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I Have the Self-Love to Define Myself and My Boundaries. New moon June 13th 1:43pm MDT

This new moon (a time of introspection where a new cycle begins in darkness) falls in the Vedic lunar mansion called Mrigashira between Taurus and Gemini ((23º20 Taurus to 6º39 Gemini) in the Orion constellation.  It is ruled by Soma, the Moon God whose name also means also the magical elixir of immortality to which nearly the whole of the Rig Veda is a hymn to.  It is the searching star, the star of the quest for understanding and desire to gain mastery over plants.  It’s symbol is the deer head or the crown chakra of the deer.

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“Mrigashira is where we seek the perfection of our creative desires. It is the urge of being fulfilled and satiated by the achievement of our goal. Through this quest, the birth of intellectual insight and meaning begin to take place. Mrigasira, meaning “Deer Head”, has the strength, courage and perseverance of the spiritual warrior, but with the grace and tranquility of a deer. Being sensitive and inquisitive, Mrigasira types like to lay a thorough foundation and weave intricate patterns to gain understanding and true experience.   Here we take bliss in the pursuit of the highest fulfillment of perfection and beauty.” ~

Mrigashira Nakshatra Characteristics & Features:

Mrigashira Nakshatra Ruling Planet Mars
Nakshatra Number  5
Nakshatra Gender Neutral
Nakshatra Symbol Antelope’s head
Animal Symbol Female Serpent
Presiding Deity Soma, the Moon God
Nature Devas (God-like)
Dosha Pitta
Mrigashira Nakshatra Rashi (Zodiac) Mithun (Gemini)
Guna Tamasic
Element Earth
Disposition Soft, Mild, Tender (Mridu)
Mrigashira Nakshatra Baby Names  Names start with Ve, Vo, Ka, Kee (see Padas of Mrigashira)


Mrigashira Nakshatra

We must contemplate the dual nature of desire at this lunation.  We are grounded in Taurus energies, but moving into the sign of the twins and the nakshatra is ruled by Mars.  The temptation to unknowingly project characteristics we find unacceptable in ourselves onto others can be strong here.  Conversely there is the temptation to see what we want to see in the words and reactions of other people.

The sign of the twins points to relationship in the most basic way and this particular lunation runs with that ball since the zodiacal opposites Venus and Mars align perfectly.  Exactly perfectly.  The cosmic lovers are both really closely aligned to Rahu and Ketu, the nodes of the moon, the shadow planets which give us our points in Cancer and Capricorn for the eclipses coming in July.  Vedic astrology does a much better job of giving us the cosmic impetus for the #MeToo global movement, but beyond that it points to the rift within each one of us between the penetrative, forward moving forces and the receptive, nurturing tendencies we feel.

Vedic chart of the new moon.

So the focus is on intense relationship.  Sigh.  It’s not an easy time on planet 3.  The wild deer is an innocent herbivore with the heart of Soma: pure, intellectual and agile.  But she is always ready to run.  She is gentle, but anxious.  The churning mind leaves the body restless and the desire nature is ill at ease with a dynamic world that cannot be fully understood.  For the true creature of mind trust is ambiguous, power is capricious and desire is seductive.  Essentially, we will need calming at this time.

These have been ongoing principles in my yoga classes: self care and gentle practice.  I don’t want to lie to you, I have taken some heat for this and missed some opportunities because I believe in them so strongly.  A wise woman (Kelly Baraby) told me some years back about BKS Iyengar’s opinion on yoga in the west.  I can’t find the quote, but he basically felt that we need restorative movement and breathing that brings us back to the interior experience.  The worship of science and materialism have taught us to distrust the instinct and the wisdom of the body.  Now is the time to critically examine any ideology or relationship to a system of thought that does not bring us peace within.

Western (Tropical) chart of the new moon

“The deer of Mṛgaśīrṣā sniffs the ground in search of Soma in healthy and delicious herbs, but the human spirit sniffs at the paths of life in search of Soma in the form of eternality and bliss.”  –Vic DiCara, 27 Stars, 27 Gods

How Mrigasira became a constellation:

“Brahma (the Creator) had a daughter who was very beautiful and to whom he was sexually attracted.  His daughter sensed his attraction so she took the form of a deer and ran away.  Brahma then took the form of a stag and chased her across the heavens.  When Rudra (aka Shiva) found out what was happening he cut off the head of the stag in order to prevent the incestuous relationship from taking place.  The stag’s head became the nakshatra of Mrigashira  –James Kelleher, Path of Light Volume 1  ~

SO!  I don’t usually get to tackle such and ugly topic, but I have to admit I am eager to take a swing at this one.  It satisfies my own need to project and “see the mote in another’s eye” while revisiting our earlier discussion about magical will.  Indulge me a moment.  Maybe you have heard a bout a book called “The Secret” or “positive thinking” or “mental science”?  These are about idea that our desires are all that matter and we should use mental focus on them to force the world to suit us.  This blog stands against that idea.

This blog is a bout a both/and world where we invite and invoke the larger wisdom of the planet and the cosmos to inform our experience, our lives, our practices and our decisions.  Most especially, this blog advocates inviting the natural world, the water-heavy, oxygen-rich eco-biome (or W.H.O.R.E.) to help refine our evolution by observing the processes of the moon and the seasons.  Maybe you are laughing because I am all upset about people thinking positively, but I am and I am not alone.  Check this out if it interests you:

My point is, there are victims in the world.  We cannot indulge every desire and we most assuredly cannot make a quest out of bedding our daughters, yet cultural programming has us doing violence to each other and the planet every day and has desensitized us to the consequences of our actions.  No matter what magical protocol I am exploring I still inhabit a 3D world and I am responsible for the the results of my actions.  I worry because I feel that there is a larger program at work that aims to divorce us from our humanity.

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In the myth Rohini is saved by Shiva the Destroyer who decapitated the rampant Brahma.  While we may not have such powerful allies, Tropical astrology does offer us a divine connection in this new cycle to channel divinity: the North node of the moon is in Leo and Mercury is in trine (favorable relationship) to Uranus.  This makes me smile because it’s like a cosmic sneeze of creativity.  What you seek you carry within and it may present itself suddenly.  Keep in mind something is trying to show itself to us through us so draw, paint, dance, sing, write or sculpt something into the world.

We may be able to really make something brilliant out of our vulnerability, our humanity and our compassion.  I don’t think directing the universe to deliver the goods with new age mental science is going to access this beauty, this authenticity or this purity.  This is more of a “Shiva take the wheel” scenario.  The creation may be driven by hunger, but it will be satisfied in humility.  If we care about ourselves and love ourselves we cannot continue to do things that are toxic for us, we have to do the things that feed our souls.  Now is the time to make the time.

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As always, I want to advocate for actually taking time to feel what you are feeling and sit in appreciation of your body.  There is a line between feeling what we feel fully and being paralyzed, pulverized and petrified by what we fully feel.  To walk that line is to be a human.  This moment is always the singularity.  I choose which thoughts I think.  Literally.  I’m not kidding.  I have a conversation with the news-feed in my head.  Some of the stuff I find in there is sincerely not mine.  When I recognize a thought or a sentiment that is unwanted or unfamiliar, I say so, even if only mentally.  Because deep down I know that if I pretend my shadow is not there it will destroy my world.  I mean, isn’t that what has happened to American culture?

These days I am especially appreciative of my brain, my heart and my belly or my 3 minds as I like to think of them.  When we think of the genius technologies of Uranus and Mercury, let’s not forget the wisdom of the body.  It gets ill when we are doing the wrong things, yo. That is a pretty amazing piece of techne in my view. Thought did not create that and it’s no mistake either.

