New Moon Commentary and Asanas (6/2 to 6/5)

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Just a note to let you know that the commentaries and the asana lists will come out online this month, but I won’t be emailing them after this one.  Please, please, please go to the blog to get them and also to follow my travels in July.  I am not sure if I will talk about yoga, dogs or the moon on the break/road trip, but if you feel like checking in, please be welcome at:

This site was created just for you and I hope you will feel free to share your comments there.  I will be adding class notes and asanas from all the classes as time permits.  Last week’s is already there. Please tear it up with feedback, criticisms and rants. Remember, your journey is about you and it’s time to balance out all my jabbering with YOUR insights.  Sincere thanks.



Some of our friends and neighbors, and I imagine all of the thousands of families who were forced to evacuate due to these fires in Calabasas and Topanga Canyon, California, shared similar feelings. It certainly brought us all face to face with understanding what is valuable to each of us.
We grabbed a handful of things and evacuated to safety. Later that night we activated what Sarah Varcas called “the alchemy of surrender” and went to sleep with prayers in our hearts, not knowing the fate of our homes, but abiding in that state of trust and unknowing.
The following day we learned that although the fires had ravished 500 acres of our neighboring hillside, they had been 70% contained and our homes had survived. The courageous firefighters who came from all over to combat these fires did an outstanding job and were able to corral and eventually drown out the threatening blaze.
Sarah Varcas had adviced us to watch for “unexpected developments that may surprisingly ease progress despite conditions that indicate the opposite and to try to discover the buried treasure.”
I include this as a bit of a tribute to our friend Alex Talbot who is out fighting fires, Jen Ryan and Debra Bullington’s family and friends and anyone else who has firefighters out in the world.  All our goddess poses are for you.  Come home safely. ~L
This moon represents a turning point.  We are changing our relation to fear and to shadow.  We now know that the duality inherent in our personal cycles is intimate with the polarity that creates in the material and ethereal universe.  We are allowing  the instability to do it’s work.  We are telling the ego to stand down and let the truth, the vision, the creative essence emerge.  This emotional, archival clearing and letting go of the past will yield emotional liberation, creative freedom.  It is up to each one of us to decide what love is.  We must learn from ourselves what we value.  Answers are not being “given”.  The dance of polarity will determine the outcome and the song is not over.  This is the part of the movement where we explore the soul.  We get to use the delays and the stop-start energy to dismantle our self-sabotage, do a little ruthless pruning of our self hatred and detach from false beliefs.
Gemini energy is intellectual, quick, light, mercurial, sometimes fickle and certainly interested in moving on.  That is our tropical sign this month.  In Vedic astrology the new moon is in Taurus the sign of material values, earthy delights and stability.  It’s a great combination for the journey to you.  Take the path from your head to your heart.  Find compassion for your struggles, your point of view and decide to embark upon the Quest for Your Essence.  Ana Forrest calls this “the Warrior’s Choice”, where we detach from illusion and false belief and seek to become intimate with our authentic self.  Jettison the ballast of toys, distractions and escapes.  Seek the pain at the core of addiction and bear witness to it, include it, ask it about creative solutions.  Place your faith, hope and trust in YOU and your authenticity.  Take off the mask, go behind the veil and know your capacity to grow in integrity.
Trust you can handle it.

Venus is conjunct the sun at this new moon and crosses into the depths of the underworld. This movement out of earthly view is called “going combust” in Vedic lore and while the sun is considered to be positive in Western traditions, it’s often thought to be malefic in the East.  We of the Lunar Yoga Tribe know that positive and negative are changing attributes, contextual and subjective.  We allow the interpretation and allow it to change as well.  The end result of this conjunction is that the morning star becomes the evening star after passing behind the burning luminary (see what I mean? all flows!) and it turns out she likes it better that way.  Feminine and dark, thank you.  
Her new placement lands her in the watery, decidedly female Cancerian waters and by July 14. She promises freedom from confusion in her new placement.  On Bastille day we will have the chance to put our new, streamlined values into practice and CHOOSE ANEW. Until then we can ask “what is love?” and “what is truth?” and notice how the symbols and meaning evolve and change through duality’s process.  When the time comes, we will be ready to DO LOVE DIFFERENT if we take this time to decide what it means to be our authentic selves.
This new moon is in the Rohini nakshatra in Jyotisha (Vedic astrology) and this lunar mansion occupies the part of the sky where Aldebaran, the red star of Taurus burns.  The opportunity for healing and self-care is on the rise, but this time we are asked to do it differently: short, more frequent rituals that remind us of the authentic self are called for.  Make your mudra, mantra and meditation short, sharp and dazzling.  Take that one minute to breathe deep (Gemini) and enter your vision of your most evolved self viscerally.  Never mind harsh energies from crosses and squares, we will use this passage to deepen our focus on our personal vision and our devotion to the emerging authentic self.
This week we used dhyana mudra: left hand palm up at navel level, right hand cradled within it, thumbs touching to create a triangle.  This mudra is for introspection, for turning the gentle attention inward and remembering the true self, the authentic, unchanging  observer of all that comes and goes.
This practice is called Swadhyaya in Sanskrit and it simply means “self-observation”.  Seeing the self as a single event head to toe.  This week we aim to be “generous in the interpretation of our own and other’s behavior”, as that is one really good definition of love.  Befriend all of it, inner and outer and let the instability do its work while you focus on your relationship to yourself and therefore, to life.
I am what I seek.
Sun salutations
Chair pose
Goddess Pose on tiptoes with Dhyana mudra for Alex
Wide knee Child’s Pose
Down Dog
Rolling Lizard Twist (inhale lean back and open, exhale lean forward and humble that warrior)
side lunge/crawl into 
Frog pose
twist and crawl into
Hip wiggles into Down dog
(do the boldface on the opposite side, now)
wide knee child’s pose
padmasana (seated lotus pose)
bow pose
cobra pose 
cobbler’s (or butterfly) pose
padmasana with torso twists
child’s pose
happy baby
prone twisting (knees one way, arms the other)
I also suggested that this was I really good new moon for creating a mantra of intent, both to be used as short, sharp, dazzling ritual throughout this lunar period and also written down after the 4th and burned, buried or placed in moving water.  However you think it would get to the other side best.  Mine was “I trust I can handle it” and I burned it because I fear fire and in the spirit of “doing it Differently” I am walking into my fears lately.  Baby steps and planning, yo.  Not time for the big stuff till mid-August or so.
But you only woulda gotten that if you were there!!!
Thursday at noon and Saturday at 10:45am until
Thursday June 30th!!!

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