New Moon of August 2: Water and Fire

In late July and early August 2016, look from the sunset direction eastward to catch all 5 bright planets after sunset. Green line depicts the ecliptic, or sun's path across the sky. Look for the planets along the sun's path.

In late July and early August 2016, look from the sunset direction eastward to catch all 5 bright planets after sunset. Green line depicts theecliptic, or sun’s path across the sky. Look for the planets along the sun’s

Outburst – perhaps 200 meteors an hour – predicted for 2016 Perseid meteor shower. Peak night August 11-12, but watch on the nights leading up to the peak, too. and

“New Moon August 2 2016 at 10º Leo Decan 2. Aspects: Trine Saturn & Square Black Moon Lilith

The energy is great for organizing people and events, so that the flames of enthusiasm and conviviality forge longstanding alliances.
Moon trine Saturn is a great balance of intuition and realism. The sensitive moon and severe Saturn do not usually make easy bedfellows, but the trine warms and soften things here nicely. The over-riding theme is the need to achieve so as to build and boost ones personal security.
Talking of “clocking on”, Saturn is of course associated with time, and at this moon most things should keep to schedule. There is also a great sense of time rhythmically, whether it is comic timing or just knowing the opportune moment to arrive at a meeting.
Moon square Black Moon Lilith is one of the most challenging Black Moon Lilith aspects, but it is ultimately one of the most powerful.  At this New Moon we may need to learn that we can’t please everyone. This aspect will always (that word! NO ABSOLUTES!~L) end up hurting someone so in the end we might as well pick the solution that makes our soul the happiest.

New Moon August 2016 ~ Keywords

Strong-Willed. Strategic. Strict Mothers. Super Nannies. Gracious Host. Flattery & Fawning. Generosity. Patron Of Arts. Patriotic. Protectrix. Family Security. Heartbreaking Decisions. “Clocking On”. Keeping To Schedules. Work Ethics. Exceptional Demands. Vigilantes. Subversive Sorcery. Disturbing Issues. Realism. Overcoming Shyness. Good Timing.”

~Marina at

August 2

Today there is a New Moon in Cancer, and the beginning of a 30 day cycle of connecting to the heart. Usually we connect to our emotions and mistake that for the heart. This is why Cancer cycles can be painful. You will become aware of your emotional maturity, or lack thereof, now. Most of us are emotionally immature, expressing issues of codependency and unhealthy attachment. Cancer cycles make us aware of these tendencies. Rather than cycling through the same old “nobody loves me” stuff, go deeper and realize how much you really love others. Go deeper and realize how much emotional pressure you put on others. Honesty around these themes bring a deep sensitivity to others and connection to your true heart.

~Sam Geppi at

New Moon August 2016 Conjunctions

There are no fixed stars within orb of the August 2016 new moon but there is an interesting asteroid, especially for my many readers from India.   At 11º42′ Leo is asteroid Shiva (1170), named after the Hindu god Shiva, the Auspicious One, the patron god of yoga, meditation and arts.

Shiva is said to be the essence of the sacred masculine… There is also an actual Shiva asteroid, which from our experiential astrology work, we’ve found to be an extremely potent point in the chart and significant transits to him and by him, are brilliant times for reaching into the depths of the sacred masculine. [Shiva and Shakti in the Chart?]

Find Asteroid Siva in your Chart
1. Create your chart HERE.
2. Choose “Extended Chart Selection”.
3. In “additional objects” at the bottom of the page, add 1170.

~Jamie Partridge of

“Now, I must mention the wonky Mutable T-Cross. Jupiter has sped ahead of Saturn and Neptune who remain locked into a square. However, Mercury and the North Node square Saturn and oppose Neptune. So this means that if we want to keep our stress levels down to avoid the news, gossip, and all the misinformation swirling throughout Neptune’s cosmos. We’ll also notice more xenophobia playing out between nations and within ethnic communities within nations. We can expect more hotheads, fanaticism, especially in politics and religion. However, the Leo New Moon is asking us to put our differences aside and reach out to others with a generous and loving heart. Leo rules the heart and heart chakra.”

