Waxing crescent to 1st quarter moon ~ Actionable Ideas & Foundations of Support

“There was no chance Muhammad Ali wouldn’t be quoted this week…a few words from “The Greatest”:

“It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe.”

“Only a man who knows what it is like to be defeated can reach down to the bottom of his soul and come up with the extra ounce of power it takes to win when the match is even.”

–Muhammad Ali”

~from the website MysticMaiden.ca (how’s that for active holism of masculine and feminine?~L)

Muhammed Ali 
January 171942
June 32016

GRAIL‘s gravity map of the Moon


“You are not the only one. You are no better and no worse. You are, however, like everyone else and central to it all – not the God of gods or demon of all Demons but a humble source of creation itself –taking it and dishing it, forever in the act of balancing the constant ever-changing forces.  The same person who shouldered this or that back then is the same person, the only person, who can drop ‘it’ now. Uproot that gnarled weed that has grown in your mind and grab hold of ‘it’ by the tendrils that have so long made a home in your gut of guts.”

The monthly changes of angle between the direction of illumination by the Sun and viewing from Earth, and the phases of the Moon that result

Instead of closing ourselves to an opposing point of view or opinion, Gemini encourages open-minded tolerance. If we are feeling stuck, stalled, or uninspired, isn’t it possible our way of looking at the situation isn’t working? What does it hurt to consider something else?

Remember too that retrograding Mars is in penetrating Scorpio. No superficial answers will do! We may be tired of the status quo and shallow approaches that don’t seem to work. This week, like many others, we may be keenly aware of serious issues. However, we can take them on with a sense of humor, welcoming new information and innovative solutions from every corner of the universe.

Katt Hall xo at 12listen.com

Things are slow in coming to fruition, and that really frustrates you, but right now shadow and light are intermixed, so you need to be cautious and deliberate.  Take all the time you need, assess the conditions, ponder your surroundings and proceed only when you are comfortable and ready.  Don’t let others push you into action.

by Terri Ireland at 12listen.com

William Butler Yeats’ Lunar phases

The premise for “A Vision” is rooted in Yeats’ concept of the two interlocking gyres and phases of the moon. These elements are the basis of his work. They are the essential components of life according to Yeats. Understanding them allows us to understand the concepts of life, death and time in Yeats’ realm. They explain the meaning of life and history as well as what will happen in the future.

Twenty-and-eight the phases of the moon,/ The full and the moon’s dark and all the crescents,/ Twenty and eight, and yet but six-and-twenty/ The cradles that a man must needs be rocked in;/ For there’s no life at the full or the dark/…Too perfect to lie in a cradle,/ Too lonely for the traffic of the world;/ Body and soul cast out and cast away/ Beyond the visible world. (Yeats, 60-61).

This passage is from “Phases of the Moon” in A Vision. It describes the progression of time in relation to the phase cycle of the moon. The new and full moon are the periods where time begins and ends. The darkness of the new moon is “beyond the world” where phase one starts (Stock, 124). The phases in between the two are the growth and evolution of the human soul over time, or incarnations as Yeats describes them. Yeats adds a new dimension to the phases of the moon by incorporating the four Faculties. They are: Will, Mask, Creative Mind, and Body of Fate. Each one of these aspects of human nature oppose one another at any given time. Will and Mask are linked together, while Creative Mind and Body of Fate are joined together.  

~from: “Cycle of Life Explained in A Vision.” 123HelpMe.com. 07 Jun 2016


Day 3  Waxing Crescent

Day 7 First Quarter Moon (90 degrees between Earth, Sun and Moon)

Day 11 Waxing Gibbous


Day 17 Waning Gibbous

Day 22 Third Quarter Moon (90 degrees between Earth, Sun and Moon–OTHER SIDE OF THE PLANET!!!)

Day 24 Waning Crescent

Day 27-28 (or 1) NEW MOON

It’s a jittery process. Be gentle with yourself. ~L

 “This lunar cycle inspires audacious action and enterprising pursuits while standing in the midst of uncertainty and the diversionary conditions of human life. It brings emphasis to the physical infrastructures in our lives and to that which supports our fundamental physical needs. It impels us to create nurturing and protective environments and conditions, and brings emphasis to monetary issues.  This is the firstlunar cycle occurring as we fully engage in the last quarter of the 20-year Jupiter-Saturn cycle, that began in June of 2000 and which completes in 2020, presented in the article: Sociopolitical & Personal Explorations 2016-2020.

This lunar cycle can stimulate unexpected or disconcerting events in our lives or unexpected disclosures, but that support progressive change in the longer term. Staying heart centered is emphasized.”

~Nick Fiorenza of The Lunar Planner

The Home of “Earth’s Precessional Cross”
The Sacred Geometry of Global Change

& the Evolutionary Cycle of the Soul

(Highly recommended if terribly complex and woo.~L)

waxing crescent moon – sometimes called a young moon – is always seen in the west after sunset.

