Making the Ideal Real: New Moon in Gemini (tropical), Taurus (Vedic) 9:01pm Saturday 4 June 2016

“The week begins with the moon in Pisces, making its way into Aries by late Monday, Taurus by late Wednesday, Gemini by late Friday and Cancer by late Sunday. It will be new in Gemini on Saturday, ushering in a desire for logic and reasoning.  Saturday is a day to keep things in proper proportion as both the sun and Venus square Jupiter. The temptation to see things overblown looms large.”

The intuitive and rational parts of brain interact to modify sensory information. In these images, the moon is of the same size but is perceived differently.   The position of Sun, Moon, Planets and Stars that describe the major events of ‘RAMAYANA’ in reality are not actual positions but are only apparent postions perceived by man (women don’t have this issue.~L😉). Man needs the Force of “KRUPA” to overcome the trappings of “MAYA”.
~Dr. R. Rudra Narasimham



Rohini nakshatra, where our new moon takes place, is ruled by the moon.  This is the blushing bride, favorite of the creator Brahma.  All seed action or planning is is well aspected here, as this is the origin of the creative desire for bliss.  Rohini is symbolized by the bull and means opulent, creative, fertile sexuality, imagination and beauty.  It’s all about stillness and self-control with short bursts of staccato energy that yield amazing results.  Optimal feminine receptivity amplifies your precise, playful, creative brush-strokes.  Keep it happy, flirty and sensual and mind your perspective.~L

Moon phases: 1) new moon 2) waxing crescent 3) first quarter 4) waxing gibbous 5) full moon 6) waning gibbous 7) last quarter 8) waning crescent. For more, read Understanding moon phasesMoon phases: 1) new moon 2) waxing crescent 3) first quarter 4) waxing gibbous 5) full moon 6) waning gibbous 7) last quarter 8) waning crescent. For more, read Four keys to understanding moon phases

Gemini (along with the other mutable signs) are bicorporeal or “double-bodied” signs, meaning they relate to concepts of duality and inhabiting different worlds simultaneously.
This is really significant.  The way that we are thinking is changing and therefore an energetic cascade is being set loose.  We don’t know what will be effected or how, what will be included or excluded.  Serious mental tension and emotional variance (see-saw? teeter totter?  roller coaster?  tilt-a-whirl?) can stem from this dynamic.  Just knowing this and the fact that IT WILL PASS, may help.~L

  Let’s try to be as clear as possible about this new moon in Gemini (duality, FAST, clever CHANGE).  We know from past study that new moons are conjunctions of the sun (what we want, Soul) and the moon (what we need, personality), so they are both in that part of the sky, but this time around our luminaries are joined by (benefic, attractive) Venus also in very close conjunction.

Simultaneously, Saturn (integrity policeman) in Sagittarius (truth & purpose) is in opposition and Jupiter (expansion) in Virgo (details) and Neptune (dissolution) in Pisces (spirit and duality), are both EXACTLY square that new moon, Sun and Venus (soul, personality and desire = insatiable LONGING) to our quickly shifting gathering. 

This is the “mutable grand cross” (in red, above) famous and notorious for the power it conveys.  These planets take a long time to align and in these changeable planets we are asked to be FLEXIBLE and FLOWING. This type of complexity and connectedness is also the reason I can only talk about the transits occurring to moon and sun–HALF THE SOLAR SYSTEM IS IN THERE!!
The loss of control is palpable, the fears are dissolving, the risk is to ABANDON YOURSELF.
There is access to bliss in union, but we must not wreck ourselves like empty vessels on the rocky shore of a higher love.  We gotta land on that shore with all our marbles still in the bag.  Light, precise, fun touches work best.  Delicate dabbling, please.
Time to value all the qualities you bring to the party and not waste them.  Your superpower is being YOU.  No one else knows how, so only show glimpses.  Leave them wanting more. ~L
This week is the waning Moon after the first of two Gemini to Sagittarius Full Moons. Sunday, with the waning half Moon, we enter into the 4th quarter of this lunar cycle. This portion of the lunar cycle is for letting go of what does not keep our interest or benefit us. Individuals are challenged to discern where and how to interconnect with the world. Do you fit in? Do you need to?
~David Zunker at
The location of the sun with respect to the moon determines the moon phase in your night sky.  Image via
1. When you see the moon, think of the whereabouts of the sun. After all, it’s the sun that’s illuminating and creating the dayside of the moon.
The spin of the Earth causes the moon - like the sun - to rise in the east and set in the west each day.  Image via Martin Cleburne's excellent article Where is the Moon?

