Mars direct and the Last Quarter to Waning Crescent Basalmic – The Feels are Real

“Moon Mind Calendar
{June 27th to July 3rd}
This Week’s Intention: 
Begin again. Allow renewal, change and transformation to move you this week. Commit to new steps and deeper transformation.
 Get out of your
 own way.
Mercury has just moved to Gemini, joining the combust pair Sun and Venus.  The burning heat of the Sun provokes a purification process, this time influencing the mental body. This cycle is intimately connected to release, transformation and uprooting- especially with regard to relationships and the “other”.”

Here’s the tropical calendar:

“Monday, June 27th

Venus in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces both at 11+ degrees

Wednesday, June 29th

Mercury moves into Cancer

Mars stations direct degrees of 23+ Scorpio

Thursday, June 30th

Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn both at 16+ degrees

Friday, July 1st

Venus in Cancer sextile Jupiter in Virgo both at 17+ degrees

Sunday, July 3rd

Sun in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces both at 11+ degrees”

Here’s the Jyotish Calendar:
June 30th: Mars Direct
July 4th: New Moon in Gemini and Ardra Nakshatra
July 7th: Venus moves to Cancer
July 11th: Mercury in Cancer
July 13th: Mars moves back to Scorpio
July 16th: Sun moves to Cancer
July 19th: Guru Purnima Full Moon in Capricorn and UttaraAshada
July 26th: Mercury moves to Leo
July 31st: Venus moves to Leo”
waning quarter moon
“Questions to ask myself: Am I allowing myself enough freedom to relax? What is something I can do for myself as a token of love?”
“Get ready, Puppies and Kittens, this week will bring up all the feels!  Neptune and Saturn are still in their dastardly dance, so paranoia and anxiety are in the air.  From the 27th-29th, dreamy and romantic Neptune will bat it’s long eyelashes at sensual Venus.  On the 30th till July 2nd, transformational Pluto is coming to knock some sense into Venus, so things will very quickly get very real.  Be honest and kind because what you throw at others in these days will come back at you like a boomerang!  Play nice and you’ll be well-rewarded, loves.”
waning crescent moon
“Questions to ask myself: What would bring more peace into my life? What are the needs of my heart and soul?”
“Hey Moon-doggies…
We have Jupiter and the North Node exactly aligned in the sign of Virgo today… This is a pattern that is there to set the wheels of change into motion in each of our individual lives… While it may not feel that much different than any other day, this energy is like the “moment of birth” for our future transformations… But the real wild part of this particular transit is that Jupiter is considered “The PLanet of Good Fortune” and the North Node (which really just a calculated point in the Big Sky) is an indicator that Fate and Destiny are an active part of the horoscope.
With this kind of chart energy, the struggles we encounter are there to “teach us” something… Where we can end up gaining both knowledge and experience from what we normally would try to avoid… (or something like that)… “
Daniel Dowd of

The Moon & Mars Planetary Bio-Harmonic Audio-Video

The Moon & Mars
Video Duration: 00:03:33 min

This short video takes you on a meditative journey from the Moon to Mars. Incorporating the Moon, Mars and its Moon’s Planetary Bioharmonics; and featuring NASA images of the surface of Mars.
Produced by Nick Anthony Fiorenza of

Mars and Venus Surprised by Vulcan (detail). Guillemot Alexandre Charles,1827.

“After a long and grueling backwards drive, Mars, the planet of motivation and action will be stationing direct on the 29th.   It rules action, ambition, anger as well as impatience and war.

 This week three major planets hover in the sign of Cancer and oppose Pluto in Capricorn. Oppositions symbolize a call to action; a call for restoration after destruction. With the Sun, Mercury and Venus drifting through Cancer together the topic becomes that of harmony, sensitivity, and, ultimately, civility.”

