The Goddess WILL Emerge Victorious, Reach Deep, Find Your Faith. Happy Navratri!

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“Don’t let the noise of our modern world take you off center. You are the center.  
 True North exists.
Do not let the upset of some random influence take you away from your truth.
This is when the true scientist arrives: discover how to find the neutral, calm space in the middle of the storm.   I am in awe of how much life tests us.   Unless we realize we are safe.  We each bring safety.   It is not dependent on the outer world.   No matter what happens, no matter what NASA or the election decides…you are safe. Can you give yourself the right relationship with your power to be the calm?  To be the one who knows this spiritual shit is real?
Can you trust life and your inner world to bring you back to center?
All is well. Unconquerable life prevails.”


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(don’t let my fundraising turn you off, just ignore it if it’s not for you, share the link if you feel inspired to, sure would appreciate it.~L)
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“So, with the Libra New Moon – what we are asked to focus our energies, intentions and evaluations on are our relationships. How we connect with other people.
Some questions for reflection:

Am I in an energetic contract / connection with another person/s?
Is this is a fair or just connection?
Am I meeting their needs and respecting their contributions and are they doing the same?
How much space do I or my partner/s occupy in decision-making? Is it a fair distribution?
If not – do I find a way to mend it, or is time to tear up the bill and leave?”   
~ Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

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“But what happens when you tear the contract up?

When you give yourself permission to step off the wheel?

When you decide to have a different relationship with the Divine?

When you choose … differently?

When you move away from the comfortable into untested waters?

That´s when you take back your Fire.”

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

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“This Virgo Moon cycle is also a great time to get organized and create new routines in our lives. Consider a “fall cleaning,” getting rid of the old clutter that has accumulated over the busy summer months. This will create more space in your sanctuary that you will want for your self-care, home yoga practice, crafting, meditation, or whatever it is that you do to rest and recharge. Because Jupiter is also joining this New Moon in Virgo, you’ll feel extra grace coming at you this month, which will help you to get in alignment with your principles and ideals. It’s a good opportunity to reconnect with higher teachings and teachers, as well as to solidify some healthy habits in your life.

Maha Navaratri 2016  
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As with most Hindu celebrations, this festival correlates with the lunar calendar and thus begins on the first day of the waxing Moon after the New Moon of September 30th. The celebration is through the “nine nights” of October 1-9, 2016, and into the tenth morning known as Vijayadashami, “the day of victory,” on October 10th. Worship during Navaratri is most generally dedicated to Goddess in the form of Durga, the demon-slayer, but there is much nuance and variation to practice and forms of celebration throughout India. Above all, Navaratri is a community celebration of the Divine Mother, and the love, abundance and protection she gives.

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There are many Navaratri celebrations throughout the year, but the fall-time Navaratri is the most widely celebrated, and is thus called Maha Navaratri – “the great nine nights”. It correlates with the time of the harvest, a time to give thanks for the abundance of the year’s work. Grains and crops are often offered to Devi as part of the celebrations. Ritualistic worship (puja) typically occurs in homes and temples throughout the nine nights and into the tenth morning of celebration.” 

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“NASA is correct in that all the constellations have shifted. (Every 72 years, they shift 1 degree.) And although NASA is correct about what going on “up there;” they are incorrect by assuming this is a game changer for Western astrology. Not so! In Western astrology, the zodiac signs are named after the constellations; but they never did line up because they never could line up. Why? Each constellation is a different size. (Virgo is less than 10 degrees and Scorpio is almost 50 degrees.) But in Western astrology, mathematicians created 12 different signs (named after the constellations) each with 30 degrees to make a perfect circle of 360 degrees.”