My world is not particularly rational right now.  I have not worked in a corporate culture for almost 10 years and I gotta tellya, very little of what I do makes sense.  I am getting used to being repeatedly thrown under the bus, but it’s not good business so I can’t help but wonder what it’s actually for.  Lucky for me, my intuition and the skills I have practiced of feeling my way into things, loving, valuing, honoring myself and having a sense of humor are serving me well.  For now.

It is said that hell is a place where people have private tables and plenty of soup but the spoons are too long to get the nourishment into one’s mouth.  In the same story, heaven has the same soup and spoons, but the tables are long and everyone just feeds the person seated across from them.  May your intuition guide you to the seat that will nourish you best among the people you would most enjoy feeding and being fed by.  I may be at the wrong table, but I can honor my need to get up and leave.

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New Moon in Taurus: Unstoppable Force Meets Immovable Object (Tuesday May 14, 5:47am)

The New Moon in Taurus seeks to secure the gains of the previous Aries cycle.  The Taurus cycle is about the purification of the SURVIVAL desire.

Image result for Pele volcano Goddess images

The archetype of Taurus is fixed Earth.  It rules agriculture, nutrition, money and survival itself.  Consensus Taurus relies upon external security.  Individuated Taurus is secure in the self as the ultimate resource.

Spiritually realized Taurus is the Sahdu in the loincloth.

Embodied soul is the perfect certainty that the source will provide for all my needs and desires.

This wisdom can only be gained through experience.

It is not theory, it is practice.  It is sadhana.

This wisdom is earned by walking through the fire.

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It’s always exciting to me when the Vedic and tropical charts have a lunation cycle in the same sign.  It does make choosing which asanas to practice easier (that’s what I typically do for classes: choose which poses I will use to balance my personal energy given the cosmic energy then share that with you), but it makes writing this blog a little more coherent as well.

I think western tropical astrology does a pretty good job of discussing personal psychological cycles (even though it is not astrologically “true” (whatever THAT means these days)) to the stars and it totally excludes the southern hemisphere in it’s calculations. I think Vedic astrology is as close to a perfect system as we have in ANY discipline to describe the soul’s journey and the larger cycles of planetary and species evolution, so when they agree in the sign of a new moon, I feel more sure somehow, that my both/and approach here has some merit.

I only know of one other person who includes both modalities and his name is Michael Conneely of Starwheel Astrology.  He is the most authentic, humble, diversified British guy who has a healing center with his wife Maggie in Sligo, Ireland and of the month of May he notes:

“This can be a case of ‘out of darkness light’. Note that this can be a huge opportunity for you to use the distress or disempowerment to take two magical empowering steps:
a. You have opportunity and reason to develop Occult Awareness, and
b. This is a crucial chance to identify, develop and use your Magical Will.” ~

I love this interpretation.  Truly, there is so much happening in these charts that it is hard not to toss my hands up trying to understand it all, much less write something coherent for you, but because we are all in this together and the acceleration of change is coming faster for all of us, I name it dharma and offer it to us both (as it is) in love.

Here’s the Western chart.

So while it may not look like much, what we can’t see on the surface is all the motion close to the cusps that is occurring.  Uranus, bigger than the Earth, who orbits the sun sideways with his 97 degree axial tilt and his 27 moons is the change maker, the earth-shaker, the malatov cocktail of the zodiac and he will change signs into Taurus on the new moon. His influence has characteristically been to disrupt in order to ultimately liberate, but he doesn’t mind wrecking the place in order to shake us out of complacency.  See previous posts re: “Any further denial will only deepen the crisis.”

This is a very powerful time to own what you know and update your desires with regard to material world concerns and the invisible landscape. Uranus in Taurus FOR THE NEXT 8 YEARS translates as celestial~terrestrial unity.  Heaven (explosive, otherworldly lightening) meets Earth (stable and secure to the point of stagnation)).  Yep. Could get a little, erm, shocking. Electrifying even.

So as we are trying desperately to sustain and stabilize the gains that we made in the Aries cycle (where we just were BORN for Pete’s sake) we are now tasked with trying to survive in a brand new, completely alien landscape, where Uranus will be throwing lightening-bolts at us.  But wait. It gets better.  Mars, the god of war, stands at a hard angle to Uranus forcing the urge to act on our desires for survival without thought, heedless of others, in primal reactivity.  The effect is like finally bursting forth from a stuck place only to see that we need to rework the plan mid-flight if we are going to bounce and not break. “Bend like a reed in the wind,” my friends.  If there ever was a time for humor and compromise, this is it.

Image result for pleiades

The Pleiades (Seven Sisters in a Circle) is where Krittika, the lunar mansion of this new moon takes place. One o’clock on the chart below.

Related image

There’s a lot of excitement and fear in the planetary energy due to the sheer velocity and strength of Mars, Uranus and Taurus. The lunation in Krittika nakshatra offers the way to healing through cauterization.  Krittika is ruled by Agni, the lord of fire and is represented by the ax, the flame and the razor.  The fact is, there are some things in our lives that we have become complacent about or we know we should change but are not sure how.  The next 28 days will show us. This is good news (believe it or not).

This placement of Uranus at 0 degrees of Taurus in the tropical chart (I wonder where it is in your chart?) and the collision of heaven and earth is the place where old habits change, where decrepit objects are released and restricting attachments are lessened.  Things, patterns and mindsets that are past their sell-by date are repeatedly worn away until you love a simpler thing, learn to travel light and value quality over quantity.  This impact will blast away the ballast in your life and the obstacles in your way.  Roll with it, allow, allow, allow what has got to leave to go.

A gorgeous question to ask ourselves at this point is, “Am I attached to suffering?”.  Do I have Stockholm syndrome with my demons?  Shift and crisis always come with the opportunity for liberation. Uranus square the first quarter Mars can overstimulate  unhealthy bonds and accelerate the pace and urgency of our desire nature in general (it is spring after all).  I am trying very hard to be easy, flexible and forgiving as an antidote.  I am trying to remember that “choice is mine to make and time is mine to take” as Townes Van Zant once sang.  This can be a catastrophic or evolutionary time depending on my ego process.

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Am I polarized and dualistic in my mental processes?  Do I have a  need to see this moment and the things in my life in terms of either/or, black/white and mine/theirs?  The events of the next 28 days could alter that forever.  Am I connected to my feeling body and through her to the Earth, opening my heart to this amazing adventure and softening into soul? Commitment to my authentic exploration wide open to life’s possibility could catapult me into realms previously unknown.  It could take all I have to be swiftly altered in a grounded way, but I can do it, I certainly can.

Is there any way you can conceive that you’d be happy to change your beliefs and values?  This wacky boomeranging moon could do this.  Doesn’t that sound intriguing? Isn’t it fascinating to think that you might choose to change and not be forced to do it? I have always loved Joseph Campbells’ idea that we might voluntarily participate in the suffering of the world and own this earthwalk experience in mastery and magical freewill choice.  I love to entertain the idea that I came into all this danger and cataclysm in complete confidence that I have the full support of creator creating creation.

Here’s the Sidereal Chart the Vedics use.

The beauty of free-fall from failed flight is that it may force the memory of the lost Lemurian art of Landing to resurface from the Akashic record.  Uranus and Mars are great mental archetypes as well as disruptors and change agents.  Uranian genius and Martian strategy are the stuff of legend and, let’s face it, the monkeys on planet 3 very seldom ever really get cookin’ until they are absolutely backed into a corner.  Only then do we Captain Kirk our way out of our self-imposed dilemmas. Never doubt that we will find our way through this.  Biological life is older than many stars. We hold the line.