Mars and Venus – Johan Tobias Sergel
 During the retrograde cycle we are often detoured from taking significant external action.  Though we may experience the delays as frustrating, the purpose of the time is to struggle with inner boundaries before expanding or claiming new outer territory.  If we force the issue and push through in spite of obstacles during the retrograde, we often discover later that the offensive has proven too costly in some way.  As Mars turns direct we will find resolution to roadblocks experienced in recent months or will realize we didn’t really need to take the proposed path in the first place.
Venus and Mars by Sidney Harold Meteyard.
Venus is combust and therefore invisible until July 9.  Mars on the other hand, is shining like a laser pointer in the South still retrograde until Wednesday.  The ancients assign serious influence to the brightness of the planets.  I don’t think the cosmic lovers LIKE being separated, do you?  Seems like Mars takes some exception to Venus’ tour of the Underworld?  Hmmmmm?~L
Venus Transits Sun – Cazimi
“Hundred and thousands of years ago, mythology, spirituality and magic were just a normal part of everyday life. They saw each moment of life as being infused with deep meaning, with messages for them to interpret and understand to be found everywhere.  Today, we are ripe for wisdom to reach us. A realization can slowly flow into your heart today that sends you into a whole other stratosphere of understanding what love is.
Happy Canada Day! On July 1st, Venus and Jupiter are in harmony.   A little love goes a long way. Something as simple as making a meal for someone can touch their heart, provide comfort and reassurance. Isn’t that what life needs, more reassurance, more love, more hope, more generosity and care?
 By the end of the week the Sun, Mercury, Venus and the Moon will be in Cancer. These are the early days of summer. Be sure to water your plants as another example of how you care. Make good meals. Eat well. Provide care and comfort. These are the important things now and each heartfelt thought and feeling can help to reveal the wisdom life has to offer you.”
“We are so captivated by and entangled in our subjective consciousness that we have forgotten the age-old fact that God speaks chiefly through dreams and visions.”
– C.G. Jung
“[I]t´s a good space-time to look at different ideas, paradigms, karmic paths of healing-suffering-transcendence-and getting deeper with it all. And where you stand with it. Whether it´s a roar, a rumble of thunder, the spark of fire, or the lightest whisper – my friends – Find your Voice and SPEAK.

(Or write. Or draw. Whatever works 😉 )”

Some recommended Crystals:
Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Chrysoprase, Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine, Charoite and Fairy Cross – explore have a look-see and which resonates most with where you are and what you need at this time.

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

“Know your power.

Mars stations direct this week after being retrograde since April 17th. The days surrounding a planet stationing direct are intense ones. Especially when that planet is known for its intensity. This week will most likely highlight themes of personal and collective power.

If we are afraid of our power, someone else will come along and use it against us.  This is how to misuse Mars. Especially in the emotional powerhouse sign of Scorpio.  Good thing Scorpio is the most resilient sign of the zodiac. We must be willing to do the work that it takes to win back our humanity. We must be devoted to creating societies that care for the most vulnerable among us first. We can be faithful to the fight for love.

This week Venus also finds itself in intense tides. As Venus in the family oriented sign of Cancer opposes Pluto in practical Capricorn we might find ourselves going through intense and extreme emotions, relationship dynamics and learning how to deal with overbearing feelings and/or folks.

Kill them with kindness.

Because this week is also flooded with good feelings. There is harmony amidst the discord. Beauty alongside the beasts.  It’s much harder to pit people against each other if they feel loved, cared for, fed and on purpose. Our connection can save us, but we have to fight for one another so that none of us is left out along the way.”

“Moon Mind Calendar
{June 27th to July 3rd}
This Week’s Intention: 
Begin again. Allow renewal, change and transformation to move you this week. Commit to new steps and deeper transformation.
 Get out of your
 own way.”
(yes, a mistake to include it twice.  I decided I liked it.~L)

