Full Moon to Waning Gibbous: Harvest and Release

Lin-Manuel Miranda 


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“As we stand in unison for the betterment of the collective good, may we also have the courage to sift through the truth of our own broken pieces, so that we might identify a wholeness within that inspires wholeheartedness for all humanity.” ~traceylrogers.com

Collage by Chani Nicholas & Sonya Passi

DISSEMINATING: Harvesting a 22° 53′ sidereal Capricorn Fri, Jun 24, 05:11 GMT; u, Jun 23, 10:11 PM MST

Harvesting Phase begins with:


Harvesting Phase ends with:


“Questions to ask myself: What does my body need right now? What are some ways I can pamper myself?”~aliciagoldberg.com

Waning Gibbous

The week following the full moon is often a time for consolidation as lunar energy starts to diminish again and our activity levels begin to drop off.  It may be a time when projects come to a close (or pause) and we are able to slow down, look back and clearly assess the month.  It is good to remind yourself to feel proud, satisfied and complete, and to share these sentiments with others.

Typically, as our focus begins to turn inward again, our skills of analysis, scrutiny and our attention to detail are greatest during this phase, so if your job or study requires these traits then this is the time you may be at your most efficient.

Physically you may begin to tire earlier in the evening, as energy peaks earlier in the day, and you may notice a decrease in appetite.

This lunar phase can be a gentle time of intimacy and tenderness, once the raw passion of the full moon has passed.~themoonschool.org

Influence of the Moon

Because of the near proximity of the Moon to the Earth, its strong tidal gravitational force makes it second in influence after the Sun. Lunar zodiac position in the sky, moving from one zodiac sign to another, helps astrologers explore the nature of human personality and daily activity.

Essence of human emotions

Astrologists (weird word!!!~L) believe that daily position change of the Moon in the zodiac reveals the essence of human emotions and may be the reason of their reaction to certain situations. Moon influences human creativity, imagination and ability to attract other people. It affects human’s personal mood and their focus on daily activities.

Moon in signs meaning

While travelling the heavens and crossing the zodiac constellation after constellation, Moon is charging itself with the power and qualities of currently visited zodiac sign.~lunaf.com

“An attitude of pseudo-masculine posturing could prevent you from acknowledging your own woundedness and vulnerability, and prevent you from growing. Or perhaps you experience conflict because of mentor/healer types who don’t permit or who subversively undermine your own creative expression of self-purpose. Resolution to these conflicts lies in meeting both needs: the need to connect with and trust one’s inner self, and the need to heal old wounds through accepting guidance from others who have already embarked on the healing journey.”~weeklyhoroscope.com

Double Light by Chani Nicholas & Sonya Passi

“These moments reveal to us how willing we are to learn how to take care of ourselves and our community. How willing we are to stay present with our people. How willing we are to reach out and make a connection with those we know are struggling. How willing we are to give ourselves what we need. Because moments like these speak to all the other moments that felt like fractions of this. Like splinters of this. Like hints of this. Like the possibility of this.

We cannot leave each other in the dark.

This is tender terrain.

So how do we work with these forces that don’t know much of each other? How do we make room for both of these needs? What do we see with this light available to us?

We see both.

Both the inner experience and the outer quest. Both the deeply personal meaning of the moment and also the collective one. Ask the big questions. Feel the big feelings. Listen for the quieter responses. Tend to the tiny tugs at your heart.

There is so much we can offer this moment. Mainly our humanity. Our willingness to know how our little lives intersect with our bigger roles. To know how our personal identities play out in the larger world. To connect to each other, in solidarity, so that we feel the power of collective resistance and resilience. To open to the global impact, while keeping an eye on our home front.

Solstice full moon blessings,

Chani” ~chaninicolas.com

(It’s starting to catch on!  The moonmeme!~L)

“Sun moves into the sign of Cancer this week and that is going have a profound change in terms of financial and career/professional movement in the weeks to come… The sign of Cancer is by far the most business & financially oriented of all the signs.