Earth’s daily spin causes the moon – like the sun – to rise in the east and set in the west each day. Image via Martin Clebourne’s article Where is the Moon?

2. The moon rises in the east and sets in the west, each and every day. It has to. The rising and setting of all celestial objects is due to Earth’s continuous daily spin beneath the sky.

3. The moon takes about a month to orbit the Earth. Although the moon rises in the east and sets in the west each day (due to Earth’s spin), it’s also moving on the sky’s dome each day due to its own motion in orbit around Earth.

The moon's orbital motion carries it to the east in Earth's sky.  Image via

The moon’s orbital motion carries it eastward in Earth’s sky. Image via

4. The moon’s orbital motion is toward the east. Each day, as the moon moves another 12-13 degrees toward the east on the sky’s dome, Earth has to rotate a little longer to bring you around to where the moon is in space. .

Just after the last quarter moon rises, its lighted portion is always facing downwards, more or less toward the horizon. Why? Because you’re on the midnight portion of Earth – with the sun below your feet – just as it’s below this
Perspective.  It’s an issue right now, no matter where you’re standing.~L
05/29/2016 Sun 2:51am EDT Moon Pisces Square Venus Gemini 
05/29/2016 Sun 5:18am EDT Moon Pisces Conjunct Pallas Pisces
05/29/2016 Sun 6:41am EDT Moon Pisces Square Vesta Gemini
05/29/2016 Sun 7:13am EDT Sun Gemini Square Moon (Half Moon) Pisces
05/29/2016 Sun 1:11pm EDT Moon Pisces Conjunct Neptune Pisces
05/29/2016 Sun 3:38pm EDT Moon Pisces Square Saturn Sagittarius
05/29/2016 Sun 4:27pm EDT Moon Pisces Oppose Jupiter Virgo
05/29/2016 Sun 9:01pm EDT Moon Pisces Sextile Mercury Taurus
05/29/2016 Sun 10:01pm EDT Moon Pisces Sextile Pluto Capricorn
05/29/2016 Sun 11:06pm EDT Moon Pisces Conjunct S.Node Pisces
(OK, Lynn, what does THAT mean?  It means our emotions are powerfully brought to all of these aspects.  What we feel becomes most important.  Intuition, flow and feeling your way forward is the new method.  It’s hard to trust your senses, your broker, your politics or your meteorologist.  But nature might be safe and spirit moves here.  Can we feel it and let it guide us from detail to big picture and back again and LET the ebb and flow happen to us?  Remember: the deadline to TRUSTING the Universe approaches.  It’s not about “efforting” anymore.  It’s about allowing, NOT KNOWING, possibly enjoying and definitely intuiting.  Ask your gut.  Ask your heart.  Trust YOU first and foremost.  The Real Thing is offering the sacred wine.  Take the cup.  Be free.)
“Moon enters its very favorite nakshatraRohiniIn this lunar mansion is found the red eye of the bull of Taurus, a red giant star also called Aldebaran.  Moon loves the red light of Rohini, the most beautiful and sensual of all lunar mansions.”  
Rohini new

“There are riches to be explored in the extended pause – a number of inconvenient truths that will take us deeper to the core of our being. If you can stay put for now, you might just uncover a subtle greatness. It won’t be grand; this kind of greatness is not loud or boisterous, nor does it come with a shiny prize. It is simply and purely the greatness of you as you are that will bring a quiet relief to the mayhem, and to discover it, we must dismantle the illusions we’ve created of ourselves that blind us from the reality of what makes us authentic.

