Tearing Down the Wall Between Consciousness and the Unconscious: To Achieve Unity, Integrate Dichotomy. Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse Tuesday 16 July 2018 3:30pm MST

What am I trying not to feel?

Love is not a meritocracy.  Love is given, not earned.  Love makes whole.  I must do this.  Without hope for gain, without the support of rational mind, without validation from the world outside — I must love this mess back to wholeness.   In all the chaos, destruction and corruption I must remain love. My being love is my only opportunity for intimacy with my source.  A relationship with the divine is not something I can do or achieve.  I have to embody it. I have to be it. Everything is alive and divine and therefore I am too. It’s all one. It’s all love. It’s simple, really.  But it’s not easy.

There is one true economy (Capricorn) I see on planet Earth and it is this: put a single seed in the ground and you are given back a hundred (Cancer). Everything here is given, not quid pro quo.  It is ego that “deserves”.  The ego of the seeker (low end Sagittarius) is the most dangerous.  Truth (with a capital ‘t’, high end Gemini) is given from another realm.  One cannot earn experience of divinity.  One must surrender to become it.

We need an economy that supports the sadu in the loincloth becoming whole.  We need to return to the Truth of our Earth. We need all 7 billion of us operating at our creative best, making life better for each other. It’s “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible” https://charleseisenstein.org/books/the-more-beautiful-world-our-hearts-know-is-possible/. We need cooperation with each other.  We need love all the others. Humankind, yo.

“Cooperation never means the absence of conflict of interest. It means a set of rules for negotiating conflicts of interest in a way that resolves them.” ―Oceanographer Danny Grunbaum

Sidereal Chart of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

The goddess Gaia (Cancer) is born again when the “I” of ego dies on the cross of space and time (Capricorn).  The “I” and the “my” will be renounced for the emerging “we”.  This is the meaning of the cross.  This is the crucible of time and space.  This is the test we are currently flunking for NO GOOD REASON.  Money is not a good reason.  We made it up. It did not exist a little while ago.  Borders are not good reasons.  We were all born here. We don’t owe anyone for that and there is no good reason to stop migration of animals for money BECAUSE MONEY IS NOT A GOOD REASON.  And we know better (high end Sagittarius).

So it’s the end of suffering, I claim.  That could mean one of two things; we realize that all 7 billion of us refer to the same “I” and begin to model our systems on nature’s sharing economy or we perish.  When we make “I” a single person and not the infinite consciousness of pure Self, we forget our source: eternity.   Individually, when we make the “I” about me and mine, thoughts confuse us and create war.  Thoughts can only intimidate and scare the false self (the unconscious).  Thought cannot withstand that which concentrates upon it’s source (that which is bravely conscious). Thought cannot make suffering of present love.  Love is lifeforce.  Love is emotion that moves things. It’s who we are.  It’s all we are. Now it must become what we do and how we think.

What if we come here to externalize the dark and unloved parts of ourselves and each other in order to include and love them?  Bigger love?  More inclusive love?  What if the emotions themselves are the teachers?  This is an inclusive reality, not exclusive. What if that is what love is?  What if it’s EVERYTHING, not just the honeymoon phase?  Are we mature enough to take it ALL in? What if love is the evolving force? What if it doesn’t acknowledge any boundaries?

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Any attempt to deny what is results in war.  The war outside IS the war inside.  So I must ask myself again: what am I trying not to feel?  What the hell am I so afraid of? Imana try to seek the wordless wisdom of the pain body instead of bypassing it for forced spiritual states that feel better, but lack foundation in what IS.  I will try to sit, stay and heal the war inside before I involve others.

When the body is suffering, the spirit has a choice to no longer deny BEING in favor of the diversions of ego, says Adam Elenbass ( http://www.nightlightastrology.com ).  There is no answer to the “why” of suffering that we yet know.  Pain only has meaning in relation to being.  It’s questions are: “who am I in relation to this pain?”, “how do I choose to suffer?” and “can I use this experience to create compassion?”.

Adam is in the process of passing a kidney stone named Hank.  There is no answer as to why this pain is OR HOW HE EARNED IT (because if love is a meritocracy then . . .), but it does not define his humanity.  IT PURIFIES, REFINES AND CLARIFIES IT.  Want proof?  Give him an hour of your time on the eclipse Tuesday July 16 (3:30pm MST).  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijGub2h8qqE Adam is brilliant.  I pray for his urinary tract and the greater yet to be of his immortal soul which shines so brightly amid his trial.  Thank you, Adam.  Gentle birth of the stone baby.


“Doing” to achieve spiritual connection does not guarantee divine intimacy.  Transactional economy dichotomizes the separate self from the related one by definition.  Any further separation will deepen the crisis.  Not to worry!  Deeper pain, deeper crisis will further clarify, refine and purify. Pain awakens us to beingness.  Life without pain does not refine awareness or advance consciousness, nor spiritual intimacy with the divine self.  We are at the point where pursuing ego gain is just dumb. It’s killing us all.  It’s low end Capricorn with Saturn, Pluto and the South Node piled on for extra stubbornness.

To love is not to quantify value.  Quantitative valuing is an economic strategy.  Self love is not self worth.  Self love is self intimacy.  Self love is knowing who you are/who you are becoming when you are in pain.  Self love is knowing who you are/who you are becoming when you don’t get what you want.  Self love is knowing what my preferences are and knowing that they are not that important.  I really don’t believe that getting what I want has ever brought me real fufilment, not like knowing myself has. Not like loving myself has.

Conditioned ego wants me to be a slave to my conditioned mind’s preferences.  But I want the ability to be with what is, no matter what the one source wants to show me.  I want capacity, I want to stand more, to see more, to experience the universe as it is, not as I think it “should” be. To get to that I have to spend time with myself.  I have to see through the ego’s distractions. My soul has a real need for love that I am just beginning to understand.  It’s painful how much I don’t “get it”, but I do know the transactional model does not work for me, personally.  I need the kind of love that cracks me open to the goddesshead.  My soul is ridiculously demanding in this.  It will require my entire life to meet her need. I pray for the strength to be vulnerable enough.

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Whenever I love and try to hold the object of that love I begin to lose it. The transactional model starves us of real intimacy like denial robs the moment of it’s humanity.  Everything is alive and divine and therefore relational.  When I tell the humankind how they’re going to be, who they’re going to interact with and in what way,  I attempt to enslave what IS to my will.  Opening to what is means that I must reserve the possibility that there is a greater wisdom at work here.  It has never been so important to make room, to hold space for the “Greater Yet to Be”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8yd9X_CZlw

Finally, I need to concede that some things are not going to benefit from a conversation during this Mercury retrograde.  Sometimes the willingness to continue negotiating just deepens the crisis and indicates complicity.  It’s a lonely road to leave the bargaining table with consensus realty.  Yeah, it’s lonely outside consensus, so what?  It’s lonely within it, too when you can never be vulnerable. It’s lonely and separated and divided to keep hoarding for ego.  Let’s quit.

Is it possible to move the leaden ego around the self judgement and take back authority from fear?  Can we leave others to their pain and it’s wisdom IF THEY CAN”T CHASE GRACE WITH US (yet)? Six planets retrograde ask us to revisit these issues of autonomy and sovereignty.  Why would you give away your personal power?  Have you?  Is that abdication the reason you don’t love yourself, the reason you are at war with yourself?  Or is it something deeper?  Fertile time to take a deep look between now and 30 July.


Can you love a murderer?  Can you love a warmonger?  Can you love a rapist, an abuser a mentally or physically sick person?  You can.  Thought has no hold on the heart. It’s only consensus reality that taught us to exclude these parts of self and no mistake, we ARE these things.  Can you accept that love created this for you to see and be and hate and then adide with? Can you release negative experience as achievement instead of error? What if love includes bad, hard and unpleasant moments?

Mistakes and bad choices are proof of innocence and necessary to dharma. Are we so invested in our “rightness”  that we forgot to ask if believing ego is a learning mistake?  What if the polarity it creates is what we are being asked to become comfortable with?  What if error IS the way to learn? What if WE ARE the wholeness that can contain the duality and reconcile opposition? Can we organize ourselves from this wholeness?

What if the mystery wants our attention to help “it”, not to hurt “us”? What if the only way back to unity is to consciously go through this sort of separation?  What if it’s no one’s fault, it’s just what had to happen so we could advance in consciousness? Would you be willing to come to the end of alienation in this way?  How badly do you want to return to loving yourself?  Will you forever remain at war? Soul or ego? Fruitful questions to ask until August 15.

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This full moon in sidereal Sagittarius is also a Vedic holy day called Guru Purnima.  It’s considered auspicious to honor the lineage of wisdom that passes from student to student (because the soul is the only true teacher) forever.  We are each one iteration of an ancestral line, but the wisdom of our species and our planet creates our world and our opportunity for illumination.  Without expectation or entitlement, we celebrate our chance and the gift that our embodiment is.  We celebrate the love that created us and informs all life.

The guru is the dispeller of darkness, releasing us from the ignorance of karma, from the thoughts that imprison our consciousness  and providing the revelation of who we are: higher consciousness bringing the light of life into matter.  Without knowing this, without the pain of revelation, without the guru, life does not refine awareness, but remains ever on the wheel of consequence.  While awareness does not guarantee happiness we are last in a line that has kept the project of higher consciousness alive for some reason.  Those are our people back there who passed us the ball and they did it without antibiotics or cell phones or Apple.  This lunation is for them. Let’s say thanks.

The astronomy of this lunar eclipse is so polarized and aspected that I don’t really know how to include all the signs and symbols of dichotomy represented. Each time I tried, I failed (a good thing if you follow my argument). One thing I can say for certain is that in nearly every way this astrology looks like an oceanic change of mind.  Surrendering to the process of what’s happening with this is what I see in the very positive Neptune trine. Something is being revealed, I think.  Swim with it in an oceanic connected “being” way, if you can.  Try to release the changing belief in relaxation.


