Zero hour: 3:03 am Thursday 1 Sept 2016 Trust that you know the TRUTH when you are living it.

Salutations Yoganauts! 
Please slow WAY the fuck down.  There is missing information that you need and it is coming.  Wait for it. WA-A-AIT.   Hold that what you have been through will serve your personal mastery in the moment.  Trust yourself.  Trust your inner knowing. Trust your personal vision.  Trust your yoga.  Trust you will know when the time is right.  Trust that life is for some purpose and trust that the purpose is life affirming.  Trust that you can handle it. Trust life.  Breathe deeply in and out through your heart.  This is getting really interesting.
Mmmmhmmm.  Yeah.
And now, the Cosmic Climate.
Image result for earth from space during solar eclipse

“Tuesday, August 30th

7:04 AM MDT – Mercury stations retrograde at 29° of Virgo

Thursday, September 1st

3:03 AM MDT– New Moon/Solar Eclipse at 9° Virgo”
~Chani Nicolas at 
“She changes everything She touches, and everything She touches changes.

Moon on the morning of August 29, 2016 from our friend Lunar 101 - MoonBook.

Moon waning on the morning of August 29, 2016 from our friend Lunar 101 –

I am ever amazed that my worst self contains my best self and vice versa. Love allows me to uncover this truth. It’s not about getting rid of one thing or the other, it’s about allowing for healing (alignment, unity ~L) between the two opposites. Love is alchemical; love changes everything it touches and everything it touches changes. Too often people are told to love what they don’t love about themselves and that’s pretty close to impossible. What you can do is wrap what you consider to be a defect, in love beyond all reason, and it will transmute and transform into the numinous.


 It’s a week for groking. Are you familiar with the term grok? The term was coined by Robert A. Heinlein, in his novel, “Stranger In A Strange Land.” To grok is to empathetically understand and grasp an idea/ feeling/ concept, so deeply you don’t question the validity of your own knowing. That’s the quality of insight the owl card represents. Since insight of this kind invariably leads to action, it’s a great week for calling on an angel to help you navigate through the results of your insight. Write a want ad. Write — Seeking Angel For — and write down what you need the angel to do. It can be as specific as “help me make a major move, find a job, and get into school,” or as general as “help, just help!” Once a day for seven days, sit where you won’t be disturbed and read over your angel ad. Close your eyes and feel the wings of the angel you’ve summoned to help you wrap around you. The other action that would be effective this week and works beautifully with the angel ad is to pray for right action. Say: I sincerely invite the divine within and of my sacred path to be the guiding force in this day and my life. Please guide me through (whatever you need guidance through.)  Both the angel ad and the prayer will make wise use of the eclipse energy September 1st.

Live loud, love fierce, and suffer no fools.  Katherine Manaan
Goddess Heal Mystic
(Intention setting for eclipses is slightly different than normal new moons.  I’m told that we want to let the energies settle a little before we make our plea to the Universe, so, optimally, proclaim your desire for alignment of being between 5:03am Saturday, September 3rd and 8:30pm September 4th.  What a coincedence!  There’s a class at DLC then!!!~L) 

Venus and Jupiter on the night of the conjunction - August 27, 2016 - as captured by Andre Smith in South Africa.  The fainter dot to one side is Mercury.

Venus and Jupiter on the night of the conjunction – August 27 – as captured by Andre Smith in South Africa. The fainter dot to one side is

(I’m fascinated by the feeling of love.  We talk about the way it behaves all the time, but need more elaboration on how it feels.  How it feels to move the love from inside you out to another.  This is a reason why I am so big on blessings right now.  I woke up one morning this week with the sense that the most important work I could do was give and receive “blessing”.  Nothing religious or mysterious intended, just feel my heart fill with the trembly, butterfly-light sensation of growing love or alignment or wholeness or sparlky-translucent-honey-colored liquid light and then hand it over, with a gentle intentional nudge.  Now I’ve just gotta figure out how to receive it.  How do I open this thing again?.  (Life for slow-learners, sigh. ~L))
“I let myself love the living of it all. Getting there is boring. Nothing is at the top but the top. This, right here, is what is interesting.”
~chaninicolas at

Robert Pettengill was in Uvalde, Texas when he captured the images to make this composite.  It consists of a total of 39 images and shows the relative sizes of the 2 planets as seen from Earth, as well as some of Jupiter's moons.

