New Moon to Waxing Crescent: Listen Within and TRUST YOURSELF

“Moon Mind Calendar
{July 4th to July 10th}

This Week’s Intention: 
Play big or go home. Rise up and step towards your self.
Distractions are your resistance
 in disguise. 
Most are not aware of this, but the biggest challenge you are facing right now, is actually showing up for yourself with radical honesty.
Mars has been at the edge of Libra for days now, which does not support timely action steps. Is resistance or avoidance sabotaging your progress?
The planetary trends are creating a very passive response to change and transformation right now.
As I mentioned in my last newsletter, Rahu is increasing avoidance and resistance to creating deeper inner change. He is your shadow and he keeps you in hiding.
Avoiding your inner work is a resistance to deeper nourishment and abundance.”

“When you avoid your inner work, you are mirroring neglected inner needs.
You learned relationship with yourself from response (or lack thereof) to your cries, needs, thoughts, words and actions in early life.
Showing up for yourself more fully, is an opportunity to re-parent yourself in all the ways that you weren’t nourished or supported. 
Whether you are shut down and numb or throwing a temper tantrum. Presence is step number one.  
Your resistance to leaning in closer to your inner needs, is keeping you from more empowerment and more of the nourishment you need.
This can be a time of radical change and healing, but most people will miss this opportunity due to laziness, fear, isolation and resisting the new.”
“Will this waxing cycle ahead be more of the same?
Or will you finally break free from the pattern of playing small?
Every day, this is your choice.
If there’s a part of you ready to rise.
If there’s a part of you that says YES to your greatness.”
(bringing you the metaphysical throat-punch that is the above 3 paragraphs. ~L)

Saturn-Neptune Square

“From a cosmic point of view we could easily ascribe responsibility and duty to staying the course (Saturn), whereas, the hollow promises of empty rhetoric (Neptune) could easily be assigned to the other side of the dialog.”

“Saturn teaches that we cannot transcend a world with which we refuse to engage. In embracing the Saturnine path we come to know transcendence not as rising up and out of conditions, but journeying within them so deeply that they reveal their true nature as we live in their very midst.
“If, however, Saturn is more our style and we appreciate certainty and form, routine, responsibility and identity, Neptune bids us loosen our grip and see what happens; to soften around the edges and allow a little more uncertainty, a dash of doubt, in. 
“Allow ourselves to wonder what if things are not as black and white as they at first appear? What if everything we believe is only a half truth and the opposite is equally true? 
“Neptune releases judgement and duality, dissolving our polarized world as it does so. It knows no right or wrong, no blame or guilt. It simply reaches out with compassion and love, seeing all things as itself and itself as all things.”
~sarah varcas
Sammy Slabbinck

“One of my favorite astrologers ever (Howard Saportas) talks about how Neptune benefits from a bit of Saturn Vibe.

So that Neptune does not lure you down some slippery (because of tequila and ectoplasm plus whatever kind of mucus delusion forms in your body) slide into an abyss. Howard didn’t put it quite like that.

Anyway, my theory is that Saturn also needs Neptune. Cold showers, kettlebells, realism and spreadsheets need that extra vision.

And what if Saturn was like the sleek speedboat, helping you to navigate the oceans of Neptune (vision, soul, art etc) and leave fuqwit Muggles bobbing in your wake?”

~This entry was posted in Saturn and tagged  by Mystic Medusa.

Theme in the Water Grand Trine… The vibe is very emotional and requires you to use logic, facts & figures in your choices rather than emotions & feelings!!

The really big energy we’ll be feeling this week is the Sun/Venus opposition to Pluto… This energy is centered aroung the balance of OUR own wants and desires and how that relates to others and THEIR wants and desires… I’ll tell ya, for such a small planet, Pluto sure does pack a punch..!! (and yes, Pluto really is a PLANET even though it started out as one of Saturn’s Moons)… This opposition is very important because when the balance is in place, then the benefits and rewards of the Mars/Venus/Chiron Water Grand Trine will kick in.

For the Week

Key words:

Build; store; secure; nest; listen; familial; refuge; wellbeing; productive; connect; communicate; inward


I thrive and manifest my ideal space of home through my heart and spirit desires.