And anyway, do any of the things that are really grieving us right now make ANYONE truly happy?  Is war making us happy?  Are political divisions helping us manage life on Earth? Is destruction of our one planet helping morale all up in here?  Come on!  The animals don’t even treat each other as badly as we do and THEY are supposed to be LESS evolved. My point is, we have got this, we are built for this moment and we are going to turn this battleship around, release the hostages and prisoners and liberate OURSELVES.  We are freeing energy from matter and lifting matter into a new dimension with energy simultaneously and that is why, I think, it feels so very hard.

Image result for serenity prayer

Wisdom is an open heart and and open mind.  This current cycle will strengthen psychic power and intuitive understanding.  It’s a karmic bloom and a harvest and it is deep, deep earth magic.  There never was a time like this.  Reorder through disorder.  Know that no one and nothing can suck the humanity, magic and joy out of  life or the Universe if we solidly practice those things. If we commit to those things they live.  If we become those things they meet eternity through us. I make joy my sadhana.  I make self-care my vow. I seize the opportune moment.  Carpe noctem.

Mind your heart,


A note on timing: if you do new moon intentions (sankalpa) best to do after the lunation, so it’s ok I am so late.  I earn proximity to Glacier Park through long hours these days. Forgive and love lives.

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Full Moon in Vedic Libra and Tropical Scorpio, Sunday 29 April 6:58pm MST: Intense Winds — Beware of Low Flying Trains

A Buddhist Prayer of Forgiveness
If I have harmed any one in any way,
either knowingly or unknowingly
through my own confusions,
I ask their forgiveness.
If any one has harmed me in any way,
either knowingly or unknowingly
through their own confusions,
I forgive them.
And if there is a situation
I am not yet ready to forgive,
I forgive myself for that.
For all the ways that I harm myself,
negate, doubt, belittle myself,
judge or am unkind to myself,
through my own confusions,
I forgive myself.
Image result for Funny wind
It’s a bit blowy, yo.
Dane Rudhyar, pioneer of transpersonal astrology, saw the relationship of the sun and the moon as the process of developing humanity’s spiritual capacity.  The sun is a geyser of information which the cycle of lunation prepares us to integrate and accept by diffusing the intensity. The lunar cycle is a type of cosmic mercy, saving us from complete overwhelm. The opposition aspect (the 180 degree relationship or the full moon) can deliver the full whammy of growth and liberation if a positive attitude has prevailed during MOST of the the waxing period, in Rudhyar’s view.  It may have been a tough go this time, since most of what was received in the last 15 days was delivered through contrast and dualism, without which, Rudhyar believed humans cannot perceive form.  It’s just the limitation of the instrument we inhabit and the means of evolution.  Not to worry. “Slack will be given,” as the Church of the Sub-Genius reminds us.
Another factor that made the end of April challenging was the way it reminded us of the difficulty inherent in being human.  As we approach this full moon in tropical Scorpio, where separating desires meet their exhaustion, this is productive discomfort.  We are inclined to allow the humanity of mistakes, errors and general shoulder-shrugging.  This difficulty and contrast is like the final push of the sprouted seed through the soil or the sand that produces a pearl.  I suspect everyone is sleep-deprived and a little disoriented in the new atmosphere.  Let’s be gentle with each other AND OURSELVES while we adjust to all this light. (As if to prove this to myself, I nearly made a mistake that deleted the  previous 2 paragraphs. Ahem.) Furthermore, there is this thing I wrote: and should you need to let yourself off the hook.  Now would be good, do that now, perhaps.
Image result for human mercy images
 This full moon falls in the Vedic lunar mansion called Swati.  Here’s an amazing description of what that means from

“Swati (The priest, the sword) (6°40 to 20°20′ Libra)

Swati is represented in the night sky by the single star of Arcturus (Alpha-Bootis). This is the main star in the constellation of Boötes /boʊˈoʊtiːz/. In the astrology chart, Swati resides entirely in the sign Libra. Swati translates as “Independent one.” The symbol of this nakshatra is a young plant blowing in the wind, which represents flexibility and agility as well as restlessness. The ruling deity Vayu, the God of wind, bestows a strong, yet gentle nature to this star. Rahu (North node of the moon) is the planetary ruler and signifies hidden potential. Those born under Swati are humble and often need to be informed of their own potential for greatness. They have an openness to learn new information, but must also avoid indecision and procrastination. Those born under Swati are diplomatic and they use charm to navigate the world. These people have strong beliefs in social etiquette and try to fit into society. Swati can bring success later in life. The essence of Swati is balance and people born under this star take their time to act.

General Characteristics: Compassionate, sweet voice, soft spoken, expects positive outcomes, charitable, merciful, independent, controls desires.
Translation: “Independent”
Symbol: Young sprout quivering in the wind, Sword;Coral;
Animal Symbol: Male Buffalo (some say antelope)
Presiding Deity: Vayu, The God of wind.
Controlling Planet: Rahu
Ruling Deity of Rahu: Durga
Nature: Devas (god-like)
Mode: Passive
Number: 15
Gender: Female
Dosha: Kapha
Guna: Tamasic
Element: Fire
Disposition: Moveable
Common Name: Queen’s Flower
Botanical Name: Lagerstroemia speciosa
Seed Sounds: Ru, Re, Ro, Ta
Also related to Planets: Venus, as the ruler of Libra.”  ~

Image result for vayu

It’s also associated with Vayu, Hanuman’s dad. Here’s a description from Wikipedia: “Vāyu (SanskritSanskrit pronunciation: [ʋaːju]) is a primary Hindu deity, the lord of the winds, the father of Bhima and the spiritual father of Hanuman. He is also known as Anil (“Air, Wind”), Vyān (Air), Vāta (“Airy Element”), Tanun(The Wind), Pavan (“The Purifier”),[1] and sometimes Prāṇa (“The Breath”).” ~  Vayu is described in some of the Upanishads as the strongest of all the elemental gods, he’s a great hero and guardian of the heart chakra.  Wind strengthens the sprouted seed and is the fundamental foundation of all action.  Someone who cares very deeply for you has assembled and entire page of pranayama (breathing exercises) for you to try (now would be a VERY good time to use them–click the “blog” heading at):

This lunar mansion is also represented by Saraswati, the star of all self-inquiry and goddess of music and intellect.  She is my personal ishta devata and during Navratri 2017 she literally came to me in a dream (this has never happened to me before or since) and taught me to sing evil to sleep instead of resisting it. True story.  Jai Maa Saraswati.

Image result for saraswati images

From Astroved: “Saraswathi is the consort of Lord Brahma. She is embodiment of purity and knowledge. Her four arms are symbolic of four facets of enlightenment: Intelligence, Insight, memory and cleverness. Goddess Sarawathi is the deity of all Learning and Arts and also she is the Goddess of speech. Through spiritual practice of mantra and prayers to her, one will acquire powerful oratory skills. You can offer prayers to Goddess Saraswathi through Saraswathi Pooja & Mantra application to gain sacred knowledge to overcome all the difficulties of life.” ~ (And sometimes she just mercifully hands the information over, whether you pooja or not.)

Wikipedia has another detailed description: “A hamsa or swan is often located next to her feet. In Hindu mythology, the hamsa is a sacred bird, which if offered a mixture of milk and water, is said to be able to drink the milk alone. It thus symbolizes the ability to discriminate between good and evil, essence from outward show and the eternal from the evanescent.[24] Due to her association with the swan, Saraswati is also referred to as Hamsavāhini, which means “she who has a hamsa as her vehicle”. The swan is also a symbolism for spiritual perfection, transcendence and moksha.[22][27]“.   ~

As if all those gorgeous associations were not enough this is also the Vedic moon of Wesak, the most important Buddhist festival of the year celebrating the life, death and enlightenment of Gautama Buddha.  So wisdom is kind of a big deal right around now.  When my reactive thoughts spin me off the tilt-o-whirrled, I mentally repeat “Higher Mind”, breathe deeply and try to shift gears.  I am learning so much about my identity and authenticity, it’s really humbling.