Robert Pettengill was in Uvalde, Texas when he captured the images to make this composite. It consists of a total of 39 images and shows the relative sizes of the 2 planets as seen from Earth, as well as some of Jupiter’s moons.  (LOVE this image!!!!~L)

Image result for heart based eclipse

Heart-Focused Breathing™ Technique

1. Heart Focus: Focus your attention on your heart area. Breathe a little deeper than normal, in for 5 or 6 seconds and out 5 or 6 seconds. You may find that placing your hand over your heart helps you maintain your focus there.
2. Heart Breathing: Now imagine while breathing that you’re doing it through your heart. Picture yourself slowly breathing in and slowly breathing out through your heart area.

(Maintaining your focus and breathing through the heart area leads you naturally into a state of ease. When you’re ready to proceed with the rest of your day, you’ll do so with more energy and resilience for future challenges.)

The scientific term for this simple and quick tool is psychophysiological coherence: Ever heard of it? Keep reading. 

Physiological Coherence

“Coherence is the state when the heart, mind and emotions are in energetic alignment and cooperation,” according to HeartMath Institute Research Director Dr. Rollin McCraty. “When the physiological coherence mode is driven by a positive emotional state, we call it psychophysiological coherence.”

(You see that trademark?  That is HILARIOUS to me.  All economical models are based on emotion.  There.  I said it. ~L)

Eliot Herman in Tucson caught Venus and Jupiter on August 27.

Eliot Herman in Tucson caught Venus and Jupiter on August 27.

“Nothing is impossible for the Universe to manifest (womanifest ~L). If you are feeling that what you want is too “big” for the Universe, take a walk outside, look around you, and think about our planet: the oceans, the plains, the forests, the jungles, the animals, the trees, and every piece of vegetation on our planet. Look up into the sky and think about our solar system, our Milky Way, and all the millions of galaxies that contain billions of starts that go on forever. The infinite intelligence of the Universe created it all. Then think again about what you are wanting…how “big” do you think it is now?” -Unknown
(And remember somewhere, way back in time, there was a fish who eyed the land and thought “I wonder if I could live there?”. ~L)
“As much as we may want to run away with the band right now, the purest magic will still be found in resonating with the appreciation of the moment (look ahead, but don’t run there…better to gaze at it fondly from the comfort of the Now).
While it’s been said many times before…Dream Big. Dream aloud. Dream on. Shine on, you crazy diamond.”
~dawn exton at

Greg Diesel-Walck captured the waning moon on August 29, too. He wrote:

Greg Diesel Walck Lunar/Landscape Photographer captured the waning moon on August 29, too. He wrote: “This morning’s moon at sunrise in Moyock, North Carolina. Very difficult to capture the fading moon in the brilliance of color but this is not a filtered image right off the camera.”

This week’s Solar Eclipse signals a new beginning… a time when you can drop the frustrations of half-realized objectives and start afresh with a renewed sense of hope. When it comes to matters of the heart, we often carry our past disappointments around with us. This is not always a hindrance, often we learn from our history and it helps us to make better-informed decisions. But it’s important not to allow any old shattered illusions to reduce our dreams to the dust pile. Let your heart be optimistic this week. Give it the freedom it desires as much as the protection it requires. The coming annular eclipse and ‘T-Square’ mean the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one.” ~Oscar Cainer at

Image via John Boydston. Thank you John!

Image via John Boydston. Thank you John!

