Third and Final Jupiter~Saturn Square

Well, here we are at the concrescence of earthly complexity.  This moment is more connected and complex than any other in history.  Except for this one.  Then this one is more complex.  I think you get the picture . . .

For the last two weeks we have been dealing with oppositions in opposition and squares and trines that move in and out of star and kite formations, grand crosses and t-squares and frankly, for this humble yogi; something has got to give.  I am pleased to announce that it’s gonna be me!

This will be the last class where I try to take all of the planetary transits into my weekly weather report.  From here on out I plan to focus in more closely on the lunar cycle, for both simplicity and accuracy’s sake.  I find that the energies are effecting me so much more rapidly now, almost on a day to day (even hourly) basis.  The outer planets will still be observed, but only as they aspect the moon and sun, and believe me, that should be PLENTY to think about and, if possible, even more specific.  C’mon!  It’ll be fun.

Today we discussed the Jupiter~Saturn Square.  This is that energy we have all been feeling since August where we have one foot on the brake and one on the gas.  Jupiter in Virgo is all inspiration, expansion and newness.  Saturn in Sagittarius retracts, refines and wants it to be real and grounded and by the book (The idioms in English!  Really!  Which book?)  This square results in slow, steady growth that we can handle.  I really appreciate the way this rapid and advanced change is coming in chunks I can swallow, so I really dig this transit.

I also like it because it represents the journey of ‘coming from fear’ to the acceptance of ‘coming from love’.  If you had told me in August of 2015 that I would accept that as the new belief and purpose in my life, given all that I was experiencing then, I doubt I COULD have believed you.  Given the forces acting on me in March and into February, the losses and doubts I began to have about love did not appear to be deepening my appreciation of it.  However, now, at the third iteration; I claim no mastery–but the acceptance of love as my orientation, purpose and healing is the only thing that is going to balance the scales.

The promise going forward is that we will gain clarity as to why all the burdening and difficulty was necessary once we fully integrate the lessons and use a loving point of view as our new default setting.  I’m not one for prognostication, but this sounds like a good trajectory.  I am game.  I am also hoping that with the attainment of love as the new “voice in my head” (instead of that rotten inner critic–YEAH, I HEARD YA!), pain will no longer be my teacher.  Hey, a gal can hope.

Here’s another irony/connecting point: Mars retrograde in the early degrees of Sagittarius this week is EXACTLY where Saturn was when the Jupiter~Saturn triad began in August of 2015.  This Mars is sitting in opposition to Venus and the Sun in early Gemini (more later) and is heading backward into Scorpio.  Venus and Mars are lovers, so take what I wrote about Jupiter and Saturn then make it personal: Venus wants to attract, beautify and enjoy while Mars wants to conquer, dominate and subdue.  When they argue, we’ve got issues.

Attractive-looking issues, but issues all the same. (Um, excuse me Mars, Venus, but NO CAPES!)

Best bets? Speak the truth with TACT, be hip to your own ego panic and realize that the trigger may be outside you, but the CAUSE of the CONFLICT is inside.  Something that lights you up like a Christmas tree might have no effect on someone else, so what is bugging you and (more importantly) why?  Sure, your button got pressed, but how the hell did the button get there?  Who installed it?  Can it be removed?

Or really, how fast can you figure out how to remove it?  These oppositions are here to show us how to effectively deal with our fears of being killed, deceived, rejected and betrayed.  While that doesn’t seem like too much to deal with (except maybe the death part) you gotta remember that until this point in our REMEMBERED past, exile usually meant annihilation, so our reptilian brain has not really had a chance to catch up with us yet.  It really is a good time to take a look at what you fear, how it effects you and strategize about catching yourself before reacting.  Take the time, we still have some retrograde to work with . . .

The sun and Venus are combust in Gemini and that is a helpful thing.  All of the squares and trines and kites and our evolution at half-past human is more than a little daunting.  It’s nice to have the quick, communicative twins out there cheering us on to recognize ourselves in the other and keep our “both/and” attitude.  Gemini knows that evolution IS change and I get the sense that those twins will try anything once.  They are curious.  They know they don’t know and they like finding out.  They don’t fail; they change.  They don’t fear; they accept, forgive, tolerate and PLAY.


Begin with the BALANCING MUDRA: stand in Tadasana (Mountain pose).  Clasp hands, interlock fingers, leave the left little finger outside.  Place RIGHT thumb on top of LEFT thumb to empower our masculine side and inspire confidence, LEFT atop RIGHT to empower our feminine side and inspire gentleness.

Now place the mudra under your chin and lift elbows and look up breathing in. Lower elbows together and look ahead for BUTTERFLY BREATH.  Do many times over.

Shoulder Opener on the Wall (spider walk hand from 12 noon to 6 o’clock)

Stomach Sky/ Stomach Earth Breath

Hand to Big Toe on Wall

Dragon Lunge, Crescent Lunge, Lizard Lunge

Warrior 2 Lunge, Reverse Warrior, Humble Warrior all in Lunge

Lunge Twist

Crow Pose and Side Crow Pose

Cat/ Cow, Alternate Arm/ Leg Raises, Playful Gate and Side Lunge

Spinal Rolls, Happy Baby, Bow Pose

Shoulder Stand

Cobra and Locust

Bridge Pose, Closing Twists




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