Manifestation Quarter: Transforming the Illusion of Deception

“Moon Mind Calendar
{May 23 to 29nd}
This Week’s Intention:
Move into the receptive, the sacred pause, the inner listening. Align with your yes- the one that accepts support, resources, new possibilities, more guidance. Drop your arms. Identify all the places within you that resist the nourishment you need.
The struggle is real, honor it, but use it to heal and transform, rather than staying stuck.”

“Be true to Who You Are.

No matter what that looks like, no matter what that means.

Look, if you try to live something you’re not, if you try to satisfy some false image imposed on you through conditioning and cultural expectations, if you try to be something that’s not natural to you, you’ll live a life of sorrow, regrets and misery – and that totally defeats the whole purpose of living!

Express yourself however you’re comfortable.

 Wear the shoes that fit your soul.

Trust ALL is well, my friend.

 It always is, when you live your truth.

The following is excerpted from Pathways to Wholeness: Archetypal Astrology and the Transpersonal Journeypublished by Muswell Hill Press. (the book is by Renn Butler)
“For years, Grof and his colleagues had looked unsuccessfully for some kind of diagnostic system—such as the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory test (MMPI), Shostrom’s Personal Orientation Inventory (POI), the Rorschach Inkblot Test, and others—to predict the experiences of their clients in deep self-exploration. Decades later, when the cultural historian Richard Tarnas discovered and systematically applied what Grof would later call the “Rosetta Stone” of archetypal astrology to this problem, Grof had to ironically concede that the one successful predictive technique turned out to be a system that was even more controversial and beyond the range of conventional science than his research in [holotropic] therapy.  ~Renn Butler

star containing all religions

“Although the astrological vision became deeply discredited in the modern scientific West, the world view underlying it maintained credibility and continued to flourish in the philosophical movements of late Neoplatonism, Idealism, and Romanticism, in a direct lineage from Socrates and Plato.” ~Renn Butler
religious symbols - all religions
“It’s time to change up the game. We need a new perspective, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be comfortable. So go ahead and laugh when the conversation gets too serious. Laugh during a crisis to lighten up the heaviness. And watch…it all gets easier. Laughter is our medicine.
Where in your life could you use a new perspective? Where in your mind could you use some humor to lighten up the seriousness of your story?”
 “Richard Tarnas (the archetypal astrology guy~L) carefully demonstrates that the methodology he presents is archetypally predictive rather than concretely predictive. Although planetary alignments can illuminate many essential characteristics of an historical epoch or individual life experience, and even suggest basic expected characteristics of an upcoming period, he emphasizes that the specific concrete expression the archetypes will take at any time remains indeterminate—contingent on additional factors such as cultural context, free will, co-creative participation, and perhaps unmeasurables such as karma, grace, and chance.”
~Renn Butler
(So astrology is not a thing that we lay upon the world to make it conform (as IF), it’s more a lens of symbology that we can choose to look at the world with IF it helps.  We can use astrology and it’s symbols when we need THE WORLD to conform to OUR MINDS.   This is a provisional sort of understanding.  We struggle to evolve consciousness like the primordial fish that used to eye the shore . . . use what is at hand, perfect or not, to bootstrap into a better way of relating to nature and ourselves. And daydreaming, imagining, may free the mind to work in mysterious and beautiful ways.  After all, if that fish had not ever seen the land, why would it’s body have adapted to the new environment?~L)
(Pardon the language?~L)

“A University of British Columbia study finds that our brains are much more active when we daydream than previously thought.

The study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, finds that activity in numerous brain regions increases when our minds wander. It also finds that brain areas associated with complex problem-solving – previously thought to go dormant when we daydream – are in fact highly active during these episodes.”


SA Mind
Want Clear Thinking? Relax
A short mental vacation can ease the stresses of the daily grind and prompt fresh ideas
“It’s a conscious choice… let your mind find fault and anger towards others and the outer situation, or, summon your inner warrior and use that strength grow and adapt.”

(Yowza, break it down, Somya!  Someone get me a tissue, my nose is bleedin’!~L)

“[Archetypal Astrology offers] an essentially Platonic- Pythagorean universe which is intelligibly ordered by archetypal patterns of meaning and experience, and in which the macrocosm of the solar system mirrors archetypal processes in the microcosm of human life.
In this world view the highest and most treasured capacities of human reason and cognition are ultimately recognized as expressions of the universe’s own intelligence. But, integrating the modern development of an autonomous self, the human being is also recognized as having both freedom and responsibility for consciously and creatively enacting these powerful forces in the most life enhancing forms possible.”~Renn Butler

View larger.  | May 21, 2016 image via Stereo-A.

View larger. | May 21, 2016 image via NASA/ Stereo-A.