I love this quote from Elsa Panizzon from this week’s article:

“This is a big one, folks!  But this is not meant to scare you. Find a goal, people. Shoot for something. Make sure it’s righteous (Sagittarius)! Make sure it helps people (Virgo). Don’t be afraid to sacrifice and act with compassion (Pisces).  Because if you do this, I bet you have a GREAT WEEK ahead… Now please, please, spread this … far and wide. Because I know astrologers are going to scare people with this. I’m telling you, if you’ll work … it’ll be like sitting at the table holding at least three aces and maybe four.”~Amanda at

Image result for leo sidereal eclipse

An affirmation from Chani Nicolas:

“I willingly review the debts that I have to repay. I am honest about them, that way they don’t have a hold of me. I refuse to live in shame or fear of a number. I am worth more than a balance sheet. Though I seek to live in balance with the material world and make good on my word, I know that sometimes these things take time. As I review my energetic and financial exchanges and get real with my balance sheet, I become clearer and clearer about what is a good investment and how best to come into alignment when working with my talents and learning how to share them.”

Image result for leo sidereal eclipse

“Miscommunication is likelier at this time – especially when it comes to the question of

who is purer?
who defines what is sacred?
who understands things better?
what is a sacred being allowed to do/be?
who judges it all?

Be open to multiple interpretations, but don´t let your voice get lost in the fracas … if it´s something worth your time saying, that is.”

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

Image result for leo sidereal eclipse

August 24th: Today a new planet, Proxima B was announced in the news. Mercury (news) and Jupiter (long distance/space travel) were exactly conjunct, aspecting the Galactic Centre and the Super Galactic centre! Jupiter and Uranus were also exactly quincunx, an aspect associated with new scientific discoveries.~Pam Gregory of

Image result for leo sidereal eclipse

“In this eclipse, the hungry shadow demon – Rahu – will momentarily swallow the sun up and bite at the tail of romantic Leo the lion. This eclipse will fall in the creative powerhouse of the sky known as Purva Phalguni – the lion’s tail.


Purva Phalguni is found in the tail of Leo. (includes the star Zosma)

This eclipse packs a powerful jolt for warriors of the heart and romantic artists.  It opens a portal to radical change; one that if held with love, can support positive shifts in relationship dynamics and expand the vision of your future life path.

Lord Shiva himself, began his marriage procession under this auspiciousnakshatra.  Purva Phalguni can cause the transformational urgency of the eclipse to magnify the intensity of our intimate relationships, perhaps inflaming our hearts with new standards of desire. Shadow work and work around intimacy and boundaries can give profound insight in the days surrounding the eclipse.

Image result for heart based eclipse
Eclipse energy also purges out old patterns, whether it be relationship patterns, emotional baggage, or cutting cords with people and things that no longer serve us.  Purva Phalguni is ruled by Bhaga, the god of earthly enjoyments – food, sex, and wealth.  Be careful not to overindulge around the days of the eclipse, as this nakshatra is notorious for its fierce need for self-expression and enjoyment.  Bhaga is in charge of distributing wealth fairly and keeping communities and families cooperating and at peace.  

Take heed, for during the Sept 1, 2016 solar eclipse Jupiter’s tight alignment with Mercury retrograde will create what is in Vedic Astrology known asplanetary war.  This may weaken our ability to make discerning choices and could confuse us with unrealistic advice.   Although there may be an urgency to find an immediate answer during these stormy eclipse days, try not to rush into making any important commitments or final decisions for at least a week.

This eclipse is certainly heart-centered and can trigger some deep karmic renovation within our relationships and creative projects. Whatever your creative interest – or obsession – this eclipse could mark a turning point in your heart’s journey, possibly bringing to a close old chapters and opening new ones.


Bhaga – the god of earthly enjoyment (kama) is one of 12 solar deities, the Adityas.”


wow, that got big when I moved it to wordpress.  She’s beautiful, so Imana leave it.~L

New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Leo

by  | Aug 29, 2016 | AstrologyConjunctionsEclipses

On September 1st at 2:03 am (P.D.T.) we will have a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Leo. The Sun and the Moon converge in the middle of sidereal Leo, in close conjunction with the shadow planet Rahu. This will cause a solar eclipse, visible from most of Africa, Madagascar, and the southern Indian Ocean (maximum eclipse at 9:06 U.T.).

