Leo Full moon Lunar Penumbral Eclipse Feb 10 5:33 pm for you Feb 11 1:33 am for me.

 “In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect.” ~Alice Walker

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“Probably the best chant for the week’s energy is:


I have written the chant exactly as it sounds, not as it’s spelled. It’s a Buddhist chant; my friends and I call it the Tina Turner chant because it’s the one she did that gave her the strength to leave Ike. The chant is enormously soothing and like all chants connects the body, mind, and spirit in right and perfect balance. I use mala beads when I chant.”

The Queen of Swords lives in each of us and knows exactly when to detach from absolutely everything and retreat. She is the best of thought and air, a mental vacation from all the bullshit, and that aspect of self we turn to when we need clarity. When I am overwhelmed, which is pretty par for the course these days, it’s my Queen of Swords who says, “Come. You’re going to chant now and then you’re going for a walk.” I’d be lying if I said I didn’t fight her advice, I do, but I’m getting better at following it, because it takes me out of the hamster in the wheel thinking that is of virtually no benefit and keeps me locked in futile battles.”
                   Live loud, love fierce, and suffer no fools. Kat                               

Like chanting?  Try the Brahma Mudra!


(This is a demo video I created for Scribeflow, my movement and writing project with Stacey Rezvan of Kitewriting http://www.kitewriting.co.uk/ –more info soon.)
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Hey Ashley!  The eclipse axis will move into Aquarius/Leo (Western): tribe and innovation vs self expression (and self appreciation) .  Since you are the experienced Yoganaut you know that this means Rahu and Ketu move here, too since they are the Nodes of the moon.  When those nodes shift, the global focus follows.  This eclipse will give us a glimpse of what to expect.  It harks back to 1998-9.

Essentially, we are revamping our give and take for the good of humanity.  On a personal level we are reinventing our hearts.  It’s an invitation to love you.  Value you.  I do. ~L  

“The North Node in Leo, Fixed Star Regulus & “The Great American Eclipse”

The North Node is always the mission statement we should (how about could? ~L) be forcing (eep! ~L) ourselves to move towards. The North Node typically moves in retrograde motion, so we work backwards through Virgo until May 10th.  The time when the North Node is still in Virgo is, of course, still a time of practicing discernment and logical analysis over sweeping emotions and snap judgement. Once in the fixed sign of Leo, the goal is to use well honed skills developed in Virgo for the new purpose of emboldening our personalities. Leo is a sign that tries to develop courage and confidence; on the personal level this should hopefully be a time of recognizing where we ought to be proud of ourselves.

Around the time that the North Node is at the earliest degrees of Virgo and then hits 29 degrees Leo, the North Node will be conjunct a fixed star called Regulus. There has historically been strong ties between Regulus and military generals. This is a time to closely watch in regard to what is being orchestrated by military leaders. The North Node at the mundane level often just indicates fatedness.

 That eclipse is a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 28 degrees Leo, the so-called “Great American Eclipse” for the eclipse path/visibility will only affect American soil. Yes, this eclipse is a big deal for America. It’s a big deal for Donald Trump, just one degree off his ascendant. America has a “birth chart” known as the Sibley chart (July 4th, 1776) with the Moon at 27 degrees Aquarius, the sign opposite Leo. While the gears are turning around the world, there’s a particularly intense stirring awaiting those of us living in the U.S. as the Great American Eclipse hits our President and our people in one fell swoop.

 (There are three other eclipses in 2017: the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 22 degrees Leo on February 10th; the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 8 degrees Pisces on February 26th; and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees Aquarius on August 7th.)” ~ Clarissa at www.vivacombusta.com

(This whole article is really worth your time, in my opinion.~L)


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 “As with all Full Moons, our problems will intensify as the Full Moon approaches on Friday, Feb10; then afterwards, they will diminish or disappear. The Sun in Aquarius is supported by lucky Jupiter; and Saturn and Jupiter are on good terms. This gives us faith in our future.

Remember: Hope is the feeling you have that the feeling you have isn’t permanent.”
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“We are already cascading into some personal sort of inevitability. The Aquarius to Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is at 23 degrees; lining up with the other big planets. The eclipsing Moon makes a Grand Trine with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius, The Sun trines Jupiter in Libra. The harmony in the Air and Fire elements is very supportive of positive results. Shifts are happening in the material plane.  Positive shifts are indicated all over the place. The question is how well do we adapt and go with the flow. We come to see where we are at in life through this eclipse cycle, which we are now entering.  ~ http://www.webvic.com/astrology/weekly.php

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Jupiter is not necessarily weaker. In fact, often planets seem to have a stronger influence during their retrograde phase. What is happening though, is that the focus is shifting from our outer world and circumstances, and being redirected within.


