Rare Astrology (Cancerian / Gemini Full Moon)

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Statue of Neptune in the town square of Trento
I am worthy of achieving all that I desire in this life.”
All planets move direct from January 7 to February 6, 2017.
Courage is of the heart and the heart is about love; courage then is an act of love.  Refuse to budge from the process of self-discovery. You are mining for the truth and wonder of you, that was buried by life and living. Give yourself the gift of your own authenticity and let your radiance shine.
  Commit to not judging yourself. If you are continually coming up lacking in your own eyes, then that against which you’re judging yourself, (all judgement is a result of comparison), is dysfunctional.Right use of judgement is discernment, of love, by love, and for love.

 I am wishing you loud courage, love beyond all reason, great good humor, and snark when you need it. May we destroy the illusions and tainted belief systems that keep us cut to size and manageable.”
Live loud, love fierce, and suffer no fools.  Kat of http://www.goddesshealmystic.com


Castello di Lazise on Lake Garda
“Full Moon processes increase the assimilation of the vibration from environment regardless of their nature. If the vibrations from the environment are hostile, or contain a predominance of materialism, our subconscious energies will be saturated with low frequency vibration, resulting in predisposition to violent behavior, mental agitation, inner restlessness, animal, instinctual action.”~www.yogaesoteric.net (Here in CZ!!~L)

“Friday, January 13th

The number 13 has always been associated with the Goddess as there are 13 moons in a year. The word for Friday derives from the Latin phrase, “dies Veneris”, which simply means “day of Venus.” The only bad thing about Friday the 13th is the misogynistic misinformation that keeps us from celebrating its namesake and power.”~www.chaninicolas.com

This is a mountain in the Italian Alps (the Dolomites) where I stayed with Franco and Martzia Bosetti of Trento for 14 days.  I was invited by their daughter-in-law and son
Agneiszka and Fabrizio and was lucky to stay with their children Natalya and Eryk.

“To better understand the influence of the Full Moon, it is necessary to look at the movement of the  Moon as a cycle that has a minimum and maximum moment of impact. Minimum moment of impact is the New Moon period and the period of maximum influence is during the Full Moon.

We have shown that growth phase (from New Moon to Full Moon ) is a gradual accumulation stage , the absorption processes, sedimentation are becoming more intense. Precisely because of this, the last stage of growth which culminates with the full Moon, is a saturation point where there is the possibility of excess, that we can accumulate more than necessary, we eat more than we can digest, we can assimilate more information than we are able to apply.  As a very important conclusion, it is necessary to have sense of proportion and balance especially in this phase of maximum influence of the moon.” ~yogaesoteric.net

“New Moons and Full Moons are not, strictly speaking, “lunar” factors; they are phases in the relationship of the Moon to the Sun, as it is seen from the point of view of the Earth.  The Lunation Cycle is a cycle by the related motions of the Moon and the Sun. “~Dane Rudhyar The Lunation Cycle

The Alps of Rifugio Predaia where we spent New Years Eve and day hiking.

“Early in the week, the sun will square Uranus and Jupiter, with the full moon following suit. Jupiter is in a year long situation with Uranus sending us along unexpected avenues of growth. This week, both the sun and full moon activate that pattern.

Being a dynamic and emotionally intense full moon in Cancer, all feelings will be on full blast. Cancer energy evokes vulnerability. Cancer energy will make even the toughest babe bawl.

Cancer energy activates the wisdom of emotional intelligence both in ourselves and in others.

Logic is too cruel when divorced from the wisdom of the heart.”~chaninicolas.com


“The full moon sits in opposition with Pluto in Capricorn and in a square aspect with Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries. This all adds up to what astrologers call a Cardinal Grand Cross.  A grand cross is made up of four stressful squares and two tension-filled oppositions.  Pulled in four different directions, we are asked to maintain our focus while incorporating many sides to a situation.  Vesta’s conjunction with the full moon in Cancer suggests that we try coming from a place of great care and understanding.”


Lake Garda

“It may come as no surprise that this full Moon falls in line with the current theme of communication and commerce in the astrology of the United States. With an inauguration roughly a week away we may begin to see a shift towards a new order that sheds light on our past incongruities and missteps. If we were not exposed to the errors of our collective ways we would not take steps towards repairing them.

This same full Moon brings a cardinal square that involves, the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Uranus all standing at 90 degree angles to each other. A time of deep change is in store.   As Jupiter expands this theme we may be forced to take the bitter medicine.” ~www.chrisflischer.com


