A Word on the Method and the Madness

“To know this diagram is to know astrology, to know Ayurveda, to know both the manifest world and where it came, to know the child of Purusha and Prakriti. Ganesha.” ~Dr. Ladd

Global Humans in the Cosmic Context

The What and Why of Lunar Flow Yoga

We have to see ourselves in a new way to change our world.


Looking back on what was created with our Lunar Flow Yoga class has been fun for me.  I feel like I grew a lot and gained so much by your indulgence.  I am so grateful for the time you gave me to work out the ideas, asanas and practice that became our experiment.  I would like to record some  conclusions here before we head into our cycle on the eclipses.  Before I get rolling though; some simple sincere thanks–from the light in me that is just like the light in you.

Firstly, Lunar Flow Yoga was themed on Vedic lunar astrology, which meant we followed the moon through the nakshatras or Lunar Mansions.  We focused on the archetypes represented there, but the overarching theme was creating wholeness out of dualism.  So many Vedic ideas support this; yama and niyama, prana and apana, sukha and dukkha and the creation principles Purusha and Prakruti, rajas and tamas.   This principle is personified in Shiva and Shakti, the dance of creation and destruction.  In class it provided a base for building a sense of equanimity and balance through observances of the full cycle of the moon; waxing and waning.

Our Vedic Lunar Yoga experiment always sought to bring greater intimacy with self and sensitivity to the wisdom of the body as a place of contact with Nature and holism.  Many astrological phenomena occur in pairs of opposites: binary stars, zodiacal axises, negative and positive aspects of the signs and archetypes.  These are akin to pairs and polarities within the body; each chakra below the 6th owns a pair of glands–thyroid (and parathyroid), thymus, adrenals and gonads.  The shadow and ego of the psyche were explored and considered as well.

This dual constellation led us to consider and enact the whole of process to gain clearer understanding of ourselves and our cosmic situation.  We began holding the idea of reconciliation as a model when considering unity and separation, order and chaos or any single aspect, sign or archetype.  In class, contraction and expansion were two sides of a cycle of inhale and exhale, wax and wane, light and dark.  

The hope was to begin to instigate a pause, a moment before action when we recognized one aspect and searched for it’s twin opposite.  In that moment we could hold the dichotomy in unity within ourselves and see if stabilization or ordering would result.  It’s not just a mental concept–we were enacting this with the breath and the asana as well.  The whole organism engaged the training of becoming a vessel for contradiction.

Well and so, what in the world would that be good for?  Why would we WANT to stretch ourselves to encompass more?  I mean, we are already pushed way beyond what we seem to be built to withstand.  There is more change coming at us faster and faster all the time, when do we get to stop and rest?  Lunar Flow Yoga was started with just such an idea in mind.  It would be great to think that we have all of our collective poop in a group and we can just go to yoga class and cast off all the yuggies, get a tune up and go on our way, but the fact is we have to reintroduce ourselves to ourselves nearly every day.  

We have to remind ourselves of our intention to respond from the inner guide and not in react to external forces in every moment.  We have to practice, practice, practice our connection to divinity as often as possible.  Let me reiterate as the lead holder of the Lunar Flow Yoga space, IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT THAT DIVINITY LOOKS LIKE FOR YOU, it’s welcome in the space.  Imagination and spiritual (read inner) inspiration have to be used like muscles or they atrophy.  The best way that I have found to access the inner world is to exhaust the body with breath and movement first, then try to rest.  Otherwise I’m squirrely.

Another reason why Lunar Flow Yoga evolved this way is to  demonstrate that we are in a process.  We are constantly releasing the past in order to move into a future self that is unknown to us.  Call it the conquest of dimensionality, call it evolution or just plain growth; none of us is the same person we were yesterday.  We put some things down and picked others up since then and  our capacity extended.  I like to imagine that embodying duality, embracing dichotomy and bridging the gap serves a purpose in the universe.  I pretend that one of the values of being human and vulnerable is that it propels the boundaries of the cosmos into new dimensions of complexity and evolution.  Holy moly is it a complex and vulnerable time.