Oftentimes when Jupiter stations retrograde, we become more conscious of issues surrounding unethical or immoral behavior in the outer world.  Although it is important to be aware, alert and informed, it is even more important to pay attention to whether or not we are living up to our own standards and principles. And for the 4 months each year that Jupiter is retrograde we are asked to direct our attention to, and align ourselves with these core principles, beliefs, and standards.”

~ http://www.astrologybylauren.com/apps/blog/

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And so, we return to our Yoganaut notion of the parts of the whole and the self as a portal.  The Leo full moon loves the drama of the differences, but as Yoganauts we know that the flow of energy supports all life and flow is our focus.  We let it MOVE THROUGH.  The energy is hitting the choke points of difference and polarity (sun and moon opposition, Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter t-square), but we can use the fire and air energy of this chart to fuel a forward escape toward liberation and freedom.  Soul flows through constrictions with greater force in this acceleration.  We balance the distortion with greater and more focused alignment.  Good portals have to stay open while holding together.  Both/and, yo.

3 gunas

(Little heart in the middle, yo.~L)
“In the yoga philosophy and Hinduism the primordial nature of intelligence upon which the universe exists and functions is called Prakriti. It is the essential part of the universe and is at the basis of all the activity of the creation. In the text Bhagavad Gita is is described as “primal motive force”. Prakriti has 3 qualities of forces that make up nature and creation and these are called Gunas, meaning strand, thread or rope.” ~ http://www.michellecross.co.uk/3-gunas/

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Sun Soul Moon

Sun Earth Moon is the cosmic order of the lunar eclipse.  The moon is meant to reflect the sun, the Atman the all that is, but just now the earth’s shadow, the shadow of matter is distorting the reflection.  during this eclipse the moon falls in Magha nakshatra (or at least Vedic astrologer Michael Reed says so — it’s remarkable how many different stories you can get on something that seems factual, no?) and Magha is the 1st of the 9 Tamasic lunar houses.

3 gunas
As we have noted before, something is trying to show itself to us, through us.  This eclipse in this placement is like the soul newly aware of matter.  It’s the first glimpse of the world, the other, the body (I mean the WHOLE body, the planet and all her people as one system) and the shock and awe are profound.  There is rage (Rajas) and profound sadness (Tamas) and then there is a third thing . . .  The opportunity is here to release the deeper thread that connects the triggers, the traumas and attain a greater freedom FOR ALL OF US.  There’s an outrageous number of sextiles and supportive aspects for gradual elimination of the things that no longer serve the collective, and that’s good news!  Just listening or sharing from the heart can be so supportive at times like this . . .  Find your courage, live your vision.
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“Sattva is the ultimate state of harmony, balance and joy, infused with consciousness and intelligence. An all round yoga practice of meditation, asana, pranayama, mantra, mudra. It’s resting in the truth of who you are and observing the other two gunas at play and not reacting to either. That pause can diffuse.”~ http://www.michellecross.co.uk/3-gunas/

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There are just so many forces acting on the planet right now and the novelty and acceleration have reached this ridiculous fever pitch crescendo: ancestors, pride, ethics, beliefs, nationality, money, migration, evolution . . . on and on with the polarities and bifurcation.  There is only on force in the known universe that can balance a human system swinging as wildly as this and guess what it is?  It’s a bigger system!  It’s nature.  It’s a planet.  It’s a cosmos.  And LUCKY MOTHERFLOWER YOU, you have got one.  And you know what this planet does? IT PEOPLES!  Which means your body is made of planet and you get to live there full-time!  You literally live in an energy-balancing planetary machine!  Feeling out of whack?  That’s because you have been working so hard!  AND YOU ARE GETTING A MASSIVE UPGRADE.  May not the best time to push, you may not have all the information till March 12, but change that comes organically can be welcomed.

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(Forgive me if this image is a bit triggering, it’s not meant to shame, just to describe.~L)

All I can do is point to the sky and notice that the sun in Aquarius, the moon in Leo, Jupiter retrograde in Libra and Uranus, Venus and Mars in Aries form a 5 pointed star at this eclipse and that is your portal’s calling card.  I’d recognize it anywhere.  There is also a mystic rectangle two golden triangles and a Yod. This is Meant to bring us all back into balance. This is the start of the eclipse season.  It’s a process.   It’s the signature of the flow that supports all of life.  Can the flowing energy come when you call?  Can flow realign you even in chaos?  Can you sit with the discord and let your heavenly and earthly body carry it back into resonance?  Only YOU know what is best for you.  Only you know how to respect the flow of life as you see it.  Now more than ever, there is the chance to look within from a new perspective.

I will send a more personal update with photos as soon as my schedule permits, just wanted you to have the hopeful view I am seeing!  As always, I am so appreciative to have this time out of time to connect in a different way and fly my phreak phlag phly.

Sure do miss you all.

Mind your heart,


Spot the phreak!

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