This is the Scorpio~Taurus Axis: Tangible, electrifying transformation

“Did you know that Monday’s full moon will be the brightest and biggest we’ve seen since 1948…

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Salt Lake City,
November 14,

06:52 am MST
We are still one.  We still walk under the same moon and touch the same earth.  The Danube and the Missouri connect us.
November 14,
02:52 pm CET

And we won’t see another one like it until 2034?” 

You infuse life into death. You bring spirit into body. You turn strife into love!

Spirit into Matter, Yoganauts.  That’s what we do, that’s all we do.  How else do you reckon realms of unimaginable beauty would be created in the universe?  Only through the beauty of the human heart can this happen.  Only through you.  Remember?


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I’m in Budapest.

I spent the past week 50 miles outside the city in a country mansion teaching English.  My life has expanded wildly.  I thank all of you for this. ~L

Image result for fenyoharaszt hotel

Fenyoharaszt (Pine Fern) Kastelyzallo where I have been teaching.

 “Please consider providing help in some way to the people in North Dakota who are preparing to stand strong through the cold of winter.

 “Donate to Sacred Stone Camp’s Standing Rock Health Clinic:

As brought to our attention by BrokeAssStuart, UCSF’s Do No Harm Coalition is setting up the “Mni Wiconi” (Water is Life) Health Clinic, which is a free, integrative and volunteer-based clinic that seeks to provide care to everyone in the Standing Rock Sioux reservation. They are currently raising funds to open the doors, obtain equipment and medications — an essential component of the protests as there is no local healthcare access for the people assembled at Standing Rock. Donate here.


Image result for full moon over Budapest
Waxing moon over Budapest, where I sit as I write today.  Be blessed, Yoganauts.  My love for you has only grown on these travels. ~L
“This super Full Moon in Taurus is going to raise the temperature for everyone and illumine, with passionate force, what is important to each of us, what is not, and therefore, what needs to stay and what/who needs to go.
It is time to GET IT TOGETHER!
Adversity can test us, help us define our priorities, and bring us together with like-minded souls.  Let’s use this time to foster deep, powerful alliances, partnerships, and communities rather than dissipate energy fighting the consensus and drain our resources.  I look forward to connecting with you and creating the New Paradigm with as many as are ready for a positive change.  Together we can do it.  Injoy!
So Much Love,
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Being in a remote spot with only a handful of Americans on the day of our country’s latest announcement was really amazing.  There were no accusations, no hard feelings, only empathy for us as we struggled to make sense of what had just happened.  The Hungarians I spent the week with were the elite in their country, business people, enterpreneurs and artists.  Their attitude toward us seemed to be sympathetic, they seemed to be saying “now you know how it feels to have your political future ripped out of your hands”.
“Not surprisingly, the U.S. has also just recently entered its national Rahu cycle.
Throughout time, Rahu’s serpentine power has been described as the force of greatest evil, but also as the source of highest wisdom.”
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  As we have seen in our deep-dive into the nature of duality, even the darkness serves the light.  Especially the darkness.  As many of you who have traveled this amazing planet, there are beautiful and inspiring moments to be found as you track the miles, but often there is discomfort in the traveling.  I am discovering that with language-learning it’s the same: there are days of struggle (my pet theory is that the neural networks are being dug
in the brain–like digging a tunnel) and then epiphany, confidence and mastery come.  
Image result for budapest bridge over the danube
There are 5 beautiful bridges over the Danube on the map I have.  There are many more, I’m sure, built by the invisible hands of ancestors who left me the legacy of passage, gifted me with the way forward, even though they never knew me.  Maybe they  thought they were acting solely for themselves, they may have hated the hardship of bridge building.  Stil,l they did not drop the ball, and we will be damned if one ignorant, sexist, bigoted point in time is going derail our entire enterprise.
I was more upset with myself on the day of the election results for not being able to see the way forward more clearly.  I mean, it’s not like I understand this planet and how it works.  How do I know what is the “right” thing anyway, and why am I so invested in being “right”?  Just as this little bit of space was created in my dispairing (look at that word) attitude, one of the people I look up to in the world explained to me that all of us simply want to know the truth.  We are one in trying to see past the illusions power and culture create.  We all want to know who we are and how to live the best lives possible and give that to the future.
Image result for budapest bridge over the danube
(I catch the night train to Warsaw, Poland here, this evening.  Luckily, I have and have had help!)
This teacher of mine made me understand that the Trump has been through a process.  (We who study the moon honor the process.)  And that this process has shown him the truth.  That he has seen things that none of the rest of us have had access to and that these sights are available to him now as he processes the journey to his election.  He was not the man he was before.  How could he be?
Then another teacher reminded me of something even more profound: everyone deserves a second chance.  He might not look like “change we can believe in” (but really can’t), he may not act like the perfect statesman (but then look at where all that bullshit posturing has gotten us anyway) and he may pillage the village and kill everyone (he won’t be the first) but he may just get us off of our asses and taking responsibility for our own governance.
As long as I am looking for someone to “do it for me”, I am actively creating the patriarchy that oppresses me.  (This is an uncomfortable truth I am learning as I grow).  I feel that humanity has finally matured to the point that we no longer need a face over the cradle every time we hurt and this absurd moment proves that we are ready to handle our own power.
We are the people we have awaited.  This is the moment to radically embody.  This moon unites spirit and matter and this is the only way forward: through.  Through the body, through the Earth, through this moment.  Suit up, Yoganauts.  It’s time to stretch into a new way of being.  We have got this.