Because if you don’t the Pluto conjunction is the polar opposite: when the lesson is learned and the trauma is released, when the deepest emotion which has been subconscious for so long arrives YOU PROLLY DO NOT WANT TO RESIST THE CHANGE.  Challenge is healed by transformative surrender.  Pluto is the original ride or die. It’s integrate the revelation or perish.  Sorry.  Pluto is immoderate like that and emotions move things.  Move with the causal energy as it explodes out of unconsciousness and into the light of a new day dawning on a new organism: humankind.  Be both.


Mind your heart,


2 July 2019 New Moon Solar Eclipse in Ardra Nakshatra. The Storm of Purification.

I hope you can forgive my absence.

Each day the metaphor of birth becomes more apt: the walls are closing in, the resources are strained, the need for release is pressing . . .  a new music is being born on Earth and we are her musicians.  If I lose the beat when the tempo changes I intend to wait, listen and feel my way back into harmony.  May your rhythm be true to you allways.

This coming eclipse on July 2 ends the 18.5 year saros cycle that takes us back to the exact astrology of September 11, 2001 (remember Vedic astrology is sidereal).  It’s the nodes of the moon that cause eclipses to physically happen.  The nodes represent past and future, cause and effect, in a word: karma. The solar eclipse in an indicator, a revelation about what happened then and iterations of that cyclic process (1982, 1963, 1945).


The next happenings are not yet decided.  Happenings don’t happen that way.  Who you are will determine which events will undergo the formality of actually happening next in your life.  What you intend will matter a lot, but what will happen is that you’ll become who you truly are.  Who you are is vital to the continuing happening on the planet.  So compassion toward SELF (put your own oxygen mask on first, please) and others is key.  Decisions made out of fear will not serve.  Wait. Listen. Find your rhythm. Move in harmony.

Life is an opportunity for salvation, not the lack of it.  You don’t chant something 108 times, do some good works and get the whammy for certain; that’s egotistical.  There are no guarantees. No one knows what is coming through that birth canal, but I am willing to wager that if you can find a way to love yourself through whatever happens, you can mitigate a lot of the consequences that are coming to meet their resolution.  It’s not personal, but a lot has been denied and karma is not mysterious: it physics — cause and effect.


By way of further encouragement, I would also like to add that not everything you may be dealing with at this time is necessarily all yours anyway.  A lot got left behind in denial over the last 6000 years of patriarchal society.  Imagine that you are able to heal your entire family line just by loving your issues (or at least feeling them).

Consider this, too: Ardra does not condone the Christian message of “turn the other cheek”, when dealing with those who subjugate innocents. Ghandi was no passivist.  He was smart and deliberate about the use of his anger.  It’s fuel.  We acknowledge that it is dangerous and are careful in it’s application, but we stand against tyranny. Every. Time. Discern and act is the message of the Bhagavad Gita.

Vedic yamas advocate nonviolence.  Ardra is the howling wind of the storm of purification.  Ardra is Shiva’s primordial and destructive form.  After the destruction Shiva renounces anger, but it gets fully expressed first.  The Nakshatra Sutra teaches the appropriate application of anger in balanced and contained destruction.  This is the controlled demolition borne of frustrated creativity (labor pains happen when expansion is happening).

We do not allow injustice, we neutralize those who prey upon innocence, truth and liberty.  This time can be used to demolish, release and forget inauspicious things within us and without us. There is a time and a purpose for anger. Mantras of peace, mind balancing meditation and spiritual connection are all auspicious during the eclipse as are fasting and feeding those who cannot feed themselves according to Vedic thought.


Perhaps the  most important demolition one can personally achieve is to dismantle the concept of “I” and “mine”.  These are mental prosthetics (low end Gemini) we use to avoid feeling that we are part of the Earth and one with each other.  The crisis exists because we have not recognized our oneness.  The crisis exists within, not without.  I am my perceived enemy. The lessons are here, I must learn.  This is a gift.

Love is openness in all it’s joy and ache.  Everything that happens on the Earth, Planets and Stars opens us to God, to what Is, to the Happening all around us.  My current definition of success is learning to withstand more with an open heart.  I am not always successful, but I return to my practice and try again. Eventually.


If you want to join me I am going to lead a Self-Care class at Gentle Healing Wellness, 513 Saddle Drive from 3:00 to 4:30 pm on Sunday 30 June.  It’s going to cover the 12 poses of a balanced home practice, something you can take with you wherever you go.  If you do them in one sequence, it’s an energizing morning practice, in the opposite order it’s an evening wind-down. Lunar Yoga in a sound byte.

It’s going to be a class accessible to everyone at all levels.  It will be a kind of deconstructed class where we find how one pose is achieved in any person’s body: if you need a chair we’ll adapt the pose to that, if you need to sit in child’s pose for the entire 90 minutes and weep, I will hold space for you.  If you want the 12 poses with vinyasa in between we can make that happen.  Just be sure you are in the mood to include when you come.  This is going to be collaborative and we are going to be talking about AND doing yoga.  It will not be a workout.  It will be a workin.

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Also, let me know if you want me to continue the Vedic Lunar Yoga blog at http://www.dogmoonyoga.wordpress.com as I could use the feedback.  Thanks. Someone recently told me that I should give up trying to understand/innerstand/stand more.  Sorry.  Not gonna happen, but if you don’t want to hear about it, I get it.  It’s a bit much, other people’s voices these days. The class is intended to help us better hear our own.

It’s going to be a revelatory time.  Devoted practice may help.  So, also might these words, from Judith Lassiter in Living Your Yoga: ” . . . belief is a preconception about the way reality should be; faith is the willingness to experience reality as it is, including the acceptance of the unknown.”* If that’s the practice you’re hoping for, let’s try together.

Mind Your Heart,


*Shout out to the book club.  Next meeting: Sept 15, from 4:15 to 5:45 Montana Book Co.  Join us.


Full Moon in Vedic Aries and Tropical Taurus, Wendesday October 24, 10:45 am All Things Are and The Opposite is Also True.

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The Vedic full moon in Aries is in direct drishti (point of focus) to Venus growing combust (cazimi or hidden in flame) behind the sun’s fire.  This lunation in Ashwini is represented by the horse, a traditional symbol of power, beauty and spontaneity.  It can help us break through stagnation and doubt with it’s love of all things new.   The moon in this place of initiative, the first nakshatra, awaits the arrival of Venus from the fire of transformation in a perfect yoga of connection.

The Vedic Ashwini Kumar, twin horse-headed brothers and doctors of the gods, are also symbolized here.  The medicine they use is prana, the inhale and exhale, the both/and,  the pharmakon.  Breath maintains health.  Take it all in and LET IT ALL GO. Pranic channels can be rebalanced under the light of this full moon and healing can be accelerated if we are able to keep an open heart.

An important aspect of this healing, available in both systems of astrology at this full moon, is a willingness to be changed by another, to be willing to see the opposite side to achieve a new level of relationship and heal the heart of humanity and compassion in our own lives, so that the act may resonate to the greater whole. May we see each other in a new light, having benefitted from recent challenges. May we realize the benefit of the schism of polarity and be willing to be changed by the presence of an opposite.

The sun is debilitated in Libra, a sign ruled by Venus and she is cazimi, so it’s like the two of them are burning our physical, emotional and spiritual strength to ashes.  Because Libra is the sign of relationship, we may be equating our strength and vitality to our connections and neglecting our relationships to ourselves.  This is a good time to take a look at how we are valuing ourselves in regard to money, love and pleasure. To over-value one side of the polarity is to lose the subtle balance we are learning.

It’s the full moon after Navratri, the night of the Sharad Purnima or Rasa Lila, the ecstatic dance of Krishna, his divine consort Radha and the gopi  (the cowherd damsels) whom he lures to him with his all-attractive nature and enchanted flute.   In the Vedic view, this full moon is the harvest of wealth, abundance and love and the goddesses born of the amrita, the nectar of the gods, are celebrated here in their abundance, health and creative fertility.  It’s an auspicious time for new beginnings, changes of mind and heart.


The tropical chart is a bit more complicated, a little more dark.  The full moon is in Taurus, the sun, Mercury and Venus are in Scorpio. 7 planets are in a “fixed grand cross” all at or near 0 degrees.  This speaks to me of tension.  The moon at 2 degrees of tropical Taurus conjuncts Uranus at 0 degrees of the same sign.  The sun in Scorpio (the deep, dark) opposes this moon.  Venus conjunct the sun (closer to combust every day until Friday when it’s exact) is in retrograde.  Not enough for you?  All 4 players in the cross square the moon’s north node in Leo. It’s an electrically charged time. It’s karmic.  One could even say it’s destined.  When I look at it, I think it’s intelligent.  It looks designed. I see a strategy to illuminate my blind spots. In my own life, I am starting to see how I may have dodged a couple of bullets, quite unconsciously.  Maybe I had unseen help?

C.G. Jung called times like these enantiodromiatic.  Check this out: “Enantiodromia is a principle introduced in the West by psychiatrist Carl Jung that the superabundance of any phenomenon inevitably leads to its opposite. It is similar to the principle of equilibrium in the natural world, in that any extreme is opposed by the system in order to restore balance.” Wikipedia Sometimes the overabundance or absence of something is just helpful, but other times life just heaps on the heavy until we decide to change.

This grand cross asks, “Will you remain in the past?”.  Will you feel the call of destiny to change karma that is overly present, or do you want to hang out in your misery a while longer?  There is no judgement there.  Stay, go, no matter.  The stars give us an opportunity.  What may come up are things you have been working on since at least May and the eclipses in Leo and Aquarius.  The option is to decide: forward or back?


