A Vedic, Sacred Full Moon July 19 2016

“Relationships Are My Guru”

(As a single woman on the road alone, I am thinking that means every situation and person I encounter.~L)

FULL MOON of Guru Purnima
July 19, 2016

The most sacred full moon of the year is in the powerful nakshatra of

Uttara Ashadha – The Universal Star.

Look up at the moon and remember how you are guided and supported.


(If you wanna.  If not it might be good to think about that trust issue we talked about before I left and what it will take to get you back to trust.  Gratitude is not always easy to attain.  Be gentle with yourselves, Yoganauts.~L)

“The most auspicious full Moon of the year arrives on July 19th at 16:56. Guru Purnima is considered the fullest full Moon of the year, dedicated to gurus and teachers who bring you wisdom, guidance and support. This year, Guru Purnima occurs while the Moon is in Capricorn and UttaraAshada nakshatra- just a few degrees shy of landing in the sacred portal of Abhijit nakshatra. The Vishva Devas are enlivened, sparking support and assistance from universe and spirit.

Worshipping the Vishva Devas, or the Laws of Nature, brings you the empire, the kingdom, the royal success you long for on the material plane of existence. The Vishva Devas support your success beyond dreams, but will help you materialize your visions into reality.

This is an action oriented lunar constellation, ruled by the Sun. It demands truth, honesty, integrity and your committed arrival to your dharmic path.
This full Moon and the cycle to come demand your consistent action steps and integrated movement. “

“Sun moves to Cancer at 22:21 on July 15th, (it’s Vedic~L) joining Venus and Mercury here. This Sun cycle brings healing and transformation with heart and relationships. Address your longings and cravings. Find the root of these needs and identify your actions and choices. How do you either support or negate your needs?
What helps you align with your values and what moves you away?”


“Tuesday brings in the Full Moon in Capricorn and Guru Purnima. In Vedic tradition this is the day for honoring our teachers. It is a time to celebrate who and what gives you inspiration, illumination and wisdom.

Guru is also the planetary name for Jupiter (in Sanskrit and Vedic astrology), who represents the principles of expansion and inspiration in our lives.

The full Moon energy in Capricorn will help us to harmonize our watery emotional side with our earthly practicality.

There are also some powerful planetary motions happening. Mars and Saturn are now together again in sidereal Scorpio, putting us in a bit of a pressure cooker. We are also getting ready for some bigger shifts to happen when Saturn turns direct and Jupiter enters Virgo next month.”


“Prepare to step into your power, when the Full Moon of July 19th(15:56 PT) lights the path of infinite strength and inner wisdom.  In Vedic Astrology, this Full Moon falls in the area of the sky known as Uttara Ashadha, which translates to “complete victory.” Symbolized by an elephant’s tusk, it represents the mighty force of Lord Ganesha, the Hindu elephant god who has the ability to destroy even the most stubborn obstacles.

“Known as the “Universal Star,” Uttara Ashadha lies close to the center of our galaxy. It is ruled by the angels of dharma, the Vishvadevas — also known as the universal gods — who transmit the qualities of goodness, truth, justice, leadership, and willpower. Their virtues uplift the human spirit, pointing us toward higher ideals and asking us to shine our light in the darkest places.

“Due to the heavy influence of Saturn’s dristi (aspecting gaze), this full moon may cause some of us to lose heart and in the worst cases, feel embittered. Be sure to go easy on yourself and others, so as not to compound any negativity that could arise.

The days surrounding the Full Moon will also be affected by some heavy turbulence in the astrological atmosphere. Fiery and impulsive Mars reentered sidereal Scorpio on July 12 to join ominous Saturn for another eight weeks of intensity.”

On the days leading up to the Full Moon, avoid unnecessary confrontation, as peaceful communication may become increasingly difficult, particularly in intimate relationships.

This Guru Purnima, which means ‘Full Moon of the Guru,’ evokes humanity’s vulnerabilities, as well as its strengths. It asks us to reflect on who we look up to, and what we believe in. Ask yourself: Who or what is the lodestar that guides you? How can you set an example for others in your community? How can you stand up to injustice, especially in these dark and trying times?

The word guru means teacher, but it can also be translated as “dispeller of darkness.” On this Full Moon, fling open the curtains of your mind and let the light pour through. If you heed the wisdom of your inner guru, as well as the teachings of those who dwell outside of you, you will reap the highest rewards.”

~KARI FIELD of Anandastrology.com, Gives us all of the above in quotes.  Very, sincerely grateful for the insight.~L

Hello there YOganauts!

As I write this I am sitting atop my sleeping bag in the blue Honda Element that is my home until the end of July.  The truck is parked in Libby, MT.  When I left Helena last Tuesday I thought I was going to ride hard and fast for the Canadian border, but things changed for me.  Or maybe I changed.  The short story is that I am currently on my way to Idaho, and man, am I taking my time!!!

I wrote the above paragraph yesterday.  Today I am somewhere South of Bull Lake at a place called Two Rivers RV Park.  It has the most amazing showers (or maybe they just seem that way to me) for being in the middle of the Cabinet mountain range, South of Libby.  I spent the whole day traveling winding mountain roads and I have discovered that following my inner compass has meant being near the water.

I started out on Flathead Lake and did Montana Om Yoga with Bonnie Kiser.  She’s an Anusara Inspired yoga teacher.  Absolutely AMAZING class.  She is just a gifted teacher and I plan to revisit her on the way back.  Check out her site: http://www.montanaomyoga.com.  I will write more about her class when there is more time.  She teaches in Polson, Ronan and St. Ignatius.  Look her up if you are coming through.

Montana Om loga horizontal

I fell head over heels in love with Big Arm State Park and camped there overnight,I set up my hammock right on the shore of the Flathead and sang to the first quarter moon.  My hosts were a pair of Cedar Waxwings.

Then on to Whitefish.  It used to be my favorite town, but it has grown too large for my tastes.  There was yoga offered there, but I was kind of eager to hang out with the campground hosts Dan and Bev Foster, who kindly guided me to Riley Creek Campground where I will stay on Monday and Tuesday.  They have been camping around this area for so long, that I had to sit up and listen to the wisdom being dropped.  Dan steered me toward following the water and I can’t deny, it was my natural inclination anyway.

I found Thompson Chain of Lakes by serendipity, spent the night with the kindest people in Libby last night and am just noticing storm clouds gathering as I write.  Better cut it short, my inner guide says “Pull that tent into the truck”.

Mind your heart,


PS.  No proofreading!  No Time!!

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