Looking at the cycle of the moon is another way to envision the myths of all culture that have been passed down for millennia.  Joseph Campbell gave us the pattern of the hero’s journey: unity, separation, fall, interior examination and descent, a crisis of meaning, transformative encounter with suffering and dissolution of self.  Only after this descent does the hero penetrate into the ability to rise into a larger dimension of life, a broader point of view.  Since the moon is our closest celestial satellite and she makes this journey every 28 days I thought to short-circuit the process and accelerate it by making it so much of the internal landscape as to no longer alarm us with the G forces of the drop and rise.  (Sheepish grin–hubris, anyone?)

The promise of the Aquarian Age is deliverance from the spiritual wounding of the long night of the Piscean Era.  We are asked to heal and integrate the amputation of the spiritual evolutionary process that was not allowed by religious dogma and insisted someone had to translate for God.  God, love and the internal world of soul was appropriated.  There is no home for soul in a world that is wholly objective, where it costs money to simply exist and where nature is “red in tooth and claw”.  In this new age of Aquarius, we are told, the truest, most natural cosmic self will once again be allowed to spread it’s wings and take flight.

So many spiritual teachers advocate a process of hierarchy,  method or a “path”.  I want to say again, as I have tried to remember to say in each of our meetings, that is not what Lunar Flow Yoga is trying to achieve.  “No absolutes!” is the Lunar Flow Yoga motto.  I am not showing you the way to YOUR SPIRITUAL VISION, only you can do that.  I am using what is at hand (namely the lunar cycle, the Vedic and tropical astrological archetypes and Ashtanga vinyasa asana) to run experiments on our changing consciousness and see where it gets us.  These conclusions I draw are MY conclusions and it’s possible and even a really good idea to do the class and not think about any of this stuff.  I don’t own the class even IF I originate it.  The form that class takes is MY preference and it is important and encouraged that you modify it for YOUR needs.  

Many of us  feel so deeply that this point in time is pivotal and want to be sensitive to that.  Awareness is ratcheted up to an excruciating level right now.  The Aquarian Full Moon of 2016 is a major release valve for the mental chains of the past and  the penumbral lunar eclipse (seen or not) points to the portal this moment can be into the future self–the more evolved, refined, aware being in each of us.  I ask you to imagine looking at your past from a new point of view that allows for a shifting of previously unquestioned judgements and paradigms.  Imagine a larger truth that allows you to see what came before in a way that no longer perpetuates Piscean wounding and victimhood, but illuminates the positive side to the twin fishes archetype: true joy, authentic playfulness, empathy, telepathy, the highest form of spiritual intuition and spiritual peace.

Look, it was necessary for reasons unknown to us (yeah, that again) to uphold a materialist reality for 2000 years.  It got us where we are, for good or for ill and we are all familiar with the ills of the Piscean age.  What no one thinks too much about is the Piscean capacity for rage, just white-hot batshit-crazy anger.  When you think about a pair of swimming fishes, you seldom fear or imagine they might be sharks, but they could be.  The Aquarian is always seen as so evolved and fair, but the flip side?  Arrogance and disgust on a massive scale.  “Kill them all and let God sort it out”, kind of thinking.  I don’t think you need me to point to all the places this negative side of the archetypes is advancing in our world.  We have to do what we can  to advance peace, kindness and compassion through this window, this portal of eclipses, even if it’s only to sit down and remind ourselves where the moon is, where our hearts are and where we hope to go.    This class is my offering.  Please be welcome.  Please join me in a little time out of time.

Mind your heart



Lunar Flow Yoga Class

Eclipse Portal Cycle

Thursday August 18 at 7pm, Saturdays August 20, 27 and September 3 at noon at DLC


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