Franco and Martzia’s well-fed and fiesty pup, Lily.  Franco called her Lilena and called me Lena.
Well, Yoganauts, it’s official.  I have been everywhere.  Just kidding.  It only feels like it.  And I am not bragging.  I feel like the sole of a shoe.  This full moon is very personal and it has got me on the ropes.  This full moon falls on my birth degree (at 22 degrees of Cancer), my mother’s birth degree and my country’s birth degree.  My relationship to myself, my mother and my country all at once.  As Aga would say, “Jesus”.
You may not have much sympathy for this (and you probably should not) but it is difficult to keep up with an Italian/Polish holiday.  These people have STAMINA and they like to drink.  And ski.  And hike.  And shop.  And eat.  And drink.  Anyone who knows me well knows I am a little out of practice with drinking, especially when I am hiking!  But that ain’t all!
I knew when I left Brno that my trip to bella Italia would not end in the sunny Dolomites of Trento where Agnieska and her family had attended to my every need for two weeks.  I knew that I would have to make the trip from Trento to Bologna by high speed train with Fabrizio, then catch a plane to Prague (all courtesy of the Bosetti family–just for the pleasure of my broke, English-speaking company?!?) and from there ((dunt-dunt-DAH!)):
  (It rained ice.  The ice hurt.  I started calling it “snert”.)
Because, of course, one must apply for a Czech visa at the Czech embassy in another country.  Of course.  Where else would one do such a thing?  Wholly crap, Yoganauts.  That was NOT in the brochure.  Neither were certain other details that I will outline in my next email (sure to follow very quickly) when I reopen my “Fund My Travel” Account.  Don’t kid yourself, European bureaucracy IS all they say it is (by they I mean Kafka) and they REALLY don’t much care for Americans right now.  To the point that I have occasionally adopted an Irish accent, solely for administrative visits, of which I have 2 more.  In Berlin.  In the snert.

Mossimo’s pizza oven in Alessandria.  This is on the patio of his house.  Here we had the loudest Italian lunch (which is actually dinner) EVER!
So forgive me.  Please forgive me.  Forgive me!  I have been out exploring the world and trying new things and I return to Brno to the flat that I rented before I left (which is literally one room–kitchen and toilet included) and the full moon is coming and my life is fabulous and I am depressed.  And lonely (for the first time–really!).  And a whole host of other negative emotions that I have LITERALLY not felt in over a year.  This full moon is really intense energy and I am under it.
Luckily, I know what to do: let it move through.  Remind myself (dimly remembered) that this will pass if I let myself feel it.  It wants to talk to me and move on, so I am going to let it.  It’s like Dane Rudhyar is trying to explain to me in The Lunation Cycle.  The phases of the moon are not changes in the moon itself, but changes in the moon’s relationship to the sun as we see it from Earth.  It’s a relation of unity and separation.  A duality.  Sometimes close and allied, sometimes far and disconnected, but always whole.  Rudhyar says that this is the same cycling of the male~female relationship in biology: separate, unified, separate. And the parent child relation, too.  Sometimes the unity returns at the end, but not always.  Now we can add a third relationship: citizen and state.

Mossimo’s kitchen.  While everyone is invited to sit at the table, the head seat was given to his wife.  Not just anyone can sit at the head of a table like this one.
I really miss Montana (ok, not the 30 below, but compared to Europe, it is SOOOOO glorious at home–people can’t believe the pictures) and I want to come home (right now) more than I want my next breath.  So would you guys please hurry up and impeach the tangerine-colored trashcan fire somebody elected as president?  Thanks.  Should be about as easy as my getting a work visa in the Czech Republic.
Gaud, do I miss you.  You can’t believe how much.  I feel it, and I let go of it.
Mind your heart,

6 thoughts on “Rare Astrology (Cancerian / Gemini Full Moon)

  1. Awww, dearest Lynn thank you for your sharing…it warms my heart…some of your feelings have been so mine lately…good news…post your Fund My Travel, as I receive funds tomorrow …I AM with you and send you so much love on your adventure…my car was hit last week, but I am totally fine …side-swiped in life I feel…crazy occurrences over the holidays…almost like what always described as “the end times” of gnashing of teeth…like losing my mind, my heart…but you remind me to walk/crawl thru to the other side…miss you…Deb


    1. Deb!!!
      I am so glad to hear from you! And I am SO GLAD you were not injured in the accident! I feel like my life has been a series of guided steps and near misses and I can only do my best to hold the balance and see if I can come out ahead at the end of the day.

      It’s amazing how sitting with the feels can speed the recovery. I have been feeling lucky with the photos, but I know it’s not a perfect art. I have the post loaded on Facebook too: I am Travelynn Hailey and my photo is of Shiva. I don’t know if it will help, but you could try there.

      So thrilled to hear from you. I am really glad we are going through this passage together. It’s a mother, literally!



      1. Ditto, dearest Goddess …some ugly emotions have risen within me, I pray and imagine for clearing…sometimes hard to remain balanced…begin each day with most positive intent…love to YOU!!


  2. It makes sense, though, when you look at this new axis: it’s Capricorn (rules, tradition, time, patriarchy (which is just a form of very conditional love)) and his counterpart Cancer (mother, unconditional love for ALL beings, creativity, nurturing) with that Pisces (go with the spiritual flow–oh, but wait that got me wounded) stellium. It’s all coming up to be washed out. I try to remember that sometimes when I think I am thinking, I am actually listening. Not everything that is coming up to be healed is mine.

    I stand stronger when I can get to the mental place of being in service to the earth and the divine. Just hearing from you reminds me that this is true.



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