Sharing the Lunar Fruit: Day 14 to 18 of the Lunar Cycle

The full moon to waning gibbous represent the manifestation (just that word makes me shudder these days) quarter of the lunar cycle.  Our theme or intention of contacting the authentic self is realized without force, then the lessons and fruit are shared with others and others share as well.  It’s time to kick back and enjoy the benefit of creating and sharing.  We started by revisiting the Lunar yoga moon salutation and then we did several other people’s versions of Chandra Namaskar.  That covered the fruiting phase. Then we did some Yin yoga: long held poses to release and create space in the joints.  A little synovial fluid~change to spread the Lunar goodness through the body and the relaxation through the yoganauts!!!

OK!  So!  This is the value of the many and the one.  Dig all these variations!  You can just keep this one page and never have to seek more yoga again!  There is plenty here to be engaged with for a long time!!  This kind of catapulting expansion and variety has been our companion for months now.  Too much to take in at once!

The sun (divine masculine) in Cancer (astral feminine) and moon (divine feminine) in Capricorn (astral masculine) opposed each other over the Galactic center at this waning gibbous.  This is the Axis Mundi, the vertical axis of the universe with the solar luminary at it’s zenith and the moon at it’s fullest illumination speaking directly to divine partnering. This is a symbol of the druidic/hermetic “as above so below” and it’s bringing new forms of energy, information, signs and messages to those learning to trust divine wisdom.  are you still willing to dream after being pulled like taffy through the T-sqaures and grand squares?  Do you remember how?  Did your dream get updated?  Where’s your personal vision?  Did your authentic self answer your summons?  How’s it’s masculine feminine balance?  Sheesh!  Too much!

When we met, Saturn squared Neptune (retrograde), Mercury was transiting Gemini, the North node was conjunct Jupiter in Virgo and those two were trining Pluto.  Holy cats, that is some SERIOUS clearing of the decks!  Real release is possible with skies like this and there is power coming from a stationing Mars to overcome the beast of Deep Fear.  Catapulting expansion and stripping of layered conditioning are awarded to those who can stand being held here (in retrograde) to face this last, most painful of fears.

The reward of letting chaos have a seat at the table (remember Eris? yeah, she’s still around–invite her in!) is an equanimity that will help you in the eclipses of September WHICH ARE GOING TO BE COSMICALLY KNARLY.  So ask for help in dealing with the last blockage to love and trust.  ask for the ability to see the rightness underneath it all.  Ask for protection and take some solace and comfort in who you are, authentically, with this fear before you and as you invite it in.

~Frank Herbert

Uranus, the change agent, the dissolver of structure, went retro as did the wounded healer Chiron, foreshadowing the healing that passing through this phase of fear phantasmagoria can yield.  We don’t have to attach fear to not knowing.  The unknown could be positive, too.  It’s not necessary to achieve perfect optimism, but a little equanimity and faith could take us further than doubt.  We are working toward trust and we have the ally of the authentic self to provide comfort.  That and 14 different Chandra Namaskars!

In the last degrees of Mars retrograde we decided that we were ready to move through the final interior barriers to love.  That when we move and act from a place of connection, it just fucking feels better.  And no, we can’t get there every damn day.  The gift of being human is letting the difficulties, the grief and the fear pass WHEN THEY PASS.  Facing fear doesn’t mean it’s conquered in a minute, it means that whenever the thing rears it’s ugly head we face it, not turn tail and run.  IT ALSO means that if you are never going to break through, we have the self compassion to leave it.  For good. It’s not about martyrdom, but then you have been through the Virgo Pisces axis, so you know that.

It’s generally always the same messages when the “stiff upper lip” won’t cut it anymore and we are forced to overcome reactivity: feel the feels (don’t stuff them or run–take all the time you need to let it move through), invite the observer, allow the process.  Mistakes will be made, try to stay safe, honor freedom, honor you.  Congratulate yourself for authentically transcending your relationship to fear and separation.  Remain committed to love.

SO: here’s the Lunar yoga Chandra Namaskar:

Chandra Namaskar

Moon Salutation- both sides are within the single salute


I   Mountain to Moon

E  Forward Fold

I   Alanasana- Crescent Moon RIGHT SIDE  (there is no agreed upon sanskrit name for this pose that I am aware of.  this word means high lunge.)

E  Downdog

I   Updog

E  Balasana– Child’s pose

I   Ustrasana– Camel

E  Praying Child– Anjali Mudra behind neck

I   Updog

E  Downdog

I   Crescent Moon LEFT SIDE

E  Forward Fold

I   Arms Up Mountain

E  Moon to Heart Mountain


Then we did the following yin poses:

  1. Come into the pose to an appropriate depth
  2. Resolve to remain still
  3. Hold the pose for time

~The Three Tattvas of Yin Yoga Practice by Sarah Powers

When to practice yin yoga?

  • When our muscles are cool (so they don’t steal the stretch away from the deeper tissues)
  •      To see a graphical demonstration of the difference between
    cold muscles and warm muscles visit this page
  • Early in the morning (when the muscles are more likely to be cool)
  • Last thing at night (to calm the mind before sleep)
  • Before an active yang practice (again, before the muscles become too warmed up)
  • In the spring or summer (to balance a natural yang time of year)
  • When life has become very hectic (to balance the yang energies in our lives)
  • After a long trip (traveling is very yang, even if we are sitting down a lot during the trip)
  • During your moon cycle (to conserve energies)

Hold poses from 1 to 3 minutes or 3 to 8 minutes.  Follow the exhale on the way into the pose and let the inhale lead you up and out of it.  Do not resist your need for less depth or props.  Don’t fight with your authentic self or it will be a long 3 minutes!!!

Caterpillar (forward fold with bolsters)

Sphinx (cobra)

Child’s Pose (over bolster)

Supported Bridge

Twisted Roots

Gator (with rolled blanket under belly and bolster under feet)

Legs Up the Wall



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