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“The reason we can’t unhook from a futile battle is because our self-esteem and identity is tied up in the other person’s opinion. (Not that I would have believed that then) Self-esteem and identity are of the sacred feminine. When our self-esteem and identity are tied up in another’s opinion our sacred feminine is weak. The ego, or sacred masculine, serves the sacred feminine. If the sacred feminine is weak, so is the ego, and the ego ends up serving itself. Ego serving itself absolutely positively has to be right. Ergo, the futile battle — you’re-going-to-get-my-point-of-view-or-die-even-if-I-have-to-lose-years-of-my-life-fighting-with-you.  We are stuck in the mud, we cannot move forward, and there is no transformation, no change, just more of the same old, same old. There is not one person reading this page who doesn’t know that stuck-in-the-mud-inability-to- move-forward feeling.

This week you’re getting ready to walk away from people, places, and things that don’t hear you. Clearly, declarations of change in any area (work, love, friendship) that have repeatedly proven to be little more than lip service, are riding your last nerve, and you’re done.  This makes perfect, timely sense because summer’s astrology literally shook us out of old identities, and metamorphosis was the result. You’ve changed a lot, changes you can’t even put your finger on, and what’s beginning to work its way to the surface is that you can no longer afford to stay stuck in go nowhere conversations. It’s stopping you from following the mystical beckoning, the bliss, and living your ever-evolving truth.
You don’t need anyone’s approval to step away and you certainly don’t need them to understand. You may have to be subtle, you may have to abrupt, you may have to be neutral, you might even have to cut a fiery exit, you may have to slowly ease your way out. Whatever style of action you choose remember that the action itself is an action of self love; any communication that supports the person you are, the person you are becoming, is an action of self-love. Yes, honest communication with self and the world may lose you a few people, and situations that look secure, but in the empty space is room for something new that resonates with your very being: the kind of connectedness you’ve wished for your entire life.

Live loud, love fierce, and suffer no fools. Kat”  (yogic homework, read this whole thing~L)

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“Changing our perspective can be one of the most conscious things we do. With Mars in Capricorn (an exulted place to be), we will want to be laser focused and get things done. So, if you feel stuck in a particular mind set or situation, try one thing that could change your perspective and notice if it helps to shift the energy and get you moving again. I will leave you with this perspective. NOTHING is set in stone. Everything can change at a moment’s notice. So please do not get stuck in the past, and do not cling to the present moment. This too shall pass.”~Jamie Dawn at

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“Venus departs Scorpio mid-month (17th), the prevailing Scorpionic intensity continues, perhaps even intensifying as Mars and Pluto, co-rulers of Scorpio, convene in Capricorn on the 18th.

Why deal with transits that are still a fortnight away? These transits possess significant potency. Sometimes with Scorpio and its rulers in the mix, it takes time to emotionally adjust to the psychic shifts that are out there. Once the feelings cozy up to circumstances in play, options appear, solutions are selected, and choices made that serve Scorpio and its planetary masters.

If there were no limits or bounds and you stood on a mountainous crag overlooking amazing mundane dominion, where would you leap? Better yet, where do you yearn to leap? What do you ache to pursue? What course of action would stir your spirit to soar and your consciousness to thrive? Can you get behind the idea that following soulful passion that roots in the purpose for incarnation is the better (best) course to navigate? If you know that creative burning desire cannot be extinguished with rationalization, psychological prohibition or what have you, what’s the answer? Passionately pursue purpose.

Pluto nudges you as you stand on the precipice. Mars agitates and annoys in the background. Pluto suggests you can fly. Mars suggests you can do it. Jupiter, spinning tales faster than the planets orbit that multi-planet pulsar, talks a good story of success, goals, following the dream and all that jazz. Probably as the first step on the journey of a thousand miles is taken, Jupiter casually casts the question: You have a plan, right? A plan based upon a greater purpose? A doctrine of development that is well-founded, clearly thought, option-oriented and fork-in-the-road aware? Good. You got this.

