Waxing Crescent Wednesday and First Quarter Sunday Commentary and Asanas

Yoganauts, we are in the growing and flowering stage of our lunar journey.  This flower opens on the First Quarter, Sunday (which looks like a half) and then pollination starts in the Gibbous phase.  Full moons bear fruit and then we harvest, compost and seed anew.

or this

and this:

That waxing crescent phase is like the first eighth of the cycle, roughly 3 and a half days.  I will want to expand on the seed idea from the new moon.  So in our example from last week’s class, I’ll try to creatively engage my authentic self.  Maybe try doing some of those frequent, short meditations and inquiring about what I really enjoy or why I don’t like certain things.  Just get to know myself better and visit my native tendencies.

I also want to find a realistic, achievable way to contact my authentic self: for our example I could use every encounter with others as an opportunity to examine myself and my attitudes and scan for resonance.  When I think something I could ask “Is it TRUE?”. I could write down my dreams and free associate about them for a month.  I would try to tease out my beliefs, desires or motivations.  I could engage therapy . . . on and on.

It’s also important to identify doubts and fears about my new moon intention at the first sign of the crescent.  In my intention to illuminate my authentic self, I might be afraid to discover unconscious tendencies.  I might be stubborn or uncaring at times.  I might talk to much (ya think?), over analyze or minimize the contributions of others.  I might also have a bunch of negative beliefs working against me: I may think it’s normal to be inauthentic, I might fear that I am not a good person at heart or I may not know how to integrate my negative qualities.  I may have to face my belief that I am destined to fail.  The best way to do it that I have found is to really feel the fear, let it wash over me in waves until I can sincerely allow the thought “you never know, it could be another way”.  Don’t know mind, beginners’ perspective sometimes takes days of processing for me to achieve, and I have some issues that will take a lifetime to move through.  The point is to be willing to see the fear differently.

After Sunday at 2:09pm, I am free to put my careful plans into action.  I will try to trust the process and demonstrate that trust by applying my talents and working at it.  I will go to that therapy session, I will do “The Work” by Byron Katie about some outstanding issues (I swear I have 2 half written pages on that, I hope I can get into after Sunday!!), I will draw more, I will listen silently more (!).

I will try to keep in mind that I want to PUSH through my limitations and old patterns by Thursday of next week (waxing gibbous) when I can reach another level of growth.  I am pushing open to greater potential and personal will with action steps and then stepping back and evaluating.  I am tweaking and adjusting my actions according to how it really feels to me.

moonflower [ˈmuːnˌflaʊə] n 1. Any of several night-blooming convolvulaceous plants.

In class I did discuss some of the days’ aspects, but here I’ll just keep it to the really big deal: Uranus conjunct Eris will be a large factor in the coming months and even years.  This conjunction was with us just prior to WW2 and the insight that we can get from the story of the Godess Eris herself is really illuminating.  It is a story of the patriarchy, the glorification of a cat fight (please look her up).  It is also the story of repressed feminine energy and that needs to expand into the world through the heart chakra in 2016 to avoid another massive breakdown in world politics and collective consciousness.  When Eris, Goddess of discord, strife and chaos and Uranus, the great awakener come together in the sky the big imbalance of masculinity and femininity is punishing for all of us.

In Lunar yoga, we look at this outside of gender roles; the feminine is the encompassing unifying, leveling dark element and the masculine is that protective, security-seeking stabilizer in all of us.  There’s a part of me that wants an army to deal with the big old, bad old world and a part of me that wants to smother it in hugs and kisses.  Same story Lunar yoga always tells: fear or love, greed or giving, hate or care.  It’s gotta be both, here beneath the moon.  Stretch, reach, strengthen: encompass all.  Stand more.  Tolerate better, bigger.  And THIS TIME that “rub it all together and see what you get” energy, ALL of the feminine darkness and chaos?  It’s got to come through the heart.  The only way to a new paradigm is through inclusion, loving the journey, the hot mess we have made of it and the process.  What we were doing before was about separation and we’ve called that patriarchy.  Here forward, we must find our compassion for ALL of LIFE.  No exceptions (and no absolutes!), EVERYONE IS INVITED TO THE PARTY, but you gotta wear your big boy/girl pants.

I noticed there were no ticks nor any mosquitoes in this depiction.

There is also the minor matter (uh huh) of  Saturn Square Neptune.  Remember the dreaded Uranus~Pluto Square?  This is the updated version, with us until September of this year.