Venus renews herself as she conjuncts the sun and her creativity returns, she revisions what beauty means in her life.  Beautiful health, poetry, music, sex, romance, money and well-being all get revision.  Transition, transmutation and focus on eliminating the bullshit all become available at the Taurus full moon.  Focus on the interest you KNOW aligns with your being and your divine connection.  It’s not going to be delivered via social media.  It’s coming through mental discipline and a decision to claim your power.  You’re sovereign in your own life, aren’t you?

I am committed to shaking off the past and releasing my old habits and patterns like the best warrior: without anger.  The Taurus/Scorpio axis is death and rebirth.  Have the conversation of emotional depth if you dare.  Only the love you make survives. Ask yourself if you really want to act the way you have been toward them and if not, change your mind or heart.  It proves you have one or both.

On the deepest level, the ultimate Venus retrograde in Scorpio energy is interior and ecstatic surrender to source connection.  Inner security from the eternal connection is key.  Whatever you do, go out differently.  Don’t buy into the appearance of truth.  Kick the tires.  If it’s true, it doesn’t need defending. The status quo is falling.  Whatever is not working “out there” points to something unloved within.


I think I am getting the hang of these orbs. Fun.

I love the Uranus conjunction.  The change-maker gas giant rules the schism, the division, the break and Venus needs her space to see the place of separation within as a gift.  As the crack where the light gets in.  One of the greatest things we can learn about ourselves is where our limits lie.  We have to honor self, value self enough to enforce a boundary at times.  Self love says “no” sometimes.  That’s enough.  If this were a birth chart, she’d be empathic and in relation she’d have to be able to feel the other and be able to trust them to communicate their emotional truth to her, otherwise she’d back off.

All this luminary light and Saturn trining the Moon makes it our moment to share from rock bottom if we dare to be real.  There are some childhood, deep seated, ancestral sort of issues coming up for clearing.  Love how you used to do it wrong confronted with this crap, forgive yourself and then DO IT DIFFERENTLY.  There are the same old secrets and lies swirling to the surface and you may be having this “here I am AGAIN” feeling.  Remind yourself that empathy and compassion are available.  Whomever you are dealing with is probably deep in their own BS. too.  Maybe sometimes backing off proves you own a new kind of trust.  Maybe taking a moment to set down anger and decide to act from an open heart is all the moment needs.

Tropical chart.

Uranus is also the planetary symbol for liberation and freedom.  It’s a good time for all of us to focus on harmonious innovation.  This is so needed.  Participate in revival.  Shake out the substrate calcification.  Uproot the Stepford status quo and jettison the pride, vanity and shallowness of stability for meaningful rearrangement.  Deepening real honesty is protective now.  Things will change moment to moment from here on out, change with them.  Bend and don’t break, don’t be domesticated for someone else’s purpose.  Do it for your soul’s longing or not at all.

Venus combust can show up feeling like rejection (see above about other people going through it, too) and she can be one rotten outsider/outcast.  Tend to the rejected hurt.  Find the love in you and direct it to someone outside you.  Light someone up.  Don’t idolize what has cast you out, who you are not or what you think is judging you.  Otherwise you may unconsciously compete or focus inside in ways that erode your self esteem. Replace what is lost with an act of love.  The lesson of loss is love; giving love, giving art, giving creativity.  That’s what this blog is, I hope.


Admit it, your armor has been penetrated.  I know mine has.  There is NO WAY we would consent to these type of heartbreaks.  So we set up a scenario where we could have the soul-stretching, capacity-challenging, gaud-awful experiences our souls require to grow into the type of beings that create worlds.  When rebalancing the tires on the after death vehicle, it pays to familiarize yourself with the undercarriage.  It’s not always fun, but it’s prudent. On a level of your own personal mythology, don’t you really know that you set all this up, anyway? I am betting that on a mysterious level and in a way that only you understand, your soul, the eternal part of yourself, values these catastrophes.

I plan to show my soul that I remember who I am.  I am going to try to embody the peace I want.  I am going to be open to being changed by my life, my relationships and my empathy.  I have invited the divine to help me create a deeper form of trust than the one that fails me so often.  I am asking to be shown that if this is all alright and proceeding to plan, then HOW is that true?  I am asking to evolve and not be left behind here.

Wholly my opinion:  I am creating the sankalpa that we evolve without catastrophe this time, that for fucking once we honor the peace treaty and be “open to being converted” by hope, compassion and maybe even another.  Is there still hope for new life here? May have to search to find it, but it sounds like a good quest.  Kind and intelligent dialogue do sometimes work better than snide and sarcastic soundbytes. I will own that and learn to lean in, intend to listen more deeply.  I want to be willing to be changed by those I love and learn to see their side, even when I am terrified that they will break my heart.  Again.


For once, I am praying that I find the strength and courage to love team people and our collective home enough to embody all the love I feel, not what I have been beaten into accepting as the “limits of common sense”.  I want to dare to live this uncommon sense I feel.

Mind your heart.  I hope you’re well, too.






New Moon in Hasta Nakshatra Monday, October 8th, 8:47pm, Venus Retrograde in Scorpio, Saraswati Yoga and the 9 Nights of Navratri

Venus has entered retrograde motion and disappeared from the sky as she makes her underworld journey from evening star to morning star, from lover to warrior aspect.  The new moon is in her sign, Libra, in both tropical and Vedic cosmologies.  Mars squared Venus on the 10th and communicative Mercury enters Scorpio, opposing change-bringer Uranus the same day.  Then the sun squared Pluto on the 11th.  Power and powerlessness, transcendence and emergence, pleasure and pain turn upon the wheel of the fall season and we are bound to the wheel.


The rock spire on Dancing Lady Mountain (once called Squaw Rock), I don’t know how you feel about orbs in photos, but there is one in this one.  It’s in a shadow, too.

Venus rules Libra and there’s a corrective tone to her seeming moonwalk.  She rules pleasure in the body, happiness in the mind and expansion in the spirit in negotiated relations between equals (so this isn’t about your relationship to your kids or your dog, yo).  She owns this moon cycle and her highest expression here is the bliss of the soul in things that are not transactional with another person.  She wants us to know our reasons why.  Things that are given without qualification, expectation or hope of return are here exalted. She’s in fixed superior square to Mars on the 10th, so the receptive is favored and aggressors will pay.

In romance, let’s admit it, we enter into commerce.  There’s a quid pro quo.  As long as we are involved in obtaining we’re not wholly selfless or sattvic in our intimacy.  The Mars and Venus square throws this into stark relief.  We may be dragged to hell and back through the cauldron of our desire unless we remember that it’s not our true nature to give conditionally.  We may go through the underworld being determined to learn to give without need of return.  Let’s decide to keep “go through” as the operative phrase, yo.

In the next 40 days the Venusian retrograde asks us to mature our innocence.  How strange: vintage purity.  As we grow into our relationship with desire, we become more realistic about what we should sacrifice in order to obtain pleasure.  Is it worth it to keep trying to balance energies with another for the benefit of personal intimacy or is the liaison too dangerous, to toxic to maintain? What satisfies without sullying? What pleases but doesn’t defile?  What beautifies sans stain and at what cost? How to get gratified but not tarnished?  Hmmm . . .



The retrograde may see us become “principled” or stubborn about our hurts.  We may find ourselves being hurt about being hurt in relationship.  It’s the classic, “how would you feel if I pulled this crap on you?” argument in order to manipulate the other.  We may mete out punishment unconsciously in the desire for fairness and balance from others.  We may be desperate for our beloved to see our side of  things; for another to honor and value us. And this may lead us to try to manipulate, seduce or deceive others in order to prove to ourselves that we have value in the “real world” (whatever the hell that is) .  To demonstrate (great word) that we have intrinsic value in the extrinsic world.  Yikes.

I wonder if anyone else can ever actually do that work for a person.  I feel pretty sure as I write this that honoring myself and valuing myself is my job and all that others can do is honor the boundaries I create around that.  The problem is that boundaries hinder intimacy and kill trust, so relationships go back to the negotiating table with nauseating regularity.  Perhaps a strong and lasting bond is one that survives the repeated trips to the forge for reshaping.  I am not qualified to judge, but I do like to speculate and run experiments.


In Vedic cosmology, desire drives change in the world and all desire comes from the  feeling that something is missing.  There’s a sense of incompleteness and endless restlessness that we seek to cure by having another person to fill the space of disappointment, disillusionment and anxiety.  Maybe we even seek to allay our culpability in our own dissatisfaction.  This retrograde, Libra new moon and set of squares has us seeing through the scam (no matter who is zooming) at the deepest stage of disappointment.  We will need our practices that connect us to who we are beyond change, to our eternal selves because we may to hit rock bottom with a relationship scenario.  Bounce, don’t break. (This is a prayer or mantra for the Venus retrograde).

Weary prophets, tired of warning against disaster unheeded; worried, exhausted and burdened with the joyless need for change, we will need to return to the eternal part of ourselves to be reminded that the anxiety before change is often worse than the change itself.  Forty days, yo.  Marathon, not a sprint.  Radical self-care and personal emotional stability practices are called for.  It’s hard to find time for myself, so Imana make it a priority.

When I decide that I am the constant, I am the perceiver that matters here and I have compassion for myself and my journey, my desire changes and loving myself, my one true companion becomes my most important achievement.  Good things flow from there.  As difficult as this retrograde can be, it can also be really healing in our relationships to ourselves.  I may snap into my humanity and out of the program of “relationship”.  A spiritual decision is required.  The highest expression of a soul in turmoil is cleaving to a balanced ideal like the Tao or the Golden Mean or Plato’s Immortality of Soul.  They give us a form of perfection against which to reflect upon transitional and impermanent change.  And dammit if we are not undergoing some change.