“Saturn retro often lacks in external motivation, Mars is retro as well (lack of internal motivation), and Neptune retro can lead to disillusionment to some extent. So if something doesn’t go to plan, check your motivation and goals.”
~ Bud at Weekly
(knowing where Mars falls in the natal chart can help, this planets’ retro ends Wednesday, but we still have to deal with the shadow period~L)
“The New Moon is at 12 degrees 53 minutes of Cancer, and happens on the 4th July at 4am PST and 12 noon UK time. The Sun and Moon are always together at a New Moon, and are conjunct Venus too; this is about loving feelings, particularly shared with family and those close to you. However, these planets are opposed by Pluto, the planet of power. So we may see some intense power struggles in the first two weeks of July, which can be on the public stage, or in your own relationships.
 From the 4th July, Venus is in a T-square with Uranus, Eris and Pluto, so this is about power, control, manipulation and intensity in relationships.
The Sun then replaces Mercury, and highlights the Uranus-Pluto square until July 20th. So Venus, Mercury and the Sun are all ‘pulling’ the Uranus-Pluto square back into highlight, and Eris is now part of the picture too, being conjunct Uranus in Aries.  In the world, this is likely to be continuing challenge to big corporation, institutions, and governments, authoritative structures that are felt to be too controlling or stifling to individual freedom.

There is also a beautiful Grand Trine in water from the 4th-20th July. This is between Mars at 23 Scorpio, Chiron at 25 Pisces, and initially Venus, then Mercury, then the Sun forming the third corner of the trine. If you have any planets or angles around 23-25 degrees of the water signs you may feel this strongly. This can bring profound healing, deep emotional healing, to things which you may have struggled with for a long time, that may be connected to repressed emotion.”

~Pam Gregory from

“The moment anyone tells you that your presence must be expressed in x, y, or z way – you know you´re in ego-game. It has nothing at all to do with Love.  Unconditional Presence. That when I choose to engage with you, I shall be nothing except my truest, deepest self. And that is the most Loving thing I can do for you.

But you might not like it 🙂 – or you might do. Depends on you.”

Unconditionally So,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess

“Remember having a particularly exhausting day, and that night, how good it felt to turn off the lights and drop your weary body into bed, sloughing off the chattering thoughts? Remember how good it felt next morning, waking up refreshed and renewed, your problems shrunk to their rightful size, your optimism and hope grown larger? As the final phase in the lunation cycle, the Balsamic Moon is the monthly “sleep time”. During the three to four days of this phase, vitality and spirit are replenished, fueling your start at the next New Moon. Few neglect their nightly sleep, though most take no advantage of this cyclic rest. Yet, if you could observe just one Moon phase per cycle, this should be the one.

Our physical energy is necessarily as low as our psychic energy is high. We’re at a threshold, ending one cycle while anticipating a new one round the corner. We might want to get into motion, but our bodies are tired. Our clarity and focus wane, like the Balsamic Moon herself, rising thinner and fainter each morning until she eventually disappears altogether, lost in the Sun’s glare.

Ask a Balsamic how they accomplished their life’s greatest changes, and they’ll usually say “It just happened” or “I fell into it.” They ride the wave until they land on the beach. There’s nothing passive to this approach. Rather it’s a deeper form of intelligence, about which reason doesn’t know much. (I hope this inspires you to learn the moon phase gracing your natality. ~L)

Doing Balsamic goes against the cultural grain. We’re afraid of loss. Anything but endless upward growth appears unfortunate. The downward arc of cycles is difficult. Yet fearing Balsamic means shunning the medicine that can make us well. This Moon phase brings a profound initiation into cyclic intelligence, like the menstrual huts or Moon lodges of long ago, when women would bleed on the dark of the Moon and withdraw from the tribe’s daily business. In the womb of the lodge they surrendered to visions, renewing their powers, returning to their tribe inspired, with a renewed capacity to inspire others.”

~astrodienst at

Ice FallsFrom Thursday the 30th (which is the 25th day of our June lunar cycle and so the Balsamic phase and waning crescent) we SURRENDER and PLAY.  We let our minds wander to the future, now that the flowers and fruit of the full moon are composted and awaiting reseeding at the new moon on the 4th of July.

Our journey to the authentic self is well begun with this lunation, it was the right time to make an ally of the true self and come into union with a deeper understanding of who pilots the ship of our individual lives.  That’s all we can do here; learn to know ourselves better and deepen our healing within.  That is enough.  
Thursday at noon meet me for mindful, meditative fun and joyful relaxation.
This is by no means an end, but a celebration of beginning.
Hope to see you.
Mind your heart,

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