 Greatness is our approach to the journey, the intentional steps we choose to take along the way. For once, consider that you have nothing to prove to others – no masks to wear or roles to play. All you have is this one life to live, and the greatness to be that which is simply and purely you.”

“Generally, the moon represents the mind and the emotions in a person, so has a very personal significance to each individual, whereas the sun represents the soul. Of course the sun is very important to us too as it our main source of light, but its light is reflected on the moon (as the moon has no light source of its own), so the moon is the bearer of the soul’s energy. Therefore the Moon indicates our emotional and psychological patterns and tendencies.  If the  moon is waning (on its way from full to no moon), then this will generally make you more withdrawn and reflective. You will generally not seek the limelight.

~Yildiz Sethi
Balsamic – “Releasing the Past.” Turn away from thought and drop into the quiet. Emptiness is the fertile ground that recognizes and encourages the presence of the new seed. Regeneration. A time of cleansing. Inner time and reflection bring you back into emotional, physical and spiritual balance.
New Moon – “Beginnings.” Subjective-Inner awareness starts to open; new seed-ideas begins to unfold in the inner consciousness. Expand into the world of ideas, allow the outrageous wanderings of the mind, open to unlimited possibilities, watch the birthing of the idea into thought. Let it unfold in the quiet.
“New moons remind us that we must expand our definition of what we think is possible in the world and ourselves. They’re juicy opportunities to get things right, and a Gemini-infused moon encourages curiosity and out-of-the-box thinking. There’s always more of you to get to know.”
“In the week before the next new moon there is usually a sense of let-down. You’ve tackled the job and it’s either finished or not, but you need to sit and absorb what’s been done so far, or go around and put out a lot of fires if the project hasn’t gone well.
The New Moon is a dark moon. It is associated with the very inception of a new twenty-nine-day cycle of activity. The two or three days of a dark moon is a good time for dreaming, for planting seeds in your subconscious, for daydreaming about new activities in a general way. It is not an effective time to implement something. Anything started now is likely to be premature or ill-conceived.
A week after the New Moon comes the first quarter period. This is a natural time to begin projects. Dane Rudhyar calls this period a “crisis of action”, meaning that one is overwhelmed with the desire to act at the first quarter moon. It also means that the time for action is appropriate.”
~Anne Beversdorf:


An unfavorable time for beginning something new, but favorable for closing something, putting it behind us, and for endings in general. A time for personal reflection, tying up loose ends.

Keywords: Incubation; Preparation; Closure; Surrender


Something new is born; or the “seeding” of something new. We are acting with spontaneity, from a place of instinct. All information has not been revealed to us yet. There is no objectivity at this point in the cycle. It’s a good time for doing something new, but because we are lacking in information at this time, it is a risky time for important new endeavors, such as the beginning of a new business or relationship. It’s not a time for making solid commitments or promises, as new information may emerge later on that could change our minds. It’s a good time for making wishes or coming up with new ideas.

Keywords: Initial urge; Instinct; Projection

“This will be a time to make concrete your visions of the material world you wish to inhabit, and the value systems that structure them into being. Also a fantastic time to spend time in Nature and re-acquaint yourself with the consciousness of Gaia-Sophia.  Essentially, we´re being asked to release older ways of attaching ourselves to karmic patterns so that we may find the material structure and expressions of the gifts and inner knowing that lies in wait. Here is where you let Spirit take the reins and to inspire your material creations, or rather, Co-Creations.

In other words, the next three days (31 May – 2 June 2016) are going to bring a very different kind of intensity to what we´ve been feeling as of late. Or rather, a variation on certain themes. One that leads us collectively to a significant threshold of consciousness, to older visions of the Sacred: Gloriously Dark and Powerfully Feminine.

Bear in mind that all this comes just after the recent approach of Mars in Scorpio to Planet Earth. So much has been unearthed, at the individual and the collective level. Whoo hoo!”