 What I also have found over the years is that if you were to give something to a Cancer and ask them to take care of it, twenty years later they’d have that item in the same condition or better than when you gave it to them… But they’re not as careful when it comes to their own possessions and/or finances until they learn… The trick is to treat your possessions as if they belonged to someone else… That takes all the emotions out of the process and lets you operate in the most effective ways..

Jupiter is connecting to Pluto in Capricorn and that energy is there to help restore a sense of justice in our financial lives…it can take place in a rather herky-jerky kind of way… Or a way that can test your “inner faith” as that is a very important principle to both of these planets.  Mars returns to direct motion next week and that is going to be a MAJOR plus for us.”  ~ Daniel Dowd of Weeklyhoroscope.com

Valentine Grenier (whoa!~L)

“The Solstice, Full Moon and Mercury Influence Thoughts, Actions and Feelings

The overall manifestation this week influences emotions and sensitizes communication. What is said and done is power-packed, which has been happening during the season from the last Equinox in March until now with the Solstice. Four Full Moons with two being in Sagittarius and the strong impulse of Mercury has heightened how everyone feels and intensified actions and reactions.  There is a national and even world reaction to the compulsions through mass consciousness to go with the flow rather than thinking independently. The energy is so fast that many are on automatic pilot.

(SOVEREIGNTY ALERT!!! Mind your mind, yo!~L)

This Sagittarius Full Moon peaks early Monday morning and is the fourth Full Moon within a season. Between the March equinox and this June solstice there have been four Full Moons that is unusual. The last was nineteen years ago and the next will be in 2035. The call for manifestation is justice in its many forms. For you, much can be achieved by connecting to your personal beliefs.  It helps when striving to move through the world and life to be familiar with those inner motivations.

For the Week

Key words:

See; perspective; reality; individuality; originality; discern; focus; attune; connect; nature


My inner barometer (authentic self, perhaps?~L) is my ultimate sensor of harmony that guides me through life.

Colors & Stones:

Pearl; emerald; carnelian; moonstone; opal; pink tourmaline; mother of pearl; chalcedony

Oils & Herbs:

Chamomile; lavender; lily; sage; myrrh; rose

Next Week:

The Last Quarter Moon in Aries, Mercury goes into Cancer to join the Sun and Mars turns direct from its current retrograde position in Scorpio.

These are sensitive times where communication is critical. The urge is to say something even when many facts are lacking furthers volatility in the environment. Life is happening [quickly and furiously].

Recognizing we are all connected to everything is the Solstice message. We are part of the earth, the elements and stars and our intentions are stronger now.” (swadhyaya~L)

By: Sandra Helton, PhD (svadhyaya ~L)

“This Full Moon puts extra emphasis on the beginning and end of this sign, (Sagittarius) reminding us that cycles of growth and change take time and are part of larger cycles in our lives. We always have the chance to grow more. The past month has been a huge phase of change and growth in our lives. 
Jupiter meets the North Node in the center of the sign of Virgo at 15 degrees on Monday.
The North Node is a destiny point. It would be wise for you to use this time to think more about what you really want your life to become in the grander scheme of things, and learn the steps necessary to get there. Make lists of the things you want to experience for your life, and then make an action plan. Virgo is all about the details of the work necessary to get there. We are reminded that to reach the bigger goals in life, it starts with a big vision and small steps that build on one another.
Jupiter in Virgo meeting the North Node signifies that we also recognize the abundance and value of nature, of wellness and living life in a holistic, healthy way that honors all our lives.   We get to decide which direction we take life. We can each intelligently be a force of change in the world. Reverence for the natural world with gratitude takes us a step closer to realizing the higher purpose of life. The earth is the garden that sustains our lives, and all life.
This is a time to respect the lifetime you’ve been given so you can make a difference in the world and live to your higher potential. Your life makes a difference. Your life matters. You are a part of the abundance of life.
Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn are in harmony on Sunday, June 26, 2016. This signifies growth and empowerment. Goals that are aligned with a higher vision for your life, and a mission that parallels your personal philosophy, are the ones to focus on. Taking the leadership approach for your life, deciding what course of action is best, will help you to feel like you’re happily ascending up a mountain worth climbing.
Mercury in Gemini and Uranus in Aries are in harmony on Sunday as well. This is great for useful information to find you out of the blue. Pay close attention to synchronicities and messages.~symbolicliving.com
Such a “Deb picture”.   “The Quest for the Authentic Self” on zengardener.com

“This astrology can have us feeing a little spun out and spent. It’s up to each one of us to stay close to our center and not get too lost in whatever it is getting spun.

