The New Moon of January 27/28 2017 Welcoming the Overwhelm

Aquarian (t)/ Capricorn (V) New Moon January 27 5:07 pm MST January 28 1:07 am in Brno, CZ

“In Vedic Astrology, this new moon is close on the heels of a crucial karmic reboot; Saturn‘s shift into Sagittarius. This once in 30-year occurrence triggers the notorious degree called the Abhukta Mula, a rare and turbulent influence that destabilizes social structures and triggers reform.  Read more about Saturn’s position here.  

The new moon will be in the area of the sky known as Shravana nakshatra.  This Vedic lunar mansion is also called “the ear of God,” as it magnifies the power to hear and absorb knowledge.  Shravana offers the supportive blessings of Lord Vishnuwho sustains order and peace.
In the trinity of Hindu deities, Brahma is the creator, Shiva is the destroyer, and Vishnu is the great preserver. 
Use this stabilizing and protective energy as an opportunity to observe yourself and the world. The silence between words offers insight into infinite wisdom and clarity.
In India this new moon also has the special significance of Mauni Amavasya (Mauni=silence/Amavasya=dark moon).  A vow of silence is sometimes taken on this new moon to support self-reflection and increase receptivity.
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 that voice of pain? it’s not who you are. love yourself enough to know it, love yourself through the pain. ~L
On the lighter side, Venus (the planet of love) will shift signs on this new moon.  On Jan 27 (6:46 am PT) Venus will enter Pisces for a rare four-month transit that will include a 5-week retrograde cycle in March. The romantic influence of Venus will strengthen the human spirit against adversity and give an extra charge of hope to the world.
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“New Moon 27/28 January 2017 at 8º Aquarius Decan 1 Aspects: None.  Fixed Star: Alpha Tucana In the Toucan.

The needy embryonic Moon is not comfortable in a decan that is so much about cutting the umbilical cord to freedom. It is also one that will tend to rebel against its mother country and feel at odds in whatever home they find themselves. The Moon here is continually searching for the ‘Promised Land’ but rarely finds it. This New Moon Aquarius 1 is so idealistic, that it finds squaring its high expectations with earthly domestic reality extremely hard.

By the end of the month any alienation that is felt matures into great self-sufficiency. The ability to look after oneself then is in turn bestowed upon the various waifs and strays that this New Moon can attract. At this time we might find ourselves providing temporary accommodation for those making difficult life transitions. A cosmic home is found amongst other outsiders.”

Healing the rejected feminine, the part of us that is connected to the planet and the sacred.   Pull back together the things that have been separated, the masculine and the feminine unified in the new Aquarian wholeness.  In you.  In me.  Here and now. ~L

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The new moon in Aquarius take place in the evening on, Friday, January 27th. This is a potent new moon in that it’s unaspected.

The ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, is in the warrior sign, Aries. Consequently, I see this new moon as if the universe is throwing down the gauntlet. It’s a challenge to reinvent yourself (sun) and your feelings (moon).

Choosing sacred existence, restoring the compassionate, empathic plan for all beings on this jewel of a planet. ~L

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“There’s an anxiety you can feel during this phase of the moon. Perhaps you have visions of how your life can look better, how it will change. Or need to change. But you can’t connect all the dots. Everything feels a bit murky. Become okay with that.

Your task during a balsamic moon is to drop the belief that you can even connect all the dots now. You likely can’t. Or if you could, you’d probably connect them in a way that’s based on stale info. There’s a faith-building and surrender that comes at a balsamic moon that’s necessary and sometimes just hard to do. Content yourself with the visions and clearing away what could block your intentions and blessings.

Balsamic moons are notorious for feeding hard-headedness. We’re sure what works best for us. Even when something clearly isn’t working. Check in on your own hard-headedness. Yes, ask yourself, “What am I holding on to that’s not helping me?”

You’ll have room to breathe in new possibilities and inspirations once you’ve cleared that space. Then you can better appreciate Mars moving back into Aries, his home sign, on Friday. He’ll arrive like a brawny guy with a U-Haul van, ready to help you move and fill that space. That’s perfect for Chinese New Year.

Happy Year of the Fire Rooster!”~

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“Just when you thought things were ready to calm down: supriiiiise, they’re not! This week there’s a New Moon in heady Aquarius. New Moons are usually a wonderful time to open up to possibility and mark the start of a new cycle. This one, not so much. Tenderhearted Venus will take a swift kick in the gut from hardheaded Saturn, and it’s likely to make for some defensive and sad feels. This is a great time to get clear about what you are and what you ain’t, and gurl, if you’ve been letting someone else define you, it’s gonna hurt.

By the time Mercury catches up with Pluto, you’ll have plenty to obsess over, but whatever you do, don’t pick fights. The energy from the 27th-1st is going to be too wild to tame, so investigate, gestate, and meditate for best results. Ask yourself if the reason you’re pressing for answers is because you want to avoid the stress of sitting with things as they are now or if you actually think you can change things up. When in doubt, wait 72hrs before saying your piece because this week, motive means everything. Keep yours squeaky clean, bbs.” ~

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Sorry I am so late, Yoganauts!

Especially this time around!  So many people MIA or WAY too present, so much polarization, so much judgement, change, fear and intimidation.  The good news is that something amazing is being born and something horrific is dying.  The bad news is that something beautiful is dying and something wicked is gaining ground.  It’s a time for patience and a determined return to your personal vision and inner knowing.  The moon is about listening inwardly to the truth you KNOW.

Collective patience, deliberate building and careful construction of a new world, Yoganauts.  Discipline, integrity and a commitment to doing the necessary work as the moon sextile Saturn demands, yo.  Do the work willingly, or as willingly as you can.  Thank the nudge, shove or pitchfork that is helping you make the changes. It’s all about the changes.  The pitchfork? The most unfair thing?  The oppression?  No matter what it looks like, that is the thing that’s being cleared.  

We are at the halfway point of the Venus Saturn Square that started in October and will peak in April.  Find your feet, commit to going on, what else did you have planned anyway? You CAME to stand in your integrity, in the light of your truth.  Chop wood, carry water and call your elected officials.

We are clearing those stagnant energies and purging the things we don’t need.  It’s going to take time. Let’s remember, we are Yoganauts.  We know this music.  We have been working on changing the patterns of dualistic thinking in our minds for a more than a year now.  We know from experience that the shadow does not go quietly.  But bit by bit, moment by moment, the awareness can be brought to the wound and it can be healed with love instead of rejected and spurned with hate.  In the end, even the darkness serves the light. Put your frustration, anger and desire aside listen with your whole self and you will see the path again.

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It  is dark, you can tell it’s underground and it would be easy to panic or give up but remember: it’s a tunnel, not a tomb.  It’s only a tomb if you stop going forward.  The blessing of Aquarius/Capricorn is detachment. Detachment without trauma requires an awareness of wholeness beyond the appearance of dualism.  The moment of transformative awakening is at hand. Good thing you are preparing and have an amazing team.  You got this.


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