” An emotional agitation is building up about ideals, ideas, theories, philosophies, laws, and religions, to the point where these theories are interfering with people’s capacity to feel positive. The next month is potentially a time of anxiety if we allow it to be. A stoic, live and let live, attitude is recommended. Each to their own. It is tricky enough sorting through our own personal desires, without having to be concerned about how others feel.
This cycle is entering its dissolution phase and will restart on Christmas of 2020, with new systems of exchange and governance. In the meantime Jupiter in Virgo shows the way for continued expansion and personal success, regardless of big systems and organizations going to heck.”
~David Zunker at

Bright one here is Mars, with Saturn and the star Antares also very noticeable in a triangle pattern on the sky's dome. Watch for them! Photo taken on the morning of May 8, 2016 by Simon Waldram. Thanks, Simon!Bright one here is Mars, with Saturn and the star Antares also very noticeable in a triangle pattern on the sky’s dome. Watch for them! Photo taken on the morning of May 8, 2016 by Simon Waldram. Thanks, Simon!


“The way you work with today´s – or in fact, any energy – comes down to your Free Will. Not your chart, sign, Ascendant – or anything that astrology can tell you. At best, it acts as a framework for understanding yourself.  A glimpse of the road ahead is fine, but if you knew everything that needed to be known before heading along – what on earth would the point of the journey be?”

“Sometimes our best laid plans take a bit longer. Expect to take the longer route as the Sun enters Gemini and opposes retrograde Saturn. If you are intent on following your dreams, don’t be surprised to find yourself wafted on clouds. But happy landings!”

Judy garland mercury in canceer


~Madam Lichtenstien 

(Judy Garland had Venus in Gemini)  

Artist's illustration of the orbits of Earth and Mars, via NASA.
“The “signature” (t-square, grand trine) energy of the week has a strong vibe where the universe is trying to deliver a personal message to each of us… The kind where each and every event that happens or everything that is said to us can have a “double meaning”… There are no coincidences with this kind of pattern… Personally what I find is that I constantly keep asking myself “what is the universe trying to tell me” when we have astrological conditions like this and it amazes me the insights and information that “just seems to appear””. 
Keep the Faith… Better Days and Higher Love are comin’ soon…
~daniel “whelland” dowd
If you are dealing with someone that is demonstrating frustrated energy, or anger, remember that the love of Venus can disarm Mars.
On Thursday, Jupiter and Saturn are at odds. This further emphasizes the desire to live a better life, but obstacles can get in the way of your bigger vision. Solutions are a result of facing and admitting problems. With Mercury direct now, in harmony with Jupiter and Pluto, it’s a great time to create a plan (Daydream it!!~L). You will learn through the process. The need for better can have you moving mountains and the rewards can eventually be better than expected.
The hidden benefit is that what’s in your way can actually force you to consider bigger ideas.
Do be careful that you don’t make mountains out of molehills this week. The obstacles in your way don’t have to be overemphasized.
For the next two and a half months honest self-analysis will be quite necessary for all of us. Your fluctuating energy levels can be your guide to self discovery.This can also be a time where you look at what you’ve suppressed or are hiding about yourself and come to terms with your reality and your truth.
Internal fears and anxieties can also reveal themselves and need to be faced. But, as Carl Jung has said, there is no coming to light without facing the dark. The universe operates in a spectrum of relativity, of positive and negative. Negativity helps remind us of how important the goodness of the positive is.
(It is so much more than that.  The polarity is Creator creating creation, whether we think of Creator as some yet undiscovered cosmic storm or the God of Genesis muttering curses at the garden in his bathrobe, SOMETHING started this.  My opinion.~L)
What, I think, might be satisfying, is a creator we can question without fear.~L

“Our week begins with Mercury now direct and the moon in boisterous Sagittarius, moving into ambitious Capricorn on Tuesday. Venus also enters Gemini, ushering in an appreciation for the spoken word and at the same time opposes Mars, pitting logic against theory. Aquarius hosts the Moon as of Thursday and Jupiter makes a square to Saturn, at which point the battle between bloated details and rigid philosophies arises. Friday, Mars retrogrades back into Scorpio for a couple months’ stint, heralding in a strong sense of resilience and an urge to delve below the surface.”

“Find that flame, that existence,
That Wonderful Man,
Who can burn beneath the water.
No other kind of light
Will cook the food you
“No Other Kind of Light”
-Hafiz (Translated by Daniel Ladinsky)
 “As planets continue to spin, as hearts continue to open only to be like clay in a Master’s hand, we are being faced with the reality of great contrasts. We know what we want, but have been told to wait and trust the process. We feel good about ourselves one minute, only to have our actions or decisions called into question. We enjoy good times with someone, only to find places of loneliness and emptiness. Feeling confident and strong, we speak our truth only to be met with resistance or dismissiveness. The question of “Why” may be dominating our thoughts, and infiltrating our conversations. There is no concrete answer to this question, only the stark, in-your-face reminder that we are experiencing the contrast and duality of this life.
In the poem above, the line which describes the man who can burn beneath the water is a contrast in elemental properties. Most would agree that fire can boil water and water can drown out fire, but  when used collaboratively there can be mutual benefits. The same is true of the contrasts we may be experiencing in the moment. The exploration of the benefit in the contrasts yields the wisdom we seek. This might be a place where acceptance of each person’s journey happens.
~Jamie Dawn of
(This is so subtle, so rich.~L)

The Great Cluster in Hercules - aka M13 - as captured by friend Scott MacNeill.  Shot April, 19, 2013 at Frosty Drew Observatory in Charlestown, Rhode Island.  Thanks, Scott!