Pluto moves out of the shadows again and asks if you burn to do this. It’s a big step, risking all as you advance to fulfill your mission in life, right?  Mars and Pluto emphasize that if it sparks your psyche, likely it will spark other psyches as well. Sparks spread quickly. Fervor quickly spreads to fill the airwaves.” ~  SkyScraping Newsletter from Philip Sedgwick  Visit my Website  Consultations and Services   520.888.1920 ~

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“Just go outside as soon as the sun goes down and look for the moon. The moon will be in the general direction of sunset – to the left of the sunset as seen on these Northern Hemisphere autumn evenings – and above the sunset as seen from the Southern Hemisphere, where it’s now springtime.

Very simply, Saturn is the brightest starlike object near the moon on October 5 and 6. The only celestial body that might be confused with Saturn is a reddish star – Antares in the constellation Scorpius.

This dazzling planet will set by nightfall or early evening, while the moon and Saturn will stay out for an hour or two after Venus sets (depending on your latitude).

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“The archetypal battle in the sky is among Power, versus Social Justice, vs. the sovereign rights of the individual.  This is symbolic of the birth of the Aquarian Age.  It is a quarrel that will last for much of this decade at multiple levels.  If you pay attention, you will see it in the news, perhaps in your neighborhood or job, and also inside your own head.  The  signs most affected at this time are:  Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Leo.  Many are trying to deal with things or people that just don’t make sense or won’t come together and flow as they “should”.  When dealing with the conflicts, we must open our perspective lens wider so we can see a divine purpose at work.  Instead of doing battle, we need to understand and appreciate our differences.  If we can accomplish that, the battles are unnecessary.”

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John Ashely captured this photo from Montana during the 2015 Orionid shower. (Makoshika State Park, near Glendive ~L)

In 2016, you have a chance to glimpse an Orionid meteor between about October 2 to November 7. That’s when Earth is passing through the stream of debris left behind by Comet Halley, the parent comet of the Orionid shower.

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“This current energy is ultra spiritual… Not so much in a pious/religious way, as it’s more about acting in harmony with the language of the Spirit… And that is the language of love… And the language of love is really nothing more than being true to our inner-cores… This isn’t rocket-science Moon-doggies… People have been doing so for thousands of years and the universe expects each generation to take things one step further.”

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“Roll with it…
That is the vibe I am getting with this current chart… We may not always know what the Big Spirit is up to… Or where this energy may ultimately lead us… But if that destination is better than the current one, then I am all for listening and learning… And that is what the core of this chart is all about… I am willing to be wrong if that means learning and growing in the process… Trackin’ with me on this?… 

This can be rather unusual energy for a lot of you guys… But once you get into the groove of it, then you’ll truly see what I am talking about… It’s all about uniting the spiritual (jupiter) and the natural world (venus) together… To improve our current life conditions… Cool or freakin’ what?…”~Daniel Dowd

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“Mars squares Jupiter today. The last time these two planets formed such an intense relationship was this time last year, when they became conjunct. Yet there’s a big difference between a conjunction and a square. During a conjunction, the two planets combine… their energies support and fuse. A square, however, is a more tense alignment. But, not all tension is bad! It’s merely the product of stored energy. So this angle is dynamic and exciting. With today’s Mars-Jupiter relationship adding to the mix, it’s a day for positive and visionary action!” ~
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“This week with Saturn square the nodes saying STOP!  Doubt it, prove it, test it, don’t fool yourself, on and on and on….. OMG.  With south node Neptune still going on in Pisces we can all wanna just check out (stare at the clouds like I was in the report ha ha!) and drift away in our own silent rebellion (Uranus in Aries).

But no, in this Act XVVII of the play, it’s apparently time to grow up and stand strong in our own truth and stay open as a conduit of love energy, oh yeah!  And with the other aspects happening, join with other like minded souls, show some strength in unity and numbers, and tip the scales, start the domino effect, and rock out this planet with “alternative news,” like about how great it is to be alive perhaps?  How amazing the people, trees, plants, crystals, sounds, and feelings are?  What beautiful new creations are emerging out of people’s hearts and minds on a minute by minute basis?  Yeah baby!  Go!”