~Patricia Harlevi of

Rare white humpback spotted of the Gold Coast, AU.  Migaloo.

Published on Jul 27, 2016

Like a whale that dwells in the depths of the sea,
Then bursts forth high in the air,
The more I know my deep dark soul,
The more I can open and share.

As I mention in the report, we have all been going through a purification period which has required deep soul searching, cleansing, and possibly exposing/releasing “truths” about ourselves in a soul preparation for “bursting forth”! This blossoming is on the near horizon, yet, so as not to be premature, with Mercury stepping into Virgo, it is time to make final adjustments to our plans and relationships prior to acting.

With Mercury/Venus trine Uranus/Eris right now we may feel that urge to break free, liberate, and kiss off some current scene we are now engrossed in. This tendency may prove immature, impulsive, and result in less than desirable results. Rather, if we truly, objectively analyze our current situation just for the next few days we may have some realizations that assist us to fine tune our future plans. With the New Moon in Leo and Mars moving into Sag next week the timing will be perfect for raising the sails and heading for new frontiers. May the wind be at your back! Injoy!

~kaypacha lesher of

Mars spends his final days in Scorpio before entering Sagittarius, and as he does, you will find that it serves you well, giving you that wave of momentum that you need to truly evolve. You find courage in the intense vulnerability, a rarity, but you also know you only have one way to go, and that is forward; similar to being caught in the middle of a growing wave, simple physics equals a forward thrust.  Mercury is in Leo and squaring off with Mars, suggesting there will be some heart to heart talks that force your Soul to stretch, but while strengthening you nevertheless. However, come Monday, August 1, you finally and fully exhale as Venus combines with Uranus offering you the true benefits of staying in the center of the fire, even when it burns. You are getting strong on your own, and because of it, those partnerships will strengthen too with the help of a New Moon in Leo on Tuesday, August 2, forming an impressive pact with Saturn.

~Kristin Fontana of

Free your body. Don’t ruminate and agonize about it. FREE YOUR BODY! Be brave and forceful. Do it simply and easily. Free your gorgeously imperfect, wildly intelligent body. Allow it to be itself in all of its glory. Tell it you’re ready to learn more of its secrets and adore its mysteries. Be in awe of its unfathomable power to endlessly carry out the millions of chemical reactions that keep you alive and thriving. How can you not be overwhelmed with gratitude for your hungry, curious, unpredictable body? Be grateful for its magic. Love the blessings it bestows on you. Celebrate its fierce animal elegance.

~Rob Brezsny of

“Goddess was my co-pilot, but we crash-landed in the wilderness and I was forced to eat her.”

~Rob Breszny  (She was unconscious and delicious.  If my digestion is any indication, she is waking up now.~L)

“This New Moon supports all spiritual practices, especially yoga and meditation. However, be careful of Tantric exercises without guidance, as unwanted kundalini-type experiences are more likely at this time.

Remember that when light increases, so do shadows.  For highly sensitive individuals this new moon may feel stressful, especially for those who suffer from anxiety or depression.   Take it easy on yourself if you are feeling overwhelmed and if you know someone who is suffering at this time do not hesitate to reach out and lend support.”

~Kari Field of

Coming off of a tumultuous month, finding and restoring heart and courage are admirable goals of the Leo New Moon. Often that comes from getting in touch with our inner child or artist, both of whom are also associated with Leo and who know a thing or two about leading fearlessly from the heart. (If you’re around children this day, watch for “out of the mouths of babes” observations from them.) A well aspected Leo New Moon such as this one is a great time of finding and following your bliss.

This is a perfect New Moon to establish creative endeavors you’d like to make permanent. Leo is a fixed sign, meaning it prefers stability. The happiness, self expression, self assurance, lust for life, and creativity usually associated with Leo are not meant to be fleeting moments, few and far between; they are meant to be permanent fixtures in our lives, regular habits. It is sometimes easier to point to the harsh astrological influences as the major catalysts for big changes and growth in our lives. A different challenge presented by this New Moon in Leo is to derive equally major life lessons from the more benevolent astrological influences as well.