IMG_5404I am trying to reflect upon my eternal connection by writing, creating art and getting outside as much as I can right now (between colossal and frightening blizzards that melt away in 3 days).  I am trying, as much as I can, to keep conjuring images in my mind of peace, tolerance, patience, acceptance, beauty, truth, liberation, grace, hope and trust.  I keep trying to remember that outcomes are not what my internal happiness relies upon.

Remember the meditation about love, loving and gratitude?  Here it is again in case you need it.  I do it a lot these days.  HERE.

I am reminding myself that injustice and pain are there to show me that I am the love in this world and that I can replace any loss with an act of love any time I want to, if I can only summon the strength and courage to embody that.   I can keep bringing this up when I feel hopeless and powerless and just notice when I can agree with myself about it.  (I am not yet ANY good at this.)

It’s Libra season, Venus’ sign of balance.  I’m running experiments about how to harmonize with myself, because I find myself WAY out of balance at times lately.  And it’s not just me.  I see the masculine and feminine principles in conflict in the news headlines, in family dynamics, in the weather and in relationships of all kinds these days. Good.  Let’s have it out, I say.  There are differences.  Sometimes a good kerfuffle clears the air.  It’s those that we don’t care enough to fight through that will fall fast in this retrograde.


It’s a good time to ask ourselves about the nature of right relationship.  Are we in alignment with ourselves or in reactive, polarized rage between head and heart?  This exploration is the basis for the very old story I keep banging on: Venus’ journey from evening star (prior to October 6) to morning star (after November 16).  In her evening star persona she is receptive, gentle, giving and healing.  As the morning star she is Lucifer the light bringer, autonomous, sovereign and much clearer about her boundaries.

We could say alot about either incarnation, but more interesting is the period of retrograde between the two when she is said to be “cazimi” a type of conjunction with the sun that renders her invisible while she transitions.  “This celestial journey is the basis for the Sumerian epic poem of “Inanna’s Descent to the Underworld.” ~https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ereshkigal  There I go with the banging again.

I have invoked this story so many times in these posts.  It’s really old and nutritious, but I’m not going to retell it.  What I am going to say is that the queen of heaven descended into hell to heal a relationship in this epic.  She did not succeed.  She could never replace what she had taken from her sister Ereshkigal, but that does not matter.  What matters is that she made the trip.  She died and was reborn and she found out who her friends were (not too many people it turns out), what she really needed (not all that much) and what kind of person she really was.  Making the journey defined her. And someone wrote a poem about it to boot.



Another Vedic observance that I have written about in past posts is the 9 nights of Navratri which began on the new moon on the 8th and will end Thursday October 18.  Commitments are severed or strengthened as we honor the many forms of Durga, the goddess in Venus retrograde.  Since this goddess celebration began in Hasta Nakshatra, the lunar mansion of the manifesting hand and is in such close proximity to Mars retrograde and the recent Mars/Venus square, when Venus emerges we may sense a new clarity around how masculine and feminine forces share power in the world and how we personally wish to express and use our individual will.


This masculine/feminine face off begets sexual and creative tension, value conflicts and confrontation between passive or receptive and assertive or aggressive energies of all kinds. I just think it’s so interesting that all these sparks, chemistry and unresolved tensions get stirred up just as Mercury and the moon in Scorpio (where Venus is in retrograde) oppose Uranus in Taurus.  The mental communicator, the emotional body and the goddess of love confront the physical disruptor.  Watch the timing and presentation of your communication because this signals dramatic, erratic outbursts and foot-in-mouth syndrome if we don’t process first and use non-violent speech.


Finally, a word on the Saraswati yoga.  In brief, this is an alignment of Venus, Jupiter and Mercury in Vedic Libra blessed by the goddess Saraswati, the embodiment of wisdom, creative healing, education, language and music.  From her we can learn to set new boundaries that further our commitment to self understanding, expansion and liberation.  As a luminary of healing and renewal, Saraswati can help us learn the work needed to connect and the art of individuated separation.  Jai Saraswati.  We could sure use your help down here on planet 3.  The monkeys are totally out of control, Ma Durga. Help us civilize.


And now for something completely different.  This was the afternoon BEFORE we got 10 inches of wet snow in 8 hours up here in God’s country.  I completely lost my grip.  All the years of yogic practice?  Completely gone.  I am better now, but then the snow has melted. And then it snowed again.  And melted.  Pretty soon it’s gonna stop melting and accumulate and I will be gone by then.  I hope.  Eeep.


Our accountant at East Glacier took this one outside his RV while he was moving house.  None of my recent encounters have rendered photos this clear, but let’s just say that I inhabit an extremely beary area right now, much more so than before the snow fell.



That is my friend Mark’s size 14 shoe.  Eep.  Trying to settle into the ease and flow that is humanity’s birthright has not been so easy and flowy this last little while, but in 4 more days I am free to go process all that has happened before my next adventure occurs.  More later as we enter into the masculine Vedic festival of Kartik Purnima at the full moon.


My most recent encounter.  Bout 10 feet away.  Startled by me at first and then was like, ‘Oh, hai! immana eat this tree nao.’

While my head may demand balance the Earth is uneven and my feet must know this as they go.  Luckily, my heart understands and is making its’ voice heard.

Mind your heart,



Full Moon in Mula Nakshatra: Love, Sex and Freedom Wednesday June 27 10:53pm

The Strawberry Moon

This is an auspicious time to act from inner wholeness, to move from inner peace and hold the vision of heart-centered action.  This is a great time to make space for your heart to breathe and open in direct proportion to outer pressure. There is a mastery in an equal and opposite approach.  I’m reminded of the phrase, “They go low, we go high”.

 The opportunity to make the future path sacred and to access personal spiritual wisdom peaks as the sun and moon reach their purnima, the moment of brightest potential.

I intend to respond, not react.

I aim to consult the open heart first and let action and speech bloom from the unconditional forgiveness that inhabits the core of my humanity.

If that fails, I’m just gonna do my best and trust that it’s good enough.


I don’t mean to diminish how hard this action plan may be, quite the opposite (wink), I am laying the preferred perspective out first because it is becoming increasingly difficult to focus on proper principles as the volume of chaos increases.  My practice is to return to proper principles, no matter how far out the detour takes me.  Current transactional energies are distinctly and excruciatingly unfair, unjust and out of alignment.  I would suggest that this is the very heart of the healing crisis: conflicting energies are uniting.

I have been exploring the metaphor of goddesses of antiquity traveling through the underworld for quite some time.  Innana, Persephone and Kali are the heroines in this tunnel of time.  The nakshatra of this full moon is Mula, the tail star of Scorpio closest to the Galactic Center, which astronomers characterize as a black hole.  Mula is also within the degrees of Vedic Sagittarius, where (now) retrograde Saturn has been ruminating since mid-January.

I picture him shuffling around in his bathrobe scrutinizing how well I am walking my talk and parsing the truth here. Maya Angelou said that “There’s a world of difference between truth and facts. Facts can obscure the truth.”  What we believe is possible, what we accept as true are being examined, explored and generally raked over the coals by the tools we use to accomplish things.  The lord of time and matter is helping us refine our process.  (Please, stop helping me, Saturn.)

Mula is symbolized by bound roots or an “elephant goad”.  Yeesh.  It’s the feeling of my meaning, my understanding, my truth, my adaptation versus my principles, cosmic law and, you guessed it, karma.  I mean, let’s admit it, if only here and now, doesn’t all this constipated, lurching, herky-jerky, non-progress or even recidivism feel familiar?  Does it threaten your self-value to be presented with the same obstacles repeatedly?

Tropical chart of the Full Moon

That’s not the energy to go inward with here.  We want to trust ourselves to see the truth and realize that truth cannot ignore context.  It’s not relative, but it is embedded and connected to everything else in the Water Heavy Oxygen Rich Ecobiome.  I know boundaries are important to becoming myself, but they are. not. real.  “I am he as you are she as they are he and we are all together”.  But also, “It is not he or she or them or it that you belong to.”  Both/and.  Takes some capacity.  Gotta reach.

I repeat: not all of what we are called to endure or correct is our own doing, there is no need to feel guilt or shame on top of the hardship of balancing the scales.  Jupiter in Vedic Libra squaring Mars in Capricorn is expanding and accelerating the karmic bloom.  Hold the line to human compassion in service, if you are called and DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY or assume others deserve the punishments they are getting.  Hurt people hurt people, so it’s best not to heap judgement onto injury, even if Saturn says it’s OK.  He’s testing us.  Let’s be impeccable. Because the promise of this nakshatra is that those who transgress cosmic law bring their own fate upon themselves.  Who knows?  Maybe it’s true?


Vedic Chart

The astrology of this full moon is, well (need I say it), intense.  It’s 1 degree away from Vedic Saturn and conjunct retrograde Mars (read: REALLY strong) in the graha (or planetary influence) of Ketu (the shadow “planet” or south node of the moon, (read: headless tail of the dragon) also known as our collective past.  This graha is ruled by Ketu (read: REALLY, REALLY strong) and the dark goddess Nirrti of whom Wikipedia says:

“Nirṛti निऋती is the Hindu goddess of deathly hidden realms and sorrows, one of the dikpāla (Guardians of the directions), representing the southwest.

Nirrti is a Ketu ruled nakshatra in vedic astrology, strongly associated with Kali in form Dhumavati. Nirṛti is mentioned in a few hymns of the Rigveda, mostly to seek protection from her or imploring for her  during a possible departure.”

Goddess Nirrti, Hindu Goddess“Goddess Nirrti has been mentioned in one hymn of Rig Veda. Nirrti’s name means “destruction.” Nirrti manifests herself in decay, need, anger, old age, cowardice and death. She is the representative of the dark side to Vedic vision of feminine divinity.  Repeatedly she is given offering in order to keep her away from the sacrificial rituals as well as from general affairs of people.