So Much Love,
Kaypacha at

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Wholly cow, Yoganauts!  This has been HANDS DOWN the most difficult weekly lunar update I have ever sent.  First, I accidentally sent the draft (I am sure you noticed!), then I deleted all but the text (which explains the completely different graphics and additional content) and the difficulty just went on and on.  Some people would give it up, I mean, I leave for Prague in two days and you would likely forgive me, I’ve missed some others, too.  No big deal, right?  Right.
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There is one flaw in that reasoning that I need to relate: THIS WEEK IS ALL ABOUT COMMUNICATING.
The problem is that we are all EXHAUSTED.  We have been digging so deep, trying to see the other side of our troubles and making changes in our perspectives for almost a year now.  We have not seen any evidence that all of this is going to turn around positively or become what we planned in our personal vision.  As a matter of fact, the tangerine-colored trashcan fire has only gotten bigger and smellier and stranger and the plastic purple pantsuit is still off-gassing so bad you gotta leave it outside overnight.  Our personal problems continue to accumulate pressure and the confusion is intense.  That damn Saturn-Neptune square is pushing how badly spirit and reality are misaligned in our faces half the day every day AND IT”S SUPPOSED TO BE OVER WITH.
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How the F*#k are we supposed to expand into a new reality when we don’t know if we have effectively dealt with our unconscious material because it’s flippin’ UNCONSCIOUS and therefore we have no clue if we are passing the stupid test and who wrote the test anyway and why do we have to take it?!?!?  Why are the people we thought we loved bringing all this to us?  How can we BE this triggered and still keep going?
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It’s because you are more than you ever thought.  You ARE the person you have been awaiting.  YOU are the savior in your story and if you are not the hero in your tale?  If you are NOT the one who’s pulling it out of the fire and saving the bacon?  Then it is time to find someone you trust and simply ASK FOR HELP.  Don’t pretend you can do it all alone and don’t shoot yourself in the foot by assuming you have no allies.  You know who they are.  Master your fear, fully embody your human journey and humble yourself enough to seek out assistance, communicate your need.  It’s there (Libra–healthy relation to self and other) that you may find your lost self-respect, self-trust and self love (just make sure you are not asking the same damn narcissist you usually do).
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The north and south nodes are still moving (Saturn squaring them) in just the way that we cannot yet make out the future, or clearly grasp why the past did not deliver the vision we want.  They are still (STILL!!) in Virgo and Pisces, still (STILL!!) in victim and martyr limbo and we still (STILL!!!) have not yet overcome the reactionary, woundedness that keeps us playing small, engaging in unfair games and participating in our own diminishment.  We have not yet seen enough of the truth (Saturn in Sag) to know FOR CERTAIN if the path we have chosen is going to deliver the goods.  Will this effort at last deliver SOMETHING to give the next 7 generations a ground to walk on and a sky to live beneath?  How about a little peace of mind?
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Let what is falling away fall away, Yoganauts.  Mars in Capricorn is READY to do this work.  Mercury, Sun and Jupiter in Libra are going to help us see where the past addiction and current absurdity (even though it did support us) must be released.  October will bring clarity and harmony if we can just level with ourselves and with the fact that this old shit is shot and the larger truth is your self in relationship to nature. You in your body, first and formost.  Start there. What do you need?  It is safe to trust, forgive, adjust (that is what squares do) YOURSELF FIRST and then the process you are embedded in.
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Let’s do this thing.
Mind your heart,
PS.  Can’t find ANYONE you trust?  Unsure of what meeting your needs would even look like?  Just hit reply and I would be glad to offer a safe space for you to lay it out in email.  I can’t promise any solutions, but I can listen and help you find resources.  Don’t forget the amazing classes, quiet library space and therapists at the Dancing Lotus and the L&C Library.  Make time for you.  Honor you.  Value you.  I do.

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