The photo above is from Sri Lanka.  Wesak is celebrated over so much of the planet and yet this moon is so very beautifully focused on you.  Yep.  You.  This Sunday is all about strengthening who you actually are.  Your identity, your creativity, your authenticity and YOUR power as a microcosm is being strengthened by pressure from the macrocosm. Bend, do not break.  Breathe and flow and by next weekend you’l be on to a new level. It’s charmingly conjunct Vedic Jupiter which brings optimistic, open-hearted expansion to your wholeness, your completeness and your inner stability. This will continue for some time and reach perihelion on May 8.  So if you need to love yourself a little more (and who doesn’t?) now would be good.  Do that now, perhaps.

Inner stability during times of chaos and confusion is tested.  Anxiousness, doubt and tension are signals of emotional overwhelm and the precursors of traumatic disassociation. We must be there for ourselves, ready to love, soothe and care when we hurt. The sun was recently conjunct Uranus in both the Vedic and the Tropical chart.  As I have stated many times, we are processing a lot of energies that are not our own, we are responsible to the generational “karma” of our species and ancestral trauma that has been denied and ignored.  We are all tired of seeing this, but here it is: any further denial will only deepen the crisis, and Uranus is the vehicle of the liberating crisis.  It’s move into tropical Taurus and Vedic Aries is unlikely to be gentle.  Again, take care of yourself.  No one can do that as well as you can.


St. Mary River

You’re quite right to notice the lack of justice: state it aloud. Observe it.  Acknowledge the sheer awfulness of it.  Then remember the moon.  Remember the phase transitions, remember this will not last forever.  Remember that this is a process and it will shift if we breathe and move.  Be prepared to remain present–no future tripping, no past ruminating–please.  It’s really a beautiful moment, the Irish call it Beltane (yes, another symbol!) halfway through spring and halfway to summer, but it’s challenging. Don’t sit in self doubt, hear the inner critic, but do not let it drive the car, as Elizabeth Gilbert says. Try some weighted blankets or extra sandbags in your practice.  Get plenty of rest and try some of these for relief:


St. Mary Lake

And if you’re still not feeling the total exhilaration of the spring festivals, let’s remind ourselves that Chiron (the wounded healer) is transiting/has transitioned into Aries for the 1st time in 50 years.  The nature of Chiron’s wound is that it cannot be healed, but in Aries we may be able to respond and not react.  We may be able to act out who we really are in our compassionate humanity if we focus the strength and wisdom of the warrior.  We may be able to find the strength from our pain.  We just might embody the wound that heals others.  Aries exercises will, determination and embodied strength. Aries is the athlete that can move trauma out of the physical and emotional body.  Let your love for who you really are give you the strength and determination to transmute suffering and ego death into the most loving energy of all: forgiveness.  Where there is forgiveness there is love.


Napi Point

This is full moon squares the moons nodes which represent ancestral and individual past and future (put way too simply, but hey, I am working A LOT).  This accentuates the projected need for love versus emotional self reliance.  I think of this with Chiron’s transit (and Uranus’–eep!) as the time for each of us to be the healer in this moment right where we are.  Embody forgiveness.  Give yourself your blessing.  Bless others.  All others.  Let the boundaries and walls go. Redeem and recover, but DO NOT REPEAT the past. When power beyond our control moves on the Earth, we must stand in our power, purpose and love.  I’ll stand here at the confluence of waters that touch the whole world be the love I feel. So much of it is for you, thank you.

Mind your heart,


PS I reread the new moon posting for this month with a bit of horror.  It was really incoherent and all over the place.  Those of you who know me know that I have problems with linear time and I sometimes get really ungrounded.  I am adjusting to this move and new job here at the corner of the Going to the Sun road with the usual ebb and flow of my tropical/Cancerian Vedic/Gemini bifurcation.  Here and gone.  As I learn myself even more deeply through this full moon (it’s a bit stark) I find having water that flows in 3 directions within a mile walk is really helpful.  It’s like a gentle container for me to learn better boundaries in.

If you are interested in knowing more examine the epic Glacier feature that I can literally walk to, Triple divide peak, the hydrological apex of the North American continent.





New Moon Sunday 15 April 2018, 7:57pm MDT Enter the Wound: The Only Way Out is THROUGH.

Related image

This blog is about the moon.  Cold orb and celestial night light, here and gone, ever in process, always cycling, big as a billboard and then disappeared: the moon of Earth.  Because this blog is about the moon, it is also, of necessity, about the sun.  Just thinking about the two luminaries brings us back to wholeness.  The perfect unity of sun and moon circling Earth. We inhabit a “both/and”, “time/space”, “within/without” realm with “internal/external”, “light/dark”wallpaper.

The luminaries are united by their separation.  The moon reflects the light of the sun, without which life would not exist.  The sun’s intensity is mediated and sometimes eclipsed by the body of the moon.  They dance together, sometimes apart, sometimes in a impossibly perfect synergy which I sang praises and thanks for here.

We inhabit this same paradox in our bodies, minds and souls.  We seem called upon to master the riddle of our existence: as above so below, as within so without, the crucible of time and space, internal and external experience. Yoga and astrology are the tools with which we balance and embody these forces in this blog and in weekly classes.

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“Many astrologers often misinterpret the astrological nature of the Moon to mean emotion, when it does not. The Moon is about our capacity to flow with the motion of experience, to flow with the tides of life. The more we embody this capacity, the more we are able to have unconditional compassion and express that compassion in our lives despite any externalized turbulence occurring in our lives. When we are not centered in the Moon, in our core essence, a place of unconditional acceptance of all experience, we are easily drawn into the waves of emotion. This is why learning to live attuned to the lunar cycles helps us learn how to flow with the tides of experience. This allows us to fully assimilate our life experience because we have no resistance to it, thus we are able to transmute it into experientially gained wisdom, which we can then fully express.

E-motion is the resistance to the motion of experience. When we resist experience rather than embrace it, we create discordant patterning in the cellular fabric throughout various parts of our bodies, a psychic tapestry that distorts our expression, both physiologically and psychologically, and that creates reactional emotional tendencies. Continued resistance to experience and an unwillingness to embrace and resolve these stored patterns reinforces this tapestry creating more chronic conditions, which in turn reinforces discordant patterns of thought and behavior. This is why the Moon is sometimes miss-understood to represent these mental-emotional patterns rather than our capacity to dance with life.”~ Nick Anthony Fiorenza

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“To me, wholeness is the key to aliveness.  It is more than just physical vitality, it is radiance, coming from being at one with yourself and your experience.  Life then flows through you and radiates from you.” ~ Richard Moss How Shall I Live?  I must honor my integrity, I must find a way to act that reflects my wholeness, not my circumstance. In my life, neither darkness nor light dominates unless I decide it is so.  With both as complementary aspects I am able to move through my situation from discipline, character, self-authority, dignity and respect for myself.

This new moon in Aries is literally a once in a lifetime (tropical) event since it is conjunct Uranus, planet of explosive change and liberation, which has an 84 year orbit and is about to depart the sign of the ram and enter Taurus, but it will retrograde to this sign again.  I use Western astrology here to illuminate the personal psyche, so this meeting signifies a chance to reboot your self-esteem and give birth to a part of you that has been gestating since 2010.  This could be a chance to direct, harness and evolve personal development with nuclear force.  Is there something you long to break free of?  This is a powerful time to set an intention toward change as long as it is grounded in authenticity and love.  (See repeated drum banging re: DENIAL above and below.)