~Clarissa at

Hydra_artThe potency of this cycle is enhanced by Ashlesha nakshatra, found in the constellation Hydra, the water snake. The snake represents kundalini energy, which often lies coiled in a dormant state at the base of the spine. In this cycle there is the potential for that coil to unwind and for kundalini energy to rise, as flow energy is enhanced and blockages dissolve. This is a time for emotional transformation.

~Somya Devi of

The Sun and the Moon join in the middle of sidereal Cancer to begin this lunar cycle, and we will strongly feel the emotional and feminine energy of Cancer heightened for the coming month. This area of the sky is also known as Aslesha, the Vedic nakshatra related to serpent energy and wisdom.  Aslesha can be located within the constellation Hydra, the water snake. This month will bring forth energy that helps us to probe into the deep currents of our emotions and find what lies coiled within.

The Vedic deities for Aslesha are the Nagas, the serpents of wisdom. This star relates to kundalini energy, and offers the opportunity to release some of our dormant potency. This is a great time to check in with your root and sacral chakras. Feel into them, and ask yourself, what is in there that has lain dormant and is ready to flow or reawaken? This constellation is likely to heighten our intuition and sexuality this month.

The Cancer cycle will also bring more yin energy into our being and awareness. Cancer is a feminine water sign ruled by the Moon, and is an archetype for feminine or yin energy.   The New Moon in particular is a great time to withdraw inwardly and nourish the lunar energies within. Connecting with the Moon and the water elements this month will help your emotions and intuition to flow, offering valuable insights.

New Moon nights are a great time for inner practice and ritual, fully releasing everything from the last cycle and preparing for the new.

It will be very important to maintain a solid practice to heighten our perception and discernment this month. The movements of Saturn, Mars and Jupiter are all culminating in some major changes in the middle of August (and that’s just a precursor to the turbulence being brought on by the eclipses in September, yikes!).

Saturn has been retrograde since late March, in sidereal Scorpio, and this has caused us to do some major re-evaluation of our long-term commitments. (If you didn’t yet receive your Free Saturn Retrograde Guide, download it now to see how Saturn has been affecting you this year.) Finally, on August 13, Saturn will be stationing and then going direct, offering us the potential to finally commit to one direction and forge ahead with dedication.

The other major astrological shift we will experience this month is Jupiter’s transit into Virgo, on August 12. Jupiter has been proceeding through Leo for the past year, enlarging our sense of power and illumination. He brightened our ideals and philosophies, and expanded the area of life indicated by Leo in one’s individual natal chart.

At the beginning of this lunar cycle, however, we still have a tight lineup of Jupiter, Rahu, Mercury and Venus all in Leo. Leo is the powerful fire sign ruled by the Sun, and we may feel a lot of aspects of ourselves, as well as a multitude of characters in our lives, trying to assert dominance. This will be felt throughout the month of August, while we have three to five planets in Leo on most days of the month.

Somya 8 web copy 420 344

About Somya Devi, Vedic Astrology VIEW MORE »

“There are no planets in air in early August; air tends to give objectivity, but we do have 5 planets in fire around the time of the New Moon in Leo. Fire gives action, enthusiasm, a feeling of getting things going, and generally fire signs tend to be positive, if a little assertive. The New Moon is at 10 degrees Leo 57 on 2nd August at 1.44pm PST and 9.44pm UK time. Leo is the sign of play, creativity, and having fun. This New Moon may make us ask ourselves whether we are having enough fun and play in our lives; Leo is also the sign linked to the heart.

The Sabian symbol (which were channeled by a medium many years ago) for 10 degrees Leo, where this New Moon is, is “the early morning dew salutes the sunlight”. This is beautiful, and suggests a new beginning after some intense months of extreme emotion, if not in your own life, then certainly in the world. It feels fresh, and gives the chance at this New Moon to have a new beginning which is heart-centred, based on love.