At this moon phase, the Earth, moon and sun are located nearly on a line in space. If they were more precisely on a line, as they are at new moon, we wouldn’t see the moon. The moon would travel across the sky during the day, lost in the sun’s glare.

Tonight – June 8, 2016 – the waxing crescent moon beams in front of the constellation Cancer, the faintest constellation of the zodiac.   The June solstice sun always marks the first point of the sign Cancer.


Note that a crescent moon has nothing to do with Earth’s shadow on the moon. The only time Earth’s shadow can fall on the moon is at full moon, during a lunar eclipse. There is a shadow on a crescent moon, but it’s the moon’s own shadow. Night on the moon happens on the part of the moon submerged in the moon’s own shadow. Likewise, night on Earth happens on the part of Earth submerged in Earth’s own shadow.  (Everybody’s gotta deal with their own dark side, yo.~L)


This young moon - June, 2016 - marked the beginning of Ramadan. Abdulmajeed Alshatti wrote: June 2016 waxing moon marked the beginning of Ramadan for Muslims around the world. Abdulmajeed Alshatti posted this photo at EarthSky Facebook on June 7 and wrote: “Muslims fast for the whole of the lunar month … This is the crescent as it appeared in Kuwait tonight (June 7).”~earthsky.org

The Lunar Phases by Nick Anthony Fiorenza

CRESCENT: Growing a 07° 53′ sidereal Cancer
Wed, Jun 8, 12:19 GMT; Wed, Jun 8, 5:19 AM MST

Growing Phase begins with:


Growing Phase ends with:



How to Harness the Power of the Waxing Crescent Moon

During the waxing crescent moon it is beneficial to reflect, meditate and visualize to bring inspiration and passion into your intentions. This is a period of regeneration and anything you do to strengthen yourself is more effective when the moon is waxing. Take advantage of this time to attract and bring positive change into your life.   The Waxing CrescentMoon can have a positive affect on our behavior. If you have an interest to conjure energies into your life such as more patience, more understanding in your relationship or a more positive attitude, this is the perfect timing for such goals.


(Lindsey, you would really dig this site.)

“If this week has a theme it’s reconciliation. If you don’t find a way to get right with yourself then your relationships are likely to push you until you do. [There is] tension between what you want and what you feel locked into. Think about where your greatest growth is instead of only responding to your feels at face value.  If you’re feeling petty or resentful, try and breathe through it and show others the same patience and compassion that you most surely need.  This is an important time for getting your insides better in line with your actions, boo.”  ~lovelanyadoo.com

FIRST QUARTER: Flowering a 26° 33′ sidereal Leo Sun, Jun 12, 08:09 GMT; Sun, Jun 12, 1:09 AM MST

Flowering Phase begins with:


Flowering Phase ends with:



This moon appears half-lit to us, and half moon is a beloved name (although not an official one). Still, it’s good to recall that the illuminated portion of a firstquarter moon truly is just a quarter. On the night of first quarter moon, we see half the moon’s day side, or a true quarter of the moon. Another lighted quarterof the moon shines just as brightly in the direction opposite Earth!

first quarter moon rises at noon and is high overhead at sunset. It sets around midnight. ~earthsky.org

” I am taking action to move my intention from a dream state into the physical world.

Questions to ask myself: Am I taking the actions I know I am capable of? Am I remembering to have fun in the process?”


“We all have a ‘best’ version of ourselves and a version that we know holds us back. These are the two extremes of our own inner pendulum. One end may swing faster and travel further but it is inextricably linked to the other. But what sometimes feels limiting also provides the security we need to balance us. Without it, we become detached and surge forward, which is okay – until we end up in a motionless heap on the ground. It’s time to cut yourself some slack. You’re on the move and starting to swing again.”


Lunar astrology is a very important branch of astrology and the aspects between the solar/lunar cycles can uncover the inner depths of your existence. 

The lunation cycle translates the solar/lunar aspects in the phases of the moon into human conscious (sun) subconscious (moon) characteristics that affect the course of events on earth – “fate”.

Each phase of the moon reflects a map of solar/lunar/earth energy that portrays the personal wiring of each and every one of us.

The orbital paths of the moon and earth around the sun shape the eight phases of the moon which symbolize the embodiment of life (earth), action (sun) and reaction (moon). 


That’s the part we are always trying to yoke, no? Get that reactive, spastic part lined up with the higher purpose, the vision we have of how to move into this world in a way that does not destroy us, but uplifts us.   We are responsible for tending that fire of hope and not extinguishing it in others.

This week as we move from WAXING CRESCENT to FIRST QUARTERMOON (in case I did not bang on that hard enough) let’s get some well thought out plans for action in place. Let’s make those intentions to honor the authentic self real.  Let’s guide the use of our life-force energy toward our vision of who we each are.  K?

Thursday at noon, Saturday at 10:45am at the Lovely Dancing Lotus Center for which we I am very grateful.
Mind your heart,

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