Image result for richard moss how shall i live "To me Wholeness is the key to aliveness"

It doesn’t really matter what I am going through what matters is who I am and that I embrace, with radical, unconditional acceptance who I am.  Only then can I fully accept life. Integrity is gnosis within.  Integrity means not abandoning myself to any outside force.  Integrity means that I know I have the ability to be in open-hearted empathy while remaining non-attached in present moment awareness.  Like titanium telfon, I am consciously aware that I am evolving through this space-time continuum bringing the luminosity from within to each moment I encounter.  I become aware of the ebb and flow of appropriate action in thought, word and deed as it concerns my person and no one else’s.

Poised at the 29th degree of Pisces, Chiron, the wounded healer resonates in the tropical chart.  Chiron is the shamanic teacher, he reminds us that our abundance lies in our greatest trauma.  It’s the place of our greatest compassion, the wellspring of our gift of healing for others.  Chiron’s wound (humanity’s wound) never fully heals on the Earth plane, but this is not our weakness.  It is our strength. We are all wounded and that fact binds us together as a collective to in mortality.  Aries hoists high the bloody spear from his warrior wound and proudly intones, “I am matter! I do matter!”.

This is mastery of the light body.  Bringing the “above” to the “below” or spirit to matter consciously, with love and discipline.  Fully being who you authentically are, inhabiting the vision that source has of you is the hardest thing you could attempt.  It is a cosmic action, embodiment. It’s also the only way to hold the crucible of time and space, inner and outer without psychosis or neurosis.  Stay sane.  Allow for set-backs, retrogrades, bungling and laughter.  Make time for lots of giggling and being silly.  If you’re not making mistakes while you learn mastery of the light body, the game is too easy for you.


New Moon Sidereal Chart


“There’s no time for hatred, only questions
What is love, where is happiness, what is life, where is peace?
When will I find the strength to bring me release?”

~Jeff Buckley Eternal Life

Embodiment is not about bringing my darkest, densest weaknesses to purity, but in holding them with the same respect and utility I do my highest health.  My authentic identity is not built from what I hope to be, it’s who I actually am.  Often who I actually am eludes conscious awareness because so much of my life is hidden from my understanding. My personal best guess is that I am roughly even in dark and light psychic parts. I can learn to proceed from the presumption of wholeness.

Neptune in tropical Pisces and Vedic Aquarius sing resonantly of oneness, truth, beauty and peace.  These harmonious aspects encourage us to stop the mind.  Venus in tropical Taurus and Vedic Aries says trust the body in nature, trust intuition and connection.  This is internal resurrection energy, outside strength will not sustain the new life. It has got to come from within, it has got to come through the wounding, the trauma and the darkness into the light and it must absolutely vibrate with healing, love and unity.  The ego story will crumble and become compost for this grounded, deliberate flower.


Helena, MT watercolor artist Jim Dushin

I can choose integration.  Who I actually am is existing in the most advanced technology in the known universe.  It took 4.5 billion years to create this body where 60 to 100 trillion cells operate in a harmony so sublime, so hidden from my understanding that I mostly don’t have to think about it.  My power is so complete that I rarely even have to wield it.  Yet I spend very little time focused on this aspect of my being and its’ perfect situation in nature.  I am easily tricked into being a part of someone else’s plan because I forget my own plan, my personal vision.

This new moon in Aries reminds me to keep gathering momentum toward my personal authenticity and act on my own inspiration.  The wisdom of the astrological pattern cannot be overstated in this moment where the outside world’s efforts to distract me from my own development, spirituality and allegiance to the Earth are at this fever pitch.  My deepest moral obligation is to find pleasure in what I am designed to do: live. Any further denial of my authentic self will only deepen the crisis. My authentic self has a decided dark side.  Time to pull back the curtain. Without fear.  Whatever is there is me.

Jupiter in Vedic Libra and tropical Scorpio asks us to redefine wealth by returning to the abundance of the senses and the true richness of this physical incarnation.  Our glory is our diversity.  Our beauty is Springtime in a human body, the unity of sex, the triumph of birth and the romantic melancholy of death.  Our ferocious vitality, our tenacious persistence, our dogged pursuit of justice, peace and love: these are the riches of humanity and the shining jewel in the crown is our boundless compassion.  Let us never forget that we own those things alongside the suffering and confusion we have inherited.

At last we claim the pioneering spirit, the adventure and danger of our true legacy as humans, now we will see the freedom that we know is real within us made manifest in the outside world.  When we free each other and ourselves from blame and judgement we are at last free to make the practice about wholeness.  We hide from nothing, we fear nothing because we know ourselves at heart to be compassionate and the heart of all change, all growth and  all happenings to be love.  At last we can forget the terrible fall into history and bootstrap our future to lasting peace, wonder and awe.


for Anna Grace, painting by Jim Dushin

Aries is the first cardinal sign of the zodiac, the initiator of springtime here in the West.  This is the start of a new emotional cycle of innovation, rising sap, decisive forward action, enthusiasm and assertiveness.  Anger, protest and self motivated assertiveness are being adjusted and reset.  On the day of this new moon, Mercury goes direct in the sign of the ram: a gigantic catalytic, dynamic and electrical potential is available to push forward our intentions and sankalpa for the next 28 days. The first four hours AFTER the new moon will be the most potent for intention setting.

Creating directives at this time that have the self, the identity, instinct and sustainability as a central focus may be in line with the celestial weather. Think first chakra issues: survival, trust, connection to the planet, honesty, resourcefulness and taking your self into account.  Also address your will to live, belonging and feeling welcomed. These may be hard to feel into right now, but take a peek. “What keeps you from being here, now? What keeps your awareness from being in the present moment? What scares you? What makes you feel anxious? This is the stuff that tends to un-ground you.” ~ Robin Hall  Take a good, long look.  Trust yourself.

Tropical Chart of the New Moon

That which is false will stand corrected.  It happens on it’s own.  Right now is always effortless being.  The happening is a wave: it arrives, crescendos and recedes.  And the happening in my personal life is heading to Glacier Park for the summer.  I am leaving on the 19th of April and will be in St. Mary’s managing the grocery store at the corner of Highway 89 and Going to the Sun Road.  I have been looking for a more “protective job” for about 10 months and this has so many things I enjoy about it (being in the Park, being bossy, danger, bears, wilderness . . .) I just have to go.  Let’s hope to meet up again in the fall. I will try to write or at least post some photos and send them to you here.

cat on the planet

Mind your heart and come visit me,











Imagine The World’s Most Vulnerable Needs Met in Surrender, Acceptance and Forgiveness

I am enough. There is enough. I trust my journey, my wounds and my process. I’m not a victim, nor a savior. I am here to heal and be healed, to bless and be blessed in the fire of transformation.

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Sometimes people in spiritual communities talk about “soul contracts”.  I think they mean prearranged agreements or purposes that we made before birth.  To me, this is tasteless.  It’s metaphysical capitalism to say the soul needs any kind of reason to incarnate, like there is some thing we’re supposed to “get” out of life experience.  Life mining?  Extractive living?  No thanks.

What if life experience is the end goal of life?  That works better for my metaphysical aesthetic.  It’s a process that way.  It’s a circle instead of a straight line.  It’s comforting.  Being here, just to be here, to enjoy my life is enough for me. Life becomes limitless when I dissolve any concepts I have about what I “should” be doing.