The Great Cluster in Hercules – aka M13 – as captured by EarthSky G+ friend Scott MacNeill. Shot at Frosty Drew Observatory in Charlestown, Rhode Island. Thanks, Scott!

“Mars moonwalks it’s way into Scorpio this week, complicating our efforts to get ‘er did. Instead of rushing forward with your plans, take a pause that’s long enough to remember what was going on January through March —  was it awesome or tiresome? Either way, the themes you were working with then are liable to return now, and stick with you through August. This isn’t the time to play games because those games are likely to backfire against your ambitions, babe. You can make meaningful progress if you avoid underhanded or manipulative moves — even if you think you have a right.”

“Mars in Scorpio will lead you into some fated turns that are destined to help you eliminate all those things in the way that are not adding on to you. In order for evolution to occur, involution must come first, which means a dying away of something old, so something better can be reborn in its place.”

Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing there is a field… I’ll meet you there”~Rumi

This week marks an end and a beginning for our Lunar Yoga class.  We are going to use the increase in Mars energy to complete our use of phase and transits as markers in class and focus for the next month turns more exclusively to the lunar cycle.  The end of next month will mark another beginning/end state as I depart our fair city for the month of July.  I am uncertain as to weather these weekly planetary weather reports will continue through that month.  Probably won’t come as frequently, since I need to unplug profoundly to fully commit to my process of self-inquiry.

Here’s a syllabus for June:

Lunar Flow Yoga incorporates breath and movement, the philosophy of yoga history and Vedic astrology with a current moment cosmic weather-report based in lunar astronomy.  It is a constellated mindfulness practice that carries you back to yourself by way of the moon.
Join us for a FULL LUNAR CYCLE in June.  This one-time only month of Lunar Yoga promises to be the climax of a class created here in Helena and will inspire you to observe your life by Earth’s oldest time-piece: the moon.
Thursday June 2nd at 12noon and Saturday June 4th at 10:45am  
Thursday June 9th at 12noon and Saturday June 11th at 10:45am  
Thursday June 16th at 12 noon and Saturday June 18th at 10:45am 
Thursday June 23rd at 12 noon and Saturday June 25th at 10:45am  
The magic of June is that it each class will be presented just prior to the moon phase; well aspected for acquiring a natural education of the lunar month.  Please submit your email address to to get each class’ accompanying email: a mix of astronomy, astrology, Vedic lore and the lunatic fringe.
On Thursday June 30th at 12 noon we will celebrate and review our lunar knowledge with some yoga lunacy.”
Also, June 30th is the end of the Dancing Lotus’ 30 days for $30 unlimited New Student Trial, remind your friends!!!!

So this week, what I would like to “focus” on (oh, the irony) is getting out of the rational, problem solving mind and into the mind of “lila” or divine play.  As Stan Grof and Richard Tarnas continually strive to show us there is a way of perceiving that is more relaxed and potentially more FUN (as well as meaningful and profound).  It sweeps wide in it’s arc of inclusion and “portrays the universe as an infinitely complex play of Absolute Consciousness.  Ancient Hindu [Vedic~L] scriptures describe a similar view of the cosmos, referring to the events of the world as lila, the divine play.” ~Grof in Archai: the Journal of Archetypal Cosmology

I have to take this moment to express my gratitude toward you for letting me run my experiments and be with you in the state of yoga through this amazing and important passage in our lives and the life of our planet.  I have been studying consciousness in unorthodox ways for many years now and this latest set of experiments: comparing my experience to Vedic Cosmology in communion with you has been, by far, the richest.  You cannot know all you have given.  Thank you.  Truly.  As a last gasp for including transits in our study, let me remind you of (what I think) is the most profound one we passed through together: the Pluto Uranus Square (2012-2016).
  • Breaking points (Pluto)  can be breakthrough points (Uranus)
  • Crisis (Uranus) relieves chronic stress (Pluto)
  • Facing one’s woundedness (Pluto) leads to personal liberation (Uranus)
  • Via synchronicity, successful inner work (Pluto) triggers magic—walls turn into doors (Uranus)
  • Sudden changes (Uranus) often reveal underlying issues (Pluto)
  • Bold moves (Uranus) can lead to empowerment and insight (Pluto)~Steven Forrest of
A similar square dominated the revolution of the 1960’s and it has been said that it’s 4 year duration took the Beatles from “I Want to Hold Your Hand” to ” I Am the Walrus”.  I am done with all the arm waving about transits, since we made it through that one.  If you want to continue to study those, you have the tools to look into it deeply, should you choose.  It’s fitting to celebrate and play at the end of such transformative periods.  Your body is the most advanced biological technology in the known cosmos and it just underwent a complete rewiring.  I am eager to take my new set of wheels out for a spin, but not before I consolidate, integrate, read the owner’s manual and PLAY!!

Tuesday at 12noon and Saturday at 10:45am.
‘Till then, Mind Your Heart,

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