However, in Atharva Veda she is described to have golden locks. In the Shatapatha Brahmana she is related with pain and the south west corner is considered as her region. In it she is also mentioned as residing in the south, the direction of kingdom of the dead.

In the Vedas, Nirrti is the daughter of Surabhi (the cow goddess), the wife of Adharma (Destroyer of All Things), and is the Goddess of Disease and Death. Nirrti means “misery” and is worshipped in order to dismiss disease. She is also considered as the goddess who punishes the sinners. However she also protects those borne into crime as long as they remain ethical.  She dwells in isolated places and watches over those people who are hungry or in mourning. ” ~ https://www.indianetzone.com/56/goddess_nirrti.htm

Her vehicle is a raven, the most ambiguous symbol of antiquity.  whenever I see a raven I look for subtle, magical intelligence, but that’s just me.  Some people are happy to dismiss them as pests.  Image result for dark goddess with crow

Raven and Dove by axymaid on Deviantart

Individuation requires an other.  Unity and separation, systole and diastole, opening and closing are polarities required for expansion, knowledge and evolution.  Nirrti and all the goddesses who travel the depths are representatives of the dark mother, the one we must push against in order to fully become ourselves.  She does not symbolize the wholeness of the womb where hunger is food, thirst is quenched and stillness is movement.  She embodies the cycle of need: the reaching, the questing, the striving for an answer in alienation and uncertainty.  Birth IS separation after all and something is being born in this struggle.  My job is to make sure it’s worth it to myself and the W.H.O.R.E.

Venus and Mars still stand across from each other in the sign of mother nurture and father foundation respectively.  It’s slightly sexually sideways, in my personal view; the lovers are in the sign of the mother and father, so it’s like double masculine, double feminine and the glare of this lunation’s opposition (since all full moons are polarities) almost reduces the angle to opposing teams.  Cancer is all immediate, instinctive response and nurturing abundance and Capricorn is careful, structural, rationing and rational.  It’s like the human family is split over it’s resources into two camps: compassionate, sharing need fulfillment versus restrictive, limited autonomous martial state.  Eep.


Arjuna stands before the great battle of the Bagavad Gita.  He knows that he and his family have done all that they can to prevent this war, but war is upon him.

“What stops him is his feeling of grief, a feeling that clouds his vision and makes his mind reel. Krishna responds by teaching Arjuna how to see, not from his own particular point of view, but from the point of view of “Time,” in which everyone is born and lives and finally passes away. Krishna’s point about the destructive and creative cycle of the cosmos is conveyed in the revelation of Krishna’s divine form (a phenomenon called theophany) and in Mahabharata 1.1.188-190

“Time ripens the creatures. Time rots them. And Time again puts out the Time that burns down the creatures. Time unfolds all beings in the world, holy and unholy. Time shrinks them and expands them again. Time walks in all creatures, unaverted, impartial. Whatever beings there are in the past will be in the future, whatever are busy now, they are all the creatures of Time—know it and do not lose your sense.”


Red Eagle Lake this was a 16 mile (round trip) hike.  Whew!

Since it’s a a both/and world I thought I would give you the rough stuff first.  No sense in being Polyanna about it, we have had it really good for a long time and now the garden party at the end of time is wrapping up and the bill is being delivered.  No problem, as long as you have the currency to pay it.  But this time the cash comes in the form of connection, humility, tough love and personal discipline.  It’s a tropical Capricorn full moon and Cap demonstrates emotion by being responsible and paternal.  Cancer wants security and “adulting”.  Step up and you will be rewarded with foundations of lasting value.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and among the softer qualities of this materialization, manifestation, rationalization duo we find discernment hightened and honed.  We can see with great clarity what is not working and apply our logical razors to it.  Do your research, come armed with the right information and separate the wheat from the chaff.  Attend the minute particulars, as William Blake commands, and  refine your foundation.


Red Eagle Mountain,  Red Eagle Lake

Time to get off the treadmill, push into discomfort and growth, and take the training wheels off your bike.  Be your own Daddy.  The sun and moon both square Chiron so issues around the wound (y’know, the crack where the light gets in?) may get activated.  You’ve been through this so many times recently, surely it’s time to own it, get on top and wrap your protective arms around that wounded inner child and protect him or her responsibly instead of joining her in blame, shame or grief.  A little forgiveness and an open heart (regardless of who’s trying to hurt you) can be the best protection.

Eight planets are in Cardinal signs, four planets are retrograde in the tropical chart and Mars is among them.  I intend to turn inward FIRST, to shine the light on my own dreams, goals and shortcomings when irritability and frustration strikes.  We are going into the core, deep into the source of chaotic, volatile forces and rapid changability.  I seek to train my first reaction to be to step back, find center and let it be my guide.  If we can learn to release attachment, let go of the past, and forgive we can begin to make our daily mundane experience sacred.  If you have a spiritual goal, this cosmic weather is a huge help in creating the discipline to realize it.


Red Eagle Lake and Mountain

I try to look to the opposite energy, so as Uranus shakes what I thought was secure, whether it be banking systems, earthquakes or volcanoes, I tend to go inside and  visualize myself in meditation, even if I can’t do it in the moment.  I train myself to take three deep breaths and release them slowly.  Even better if  I give myself a real break and have a daily practice.  Doesn’t matter what it is.  Just a little time out of time, just for me.  Honor you.  Value you.  I do.

There’s a lot of mirroring, doubling and slight-of-hand going on.  Hidden within the difficulty is the opportunity to realize the reward of your hand work, dedication and karmic bloom.  If you’ve been owning it as you go along, really trying to do your best and accepting the mistakes and defeats, balance may come into your experience and it just might stay for a while.  I hope so.  I truly hope so.  For those in the “smash and grab” camp, things may not go so well.  I shall endeavor to hold them in their wholeness and not throw kerosene on the fire.


I’ve heard people say that the mountains in Helena are not as sexy or grand as the ones here are and maybe that’s true, but I miss this mountain and the standing stones in the batholith and the hikes without a destination.  I miss all of you, too.

Mind your heart,





This Planet was Conceived in Love



Water fall over me, wash imbalance away.

Sun shine brightly, warm my soul this day.

Wind blow gently, whisper wisdom in my ear.

Earth rise to meet me, cradle me safe and near.

With the spirit of nature,

I am never alone.

I have arrived.

I am home.

May the grace that is given me be shared with those who need it most in this moment.  May the Family of Humanity rise strong from her struggle.  May we not just awaken, may we unite in mercy, compassion and the primordial love in which we were conceived.


Solstice Celebration: The Longest Day

Well Yoganauts, it’s the moment where the sun stands still.  In the northern hemisphere the earth is at perihelion to the sun and in the southern hemisphere it’s at aphelion, which is the point farthest from the sun.  North of the equator it’s the longest day, south thereof, the longest night.  Many things are at critical mass.  Have you cultivated the capacity to stand more?


Chief Mountain sacred to the Blackfeet.  I live on their Reservation.

Vedic Mars is retrograde at this moment, dominating the energy.  It’s just not a good time to begin new projects, extending your already stretched self further.  However, it is a great time to refine processes we have already begun, clean up messes we have already made and forgive ourselves and our past.  There’s a grief energy in the healing crisis.  Moving into the new means resolving the past.  It’s uncomfortable.  The way we thought it was is not the way it is.  It’s an ego death when Mars goes backward.  Old structures, even unhealthy ones, are still supporting us.  New structures of stability have not yet been made.


Swiftcurrent Creek and Boulder Ridge, Many Glacier

I guess it’s true for me, too.  I have been furiously applying for new jobs, trying to find a more comfortable, better organized, more ethical organization to work with and, of course, as always seems to happen, I found a powerful, inspirational ally and mentor, built a structure with her to protect the staff here and got our little supermarket and convenience store running like clockwork (ok, more like Stonehenge) then grew attached to the people.  Krishnamurti, I wish people were not so easy to love, but the fact is I am responsible for the summer employment experience and safety of about 20 millennials and a few adults whom I enjoy working with.  It. Is. Not. Boring.

I don’t know how to give a half effort.  Unless something better comes along I will be standing here where the prairie meets the Rocky Mountain front and the rivers flow to all of the oceans cleaning up the messes, refining processes and, I hope, aiding positive growth.  Dammit.  My immediate boss is pretty spectacular.  I am going to include her on this email in appreciation.  I think she has the capacity to see the blog and not have me committed to an institution.  Or if she does, she’ll probably book our rooms next to each other.  We’ll probably make it through this summer, Seana and I, but our sanity is already being tested.  Anyway, she’s got my back and I have hers, so we got that going for us (in my best Bill Murray from Caddy Shack impersonation).


Coming into the St. Mary Valley from the North (powerlines, derp).

This year, the Northern Hemisphere summer solstice will occur at 4:07 am MDT on June 21st.  That will be Thursday. I will be in Whitefish at a sweet little hotel with a pool and a hot tub, far away from anyone who knows my name for a little bit.  It’s intense here.  I bet it’s intense where you are, too.  I don’t have any particular insight for this celestial phenomenon except to ask each of you, to connect with the Earth in some way on that day. If you feel appreciation, show it.  If you feel pain ask her to recycle it and give you something different.  She’s generous.  She will help.

Just like us, she passes through cycles of polarity again and again and still, she manages the balance that sustains life for 7 billion human hearts every day (not to mention all the other hearts here, too). Every day, I am inspired to begin again by her.  Thank you, Gaia. Thank you, cursed St. Mary, for making me grow beyond what I thought I could do every single day since April 20th.


Big Mountain in Whitefish, hold my calls (powerlines, derp.)