If it were true, I would be free to do all the things I really want to do: grow my own food, make a beautiful home, explore widely, have long talks, walks and explore with others.  Like Charles Eisenstien says,

The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible

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becomes real to me if I’m not here on some mission of attainment.  I can put down the abacus and really be here, now.

This attitude is problematic in our culture.  We have no cultural practice engaging our sympathetic nervous system and “resting and digesting” in all this accelerated evolution. We need to do this urgently (ironic: relax STAT!!!–but so true).  Also we need to play, we need to love and we need to let our hearts guide our heads more.  Our lives have become too urgent, too much of an emergency.  Keeping on like this is taking us too far from healing, wholeness and balance.  It doesn’t make sense anymore to believe in the old story of lack.  We don’t have to create the way we did before.  You are the forge of creation.  Lead with your heart.  Surrender to what you love.

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The March 1 full moon falls in the Vedic sign of Leo.  It tells us to be authentic to our hearts.  Any denial of the authentic self will only deepen the crisis.  Breathe on the fire of your heart instead and dissolve agreements that you made unconsciously.  That was a previous stage of evolution.  We are energy exchange here and now.  “The lesson of Leo, however, is to use this energy generously, sharing it with those around us, not hoarding it greedily. The nature of the Sun is sattvic, and the true potential of Leo is to purify ourselves and then share our divine light with others.” ~ Somya Devi



Consider this.  You put one seed in the ground, what is your return on that investment?  Probably something like 1:100 at a minimum. The investment in lack and hoarding that goes on here on Earth is completely nonsensical. It has built a planet where personal abundance has been hijacked by illusion. We believe in lack.  We buy into scarcity. So deep is this dogma that we cannot even see the imaginary shackles chaining us to deficiency when this is obviously not nature’s truth.  Thankfully, this full moon will help us move this bullshit belief.

You might think that it will take some pretty powerful metaphysical laxatives to clear our collective colon, but there again, what if you are deceived? What if the work is already done?  What if your greatest adversaries have been embodying and amplifying the planetary constipation for you?  What if the hard part is over and now all we’ve got to do is believe what our hearts know is true? (Or what if that has been the hard part all along?)

Image result for the hammock in art

Lucky for us, this full moon falls in Purva Phalguni nakshatra, in the very center of the Leo constellation.  It is symbolized by the hammock or the marriage bed and brings us feelings of luxury, sensuality and beautiful, swaying harmony.  Bhaga, the presiding god of this lunar mansion, is both benevolent and blind; generous to all beings with his abundant spiritual and material gifts.  Venus will transit into Pisces a few hours after the lunation (5:51pm MST) and resume the softer incarnation as the evening star in this sign of its’ exaltation.  Knowing when too much of a good thing starts to drown the giving fire is an important discernment Thursday night.

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If Venus is well-aspected, we embody harmonious compromise with people, substances and things. If it occupies a more difficult space, our boundaries may be a little leaky with, well, everything. Here, we board the ferry into the Greek concept pharmakon where it’s a challenge to tell the poison from the cure.  Every concept is 2 things or extremes on a spectrum. What is medicine for one person is deadly poison for another. Dosage is key: all things in moderation including moderation.

Both the Vedic and the western charts are moving toward (the former) or already in (the latter) Piscean waters in March.  The depths there can be hard to navigate without the inclusion of discerning and healing Virgoan influence, Pisces’ opposite sign across the zodiac.  Again, lucky for us, the tropical full moon falls there (all full moons are oppositions of sun and moon). The charts lately are extreme and densely aspected. Even though we have emerged from the kala saarpa imbalance, this travelling stellium of personal planets has all the subtlety of a tsunami.

Here’s the Vedic (sidereal) chart.  The stellium is still in Aquarius.

Here’s the  Western (tropical) chart, with the stellium in Pisces.

I plan to get more involved  with the Pisces stellium later when it happens in the Vedic chart (one reason I take a both/and approach here–I get two chances to understand). There’s a few things to keep in mind: Chiron in Pisces represents the spiritual wound of the Piscean age AND this is super positively aspected, so healing of this “wounded and lacking” mentality may be available in a new way.  There may be a high level of psychic attunement available and creativity is on the rise.  While we are purging and cleaning (Virgo) some amazing new ideas may come.  Being open to connection is great, but overexpansion can happen.  Inflation of ego and delusion are possible.  Trust your intuition.  Be skeptical.  Double check the details.

Pisces is the Omega, the end, the dissolution of certainty, structure and foundation.  The boundaries are washed away with Neptunian depth.  He’s not fond of your fixed identity and will flood the foundations of things you trust.  He will also test your honesty and integrity. This weekend is going to be a soul cleansing process.  Let it happen.  Release the old trauma.  It’s safe to relax in the mystical polarity of Virgo and Pisces if you can keep it in balance and ground yourself.  There is a beautiful spiritual connection on offer, but the absence of connection is also there.  This is an important time to center and align body, mind and spirit with what you really feel is the source of all life.

Image result for the sun and the flower of life

The insight I keep returning to is that these cycles help uncover our true nature: any denial of our authenticity will deepen the crisis. Over-identification with either victim or oppressor archetypes will cause contraction, not the needed expansion.  The collective spiritual wounding of Chiron in Pisces is that millions died for their beliefs in the past, but we still have to find a way to believe in the present, or we carry the perpetual wound of the terminal centaur (Chiron shot himself in the leg with a poison of his own creation and could never fully heal it).  Watch the extremes here in the “axis of sacrifice”.

Final words on trauma (for now).  Trauma is a story of the past.  Left unchecked, revisiting the same story repeatedly has been shown to literally drag our cellular body back into the same parasympatheic response (fight or flight) that was experienced in the original wounding.  Neural pathways support this recidivism by literally carving electrical routes in the brain. Despite all that, you are not your experiences, just like you are not your happiness or your sadness.

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While it is not easy and it is (IMHO) the spiritual practice of a lifetime, we must alter the patterns of  past pain if we are going to bless this world with our presence in the present. My only power is here and now and this is the only place where I can evolve beyond what came before.  Abuse and pain are not good teachers.  Their time is over.

We can chose to be good conduits for another kind of learning.  We can hear and validate the story of trauma in order to release, heal and transform it. Those of you who attend lunar yoga know that I believe the breath and bodily movement not only develop our strength and capacity, but they move trauma lodged in the body into the earth, where it can be properly recycled.  But it needs to be heard and validated, not stuffed down and ignored.  Taking the time to be with our feelings is a wisdom that all tantric arts teach, yoga is just one of those many arts.

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There is a beautiful spiritual connection to Gaia becoming available through this full moon that can help us heal and transform traumas effecting our our own personal past and our ancestral stories that are still with us.  The old story that tells us spiritual evolution yields catastrophe is ripe for challenge and it may set your personal creativity on fire.  To the purifying flame.







The Drumbeat Sound of Time

“In the space between chaos and shape there was another chance.” ~Jeanette Winterson


Without the sun and the moon, there could be no life on Gaia.  Our two luminaries are  our wealth as organic beings. We are a part of a circulatory, orbital process so precisely organized that if the dance changed even a little the only organic life in the whole cosmos would end.  Life is too aligned to be random, too fortunate to be chance and too uncanny to be accidental.

The recent partial solar eclipse was another reminder of this phenomena.  The sun, moon and earth lined up exactly in 3 dimensional space on the same elliptical plane. During the solar eclipse we can notice that the sun and moon appear to be exactly the same size from our perspective on Earth. There’s roughly 108 and suns between the earth and the sun, about 108 moons between the earth and the moon.  We notice this during eclipses because our planet sits at just the place where we can (Sam Geppi Yoga and Vedic Astrology).  That’s a lot of coincidences all at once.