The only thing that can counter our fear is our connection.

 We need big, broad, open minds to hold all that beauty, all that pain and all that complexity.

Let yourself be broader. Let your heart widen. Let your life deepen.” ~chaninicolas.com

The second book of the yoga sutras begins with an axiom that defines a key element of yoga practice as accepting pain as help for purification, tapas. The only (?~L) way that the inner fire of purification works is if you learn to stay in it and not run away. The natural human response to pain is fear, avoidance and denial, yet yoga uses pain as a method of awakening. By learning to accept (??~L–i’d say cycle) pain within the safe space of yoga you learn to create a pause between the stimulus of pain and the response in your body and mind that wants to run away. In that powerful pause you are able to choose your course of action instead of being driven by reactionary patterns from the past. The store of accumulated reactionary patterns amount to what is called in Sanskrit the samskaras and these set ways of being, reacting and running create the negative karma that adversely affects our lives. ~kenoyoga.com

(I don’t see it as necessary to use pain in this way, but if it is already present this is one way to use it constructively to release layers of accumulated energies.  Once the commitment to reveling the authentic self is engaged, emotions are felt and expressed more freely.  Pain is a feeling AND an emotion that is best allowed to cycle like breath, like tides, like wind and trees and rain.  My opinion, yo.  Keno is really passionate, but there is a reason for the reptilian brain’s reactionary quality.~L)

“But those who know, know. And they´re the ones with the biggest jobs right now. To hold, and transmute energy that has been so forcibly suppressed. Other energyworkers in conflict zones or places of violent disturbance (Orlando comes to mind) will absolutely be called to do similar energetic holding-and-shifting.
Because that´s where the shift begins. In You. Through You.
If your response to hate is hate, then that is all we will have, at the end of the day.
Together, let´s hold a vibration of peace and forgiveness – especially in the face of the most violent forms of hatred. That is the best that we can do.
And the rest? Let´s see what the Universe has planned.
In the meantime, send Love everywhere you can, beginning with Yourself.”
Lunar yoga can sometimes help me with this perspective: it isn’t personal.  Yeah, life can be an absolute trial and why anyone would show up here is a great mystery except: perhaps transmuting energy is what we are good for.  Maybe if we take care of these power struggles and sovereignty issues HERE, on this planet, in this dimension it echoes throughout time and space.  It could pave the way for our children and their children.  I don’t think we can deny any longer that the energy is moving from “me and not me” to “us”.  Is it worth 13 or 14 billion years?  Gaia says “yes” and she’s the one with the most to lose. ~L

Are you in a place of lack and fear?

 You can communicate with ANY energy – in both the physical and spiritual world – in either a positive or negative frame of mind.

 So preparing by consciously being in a calm, receptive, peaceful and grateful state is super important.~taniagabrielle.com

(And knowing your authentic self and how to arrive in the above state can be really helpful, too.~L)

LAST QUARTER: Cultivating a 11° 16′ sidereal Pisces Mon, Jun 27, 18:18 GMT; Mon, Jun 27, 11:18 AM MST

Cultivating Phase begins with:


Cultivating Phase ends with:


We’ll celebrate our lunar journey with a variety of Moon salutations, the long-held poses of Yin yoga and some serious restoratives.  A both/and practice.
If you have any requests for next Thursday let me know, yo.
Mind your heart,
Syzygy in 11 days

After 11 days on 4 July 2016 at 11:01 in ♋ Cancer, the Moon will be in New Moon geocentric conjunction with the Sun and this alignment forms next Sun-Moon-Earth syzygy.~lunaf.com


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