So this is not the usual Vedic lunar yoga blog, I just wanted to connect and share some photos that I hoped you would like.  I hope to have time to keep up with the astrology as we move into eclipse season on the Cancer/ Capricorn axis.  It’s going to be exciting.  But just in case I don’t get back to you until August (I am speed dating about 2.2 million people in July) I wanted to say thank you as we celebrate the brightest day of the light.  Grateful to all of you and the opportunity to express my little piece of cosmic observation.  This rhythm of the sun and the earth is the reason we have life.  It took 4 billion years to get this far.  I didn’t get this far only to get this far. Onward.


Waterton, B.C.


Waterton, B.C.


Waterton, B.C.


Red Eagle Mountain in my backyard.


About 10 miles in on the Going to the Sun Rd.  It’s still being cleared of snow.


My friend Barb’s hand.


Practicing in April.  This field is green and filled with flowers, I will get another photo soon.  I love this spot.


From behind the Supermarket.


From my kitchen window.  After the rain comes sun, after the sun comes rain, baby.  Keep going.


Mind your heart and know that I care VERY deeply for your well-being,





I Have the Self-Love to Define Myself and My Boundaries. New moon June 13th 1:43pm MDT

This new moon (a time of introspection where a new cycle begins in darkness) falls in the Vedic lunar mansion called Mrigashira between Taurus and Gemini ((23º20 Taurus to 6º39 Gemini) in the Orion constellation.  It is ruled by Soma, the Moon God whose name also means also the magical elixir of immortality to which nearly the whole of the Rig Veda is a hymn to.  It is the searching star, the star of the quest for understanding and desire to gain mastery over plants.  It’s symbol is the deer head or the crown chakra of the deer.

Related image

“Mrigashira is where we seek the perfection of our creative desires. It is the urge of being fulfilled and satiated by the achievement of our goal. Through this quest, the birth of intellectual insight and meaning begin to take place. Mrigasira, meaning “Deer Head”, has the strength, courage and perseverance of the spiritual warrior, but with the grace and tranquility of a deer. Being sensitive and inquisitive, Mrigasira types like to lay a thorough foundation and weave intricate patterns to gain understanding and true experience.   Here we take bliss in the pursuit of the highest fulfillment of perfection and beauty.” ~ http://www.vedicastroyoga.com/learn/nakshatras-lunar-constellations/5-mrigashira/

Mrigashira Nakshatra Characteristics & Features:

Mrigashira Nakshatra Ruling Planet Mars
Nakshatra Number  5
Nakshatra Gender Neutral
Nakshatra Symbol Antelope’s head
Animal Symbol Female Serpent
Presiding Deity Soma, the Moon God
Nature Devas (God-like)
Dosha Pitta
Mrigashira Nakshatra Rashi (Zodiac) Mithun (Gemini)
Guna Tamasic
Element Earth
Disposition Soft, Mild, Tender (Mridu)
Mrigashira Nakshatra Baby Names  Names start with Ve, Vo, Ka, Kee (see Padas of Mrigashira)

~ https://www.vedshastra.com/horoscope/nakshatras/mrigashira/

Mrigashira Nakshatra

We must contemplate the dual nature of desire at this lunation.  We are grounded in Taurus energies, but moving into the sign of the twins and the nakshatra is ruled by Mars.  The temptation to unknowingly project characteristics we find unacceptable in ourselves onto others can be strong here.  Conversely there is the temptation to see what we want to see in the words and reactions of other people.

The sign of the twins points to relationship in the most basic way and this particular lunation runs with that ball since the zodiacal opposites Venus and Mars align perfectly.  Exactly perfectly.  The cosmic lovers are both really closely aligned to Rahu and Ketu, the nodes of the moon, the shadow planets which give us our points in Cancer and Capricorn for the eclipses coming in July.  Vedic astrology does a much better job of giving us the cosmic impetus for the #MeToo global movement, but beyond that it points to the rift within each one of us between the penetrative, forward moving forces and the receptive, nurturing tendencies we feel.

Vedic chart of the new moon.

So the focus is on intense relationship.  Sigh.  It’s not an easy time on planet 3.  The wild deer is an innocent herbivore with the heart of Soma: pure, intellectual and agile.  But she is always ready to run.  She is gentle, but anxious.  The churning mind leaves the body restless and the desire nature is ill at ease with a dynamic world that cannot be fully understood.  For the true creature of mind trust is ambiguous, power is capricious and desire is seductive.  Essentially, we will need calming at this time.

These have been ongoing principles in my yoga classes: self care and gentle practice.  I don’t want to lie to you, I have taken some heat for this and missed some opportunities because I believe in them so strongly.  A wise woman (Kelly Baraby) told me some years back about BKS Iyengar’s opinion on yoga in the west.  I can’t find the quote, but he basically felt that we need restorative movement and breathing that brings us back to the interior experience.  The worship of science and materialism have taught us to distrust the instinct and the wisdom of the body.  Now is the time to critically examine any ideology or relationship to a system of thought that does not bring us peace within.

Western (Tropical) chart of the new moon

“The deer of Mṛgaśīrṣā sniffs the ground in search of Soma in healthy and delicious herbs, but the human spirit sniffs at the paths of life in search of Soma in the form of eternality and bliss.”  –Vic DiCara, 27 Stars, 27 Gods

How Mrigasira became a constellation:

“Brahma (the Creator) had a daughter who was very beautiful and to whom he was sexually attracted.  His daughter sensed his attraction so she took the form of a deer and ran away.  Brahma then took the form of a stag and chased her across the heavens.  When Rudra (aka Shiva) found out what was happening he cut off the head of the stag in order to prevent the incestuous relationship from taking place.  The stag’s head became the nakshatra of Mrigashira  –James Kelleher, Path of Light Volume 1  ~ http://www.vedicastroyoga.com/learn/nakshatras-lunar-constellations/5-mrigashira/

SO!  I don’t usually get to tackle such and ugly topic, but I have to admit I am eager to take a swing at this one.  It satisfies my own need to project and “see the mote in another’s eye” while revisiting our earlier discussion about magical will.  Indulge me a moment.  Maybe you have heard a bout a book called “The Secret” or “positive thinking” or “mental science”?  These are about idea that our desires are all that matter and we should use mental focus on them to force the world to suit us.  This blog stands against that idea.

This blog is a bout a both/and world where we invite and invoke the larger wisdom of the planet and the cosmos to inform our experience, our lives, our practices and our decisions.  Most especially, this blog advocates inviting the natural world, the water-heavy, oxygen-rich eco-biome (or W.H.O.R.E.) to help refine our evolution by observing the processes of the moon and the seasons.  Maybe you are laughing because I am all upset about people thinking positively, but I am and I am not alone.  Check this out if it interests you: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/558407/dark-star-rising-by-gary-lachman/9780143132066/

My point is, there are victims in the world.  We cannot indulge every desire and we most assuredly cannot make a quest out of bedding our daughters, yet cultural programming has us doing violence to each other and the planet every day and has desensitized us to the consequences of our actions.  No matter what magical protocol I am exploring I still inhabit a 3D world and I am responsible for the the results of my actions.  I worry because I feel that there is a larger program at work that aims to divorce us from our humanity.

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In the myth Rohini is saved by Shiva the Destroyer who decapitated the rampant Brahma.  While we may not have such powerful allies, Tropical astrology does offer us a divine connection in this new cycle to channel divinity: the North node of the moon is in Leo and Mercury is in trine (favorable relationship) to Uranus.  This makes me smile because it’s like a cosmic sneeze of creativity.  What you seek you carry within and it may present itself suddenly.  Keep in mind something is trying to show itself to us through us so draw, paint, dance, sing, write or sculpt something into the world.

We may be able to really make something brilliant out of our vulnerability, our humanity and our compassion.  I don’t think directing the universe to deliver the goods with new age mental science is going to access this beauty, this authenticity or this purity.  This is more of a “Shiva take the wheel” scenario.  The creation may be driven by hunger, but it will be satisfied in humility.  If we care about ourselves and love ourselves we cannot continue to do things that are toxic for us, we have to do the things that feed our souls.  Now is the time to make the time.

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As always, I want to advocate for actually taking time to feel what you are feeling and sit in appreciation of your body.  There is a line between feeling what we feel fully and being paralyzed, pulverized and petrified by what we fully feel.  To walk that line is to be a human.  This moment is always the singularity.  I choose which thoughts I think.  Literally.  I’m not kidding.  I have a conversation with the news-feed in my head.  Some of the stuff I find in there is sincerely not mine.  When I recognize a thought or a sentiment that is unwanted or unfamiliar, I say so, even if only mentally.  Because deep down I know that if I pretend my shadow is not there it will destroy my world.  I mean, isn’t that what has happened to American culture?

These days I am especially appreciative of my brain, my heart and my belly or my 3 minds as I like to think of them.  When we think of the genius technologies of Uranus and Mercury, let’s not forget the wisdom of the body.  It gets ill when we are doing the wrong things, yo. That is a pretty amazing piece of techne in my view. Thought did not create that and it’s no mistake either.

My world is not particularly rational right now.  I have not worked in a corporate culture for almost 10 years and I gotta tellya, very little of what I do makes sense.  I am getting used to being repeatedly thrown under the bus, but it’s not good business so I can’t help but wonder what it’s actually for.  Lucky for me, my intuition and the skills I have practiced of feeling my way into things, loving, valuing, honoring myself and having a sense of humor are serving me well.  For now.

It is said that hell is a place where people have private tables and plenty of soup but the spoons are too long to get the nourishment into one’s mouth.  In the same story, heaven has the same soup and spoons, but the tables are long and everyone just feeds the person seated across from them.  May your intuition guide you to the seat that will nourish you best among the people you would most enjoy feeding and being fed by.  I may be at the wrong table, but I can honor my need to get up and leave.

