Monday 25 September 2016

Many astrologers are calling today the luckiest day of the year.  See?  Aren’t you glad you opened it?~L

Dream Big As Jupiter and the Sun Align

Image result for Jupiter and the sun align 26 September 2016by Tanaaz

“Many astrologers consider the annual meeting of Jupiter and the Sun to be the luckiest day of the year. Together, the two cosmic beings will shine a brilliant light, giving birth to waves of inspiration, passion, compassion and positivity. This makes September 25-26th, the perfect day to connect with others, fine-tune relationships and dream big.In 2016, this fated day falls on September 25-26th in the sign of Libra.   Libra rules over relationships, equality and balance, which means that these areas may be highlighted around this time. Many astrologers will also tell you that this day is a very lucky day for signing contracts and starting new things.”

Image result for Jupiter and the sun align 26 September 2016

(This giant benefic not only expands what is touches and today it touches the self, the sun, it also protects us from planetary infall.  Don’t believe me?  Good for you.  Google Shoemaker Levy 9. Thank you, Jupiter. ~L)

“Pluto Direct In Capricorn: September 26, 2016 – Done Drillin’

oil-drillPluto will turn direct at 14 degrees Capricorn in the early morning on Monday, September 26th. The planet will be supported by Mercury and Neptune and suffer no hard aspects so look for a smooth transition.

The words “drill down” come to mind. These words have merged together to become one, “drilldown”, in this century. I’m not sure that makes sense, but however you spell it, we’re done drillin’ down at this location. We’re packing up and moving on.

The easy aspects indicate we’ll be able to do so without upset or incident. I don’t know if you might find this good or bad. If you’ve lost something significant during this transit, you might find the lack of ceremony, disturbing.

If you have Cardinal planets, 0-13 degrees, you can consider yourself done with your Pluto transit. The next Pluto station will take place at 16 degrees in September / October, 2017.

Are you relieved?”

Image result for relief

Yoganauts, you deserve some good news. 

I could not let today’s remarkably beneficial aspects pass without saluting your spirit and wishing you love, joy and luck.  You survived a lot of shift, now it is time to thrive.

May this day be only the beginning of a time when you are liberated, illuminated and free.  We have survived a difficult time, let us celebrate our collective strength and humanity.  We do not have to mutely subsist in the broken model of culture that drags our beautiful planet and future ever closer to the abyss.  We do not have to passively endure the horrors we confront in the world today.  May your choices this day be loving, optimistic and bless this planet and future we share.  May this day and every one after be more filled with care and love than the one before.

Image result for Kelly Baraby Helena MT

If you are feelin’ it and want to hang out, I plan to go to the passing of the torch ceremony at Dancing Lotus Center at 4:30pm tonight (Monday 26 October) to take a moment to honor Kelly Baraby, founding sister and yogini-masseuse-champion-love-warrior as she lightens her load and blesses Jamie Anesi (dancing-empath-innovator-leader-love-warrior) and Kathryn Gustin (dancing-caregiver-strategist-impresario-love-warrior) with the care and feeding of our beloved studio.  After a short and sweet ceremony the plan is to head over to the Blackfoot River Brewery, where proceeds from the beer we buy will benefit (good, Jupiterian word) the Dancing Lotus Scholarship Fund providing a wellness community for those triumphing over domestic abuse, cancer and the trauma of war.

Image result for Kelly Baraby Helena MT           Image result for Kelly Baraby Helena MT

I love the internet.  Kelly’s gonna kill me.  Perfect side-angle, though.

Image result for Kelly Baraby Helena MT

Now Kelly AND Kim will prolly kill me.  Look how cute they are!  Badasses!

Please Join Us.  Until then, mind your heart,


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