New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Leo vedic astrologyThe Nodes

Rahu is known as the “north node” of the Moon in western astrology (and the ascending node in astronomical terms). There is no actual planetary body here. Rather, Rahu is located at the point where the path of the Sun and the path of the Moon (as viewed from earth) intersect. He is not a visible planet, but when the Sun and the Moon align with one of the nodes, we do see a shadow that becomes visible for a short period of time. The lunar nodes are therefore known as shadow planets.

They are designated grahas (“grabbers”) in Vedic Astrology, just like the other planets, because their energy grabs us and drives our karma in a similar way (or even more strongly). Rahu and Ketu indicate where we have some of our most deep-seated psychological karma, where we are least mature and where we have done a lot of work already. Because of their shadowy nature, we are often confused about the areas of life that they affect, but it is here that we can do a lot of inner work. Rahu is dark, meddling, and childish, but also deeply psychic, radically original, and hungry for spiritual growth.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Leo vedic astrology

Wherever Rahu and Ketu are when we have eclipses (e.g. sidereal Leo and Aquarius at the moment), these areas of your life will be particularly affected. Since their transit into these signs at the beginning of this year, we have been working on examining our shadows around how we relate to personal power and service to others. If we tend to go to extremes in either of these areas, or have any hang-ups that need work, the eclipses of this year are giving us a great opportunity to view these subconscious patterns, when the shadows literally become visible. Download the Free 2016 Rahu-Ketu Forecast for Your Sign To See How you Are Affected

Rahu’s presence in Leo (who also joined with Jupiter there all year, until recently) exaggerated our quest for personal empowerment, especially around the karma indicated by Leo in your chart (e.g. relationships for Aquarius rising, home-life for Taurus rising, career for Scorpio rising). You may have come up against some confusing bumps in the road here this year.  With Rahu in Leo, this drive to purify and be responsible may have become somewhat distorted this year.  Rahu’s presence here may have darkened our feeling of inherent potency and our ability to feel self-love. Health and vitality are indicated by the Sun, so this is a good opportunity to see where you can improve on self-care and self-love. It is also a good time to examine how you are using your power–whether you are being responsible and selfless, and doing the work to purify your own being, or just acting like a little bossy-pants.

Image result for heart based eclipse


Meditation, introspection, and journal-writing are some of the best ways to help you truly explore the shadows that are arising for you. In thinking about these themes, write about whatever comes up for you. Then examine it to see if it is true, and something that needs work, or a limiting belief that you are ready to discard. The lunar eclipse in a few weeks is a great time to cut cords with what is no longer needed.

To assist in reconnecting with the dharmic and illuminating power of the Sun (Surya), make an effort to practice some Sun salutations at the beginning of each day. You can augment this practice by reciting mantras for the Sun, either silently along with your breath throughout your practice, or in a sitting posture. You can even make an altar to the Sun, or make some sun tea with rejuvenative herbs. We can directly invoke the Sun through repeating the mantra “Om Suryaya Namaha,” or through the powerful Gayatri Mantra, “Om bhur, bhuvah, svaha, tat savitur varenyam, bhargo devasya dhimahi, dhiyo yo nah prachodayat.”~Somya Devi at

Image result for heart based eclipse

“Mercury retrograde is really the universe suggesting that we “back off” and to take more time to enjoy the life and people around us… Not to take ourselves and the things we do too seriously… To put away the computers and to actually stop and talk with real people for a change… hehe… Trackin’ with me on this?…” ~Daniel Dowd