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess


There was a Buddha statue in that alcove, once.  Afghanistan.~L

“As clouds dance around the sky to illuminate areas of the earth, and other parts are left in the shadow, Gemini dances between these two realties, confronting the relationship between space and matter. This air sign, flies into our lives to pollinate ideas, inspiring us to explore new relationships, our curiosity is sharpened, opening our eyes and heart to our authentic self. A mutable time to facilitate communication, feeling joyous and electrified. Everything and everyone will be magnetized by this new moon. It is time to move into new terrain with flexibility and openness. We are entering this new phase with purpose and knowledge. Tapping into the cosmic wisdom, accomplishing miracles, bringing order to the chaos, releasing all fears.”

~Chloe from


“It’s easy to get off agenda in this astrological weather. It’s a whirligig of options. A spinning top of topics. A moving feast of facts and to try and take it all in would leave us bloated and besieged with information.

Amidst all that, the moon is waning to darkness, to be renewed in this turbine of tumult on Saturday, June 4th at 7.59PM PT (we disagree by minutes~L). This is a highly creative new moon, possibly with too many options to make use of. The key this week is to stay grounded, to take small steps without leaping to any major conclusions. With the winds of change so whipped into a frenzy, it’s best not to get caught out in the open fields when they really get going.”

– See more at:

Rohini nakshatra is called the Star of Ascent. It falls under the zodiac sign of Taurus. The ruling planet of this nakshatra is Moon or Chandra. The presiding deity of Rohini is Brahma. The other name for Rohini is Suravi – celestial cow. It is the fourth nakshatra of the lunar mansion.  The power of this nakshatra is Rohana Shakthi, which means, power of growth and creation. It also means creative development at all levels, bestowing fertility. The symbol of Rohini is Chariot.”

In Ayurveda two important concepts are fundamental: The 3 Doshas of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha; and the 3 Gunas of Rajas, Sattva, and Tamas.  The 3 Gunas explain mental and emotional perspectives; and the 3 Doshas explain tangible sense oriented experience.  In the Vastu Surya Mandala, both the Doshas and the Gunas are correlated to times and locations relative to sun.
“Individual constitution is called Prakruti in Sanskrit, which means ‘nature’.   Disease condition is called Vikruti, which means ‘deviation from nature’.”
From The Yoga of Herbs by Dr. David Frawley and Dr. Vasant Lad
The idea is that who we are gets altered in time and space.  No wonder.  Making the unseen seen, uniting matter and spirit is dirty work.  However the underlying nature, in Ayurveda, is Sattvic and therefore light, perceptive, intelligent and harmonious.  Rajas (corporeal power) and Tamas (physical senses) are temporary.  Like tools we use.  The supposition is that you will know yourself well enough to know that you HAD to distort your pure essence to gain acceptance in your family clan and therefore survive.  That’s just the journey.  No getting around it, no blame, no shame.
Still, it feels a little like you have swum through the oil-spill.  You have taken 4 showers and you still reek of fossil and have black gunk under your nails.  The good news?  You recognize the oil as “not you”.  It isn’t your nature and you are not going forward with it.
This is a really important new moon.  The energy is amazing for creating connection and sharing ideas in lots of different ways and places.  There is opportunity for resolution through light, fun, curious inquiry.
We ask ourselves what we are going to keep and what we are going to let go so that we can gain more ground for all the new things that come from our interesting interest in others and fresh ideas.  Practical, consistent change comes through devotion to your VISION (Remember your ideal vision?) or, alternately, to the thing you need resolution with.  
This is the BEST new moon of the year to create space by releasing and committing to a ritual that you can carry forward for the rest of the year to demonstrate your devotion to your ideal.  Small doses of releasing the Vikruti every day and reasserting the Prakruti.  However you choose.  Just find a small habit, mantra or mudra to support your ideal and give it a light-hearted, diligent repetition in your day.
This is the BEST new moon of the year to state clear intentions and show your devotion to them. Write them, chant them, scream them, dance them, paint them, sculpt them after the new moon is exact (so they say) for best effect.
Your authentic self, your devotion to letting that emerge and a practice of habit to support them both each and every new moon.
Thursday at noon and Saturday at 10:45.
When the mind asks sincerely, the heart will answer,

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