Colors & Stones:

Moonstone; crystals; opal; luminescent colors; silver; lapis; beryl; carnelian; calcite; emerald

Oils & Herbs:

Solomon’s Seal; white rose; celandine; heather; lavender; soothing scents that give a feeling of calm

Realigning with your true home is the predominant energy for the next two weeks. Idealism is emphasized by Mercury’s numerous direct angles that while governing communication in general is also self-talk and your own inner dialogue. Thoughts about the deeper meaning of life and lifestyle are a growing energy until the next Full Moon in Capricorn on July 19.

Thoughts are intense with a need for truth and getting to the bottom of whatever may make you feel uneasy or unsettled. It is about debating and strong words in the name of authenticity. If you feel compelled to take up the gauntlet of championing then make sure you have facts and a plan before engaging with others or speaking out. Preparedness through the week is the key to any sense of being empowered.

Venus trine Mars soothes much and helps you to stay focused on personal needs and desires. That it squares Uranus on Thursday (a sorely trying day, lie low, if you can~L) reminds you to realize what you want before you go out on a search to find adventure. Mercury’s strong energy helps you to discover your way and sort through everything motivated by internal promptings for fulfillment.

In Truth,


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“You were not put on this Earth to suffer.

You are here to thrive.

You are destined to become The Walking Healed.

It is your birthright.”

“Ask tougher questions. Probe deeper. Maybe that’s what we’ll learn when penetrating Pluto and hearty Sun stare-down each other on Thursday. Perhaps we’ll open our hearts and chest rather than just pound them.

You’ll have to be honest. The kind of truth-telling you feel when you’re drunk yet talkative. When your heart pounds faster than your thoughts. When words fly between your teeth before your mind’s radar can catch them. No use worrying after they’ve taken flight. They’re better off free.

Enlightened Mercury has similar lessons to teach. He dives into the heart of the Sun on Wednesday. When a planet conjoins exactly with the Sun within 16 minutes, then it’s said to be cazimi, or disappears into heart of the sun. According to the astrology dictionary, cazimi is a Latin transliteration of the Arabic term kaṣmīmī, which means “as if in the the heart”. The Arabic term appears to be a translation of the Greek term egkardios (ἐγκάρδιος), which literally means “in the heart”.  

It’s a fantastic day to write, talk, drive, or sell.

~July 4, 2016 by  at

“Overall Climate:
  • Mercury is “Out of Bounds” from July 1-8th, turning the planet of communication into a bit of a renegade. One is less likely to bite their tongue when they would otherwise! Watch for people being extra outspoken and divulging secrets.
  • Chiron squares Vesta July 10-18th, helping us to nurture our truth, inner flame. Whatever is preventing us from expressing our truth to the world, or suffocating our light, we find a new relationship with that wound at root of it all. Come out of hiding. What do you need to do first?
    • Continuing over from last month, Mars and Chiron remain in a harmonious healing trine until July 21st. Many people have been taking strides towards living a less burdensome life. This is all about realizing that we don’t need to carry this issue around anymore; people are reaching out for help in order to release and heal the issue once and for all. Now that Mars is moving forward, we feel more confident on our healing path. July 10-13th can be extra powerful for healing the heart and mind. “

~Catherine O’Neill

Practicing Astrologer, in continuous awe of the Universe at

“Two people with apparently irreconcilable views may find themselves drawn to each other because they each need to be challenged. Jonathan’s analysis will prepare you for Pluto’s imminent oppositions: ‘If a situation seems uncomfortable, ask what you might learn from it.'”

At the New Moon the seed is in the ground preparing for germination. It is implanted in a new beginning.

In the early degrees of the Crescent Phase, the sprout is drawn up from the earth by the initial impulses of light. During the remaining stages of the Crescent Phase the plant goes through a strengthening process, mobilizing its energies against the elements of nature.


