Full Moon (Almost) Lunar Eclipse 18 August 2016 in Aquarius for tropical and Vedic: THE POWER OF “WE”

LUNAR FLOW YOGA makes it’s triumphant return to the DANCING LOTUS CENTER on Thursday 18 August at 7pm and the Next 3 Saturdays at noon.  Join us, whydoncha?  You’re so dang WELCOME!!!


timeanddate.com calculations show that the Sun, Earth, and Moon will be very closely aligned on this day, but there will be no lunar eclipse. There are several different ways to calculate eclipses, so some sources are listing this event as a penumbral lunar eclipse. In any case, viewers on Earth will not be able to see the Earth’s shadow on the Moon.” ~timeanddate.com
(That said, let’s proceed . . .~L)

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse August 18 2016 is at 25º Aquarius Decan 3. Aspects: Sextile Uranus & Quincunx Jupiter (Yod). Fixed Star: Sador in Cygnus

For the first time in a while we have a a significant Yod to deal with during an eclipse. This one is important because it points to Jupiter, and has the Moon sextile Uranus as its base. This means that Uranus is the key to resolving the opposition. (Ah, Uranus and it’s bridge-burning impulsiveness.  Watch that, Yoganauts, babies and bathwater and all . . .~L)  Yods are like a thorn in one’s side that constantly spurs you towards your goal, often wether you like it or not! And this Yod is entwined with the Lunar eclipse. Yods are sometimes called ‘The Finger Of God’, because life feels fated or destined. At the same time there is a yearning for perfection signified by the planet that it is pointing at. This one is God pointing at…. well God. (So many one-liners I could use . . .~L)


Solar Eclipse Mar 8 2016 I OMG!  ~ 18º Pisces 56′
Lunar Eclipse Mar 23 2016 I Tipping Point ~ 3º Libra 17′
Lunar Eclipse Aug 18 2016 I God Finger ~ 25º Aquarius
Solar Eclipse Sep 1 2016 ~ 9º Virgo 21′  (This one!!!~L)

Lunar Eclipse Sep 16 2016 ~ 24º Pisces 20′

~Marina at darkstarastrology.com

Greg Diesel-Walck wrote:

Greg Diesel-Walck wrote on August 5, 2016: “I’ve taken over 30,000 pictures of the moon. Tonight I had a chance to get chills again like it was the first time 🙂 Jupiter over the moon as a thunderstorm drifted across the horizon here in Moyock, North Carolina tonight.”

“Aquarius, the sign of altruists and altruism, astrology and astrologers, frankincense, freethinking, free will and friends. The last Air Sign of the Tropical Zodiac governs one’s hopes, humanitarianism, and idealism as well as inventions and the inventor, paradoxes and parliaments, rebels and rebellion, truth and wishes.

 The Full Moon is positioned at almost 26 degrees of Aquarius and the Sun almost 26 degrees of Leo. Since the June 2016 Full Moon, our Full Moon Lunations have been situated in the late, “critical” degree of each lunation’s Astrological position, indicating that Humanity is at a time of monumental shift toward higher, spiritual experiences. Before we arrive at that elevated condition, we, Humanity, need to be aware of what must end and what must be eliminated–that which no longer serves a higher purpose–for the greatest good of all concerned. (This is the WHY of the Discernment Yoga Cycle~L)

Next month we have our subsequent series of Eclipse: a Solar Eclipse on September 1 and a Lunar Eclipse on September 16. And in these summer months–winter for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere–Spirit gives us the opportunity to prepare for what is to come as we progress through the last few months of this extraordinary year.”

~Roy Sette of astrologerray.com

Moon, Saturn, Mars - plus stars in the constellation Scorpius - from Bob Kelley on August 11, 2016. This eastward motion of the moon in our sky is due to its actual motion in orbit around Earth.
“August 11th: Year long transit of Jupiter in Virgo begins!
August 13th: Saturn goes direct
August 16th: Sun in Leo
August 18th: Full Moon in Aquarius and Dhanishta nakshatra
August 19th: Mercury moves to its exaltation sign, Virgo
August 24th: Venus moves to its debilitation sign, Virgo”

“Today the Moon is full in Aquarius. This Full Moon is a harmonizing point of the Leo Sun cycle. Now is the time for you to serve that which is greater than just your own personal strength (represented by Leo). The power of the kingdom must be connected to citizens or it will rot from the inside. We’ve been seeing this on a global scale for the last year, as government institutions and alliances around the world are in chaos. Of course, this also challenges us as individuals to serve something other than our own personal needs and wishes. Now is the time to Be the Change.

This Full Moon happens in Dhanishta Nakshatra, related to Lord Shiva and his drum of creation as described in Vedic Astrology. There is enormous wealth and personal prosperity now, but also spiritual growth and a deeper awareness.”

~Sam Geppi  of LAyoga.com

“It takes discipline to turn illusion into reality.”

— Lionel Suggs

Here's a glorious shot of all 3 planets after sunset, with the moon. Jupiter is highest in the sky, Venus is lowest, with Mercury in between. Photo by Peter Lowenstein in Mutare, Zimbabwe. Thanks, Peter!