This most recent solar eclipse occurred on February 15 2018 at the new moon in Vedic Aquarius in the nakshatra of Dhanista represented by Shiva’s drum.  The sun, the moon, the process of time are like a drumbeat or a heart beat or the movement of a tide.  Take these images and symbols inside and feel the body’s circulatory process with the heart like an amplification device all part of  the one cosmic rhythm. New moon to full moon, solar revolution, lunar revolution, day and night, spring and winter, inhale and exhale; within and without you, above and below you. You are the wholeness in all these pairs of opposites.

This universal connection that you and I inherit calls us to a universal service. This is the Aquarian archetype in it’s highest form where it innovates to protect and serve all life. It asks us to balance and adjust the values, structures and technologies we inherit to evolve a unique and relevant biopsychosocial state to serve the needs of future generations as best we can. This partial new moon solar eclipse found both the sun and moon in Vedic Aquarius, ruled by the evolutionary revolutionary: Uranus.

Because this new moon finds us at the crossroads (or just plain nailed to the cross) of so many extreme dualities, this is a time for releasing identities, ideas and beliefs that no longer serve our current crisis.  The magic at the crossroads is the choice.  It’s an important time to come closer to what we really value, just like a tree pulls the sap in from the branch in winter abandoning the sensual reach of summer.  The dark side of Aquarius is extreme apathy, so if we can use our apathy as a measure of what to prune.  Don’t care?  Jettison it.

partial eclipse Feb 2018

This is the tropical chart of the eclipse.  You may notice it’s imbalance.  The Vedic chart looks the same, except the planets are about 23 degrees behind. All of the planets are on one side of the zodiac. In Vedic Astrology this is called kala saarpa yoga and it denotes a time where shadows and old karmas being brought to light to be dealt with finally.

This process of purification will continue in the waters of Pisces in March, but without the massive imbalance and the extremes we have been seeing around the structure and security of our institutions (Ketu–the north node of the moon–in Capricorn) versus the heart, trust and openness (Rahu–the south node–in Cancer) of the individual.  More on Pisces season in the next blog entry.

For me, the message of this solar eclipse was that any denial of my authentic self would deepen this crisis.  The download for me was to forgive myself and others because the moment I blame someone else I create and enforce another separation.  These false dichotomies litter our mental landscapes and limit our thinking.

Blame and guilt are mirrored back to us and create opposite conclusions based on the same information.  (See it when two people are debating over one thing that has 2 possible interpretations.) This eclipse really brought the kala saarpa home to me as I tried to keep my heart open while I felt embattled with the world outside.


The projection of polarization or outpictured separation is an illusion.  Yes, the sun and moon are different objects, but they are part of one whole system that supports all life.  It’s important to remember that most natural systems self-regulate.  A state of imbalance is the precondition for balance.

Whether we can actually do it or not, the invitation is here now to lose the sense of injustice and deadlocked disagreement.  On the smallest level matter can be neither created nor destroyed so there’s really nothing to be attached to, indignant about or fighting against.  It will all be recycled by the macroprocesses. The easiest way to diffuse the crisis and assuage the pain is to surrender to the alignment of the cosmic rhythm found in nature and let that be the guiding principle. Something larger beckons, if only the ego will allow it.

I like to think of my ego one emotion at a time.  There is no way I can catch every thought and evaluate them individually, but I do try.  When unchecked negative thoughts accumulate for me, I get tsunamied by emotions. So, I know I need to sit and meditate.  That’s what my yoga practice is for, to get my body circulating enough that I can actually sit until I can still my thoughts and process my emotions non-reactively.


Here’s my latest thing I am doing when I don’t have time to do yoga and meditate, to be more present for the processing of emotions (they are NOT for hoarding IMHO):

  • Identify and speak directly to the wound, trigger, violent or unwanted impulse.                                                                                                                                     “This discomfort feels like the way I was disrespected in the past.  I feel    tightness in my throat and my ears are burning (for example).”
  • Name and own the emotion aloud in words.                                                                   “I own and allow my resentment (for example).  I hold you with my breath, my love and my acceptance.  You are allowed to be here.”
  • Thank awareness for bringing this to consciousness and the body for helping you breathe it through.                                                                                                    “Thank you, I accept this Grace. Thank you, body, thank you mind, thank you heart.”

After all, our influence only extends to the boundaries of our bodies, we can only control who and what we are and realize that the highest expression of Aquarius is the sadu in the loincloth; knowing this is all a game and there’s nothing to be attached to since everything is you and you are everything.  When we don’t like what we see outside it may be time to get a hold of the inner process and take the ego to the woodshed.

Lea Hult

Mind your heart, Yoganauts.


Welcoming the Overwhelm Mid January 2017

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When you are free from your external circumstances, who are you?  When there are no bills to pay, new vistas to explore and you can do whatever you like do you prefer to head out or stay put? Both and?  Have you ever considered who you are when things are really desperate: “no phones, no lights no motorcars, not a single luxury”?  I like to remember that we come from people who did all that we are doing and more without much more than their bare hands and wits.  They did not drop the ball.  Maybe we won’t either. I call upon the ancestors.  I honor the ancestors.  I ask them for their wisdom, I ask them for their power.
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“What you are aware of you are in control of; what you are not aware of is in control of you.”
-Anthony De Mello
Astrology with Betty Published on Jan 10, 2017

“The Full Moon at 22 degrees of Cancer opposing the Capricorn Sun illuminates some intense dynamics in our lives. Pluto is at 17 degrees of Capricorn along with Jupiter at 22 degrees of Libra opposing Uranus at 20 degrees of Aries forms a Grand Cross. This powerful energy can make us feel as if we are being pulled in all directions to the point of exhaustion. The lights are on and we are suddenly forced into taking a realistic look at the clutter and chaos swirling about in our unconscious.

The Pisces stellium will bring up past (life?) baggage and feelings of deception and loss. Utilize the North Node in Virgo to sift through all of the muck eliminating what is no longer needed, pain, resentment, judgement, anger, depression, etc… Take the highest lessons from all of our encounters and experiences allow them to work for you instead of using them as an excuse to stay stuck.

Transcendence and forgiveness will free us to eliminate waste and inspire us to new heights! This energy will lend amazing inspiration to artistic endeavors, use personal creativity as an avenue to purge and heal. Be kind to yourself and patient with others as we navigate this bumpy terrain.”

“Please listen to John Lennon’s “Instant Karma”.   It kept coming to me as I was preparing this weeks video. It just about sums up the energy and the flavor of what I am saying here.”


Image result for anthony de mello quotes

So, I gather from Betty’s offering that it’s a good idea to be really deliberate when dealing with the pain that this full moon may bring up.  Whether I suffer in vain or not is up to me.  Am I willing to make this difficulty into something useful and vital?  (No, I am fucking NOT, but I will get there!)  I am really ready to get my house in order, no matter what I am seeing within or without?  Let’s just say I am aware of the possibility and that is a start. “Take the pain and make it art.” was Carrie Fishers’ advice.  It’s timely.  Art, right now, can give voice to the things we cannot say. Art can give a place for the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

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Image result for anthony de mello quotes

Image result for anthony de mello quotes

Image result for anthony de mello quotes

Image result for anthony de mello quotes

Between Chaos and Form: A New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces (Tropical) and Aquarius (Vedic) Sunday * 26th February 2017 * 03:58:23 pm CET 7:58 a.m. MST

If you are doing sankulpa, try 48 hours after and not during void moon–these energies need to play out a bit.

And Angie?  Sorry about all the Pisces.