“Saturn demands patience and humility, commitment and a willingness to endure when life refuses to unfold as we desire.   Saturn looks out for our welfare by encouraging common sense and wisdom in equal measure.  Neptune embraces everything without condition or exception.  It brings us moments of complete peace and those of terrifying dissolution.  
Together these two planets provide the most polarized experiences of our lives – definition and dissolution.
When two planets square each other we must find a way to accommodate and live both.”
~Sarah Varcas from Astroawakenings.co.uk

See? It’s not just me!  Some others like to pound the “both/and” drum.  And I swear the universe it rife with it, or I would not keep bringing it up.  Notice the polarity: spirit versus matter.  This time spirit wins.  There is a thing bigger than Saturn and it is Neptune in Pisces, yo.

Class was about the way that the sun salutations and (all of yoga) honor our energy centers called chakras.  These are vortices, portals or toroidal spheres that can be envisaged as flowers throughout the centerline of the body.  So they exist in each one of us and are a collective feature of humanity.  Some people even say the earth has chakras.  The feature about chakras that ties all of this lunar cycling together is that they are our areas of assimilation.  Each chakra has a signature energy that it jibes with.  When the energy is flowing, we are like roses: created and destroyed a million time s and hour and no worse for the wear.  When we balk and stop the energy flow, things get messy.

This is one vision of what the authentic self might look like; a body with chakras that you can remember by saluting the sun–the biggest visible energy center.  You have to admit, it is still a very popular idea and lots of people like to use it as one of those fast, frequent rituals we were talking about incorporating as action steps.  Muslims do a similar thing 5 times a day, but they point toward Mecca.  Anyway, one method of illuminating authentic self and YOU ALREADY KNOW IT (without the jargon–so here it is)!!!

Tadasana-heart chakra-“I love”

Hands to sky-throat chakra-“I speak”

Standing Forward fold-root chakra-“I am”

Plank-sacral chakra-“I do”

Chaturanga-solar plexus chakra-“I feel”

Updog-3rd eye chakra-“I see”

Downdog-crown chakra-“I understand”

I like this order better than any other and other people label the chakras differently in Surya Namaskar.  This is the Lynn Lunar yoga version, you helped me develop it in class.  In our class we use Ashtanga Series A.  You are ready for B now, we are going to add it next week with the waxing gibbous and the full moon.

These are the poses (you already know from class) in their chakra context.

Forgive the body-shaming skinniness there.

Root Chakra  “Muladhara”  Color: Red  Seed syllable: “LAM”  Location: Base of Spine, Legs  Mudra: Thumb and index fingers touch, arms straight, hands on knees

Poses we use: Tadasana, Warrior I, Goddess with mudra

“I am” * Survival

Sacral Chakra Swadisthana” Color: Orange Seed syllable: “VAM”  Location: Hips, gonads  Mudra: Hands in lap, right palm resting on left, thumbs touch

Poses we use: Warrior II, Goddess with mudra to Wide Legged Forward Fold

“I feel” *  Creativity

Solar Plexus Chakra Manipura”  Color: Yellow  Seed syllable: “RAM”  Location: Belly  Mudra: Palms together between stomach and heart, thumbs cross (masculine or feminine on top)

Poses we use: Boat, Half Lord of the Fishes, Bow

“I do” * Will power

Heart Chakra Anahata”  Color: Green  Seed syllable: “YAM”  Location: Heart                   Mudra: Right hand-index finger and thumb touch at heart center, left hand same resting on left knee

Poses we use: Camel, Gate, Fish

“I love” * Inclusion, love

It cannot be emphasized too much that we begin to consciously process through this chakra.  We have practiced deliberately dropping our gentle attention down into this area in class.  It is a simple practice, but is so vital to our coming challenges.  Keep taking your FEAR to this place for processing.

Throat Chakra Vishudda” Color: Blue  Seed syllable: “HAM”  Location: Throat                Mudra: Hands by stomach, fingers interlaced, thumb tips touching

Poses we use: Cat/Cow, Shoulderstand, Plow, Bridge

“I speak” * Expression, purity

Third Eye Chakra Vishudda” Color: Indigo  Seed syllable: “AUM”  Location: between eyebrows

Poses we use: Seated forward fold, head to knee, child pose with fist stacked pressing between eyebrows

“I see” *  Intuition

Crown Chakra  Sahasrara”  Color: Violet  Seed syllable: “ANG” or silence  Location: top of head

Poses we use: Half lotus, Alternate nostril breath, Savasana or corpse pose

“I understand” * Spiritual Connection

Superpower?  Chakra flow.  You already have it and Yoganauts know!



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