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New Moon in Taurus: Unstoppable Force Meets Immovable Object (Tuesday May 14, 5:47am)

The New Moon in Taurus seeks to secure the gains of the previous Aries cycle.  The Taurus cycle is about the purification of the SURVIVAL desire.

Image result for Pele volcano Goddess images

The archetype of Taurus is fixed Earth.  It rules agriculture, nutrition, money and survival itself.  Consensus Taurus relies upon external security.  Individuated Taurus is secure in the self as the ultimate resource.

Spiritually realized Taurus is the Sahdu in the loincloth.

Embodied soul is the perfect certainty that the source will provide for all my needs and desires.

This wisdom can only be gained through experience.

It is not theory, it is practice.  It is sadhana.

This wisdom is earned by walking through the fire.

Related image

It’s always exciting to me when the Vedic and tropical charts have a lunation cycle in the same sign.  It does make choosing which asanas to practice easier (that’s what I typically do for classes: choose which poses I will use to balance my personal energy given the cosmic energy then share that with you), but it makes writing this blog a little more coherent as well.

I think western tropical astrology does a pretty good job of discussing personal psychological cycles (even though it is not astrologically “true” (whatever THAT means these days)) to the stars and it totally excludes the southern hemisphere in it’s calculations. I think Vedic astrology is as close to a perfect system as we have in ANY discipline to describe the soul’s journey and the larger cycles of planetary and species evolution, so when they agree in the sign of a new moon, I feel more sure somehow, that my both/and approach here has some merit.

I only know of one other person who includes both modalities and his name is Michael Conneely of Starwheel Astrology.  He is the most authentic, humble, diversified British guy who has a healing center with his wife Maggie in Sligo, Ireland and of the month of May he notes:

“This can be a case of ‘out of darkness light’. Note that this can be a huge opportunity for you to use the distress or disempowerment to take two magical empowering steps:
a. You have opportunity and reason to develop Occult Awareness, and
b. This is a crucial chance to identify, develop and use your Magical Will.” ~ https://blog.starwheelastrology.com/

I love this interpretation.  Truly, there is so much happening in these charts that it is hard not to toss my hands up trying to understand it all, much less write something coherent for you, but because we are all in this together and the acceleration of change is coming faster for all of us, I name it dharma and offer it to us both (as it is) in love.

Here’s the Western chart.

So while it may not look like much, what we can’t see on the surface is all the motion close to the cusps that is occurring.  Uranus, bigger than the Earth, who orbits the sun sideways with his 97 degree axial tilt and his 27 moons is the change maker, the earth-shaker, the malatov cocktail of the zodiac and he will change signs into Taurus on the new moon. His influence has characteristically been to disrupt in order to ultimately liberate, but he doesn’t mind wrecking the place in order to shake us out of complacency.  See previous posts re: “Any further denial will only deepen the crisis.”

This is a very powerful time to own what you know and update your desires with regard to material world concerns and the invisible landscape. Uranus in Taurus FOR THE NEXT 8 YEARS translates as celestial~terrestrial unity.  Heaven (explosive, otherworldly lightening) meets Earth (stable and secure to the point of stagnation)).  Yep. Could get a little, erm, shocking. Electrifying even.

So as we are trying desperately to sustain and stabilize the gains that we made in the Aries cycle (where we just were BORN for Pete’s sake) we are now tasked with trying to survive in a brand new, completely alien landscape, where Uranus will be throwing lightening-bolts at us.  But wait. It gets better.  Mars, the god of war, stands at a hard angle to Uranus forcing the urge to act on our desires for survival without thought, heedless of others, in primal reactivity.  The effect is like finally bursting forth from a stuck place only to see that we need to rework the plan mid-flight if we are going to bounce and not break. “Bend like a reed in the wind,” my friends.  If there ever was a time for humor and compromise, this is it.

Image result for pleiades

The Pleiades (Seven Sisters in a Circle) is where Krittika, the lunar mansion of this new moon takes place. One o’clock on the chart below.

Related image

There’s a lot of excitement and fear in the planetary energy due to the sheer velocity and strength of Mars, Uranus and Taurus. The lunation in Krittika nakshatra offers the way to healing through cauterization.  Krittika is ruled by Agni, the lord of fire and is represented by the ax, the flame and the razor.  The fact is, there are some things in our lives that we have become complacent about or we know we should change but are not sure how.  The next 28 days will show us. This is good news (believe it or not).

This placement of Uranus at 0 degrees of Taurus in the tropical chart (I wonder where it is in your chart?) and the collision of heaven and earth is the place where old habits change, where decrepit objects are released and restricting attachments are lessened.  Things, patterns and mindsets that are past their sell-by date are repeatedly worn away until you love a simpler thing, learn to travel light and value quality over quantity.  This impact will blast away the ballast in your life and the obstacles in your way.  Roll with it, allow, allow, allow what has got to leave to go.

A gorgeous question to ask ourselves at this point is, “Am I attached to suffering?”.  Do I have Stockholm syndrome with my demons?  Shift and crisis always come with the opportunity for liberation. Uranus square the first quarter Mars can overstimulate  unhealthy bonds and accelerate the pace and urgency of our desire nature in general (it is spring after all).  I am trying very hard to be easy, flexible and forgiving as an antidote.  I am trying to remember that “choice is mine to make and time is mine to take” as Townes Van Zant once sang.  This can be a catastrophic or evolutionary time depending on my ego process.

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Am I polarized and dualistic in my mental processes?  Do I have a  need to see this moment and the things in my life in terms of either/or, black/white and mine/theirs?  The events of the next 28 days could alter that forever.  Am I connected to my feeling body and through her to the Earth, opening my heart to this amazing adventure and softening into soul? Commitment to my authentic exploration wide open to life’s possibility could catapult me into realms previously unknown.  It could take all I have to be swiftly altered in a grounded way, but I can do it, I certainly can.

Is there any way you can conceive that you’d be happy to change your beliefs and values?  This wacky boomeranging moon could do this.  Doesn’t that sound intriguing? Isn’t it fascinating to think that you might choose to change and not be forced to do it? I have always loved Joseph Campbells’ idea that we might voluntarily participate in the suffering of the world and own this earthwalk experience in mastery and magical freewill choice.  I love to entertain the idea that I came into all this danger and cataclysm in complete confidence that I have the full support of creator creating creation.

Here’s the Sidereal Chart the Vedics use.

The beauty of free-fall from failed flight is that it may force the memory of the lost Lemurian art of Landing to resurface from the Akashic record.  Uranus and Mars are great mental archetypes as well as disruptors and change agents.  Uranian genius and Martian strategy are the stuff of legend and, let’s face it, the monkeys on planet 3 very seldom ever really get cookin’ until they are absolutely backed into a corner.  Only then do we Captain Kirk our way out of our self-imposed dilemmas. Never doubt that we will find our way through this.  Biological life is older than many stars. We hold the line.

And anyway, do any of the things that are really grieving us right now make ANYONE truly happy?  Is war making us happy?  Are political divisions helping us manage life on Earth? Is destruction of our one planet helping morale all up in here?  Come on!  The animals don’t even treat each other as badly as we do and THEY are supposed to be LESS evolved. My point is, we have got this, we are built for this moment and we are going to turn this battleship around, release the hostages and prisoners and liberate OURSELVES.  We are freeing energy from matter and lifting matter into a new dimension with energy simultaneously and that is why, I think, it feels so very hard.

Image result for serenity prayer

Wisdom is an open heart and and open mind.  This current cycle will strengthen psychic power and intuitive understanding.  It’s a karmic bloom and a harvest and it is deep, deep earth magic.  There never was a time like this.  Reorder through disorder.  Know that no one and nothing can suck the humanity, magic and joy out of  life or the Universe if we solidly practice those things. If we commit to those things they live.  If we become those things they meet eternity through us. I make joy my sadhana.  I make self-care my vow. I seize the opportune moment.  Carpe noctem.

Mind your heart,


A note on timing: if you do new moon intentions (sankalpa) best to do after the lunation, so it’s ok I am so late.  I earn proximity to Glacier Park through long hours these days. Forgive and love lives.

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Full Moon in Vedic Libra and Tropical Scorpio, Sunday 29 April 6:58pm MST: Intense Winds — Beware of Low Flying Trains

A Buddhist Prayer of Forgiveness
If I have harmed any one in any way,
either knowingly or unknowingly
through my own confusions,
I ask their forgiveness.
If any one has harmed me in any way,
either knowingly or unknowingly
through their own confusions,
I forgive them.
And if there is a situation
I am not yet ready to forgive,
I forgive myself for that.
For all the ways that I harm myself,
negate, doubt, belittle myself,
judge or am unkind to myself,
through my own confusions,
I forgive myself.
Image result for Funny wind
It’s a bit blowy, yo.
Dane Rudhyar, pioneer of transpersonal astrology, saw the relationship of the sun and the moon as the process of developing humanity’s spiritual capacity.  The sun is a geyser of information which the cycle of lunation prepares us to integrate and accept by diffusing the intensity. The lunar cycle is a type of cosmic mercy, saving us from complete overwhelm. The opposition aspect (the 180 degree relationship or the full moon) can deliver the full whammy of growth and liberation if a positive attitude has prevailed during MOST of the the waxing period, in Rudhyar’s view.  It may have been a tough go this time, since most of what was received in the last 15 days was delivered through contrast and dualism, without which, Rudhyar believed humans cannot perceive form.  It’s just the limitation of the instrument we inhabit and the means of evolution.  Not to worry. “Slack will be given,” as the Church of the Sub-Genius reminds us.
Another factor that made the end of April challenging was the way it reminded us of the difficulty inherent in being human.  As we approach this full moon in tropical Scorpio, where separating desires meet their exhaustion, this is productive discomfort.  We are inclined to allow the humanity of mistakes, errors and general shoulder-shrugging.  This difficulty and contrast is like the final push of the sprouted seed through the soil or the sand that produces a pearl.  I suspect everyone is sleep-deprived and a little disoriented in the new atmosphere.  Let’s be gentle with each other AND OURSELVES while we adjust to all this light. (As if to prove this to myself, I nearly made a mistake that deleted the  previous 2 paragraphs. Ahem.) Furthermore, there is this thing I wrote: http://ielt.eu/the-benefits-of-mistakes-part-1-by-lynn-hailey/ and http://ielt.eu/the-benefits-of-mistakes-part-2-by-lynn-hailey/ should you need to let yourself off the hook.  Now would be good, do that now, perhaps.
Image result for human mercy images
 This full moon falls in the Vedic lunar mansion called Swati.  Here’s an amazing description of what that means from https://www.astroved.com/freetools/swati-nakshatra:

“Swati (The priest, the sword) (6°40 to 20°20′ Libra)

Swati is represented in the night sky by the single star of Arcturus (Alpha-Bootis). This is the main star in the constellation of Boötes /boʊˈoʊtiːz/. In the astrology chart, Swati resides entirely in the sign Libra. Swati translates as “Independent one.” The symbol of this nakshatra is a young plant blowing in the wind, which represents flexibility and agility as well as restlessness. The ruling deity Vayu, the God of wind, bestows a strong, yet gentle nature to this star. Rahu (North node of the moon) is the planetary ruler and signifies hidden potential. Those born under Swati are humble and often need to be informed of their own potential for greatness. They have an openness to learn new information, but must also avoid indecision and procrastination. Those born under Swati are diplomatic and they use charm to navigate the world. These people have strong beliefs in social etiquette and try to fit into society. Swati can bring success later in life. The essence of Swati is balance and people born under this star take their time to act.

General Characteristics: Compassionate, sweet voice, soft spoken, expects positive outcomes, charitable, merciful, independent, controls desires.
Translation: “Independent”
Symbol: Young sprout quivering in the wind, Sword;Coral;
Animal Symbol: Male Buffalo (some say antelope)
Presiding Deity: Vayu, The God of wind.
Controlling Planet: Rahu
Ruling Deity of Rahu: Durga
Nature: Devas (god-like)
Mode: Passive
Number: 15
Gender: Female
Dosha: Kapha
Guna: Tamasic
Element: Fire
Disposition: Moveable
Common Name: Queen’s Flower
Botanical Name: Lagerstroemia speciosa
Seed Sounds: Ru, Re, Ro, Ta
Also related to Planets: Venus, as the ruler of Libra.”  ~https://www.astroved.com/freetools/swati-nakshatra

Image result for vayu

It’s also associated with Vayu, Hanuman’s dad. Here’s a description from Wikipedia: “Vāyu (SanskritSanskrit pronunciation: [ʋaːju]) is a primary Hindu deity, the lord of the winds, the father of Bhima and the spiritual father of Hanuman. He is also known as Anil (“Air, Wind”), Vyān (Air), Vāta (“Airy Element”), Tanun(The Wind), Pavan (“The Purifier”),[1] and sometimes Prāṇa (“The Breath”).” ~https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vayu  Vayu is described in some of the Upanishads as the strongest of all the elemental gods, he’s a great hero and guardian of the heart chakra.  Wind strengthens the sprouted seed and is the fundamental foundation of all action.  Someone who cares very deeply for you has assembled and entire page of pranayama (breathing exercises) for you to try (now would be a VERY good time to use them–click the “blog” heading at): http://www.scribeflowblog.wordpress.com

This lunar mansion is also represented by Saraswati, the star of all self-inquiry and goddess of music and intellect.  She is my personal ishta devata and during Navratri 2017 she literally came to me in a dream (this has never happened to me before or since) and taught me to sing evil to sleep instead of resisting it. True story.  Jai Maa Saraswati.

Image result for saraswati images

From Astroved: “Saraswathi is the consort of Lord Brahma. She is embodiment of purity and knowledge. Her four arms are symbolic of four facets of enlightenment: Intelligence, Insight, memory and cleverness. Goddess Sarawathi is the deity of all Learning and Arts and also she is the Goddess of speech. Through spiritual practice of mantra and prayers to her, one will acquire powerful oratory skills. You can offer prayers to Goddess Saraswathi through Saraswathi Pooja & Mantra application to gain sacred knowledge to overcome all the difficulties of life.” ~ https://www.astroved.com/apps/saraswati-pooja-mantra-app (And sometimes she just mercifully hands the information over, whether you pooja or not.)

Wikipedia has another detailed description: “A hamsa or swan is often located next to her feet. In Hindu mythology, the hamsa is a sacred bird, which if offered a mixture of milk and water, is said to be able to drink the milk alone. It thus symbolizes the ability to discriminate between good and evil, essence from outward show and the eternal from the evanescent.[24] Due to her association with the swan, Saraswati is also referred to as Hamsavāhini, which means “she who has a hamsa as her vehicle”. The swan is also a symbolism for spiritual perfection, transcendence and moksha.[22][27]“.   ~ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saraswati

As if all those gorgeous associations were not enough this is also the Vedic moon of Wesak, the most important Buddhist festival of the year celebrating the life, death and enlightenment of Gautama Buddha.  So wisdom is kind of a big deal right around now.  When my reactive thoughts spin me off the tilt-o-whirrled, I mentally repeat “Higher Mind”, breathe deeply and try to shift gears.  I am learning so much about my identity and authenticity, it’s really humbling.

The photo above is from Sri Lanka.  Wesak is celebrated over so much of the planet and yet this moon is so very beautifully focused on you.  Yep.  You.  This Sunday is all about strengthening who you actually are.  Your identity, your creativity, your authenticity and YOUR power as a microcosm is being strengthened by pressure from the macrocosm. Bend, do not break.  Breathe and flow and by next weekend you’l be on to a new level. It’s charmingly conjunct Vedic Jupiter which brings optimistic, open-hearted expansion to your wholeness, your completeness and your inner stability. This will continue for some time and reach perihelion on May 8.  So if you need to love yourself a little more (and who doesn’t?) now would be good.  Do that now, perhaps.

Inner stability during times of chaos and confusion is tested.  Anxiousness, doubt and tension are signals of emotional overwhelm and the precursors of traumatic disassociation. We must be there for ourselves, ready to love, soothe and care when we hurt. The sun was recently conjunct Uranus in both the Vedic and the Tropical chart.  As I have stated many times, we are processing a lot of energies that are not our own, we are responsible to the generational “karma” of our species and ancestral trauma that has been denied and ignored.  We are all tired of seeing this, but here it is: any further denial will only deepen the crisis, and Uranus is the vehicle of the liberating crisis.  It’s move into tropical Taurus and Vedic Aries is unlikely to be gentle.  Again, take care of yourself.  No one can do that as well as you can.


St. Mary River

You’re quite right to notice the lack of justice: state it aloud. Observe it.  Acknowledge the sheer awfulness of it.  Then remember the moon.  Remember the phase transitions, remember this will not last forever.  Remember that this is a process and it will shift if we breathe and move.  Be prepared to remain present–no future tripping, no past ruminating–please.  It’s really a beautiful moment, the Irish call it Beltane (yes, another symbol!) halfway through spring and halfway to summer, but it’s challenging. Don’t sit in self doubt, hear the inner critic, but do not let it drive the car, as Elizabeth Gilbert says. Try some weighted blankets or extra sandbags in your practice.  Get plenty of rest and try some of these for relief: http://www.new-synapse.com/aps/wordpress/?p=207


St. Mary Lake

And if you’re still not feeling the total exhilaration of the spring festivals, let’s remind ourselves that Chiron (the wounded healer) is transiting/has transitioned into Aries for the 1st time in 50 years.  The nature of Chiron’s wound is that it cannot be healed, but in Aries we may be able to respond and not react.  We may be able to act out who we really are in our compassionate humanity if we focus the strength and wisdom of the warrior.  We may be able to find the strength from our pain.  We just might embody the wound that heals others.  Aries exercises will, determination and embodied strength. Aries is the athlete that can move trauma out of the physical and emotional body.  Let your love for who you really are give you the strength and determination to transmute suffering and ego death into the most loving energy of all: forgiveness.  Where there is forgiveness there is love.


Napi Point

This is full moon squares the moons nodes which represent ancestral and individual past and future (put way too simply, but hey, I am working A LOT).  This accentuates the projected need for love versus emotional self reliance.  I think of this with Chiron’s transit (and Uranus’–eep!) as the time for each of us to be the healer in this moment right where we are.  Embody forgiveness.  Give yourself your blessing.  Bless others.  All others.  Let the boundaries and walls go. Redeem and recover, but DO NOT REPEAT the past. When power beyond our control moves on the Earth, we must stand in our power, purpose and love.  I’ll stand here at the confluence of waters that touch the whole world be the love I feel. So much of it is for you, thank you.

Mind your heart,


PS I reread the new moon posting for this month with a bit of horror.  It was really incoherent and all over the place.  Those of you who know me know that I have problems with linear time and I sometimes get really ungrounded.  I am adjusting to this move and new job here at the corner of the Going to the Sun road with the usual ebb and flow of my tropical/Cancerian Vedic/Gemini bifurcation.  Here and gone.  As I learn myself even more deeply through this full moon (it’s a bit stark) I find having water that flows in 3 directions within a mile walk is really helpful.  It’s like a gentle container for me to learn better boundaries in.

If you are interested in knowing more examine the epic Glacier feature that I can literally walk to, Triple divide peak, the hydrological apex of the North American continent.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triple_Divide_Peak_(Montana)