In the space between chaos and shape there was another chance. ~Jeanette Winterson

“Mercury in Aquarius is just ingenious at solving problems. Sometimes all it takes is to look at a situation from another perspective. This may be key in navigating this week.” 

“The busy time leads into a stillness. There is a collective surrender in Pisces. This time before spring, before many animals become more active, before the plants send forth new shoots, before the ground is ready for sewing. In olden days when the community relied upon the Earth for sustenance more directly, Pisces marks the time of year when the collective community relied upon its efforts of the past year to ensure it has food and fuel through this time of scarcity. Hence, we refer to Pisces as the sign of karma, when we rely upon what we have done in the past, whether that is having stored enough food or developed positive relationships with those who have.  There is an Astrological suggestion here that this is a time for ‘beyond the usual’ revelations and a revolutionary blow to established power structures. Humans have an opportunity to tune into a revelation from beyond.”

You see her up there?  Holding it all . . . ~L

Solar Eclipse: the light is on–the light is off–the light returns. ~L


“Watch for everything to fall into place on the February 26th New Moon Pisces eclipse. The eclipse, along with a Mars/Uranus conjunction (opposing Jupiter Rx) will fuse all the influences over the past few days in a bright flash. Endings and beginnings may be simultaneous, and Mars/Uranus/Jupiter adds urgency. A total reversal may spin you around and spit you out. After the dizziness subsides, welcome to your next chapter.” 


“Events will happen quickly, and they will be the results of what’s been brewing for awhile (Mars/Pluto, Sun/South Node). The past and future could collide, but the future always takes precedence (especially with Uranus driving a New Moon). This eclipse will conjoin Neptune -the new possibilities could exceed your imagination, as long as you flush away the old stuff.”                                                                                                              ~

“Should you feel the need to go turbo, focus first. Is your driving mechanism a hybrid of the purest points of your personage? In listening to the inspiring messages in the ethers, are you perfectly focused and tuned in on the cosmic dial? Remember, everyone endures the turbo sense of personal urgency (at this new moon annular solar eclipse ~L). It’s not just you. However, your highest priority is you, and how you interact with all those you meet claiming their personal you-ness.” 

“Satabhishawhich translates literally as “100 healers,” is in an area of the sky within the constellation of Aquarius. The purifying waters of Aquarius pour through these stars and into the deep cosmic ocean of the night known as the Milky Way. These miraculous waters create a portal through which descends a primordial healing power.  Illness rooted in Satabhisha is often difficult to diagnose, however if the treatment is applied under its influence the remedy is highly effective.

The Hindu holiday of Maha Shivaratri—or “The great night of Lord Shiva”—falls prior to the eclipse, on the evening of February 24, 2017. On this night, the thin sliver of waning moon—the Shiva Moon—which he wears in his matted hair, will be seen rising before dawn.


In India, it is customary to stay up all night, fasting and singing mantras to Lord Shiva, who is known as the destroyer. Often depicted in a wild dance of destruction, Shiva is also seen as the consummate yogi seated quietly on a Himalayan mountainside, deep in contemplation.

Satabhisha is called the “veiling star” because of its powerful ability to cloak (and uncloak) the mysteries of consciousness. It is said that Lord Shiva burns through this veil of illusion – maya – when he opens his third eye, and that prayers and offerings to him have the power to alter the laws of destiny and break our karmic ties. By offering your prayers to Lord Shiva, and by repeating the mantra Om Namah Shivaya, you can accelerate the healing process sparked by this eclipse.”

This eclipse, like all others, will kick off a cycle of approximately six months of development, so show up for whatever emerges – and emerge it will! During the Eclipse, Mars will be sitting on top of strong-willed and explosive Uranus. This will totally change the expected vibe of a Pisces New Moon into a more edgy event. Watch out for battles to prove or maintain your independence; these aremore about pissing on your territory than expressing your needs. Embody your truth without shoving it down other’s throats, no matter how tempting it may be.

It’s not enough to know what you are; you need to know what you’re not, too. The 27th brings us our final kick in the fanny from the Red Planet as it sits opposite from expansive Jupiter. Jupiter is a gambler, but Mars hates to lose. The thing that Mars needs to get is that the only way to really lose is if you don’t learn. Growth happens through struggle and strife as often as it comes from falling in love or being healed by the cuteness of cats.”

The Girl’s Castle in Palava, CZ

“Mercury (Sun’s messenger) enters Pisces on Saturday, joining the Sun in Pisces. This is our last week before the Lenten season (46 days) begins, starting with Mardi Gras next Tuesday. This is a week of festivals, a secret birthday celebration, preparations, a solar eclipse and a new moon.

Each sign has a specific purpose & task. The Pisces task is to “save the world.” Pisces is called the “Light of the World.” The Light of Pisces reveals the Light of Life itself, ending forever the darkness (ignorance, unkindness, criticism, judgment, etc.) of matter. All of Earth’s kingdoms absorb this “saving” Pisces light.  During Pisces, and with Mercury in Pisces, humanity (World Servers and Saviors in potential) is informed of its sacred tasks – “to save ourselves by loving each other in order to survive, sustain, create and thrive in the new world.” 

Sunday is Pisces new moon solar eclipse. All eclipses inform us that something has been completed and is disappearing so something more vibrant and useful can come forth. Solar eclipses tell us something deeply essential to our lives is over. The eclipse new moon occurs at 8 degrees Pisces. Where is that degree of Pisces in everyone’s astrology chart? That tells us what area of life is being affected by this new moon eclipse. The keynote for Pisces new moon is, “Go forth in matter, in order to experience (and later save) the world.”

If I had told you, more than a year ago when we began looking beyond duality toward the process encompassing it that our world was going to take a giant evolutionary step backward at the start of 2017, you would never have believed it.  If I had told you that just as you were beginning to get comfortable with the idea of embracing a both/and vision of creation you would have to endure the most lopsided oscillation you had ever imagined, would it have made sense to you?  If I asked you to run the most important exercise of wait-and-see, don’t-blink-first chicken while it felt like the world was unraveling, would you have bothered with me?  With lunar yoga?  With mindful meditation?

Of course you would have!  You are a Yoganaut and your craft is built for rough seas and vast cosmic spaces!

This is the last Pisces new moon for 19 years. The new moon starts a new emotional cycle, but with it this time is a huge amount of ending/releasing because of its alignment with the South Node and it’s placement in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. This eclipse holds a potent triad of planets squaring Pluto: Uranus conjunct Mars opposite Jupiter.  Pluto’s rotation and return (which completes in the chart of the USA in 2020) marks the end of a 250 year empire cycle.  Any seduction, manipulation, control will dissolve in the truth that love is surrender and cooperation. (Belief is control, love is surrender.)  We all come together to reveal one another to each other.  We are all showing ourselves to ourselves through ourselves.  No one is more god than any other.

The wound, the self-abandonment is going to lessen.   It is really extreme right now, as is the empathy.  Darkness is increasing after all, both through the new moon and the eclipse.  In that, there is a supreme access to past patterns and shadow.  Fully feel what you want to release.  Make time and space for it, please, oh, please.  I try not to issue maxims (no absolutes!), but it can really help to focus on what you want to let go of.  That really is why it’s being amplified, it’s not to torture you.  Remember this is hundreds and thousands of years of processing you are doing, that’s why it’s so super-sized and up in your grill.  Be gentle with yourself, be kind to others or step away if you cannot.  Everyone is beyond triggered and fighting battles we cannot perceive.

I seldom talk about raising vibration, but I want to make one suggestion: is it possible that we raise vibration by releasing attachment?  I think this is true for me and why I am so challenged right now.

Hold the line with me and mind your heart,


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