Seeds of Intention Water Lion New Moon

New Moon 2 August 2016

Please help me.

Please teach me to forgive.  Please Help me remember.  Help me remember how to love.  Please help me evolve and transcend.

Please guard my heart from greed, free my ego from fear and let me bring love to my weariness and hope to my devastation.  Please help me heal my heartbreak and inhabit the present joy.

Please help me release the fear of manipulation, judgement, rejection, loss and pain.

Help me accept that I can change joyfully, that I can accept my sovereign right to be who I am.  Help me accept and love the parts of myself that I habitually shame away.

Please guide me to my highest truth and teach me to live it out with my words, thoughts and deeds.

Let me sustain dimensional awareness more often and for longer intervals.  Let me know cosmic alignment and merge my will with the will of creator’s evolution in effortless, divine process.

Please teach me patience and humility.  Please show me how to embody a quiet confidence in my conscious evolution.  May I please have more experiences that directly support spiritual expansion and understanding.

Please show me the inner path to becoming


Please teach me to be good company to creator creating creation.

Please know that even when I am weak and discouraged I am committed to using my wisdom, love and power to further the plan of evolution and transcendence on Earth.  Please bless my efforts and forgive my mistakes.

Please accept my love, devotion and gratitude.

” So remember, when life is hard, and the embers of faith burn low, that your heart, too, is a Sun, a ‘light upon light’  whose home is in the stars.”
© Copyright 2016 MOONCIRCLES.COM

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