radha) and her beloved Krishna.

Mitra unveils in day what Veruna conceals by night.  This is the process of cycling through time and our relationship to the powers that evolve consciousness (nakshatras in Vedic astrology).  Anuradha nakshatra seeks to bring consciousness to right relation, to right understanding.  Ancient seers of India believed this was achieved through the two principles behind all of existence

 Purusha or Primal Spirit, is the principle of sentience or consciousness and Prakruti or Great Nature is the principle of creativity.  These two are also one: within all things we find sovereignty, individuality and being.  Also in each part there is manifestation and the ability for unfolding in time and space.  (I adapted and paraphrased this from the book, The Yoga of Herbs by Frawley and Lad ~L)

And so I get my drum out again and banging away I say, “Shiva Shakti, Mitra Varuna, Radha Krishna, Sita Rama, Light Dark, Yin Yang it doesn’t seem to matter cuz it’s all the same thang!”

(original composition–but you can use it if you like!!~L)

She looks like she’s gonna shank him in his sleep. ~L

That’s better.~L

So while there is a chance (there always is) that we could lose our heads, go to extremes, become fanatical about what we think is “right” and create enemies this weekend, there is also a possibility for healing, listening, ironing out issues, humbly receiving feedback and learning how to really communicate.  The warrior, Mars is in retrograde and is tired he may listen.  The goddess Venus is moving from night to day, she might sing.

This could be the day when the divine note of harmony is struck and we all hear clearly at last.  At least we could be listening like it could happen at any minute.

There is an awakening present and it is moving. The desire to act will be very strong.  Continue to let it build, evaluate, listen and rest.  When the right action is known to you, you cannot help but act.  It will feel joyful.  You will know.

All in divine timing, my dear yoganauts.


It’s not well aspected and you’ll likely regret it.

See you on the mat for some clearing and fine-tuning.  Let’s get that vehicle road-ready.  Thursday at noon.

Saturday at 10:45am.

Mind your heart.

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