Mars, just a few hours before this New Moon, goes from Scorpio to Sagittarius.   Mars has been moving very slowly through July, but is now accelerating, and therefore can help to galvanize projects which may have been hard to get going. See where the early degrees of Sagittarius fall in your chart.

We will also have the potential for higher level guidance at this New Moon, as Neptune, planet of spirituality, healing and miracles, is in aspect to both the Sun and Moon. Information may come through in your dreams, as Neptune rules dreams.

Saturn is also highlighted at the New Moon, in that it is trining the Sun and Moon. This suggests that if we use patience and discipline, our efforts will pay off.   We have had the square between Saturn and Neptune for some months, which emphasizes this meaning, and this aspect is coming to a peak in September when it becomes exact again, and is brought into focus by the Solar Eclipse at the beginning of September. So this is a great astrological opportunity for us, if we have not done it already, to start to live authentically, and fully. Saturn square Neptune, as I have mentioned before, is also about what is true and what is not, what can we trust and believe and what not, particularly with our leaders.

We want to live in a state of heart-centredness (see the New Moon in Leo video, respecting the oneness and sanctity of all life (Neptune in Pisces), and making our unique contribution to the world (North Node in Virgo).

~Pam Gregory  at

“The new moon will be in the area of the sky known as Ashlesha, the kundalini snake star of wisdom. This mystical naga-snake offers a formidable healing power. As It slithers through its subconscious terrain, it exposes hidden fears and desires, and can ultimately free us from disempowering beliefs.

Ashlesha is situated at the edge of a subtle ocean in the watery sign of Cancer, and serves as a gateway into the fiery sign of Leo. In Vedic Astrology we call this important point gandanta; meaning “karmic knot.”  It is a breaking point in the Zodiac and an important threshold of transformation. This lunar cycle offers an opportunity to break through our knots – our habits and negativities – and expand light into the darkness of ignorance.

It was around that time that we began to know, collectively (even if unconsciously), that being human meant embodying the human heart fully, through all the pain and love, joy and ache that such a life contains.  We started to accept that it was worth whatever we had to go through to bring spirit into matter and to conjure love from ether.  We thought it would be worth it to overcome duality, war and conflict to embody love, forgiveness and creation.  Do you still feel that is true?  If you never did, are you ready to now?
Tuesday’s new moon is the Cup of Life, the emergence from the primordial sea when we take the tropical and the Vedic symbols together.  The greatest capacity we have as angel~monkeys is our ability to care, to nurture and to joyously express that without expectation of reward.  No more playing to the audience that demands greed and callousness.  When water meets fire and the sword is reforged, both sides of the blade will still be there.  It’s time to choose to use a new side and let the knife edge cut away that which no longer serves.
If you need extra courage it’s to be found in your heart.  Dropping your awareness there and breathing through that space are helpful practices.  If you need guidance, trust your gut and the good earth.  Let the moon ever be your Stone of Hope.  Your faith rewarded when she reappears.
Mind your heart,
P.S. I have one ton of thoughts on this time-period and the astrology of it AND the culmination of our Lunar Yoga class AND the new direction we should take.  Am thinking about and Eclipse Season class.  Please check the blog where you can comment.
I truly desire you feedback.

4 thoughts on “New Moon of August 2: Water and Fire

  1. Happy trails, dear L…..just got back from a 9-day road trip west myself…trippy stuff going on…are you back for class in Helena for August or blazing a new trail?…miss you…hugs and a smile…setting good intentions for Tuesday!! Deb

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have returned! Lying low for the moment, getting a plan together for a short eclipse season series, maybe? The travel was EXCELLENT! So glad to hear from you!!! Have missed you as well.


    1. Gathering info on the eclipses and getting class themes ready. Will be ready to make use of the portal that arrives 18 August (lunar eclipse) becomes EXTREME on 1 September (solar) and closes on the 16th September. Hang on to your spacesuits, Yoganauts!! Love to you, A!!!


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