Here’s a glorious shot of all 3 planets after sunset, with the moon. Jupiter is highest in the sky, Venus is lowest, with Mercury in between. Photo by Peter Lowenstein in Mutare, Zimbabwe. Thanks, Peter!

“The Full Moon in Aquarius, who is ruled by Uranus, the “Great Awakener,” suggests that we here in the United States are at a time of a “great awakening.” Incidentally, this Full Moon is closely conjoined to theAquarius Moon in the astrological chart of the United States. The Moon in a country’s chart represents the “people of the said county,” so, we here in the U.S. are in for a great awakening.  At this time, it may not be completely apparent that the United States has been in a condition of “karmic clearing,” and we here in this country are being prepared for a significant new cycle of experience in which each individual will recognize his/her personal empowerment and “We The People” shall enjoy the experience of a “government of the people, by the people, for the people,” as the founding fathers intended.  EVERYONE is forever connected to the Source that created all things. Further, all that is needed for a harmonic human experience shall ALWAYS be given to us, of course, when we ALLOW the Universe to provide Abundance, which is our birthright.”  (Bang onit, RAY!!!~L)

~~Roy Sette of astrologerray.com

The Big News is…
Saturn returns to direct motion on Saturday… ((( YAY )))…
This is energy we all have been waiting for… (even if you didn’t realize you were waiting for it… hehe)… What we will all find, is that in the very near future is a flash of personal realization and understanding that suddenly appears… Just like in the old cartoon when that light-bulb appears indicating a great idea or an epiphany has taken place… Like waking up from a long moment of “duhhhh”… ~daniel dowd of weeklyhoroscope.com

Saturn is turning direct after 5.5 months of retrograde motion.  This happens every year.  While direct, Saturn is a taskmaster.  He is also the Judge or the Teacher.  When he turns retrograde, we are given time to think about what we “should” do and prepare for the time that we will do it.  Then he turns direct again and it is time.  We must fulfill whatever is required or the consequences will materialize.  ~horoscopesbyvivian.com

Well, Yoganauts, this looks like as good a place as any to congratulate you on making it through the Mars Venus square and try to give you a look forward at the whitewater ahead.  The cool part about the eclipse portal before us is that you have been mentally, physically and spiritually in training for this since you set foot in Lunar Flow Yoga.  FLOW.  Be ye not hitched up upon the darkness for it is the birthplace of the light.  Be ye not blinded by the brightness for the shade will soothe and shield you.  You know this music.  Now lead the beat.

I am asking, begging and imploring you to remember: whatever comes through that door next you will meet on your feet.  Have confidence in the love in your heart.  You know why love is such a tricky thing to pin down?  It’s because it means something different to each of us.  We all feel it in a different way and as much as we like to pretend that we are all dealing with the same reality, it is different and unique for each of us.

When we accept and allow each his own AND all together WE FIND OUR STRENGTH.  Individually AND collectively: of the people, by the people, for the people.  So LET YOUR FREAK FLAG FLY and CELEBRATE what you LOVE in the face of all this adversity.  Just for a moment, take stock of what you have been through and realize that you kept the most vital part of you alive through all of this adversity and you know what?  That makes you somekinda cosmic badass in my book.  Please don’t give up.  Not now.

It was recently pointed out to me how the Lunar cycle and the breath cycle are similar.  When you start inhaling, it can be compared to the new moon: a preparation, a climbing.  It has a building, anticipatory energy, a gathering together.  The full moon is like the top of the breath; the space of holding, the fulcrum of change and then the waning moon is like the casting off of spent rocket stages that got used up as we ascended.  Each new breath is built on the information and quality of the last in a sort of FLOWING evolution with staccato breaks within.

This full moon in Aquarius really supports the metaphor.  Some of us (true to our dualistic, 3D experience) are building up an expression of isolation and paranoia.  Others have been squirreling away authentic self-expression and love.  Whether the passage of our most recent evolution has made you expand or contract, the period of eclipses that run from now until well after the 16th of September will surely show.  And neither one is wrong, it’s just likely that ONE is wrong FOR YOU.

This is the Leo~Aquarius axis of the zodiac.  Leo’s highest expression is, well, the love that supports authentic self expression.  It’s lower vibe?  Playing to the crowd and having no grounded center.  Aquarius in  elevated form puts the “I” in team and celebrates the individual’s contribution to the grandeur of the whole.  Negatively, Aquarius will impatiently burn it all to a cinder over a single disagreement and be like Eric Cartman, “Screw you guys, I’m going home.”

while I do not condone dog shaming, this made me laugh sooo hard.

Ok, so here’s my (and Shawna McGrath, whose Youtube video inspired this rant) strategy on how to proceed in these energies: get a grounded self-expression.  Check out what you want to come off as and who you usually come off as and combine the two with a LOT of humor and kindness.  Know yourself well enough to laugh at your habitual foibles. Practice patience with the way others respond to you or, if you are an advanced Yoganaut, RELEASE any expectation of how others receive your grounded self-expression.