“The purpose of life is not to transcend the body, but to embody the transcendent.”

“At the Full Moon, emotions may run deep and high … explore all the ways you appreciate beauty and sensuality. The Taurus and Scorpio themes this month bring attention to the circle of life itself, how to fully embrace living in the face of loss or death. “

Kathryn Andren Astrologer

“Lay your shame and fear at the altar of this once-in-a-lifetime supermoon, and watch as its embers ignite a revolution of the soul.”  ~

Explains Aeterna of Aeternalight Astrology:

“Since the Moon is unaspected, and Taurus is famous for its steady, commonsensical temperament, this is unlikely to be a frantic, sensational culmination (as, say, the last Full Moon in Aries), but it will be solid, obvious. Unmistakable.  The consequences and aftermaths of the way we have been dealing with our embodied experience of values, source(s) of income, physical well-being, material necessities, are going to manifest in all their palpable realness, and to simultaneously show us the effect of our mindset and beliefs regarding these areas. This Full Moon has her finger (and a firm one at that) on the pulse of our “human experience.”  ~The Astrology Hub

Taurus full Moon

A similar gorgeous, green image can be found on Czeck money.  I love it,~L

It’s time to step into the fire and shed your deepest fears. On November 14, 2016 (5:52 AM PST), the largest, brightest supermoon since 1948 will set the night sky ablaze, igniting the fires of truth and burning the embers of our collective doubt and shame.This epic supermoon, known in Vedic Astrology as the Full Moon of Kartika Purnima, promises to incinerate the shadows of fear and confusion, shining its super-charged light into the darkest corners of our psyche. Venerated in India as the day when Lord Shiva, the destroyer, slayed the fierce demon Tripurasura, this Full Moon has the power to purify our souls and inspire unprecedented levels of creativity.

Falling in the area of the sky known as Krittika, where the fire god Agni dwells, this supermoon will burn up all that no longer serves. Now is the time to let our grief and anger rise to the surface, so that it can be seen and dissolved. Light cannot prevail until the darkness has been unveiled.

~ the remarkable Kari Field

I really love the way Vedic astrology always supplies the counterpoint to this Tropical, western vision.  After all, what does one find when one digs in the dirt of power and manipulation and trying to make matter sacred?  That we are all trying to find truth even though we fear when we may find.  Embody the contradiction, Yoganauts.  Embrace the absurdity.  Remember who you are: powerful beyond imagining and as fragile as a rose petal.  Both / and, no absolutes!
I miss you profoundly.
Mind your heart,

One thought on “This is the Scorpio~Taurus Axis: Tangible, electrifying transformation

  1. Oh Lynn…so great to hear from you and feel the experience in a smidge of what you are creating for yourself…very encouraging….I leave for Anchorage on Monday of this full moon to arrive at 8:30 PM Alaska time and then, to top off the different time zones and temperatures, I will be heading to Maui for 10 days on Thursday with Dtr. Lisa and family….if that doesn’t spin me up and around, not sure if anything else could….I send you love from my heart and feel excitement rising in my soul….love you.


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