When a person is born under the influence of the New Moon it is thought that in terms of reincarnation, this person has been born into the first incarnation of an eight fold sequence. This person possesses a quality of spontaneity, thus, planning ahead is not always met with success. They view life as a grand adventure with unlimited possibilities. Living in the moment, the past is not important to them. Being born when the Moon sheds no light, they have come to learn to respond instinctually and to act on intuition. They are able to navigate without maps and arrive at their destination with time to spare. They are often criticized for being overly self involved, but there is a need for them to learn about who they are and to project it into the world.

Keywords: Initial urge; Instinct; Projection


A key word for the Crescent Phase is breakthrough. It is a time when what was begun during the New Moon is carried forward. It is a time of struggle because it often has to wrestle with the ghosts of the past which were in effect before the new cycle began. This new identity needs to overcome old standards, attitudes and structures in order to become fully functional as a whole and free individual. People born during a Crescent Moon often find themselves emotionally tied to the past. They may be drawn to habitual behaviors, wanting to stay within their comfort zones, feeling the need for security. They can be vulnerable to emotional blackmail, falling victim to those who want to “keep them the way they are”, not supportive of their growth. Crescent Moon types may find it difficult to leave home until well into adulthood. It is imperative that they establish their life force in independence. It is important for them to understand that the first step is the hardest, but that once it is taken new opportunities will open up. Their final challenge is to take those opportunities and act on them.

Keywords: Activation; Striving; Future

Current Solar Flare Activity

A spectacular image of our Sun.

Solar image credit: SIDC, RWC Belgium, World Data Center for the Sunspot Index, Royal Observatory of Belgium

Solar X-rays:

Solar Activity Status

Geomagnetic Field

Geomagnetic Activity Status

Solar / Geo status levels.Provided by:

This Lunar Month’s Theme

Navigating World Events, International Affairs & Personal Relations

July 4, 2016 – August 2, 2016

“Mercury makes its superior conjunction with the Sun (on the far side of the Sun) on July 6. Hours later the Sun, Earth and Pluto align, creating the Earth-Pluto synod and initiating the new annual Pluto synodic cycle, occurring hours before the Crescent Moon….

The Mercury-Pluto opposition part of this planetary alignment also marks the midpoint in the current Mercury-Pluto cycle. At the same time, the Sun-Earth-Pluto alignment initiates the new Earth-Pluto cycle. All of this brings emphasis to issues about the use of power, specifically motive and intent behind such. Is motive driving communication based on power perceived as something outside of self to acquire, as in being in positions of power and authority, the acquisition on money and influence used for control and dominance, and/or acquiescing to such dominance, or is motive based upon power perceived as something within self, seeking self-empowerment to live in a more healthy sustainable modality of being, with an ability to help empower others? These are some issues we might look at underlying events in world, especially in the sociopolitical arenas and in international affairs….”

(Important to remember in this age of CGI “no one has seen our galaxy form the outside“.  ~L)

The First Quarter Moon of July 11 conjoins the Dwarf Planet Haumea impelling action to reinvent our selves or expression in life. The Moon and Haumea conjoin Eta Carinae, the most luminous, massive, and energetic star known in our galaxy—estimated to be 100 times the mass of our Sun, and to radiate five million times more energy than our Sun. Eta Carinae is a portent of evolutionary change. The Gibbous Moon of July 15 conjoins retrograde Saturn-Antares, a pre-trigger to the upcoming revolutionary Mars-Saturn-Antares conjunction, which occurs in August.

Eta Carinae Nebula from the Hubble Telescope

Eris and Uranus begin their retrogrades in this lunar cycle. Eris begins her retrograde on July 19, with Eris and Uranus creating T-square to the pre-Full Moon, which can bring the unexpected or impetus to create radical change. The two made their first conjunction early in the previous lunar cycle along with Ceres. They make their second conjunction, as the two are retrograde, in late September, and their third in March of 2017 (with Ceres and Mars), presented in the article ” New Frontiers in Consciousness: Uranus-Eris opposite Haumea 2016-2017.”
“The stars would not be in the heavens if we were meant to walk in darkness.”
Nick Anthony Fiorenza of

I’m readying for my journey, packing and cleaning up.  Know that i’m thinking of you and carrying what you gave me.  Grateful to you.

Mind your Heart, Yoganauts,


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