Respond to others in their self expression, grounded or not, and AVOID reacting to them.  Various heart-based methods have been advocated here and elsewhere.  Using these is a practice of DISCERNMENT (pausing to reflect and wait for inspiration (see previous breath metaphor*!*)) and will become MORE valuable as September 1 approaches, so really practice now, if this rings true for you.

Above all, try to let the beauty of what is happening really effect you: each of us is learning freedom of expression as if for the first time and feeling a very visceral liberation from limiting thought patterns.  Encourage this in yourself and others, if you can find the Leonine courage (heart-fire) to do so.  Include and allow the expression of others.  Not because you want that for yourself, but because it FEELS REALLY GOOD to cheer for that person who is doing what you were told NEVER to do.

Let me just slip in one brief example from my life.  At a movie, to be funny, I started a meme with my friends about counting “man-buns”, a way of dressing male hair by piling it atop the head and securing it there, very hipsteresque.  Like a five-year old, every time I saw one I would say, “man-bun” and we would giggle.  Stupid, right?  So yesterday, I am hiking and I see a person (I really don’t remember the gender) with a bun piled atop the head dyed canary yellow with the hair closer to the scalp colored lime green.

This did not produce the hilarity I would have expected.  I had been through that and was over it.  What happened was that I appreciated the risk that person was taking and wondered at the meaning of it for them.  Then I saw how silly MY judgemental and reactionary joke had been, that I was playing to my female audience out of insecurity because I sometimes wear the same hairstyle when I am really hot or going to sleep.  It’s a little thing, but I hope you see my point.  Then, I had to do a little sheepish self-forgiveness shuffle for being such a nozzle and my world opened a little bit and got bigger with one more green and yellow man-bun in it.  Could have been a tribute to her/his parakeet.  (see, there I go again . . .)

We’re all healing our view of life, trying to trust when the deck seems loaded and operating without all the facts.  Find acceptance and inclusiveness through patience, persistence and present moment awareness.  In other words, get lost in what you LOVE and love YOU for loving that thing or being or act or thought or personal vision and bringing it to the chaos/party.  I am glad you are here.


“This full moon marks halfway between the Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox; it is known as Lunar Lammas. Lammastide is a traditional holiday in the Northern Hemisphere, falling upon the first harvest of the year. This phase is also known as the Full Sturgeon Moon because it coincides with abundant fish catches. The moon will rise at sunset, peak at midnight and set at sunrise.

The Sun and Moon in total opposition between Leo and Aquarius: me vs. we. The Full Moon in Aquarius yearns to explode outward, to use the Self as a vehicle for collective empowerment.

Let’s look at the ruling planets of each sign, the Sun and Uranus respectively. The Sun emanates from the inside out, master of identity. Uranus is the rebel and nonconformist, dancing eccentrically to the beat of his own drum. On one end of the spectrum, we have regal Leo in his fullest expression: living through the heart, content to stay there without ever venturing beyond the confines of the Self. On the other lies Aquarius, wandering so far out in the cosmos that he struggles to cultivate awareness within. Leo lives in the here and now, in laughter, in the body, in the raw ego. Too much leonine energy produces self-interest and bullying. So can these two play nicely together? We shall see.

The imbalanced Aquarian closely resembles his leonine counterpart: proud, forceful, blinded by ego. Too much Aquarius makes life feel cold and unemotional. An overdose of Leo makes life too hot – think melodrama, unchecked passion, irrational responses. And yet the water bearer is notoriously aloof and acquires an edge if he feels that his toes have been stepped on. Altruism is rapidly replaced by dark shades of anger in the form of hard logic / “objective” intellectualization. The Full Moon in Aquarius may shut the heart down in favor of the left brain’s insistence on “rational” thinking.  The water bearer often struggles to understand other people. He is quick to judge and finds people boring, deflated of self-confidence and originality.”  ~Ren Tvedten of astroyogalove.com

See you next Thursday night, the 18th, 7pm at The Dancing Lotus 40 N. Last Chance Gulch


Mind your heart,



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This stuff is not for everyone.


4 thoughts on “Full Moon (Almost) Lunar Eclipse 18 August 2016 in Aquarius for tropical and Vedic: THE POWER OF “WE”

  1. Thanks Lynn. I find what is going on right now to be very fascinating. Thanks for providing all the great info. How long is Saturn going to be in direct motion, do you know?

    Also, my north node is Aquarius and south node is Leo… so this seems like an extra important time for me…http://www.romantic-ideas-for-life.com/north-node-birth-chart-data.html.

    I miss yoga class with you!!! Hoping to make it to an upcoming Saturday. Shine on!



    1. Hi there, Miss Ashley!!! I miss having you as a classmate. I do hope these times suit and you can make it. It would be such a treat to see you/breathe with you/move with you again. That axis and your nodes bodes well, sister!! This is a big doorway into the unknown for all of us and with that Saturn set-up, it looks like a good time to mind the ol’ yamas and niyamas, make sure to do it all by the rules: show
      up in all your ethical and virtuous glory.

      Saturn appears to go retrograde again on 30 December 2016 at 3:34am at 21 degrees Sagittarius. I got that information from cafeastrology.com, which I think is easiest to learn from and has a HUGE library of information. Hope I got that right!

      Mind your heart,


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