Image result for heart based eclipse

This is a very significant new Moon. It’s a solar eclipse, but even more than that, it has very strong aspects that have some very interesting messages. For a start, Saturn squares this new Moon and Neptune opposes it. Both of these aspects become exact just hours after this eclipse. This is north node eclipse, meaning, amongst other things, that this is a time for forward action, forward thinking, discarding things from the past, etc. It may, though, be a little weird in that we may find it a bit of a distraction trying to figure out what is real and what is fantasy (or theater). 
Of particular significance at this new Moon is Venus and Jupiter passing over the Super Galactic Center. This is major. We have Mercury coming right up to the SGC and then going retrograde, so, in about a month and a half’s time, Mercury will traverse the SGC, cementing even more some of the ideals, dreams and visions we’ve been hatching at this new Moon. 
Image result for sabian symbol "the mind of god"
The Super Galactic Center has an orb from approx Virgo 28+ to Libra 5+ and the Sabian Symbols contained therein are extraordinarily apt for the theme that the SGC is said to represent. In a nutshell, the SGC is said to be where ‘the Mind Of God resides’. The end of Virgo and those first 5-6 degrees of the zodiac are where we would look if we looked out towards the Super Galactic Center. It’s a powerhouse part of the zodiac, not unlike the Galactic Center of late Sagittarius = both are said to be where we can truly connect in with the Law Of Attraction (You know I don’t buy into that one, but this might convince me~L). Making plans, drawing them up, seeing what you can do, measuring three times before cutting, all these things and more can add to a successful period during the next few weeks.

What is it that you really want? The SGC is a powerful point in the zodiac, and, to have Mercury, Venus and Jupiter meeting up here, brings a lot more power to this time.  (That’s more like it, I would call this “polish up my personal vision and hold it loosely but resolutely.”~L)

~Lynda Hill’s Sabian Symbols

Australian Lynda Hill’s rolling commentary of the Sabian Symbols… sometimes political, always inspirational

Image result for sabian symbol "the mind of god"


“Mercury is still Retrograde, and we’ve got a potent New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 1st. Confront things head-on friends, and be ready for truths to be revealed and insist on being dealt with. Get with the program and handle the reality you’re living in, lovers.” ~Jessica Lanyadoo at

Image result for sabian symbol "the mind of god"

Woof Yoganauts!  That’s a LOT!!

One ton of global harbingers of change, but they are the same energies you have been dealing with for almost a year now: the Virgo Pisces axis T-squares Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius.  So what if Mercury retrograde, the North Node and Jupiter are back-loading the Virgin?  Who cares if the South Node and Neptune in Pisces are churning your karma to dharma?  Or if the sun squares Saturn then Neptune?  And if Antares is goading the malefics?  Or if Pluto opposes the Nodes?  Or if the Uranus Eris conjunction is threatening to upset the whole apple cart?  Or if Black Moon Lilith is lurking?  WOW, actually that’s a LOT. . .

Even if none of that were happening we would still be set to embark upon the next set of soul explorations because eclipse cycles run for 19 years and whatever got started in September of 1997 will resonate. With your theme.  The end of victimization and martyrdom and the start of empowerment begins and ends with YOUR CHOICES, YOUR DISCERNMENT and YOUR VIVEKA.

What if compassion, understanding and yogic discernment are the perfect tools to release expectation, go within and sit with all these clashing energies?  What if 12 noon on Saturday September 3rd is the best time?

Bless your heart,


Image result for sabian symbol "the mind of god"

2 thoughts on “Zero hour: 3:03 am Thursday 1 Sept 2016 Trust that you know the TRUTH when you are living it.

  1. BLESS your heart Lynn! In Spokane this morning, headed for Puyallup,WA to girlfriend’s home and tonight soaking in the tubs and a body scrub at Olympus Spa…the BEST place to be on this day in my opinion…will be with you in spirit/heart on Saturday….may each and all feel the blessings showering down upon us NOW….:-)


    1. Perfect!! Lay back and let the downloads roll, sister! The missing pieces will fall into place, it requires a little faith to surf the edge of conscious evolution, but you are uniquely suited for this moment. NOW.
      Deep appreciation!


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